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  1. J

    Tesla Model Y Standard Range AWD to be priced at $59,990 USD

    correct me if I’m wrong but battery chemistry is not known. So whether it is LFP or not is unknown. Having the lower range LFP would make sense so you could charge to 100%, but I wasn’t under the impression that 4680 was going to LFP. Or are those two not connected at all?
  2. J

    Thinking about model 3 coming from a 392 hemi

    I came from a 5.7 Charger and the pure enjoy driving my LR AWD is light years ahead of the Charger. I made the mistake of test driving a Model 3 over a year before the wife was really ready to purchase one and that wait was looooong. It’s been a year with the Tesla and it is so great To drive...
  3. J

    Car Cover Recommendations

    I’m looking for recommendations for a decent but not too expensive car cover for my Model 3. For a few reasons it won’t be driven much this summer. We’re also doing a remodel so the garage will be home to most of the sawing and a dust nightmare. This means the car will either be in the garage...
  4. J

    Short press vs long press of "Park"

    So if I’m attempting to do donuts in the snow do I short press or long press?
  5. J

    MY Door Trim Discoloration

    If they fixed the issue with a new trim then that is the one issue I have with my early 2021 model 3. It irks me that this is an issue. I’m now avoiding any car wash and being it’s 25 degrees out, my car desperately needs to be washed.
  6. J

    Ipod Classic works with USB-C adapter. Control from Tesla screen.

    If only my iPod classic still worked.
  7. J

    Would you get another Model 3?

    Right now I’d definitely replace my LR 3 with another. Now in 2-3 years when my kids are that much bigger, I might be forced into a Y or some other not as fun to drive CUV, but I’m holding off as long as possible and hoping something similar to the Rivian R1S is made at a much lower price so we...
  8. J

    What did you sell/trade for your 3?

    Went from a slightly older Charger to my LR 3. It’s crazy how much I save on gas and how much more fun it is to drive the 3.
  9. J

    MASTER THREAD: Floor Mats

    It took forever to get them but the product is great.
  10. J

    Pacific Northwest Owners (Seattle, Portland, or towns/cities in the region)

    Sale seems to not include 3 spoiler. 😡
  11. J

    2021 Model 3 and differences from 2020

    Yes! Q1 for the win on having all the little details included AND having the lowest price this year. I‘m so glad we ordered early in the year and didn’t stall.
  12. J

    LDCRS vs Tesla Shields Floor Mats

    I received my mats that were ordered in July last week. I’m very happy with them. Waiting was quite a roller coaster but they look great.
  13. J

    Pacific Northwest Owners (Seattle, Portland, or towns/cities in the region)

    Looks like I missed this. I’d love to add a spoiler on my 3. I’m not confident I’d stay on if I installed it though.
  14. J

    LDCRS vs Tesla Shields Floor Mats

    After all sorts of delays I finally received my mats this week. They are pretty much as advertised. They look great and the fit should settle in nicely. The value was great but you definitely pay for it in the long wait. If you don’t mind all the hassle and wait I’d recommend, otherwise fins a...
  15. J

    LDCRS vs Tesla Shields Floor Mats

    Checking my email now.
  16. J

    LDCRS vs Tesla Shields Floor Mats

    Still waiting and its been a bit since the last update.
  17. J

    Pacific Northwest Owners (Seattle, Portland, or towns/cities in the region)

    Maple Valley in the house! We're close to Lake Wilderness. I'll see you around.
  18. J

    Powder Coated Rims **POST PICS**

    How often do you need to clean them ?
  19. J

    2021 Performance Model 3. Poll Red or White ?

    These are the best two colors. I went with white, but I see so many on the road that every time I see a red Model 3 I am just a bit jealous.
  20. J

    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW! [model 3 pictures thread]

    Every time I see red, a little part of me wished I got it instead.
  21. J

    LDCRS vs Tesla Shields Floor Mats

    Could you be more specific about what makes them “ok”?
  22. J

    LDCRS vs Tesla Shields Floor Mats

    is anyone actually receiving mats by now?
  23. J

    Model 3 Tint Thread

    Ah, I love that color. I always wanted the SRT8 in B5 blue, that is until the Model 3 came along. I wish Tesla had a slightly lighter blue co.or of some sort. Tesla’s blue is just too dark for my tastes.
  24. J

    What do you think of the uberturbine wheels on the M3P?

