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    FSD impending 5th strike

    Same here. 2 strikes in two days on the latest FSD Beta. The strikes were coming without warning on the freeway. I hope they reset soon .
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    Saddest. Charging Station. Ever!

    That's Charlie Browns charging station.
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    Confusion about FSD and AP

    Yes I am on the Beta and still have the safety score.
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    Confusion about FSD and AP

    Something is not right. Are you sure you have FSD activated? The lines that show on the screen of the car while driving should be red. You may still be in regular AP mode. Can we see a picture of your screen?
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    V11 - Missing Glovebox Button

    I stand corrected. . Mixed up my Model X and Model 3. Physical button on Model X. LOL
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    V11 - Missing Glovebox Button

    Need to have a glove box button permanently on the main screen like before. Current set up in v11 is not efficient.
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    FSD FW stuck at V10.5

    Yes stuck on 10.5 . Boat is getting crowded!
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    Rear quater panel accident

    Cost was $3959.32. This was a Hawaii Body Shop.
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    Rear quater panel accident

    I had the exact same quarter panel and bumper scape . Was repaired without cutting out the old panel.
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    Pulled over for no front plate?

    After 5 years and almost 200k miles. I finally got cited for no front plate in Hawaii. $70 ticket.
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    Alignment shop needed on the Big Island Hawaii

    Aloha I have a Model 3 on the Big Island that should have a alignment done since I just replaced the tires. The two shops I approached says they won’t do them. Something about a special piece of equipment that is needed. Tesla service was no help. Any one here know of a shop preferably on the...
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    Is Tesla only good for local driving?

    Done several long road trips in a nerfed 2016 Model X . Longest trip is San Francisco to Key West Florida. Another trip was from San Francisco to Banff BC Canada. Cost of fuel Zero. Going to miss free Supercharging when trade in time comes. This car is a blast on road trips.
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    Model X, 6 Seater Cargo Space

    I like my six seater. For road trips I place a 12v refrigerator in between the two middle row seats . They double as arm rests for the second row passengers. passengers.
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    Road Trip: Stowing bike inside / both wheels off?

    Use the rack don't look back.
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    Model 3 creaking when accelerating from park

    I had the exact same issue. Went in four times total. First time. They changed control arms. The noise decreased but got louder as the weather got colder. Took it back again and they just lubed the bushings. Noise came back. A year later the noise got really bad and they changed the control arms...
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    Need help from Pearl White owners!

    Have both a Pearl White and a Midnight Silver Model 3. The white shows dirt more but I wash regularly anyways.
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    Roadside assistance for a flat tire?

    Modern Spare here also.
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    Creaking from front at low speeds

    Yes I had the exact same problem. They replaced the upper control arm and the creak went away.
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    Help - paper slipped into crevice where center console cover slides

    All you need to do is stick your hands into the cubby and press down hard. The cubby will snap down and off.
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    Wh/mi on Saddle road, Big Island, Hawaii

    Don’t remember the consumption rate but I have made the trip a couple of times from the Kings shops to Hilo and back with no problems with energy to spare. Your trip from Waimea would be less energy. I have a SR+ With Aero wheels
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    Anyone got HW3 retrofit yet?

    My 2018 LR Model 3 has appointment tomorrow at Dublin Service Center for install of HW3. Vin 4XXX I was picking up my Model X from service today and just asked when I can get my Model 3 HW3 installed. They just had a service cancellation tomorrow otherwise it would be three weeks out.
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    Open glove box voice command

    Works on my Model 3.
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    Shipping Model 3 to Hawaii

    Unfortunately I do not remember exactly how much energy I had left at pick up . All I remember is that it was plenty and it was not necessary to charge for a 70 mile drive back to my place.
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    Shipping Model 3 to Hawaii

    I had a SR+ shipped from Northern CA to the Big Island . I charged to 95% and the drive to drop it off took it down to around 90%. The car took 24 days until I was able to pick up. Be sure to turn off sentry mode and climate overheat protection. Had plenty of energy when I picked it up.
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    Microphone and voice recognition not working after install of 2019.40.50.1

    I see others are having the same issue. I am on HW2.5 waiting for the HW3
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    Microphone and voice recognition not working after install of 2019.40.50.1

    Just installed the update and tried the voice recognition but seems like the car is not listening. Tried a reboot and a hard reboot but it is still the same. Can't file a bug report since the microphone appears to be dead. It was all working previously before the update.
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    Day 2 of Ownership - No A/C

    You did not happen to turn ON energy save mode did you?
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    Where can I draw a constant 12v for the Tekonsha 119250 Trailer/Wiring Harness?

    Would a cigarette lighter adapter work?
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    V10 32.11.1

    Just got the notice. Waiting a day to install.
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    Dinged on third day of having car.... ughh

    Had the same type of ding happened to me. The dent puller I hired did a amazing job.
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    What to do while in Moab, UT?

    You could spend some time in Arches National Park. Hiking to the Delicate Arch in the park is amazing. Canyon Lands National Park also nice.
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    Echo Auto In Model 3

    Did you try toggling Airplane mode on your phone? It seems to fix the connection problem.
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    Service Bulletin out on Hard Acceleration "Shudder"

    Had the shudder fixed at Dublin on my 90D X with 64K miles. I had the extended warranty so I ended up paying a $200 deductible. This is the third time and hope this resolves the problem. The X is very smooth now. The service center had the car for for 5 days.
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    Service Bulletin out on Hard Acceleration "Shudder"

    Should be cars built BEFORE May 15th
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    4 day old New Model X - AC failure while on road trip vacation?

    Just curious did you happen to put it in range mode?
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    Key FOB Summon Not Working for Anyone Else?

    Continuous press was set to off but still did not work. I went and did a two thumb wheel reboot and voila it now works. .
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    Key FOB Summon Not Working for Anyone Else?

    Summons doesn't work for me with the FOB .
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    Missing Dashcam Icon (2019.16.3.2)

    You did make a TeslaCam folder yes?
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    Out Of Warranty, Seat Stuck Down

    I fixed an unresponsive, stuck down rear seat on a Model X - Solution, with photos. : teslamotors
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    Car hit while parked in NYC; Sentry mode partial capture

    I was parked in Berkeley in a perpendicular parking spot. I was waiting inside the car while wifey was running a errand. . Noticed a lady pull in to my right as she was existing her car she hit my passenger door causing 7 inch gouge. She proceeded to walk away and I confronted her. She denied...
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    Model X endless problems, 60 days to fix latest

    I am a early Model X owner 16xx. There were some small issues in the first year but none for the last two years. I love my car. Bought a early Model 3 as well and has been pretty much problem free . Hoping to get another Model 3 for Hawaii but was told Tesla will no longer do trade in's on the...
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    Cost of Model 3 roof glass replacement

    Yes I watched him do it. No pictures sorry.
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    Cost of Model 3 roof glass replacement

    Took 3 days for Tesla Dublin to get the roof glass. After the glass came in I contacted All Day Auto Glass in San Jose. They picked up the roof in the morning at Tesla and then came to my house to replace the glass. It took him about two hours. The car can be driven right away.
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    Cost of Model 3 roof glass replacement

    Hey that was a deal. My roof glass was 850 and labor was 325. I guess the price for living in California.
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    Should not leave a nice bike in the Model 3 in the city for fear of a window smash.
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    I am 6 ft tall so my seat is fairly far back. Also the road bike is larger due to frame size. I could get it in if I slide the seats forward but taking off the wheel takes like a minute.

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