    They look good, but I miss the old performance wheels. The subtleness of a similar wheel only darker was classy. Also the zero-g’s would be a great factory oprion.
  25. J

    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW! [model 3 pictures thread]

    Those rims look so good in this pic.
  26. J

    LDCRS vs Tesla Shields Floor Mats

    Until someone actually receives product, I’ll continue to remain skeptical.
  27. J

    Vendor Floor Mats

    I just ordered some of these but am already having second thoughts after finding this thread. They look great, but it feels like waiting for my Model 3 all over again, only their…floor mats. Hopefully they actually arrive. My wife thinks I got scammed.
  28. J

    LDCRS vs Tesla Shields Floor Mats

    Has anyone actually received these yet?
  29. J

    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW! [model 3 pictures thread]

    Three months of ownership and it seems to get better and better.
  30. J

    What's next for model 3?

    A tri motor plaid would be pretty sweet. Faster, better suspension, but please no yoke.
  31. J

    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW! [model 3 pictures thread]

    I love the brighter blue. I wish the Tesla blue wasn’t so dark.
  32. J

    Seattle SA Contact Info?

    I was worried about home delivery in March, but it was great. No issues at all and the deliverer did a great job making sure I was comfortable with everything.
  33. J

    Aero Wheel Cap Kit

    I originally had some third party caps but just wasn’t as pleased with the color. The OEM color was so much better. It’s too bad Tesla doesn’t still sell them.
  34. J

    MY Door Trim Discoloration

    Sorry, I have a 3 delivered end of March.
  35. J

    MY Door Trim Discoloration

    Argh, discovered this thread after taking my Model 3 through a touchless wash for the first time. I just tried WD-40, so we’ll see how long it lasts. Going with the Weiman’s after that. This is really frustrating. I wish I would have known about this prior to my moment of weakness/laziness. If...
  36. J

    License Plate Ordeal

    I went with silicone in the rear too. I haven’t picked up the snap plate yet and will probably stall till I get a ticket. But could you add a silicone holder around it with the snap plate. I’m not a big fan of the naked looking plate.
  37. J

    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW! [model 3 pictures thread]

    Mine feels a bit dry too. Never considered this, but seems like a good idea.
  38. J

    Powder Coating Gemini

    That gun metal satin is beautiful.
  39. J

    Brake Caliper Paint?

    This is a gorgeous color.
  40. J

    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW! [model 3 pictures thread]

    What mudflaps are these? I’ve only had my car two weeks and already I need to find some.
  41. J

    2021 White M3 w/ Satin Black 21’ OEM Sport Wheels

    I don’t love these wheels, but powder coating them is such a big improvement. Much, much better looking.
  42. J

    Model 3 - LR AWD Waiting Room

    This is what I have too. Same delivery day same software. Getting antsy.
  43. J

    Model 3 - LR AWD Waiting Room

    Now I’m jealous, been one week with no update. Still waiting on the Christmas update with the boom box and other new features.
  44. J

    Model 3 - LR AWD Waiting Room

    Ok, I know all us Q1 orders have left this support group, I mean thread, if anyone is left, I’m curious if anyone has gotten a software update yet and if so, when did you take delivery?
  45. J

    Model 3 - LR AWD Waiting Room

    Super smooth process. A Tesla employee drove the car to the house. I had plenty of time to look over the car. Once I accepted delivery, the employee helped ensure the app was set up. No issues with the car it looks like a dream. Drives even better.

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