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  1. kingkong5

    Tesla Y Delivery Time-Orange County Ca

    I ordered my Model Y LR in August 2021. It was delivered a few days ago, Monday. Was supposed to be the Irvine facility, but they delivered it to my driveway in Huntington Beach so I didn't even have to go anywhere. They left the paperwork in the car with a UPS express envelope, so I could sign...
  2. kingkong5

    August Order Estimate Delivery

    Happy Dance!! I now have my Model Y LR 5 White/White with Tow Hitch and 19" Gemini wheels. I currently also have a 2019 Model S 75D and Wifey drives the 2018 Model S 100D. The Model Y was a home delivery and I can say that it worked out really well as I got a text when they left the Tesla...
  3. kingkong5

    August Order Estimate Delivery

    Thank you so much for this advice! I called in to the local delivery center and they were able to help me. First I had to switch it from all cash to financing. Took care of the financing online right after that. They are even delivering it straight to my house, I don't have to be there, which is...
  4. kingkong5

    August Order Estimate Delivery

    Oh man, a case of good news, bad news. Yesterday my EDD was July 23-August something. I leave for a 3 day cruise this Saturday, a quick weekend to Ensenada Mexico with family and friends. This morning I got the text to schedule my delivery between 6/23 a 6/27. Yay!! But when I go to pick a time...
  5. kingkong5

    August Order Estimate Delivery

    Congratulations! Black on Black must look nice.
  6. kingkong5

    August Order Estimate Delivery

    My June 1 - July 6 EDD just got pushed to July 10-August 14. Ordered it last August 6, so I guess it's gonna end up being a 1-year wait after all. MYLR White/White 5 Seat, with Tow Hitch, 19" wheels and no FSD.
  7. kingkong5

    What does (will) your personalized plate say?

    My license plate says NGUYENG, because I'm Nguyening!
  8. kingkong5

    August Order Estimate Delivery

    I went to look at my EDD and it's still early June/mid-July for MYLR5 White/White with Tow Hitch. When I ordered in August the price was $53,990 plus $2000 for the interior upgrade and tow hitch, total $55,990 (plus delivery/fees/taxes). It looks like I can go in and Edit Design on the website...
  9. kingkong5

    How to charge more than 1 e-car?

    Your Tesla comes with the J1772 adapter to make it work with a non-Tesla charger, but you'd have to buy a Tesla to J1772 adapter (about $150?) for your non-Tesla car so that it can charge off your Tesla HPWC.
  10. kingkong5

    Delivery Questions

    For the past year or so, all new deliveries included a Tesla branded USB flash drive, to use the Sentry Mode and TeslaCam features.
  11. kingkong5

    August Order Estimate Delivery

    Mine just did the same, but pushed back from middle of May/late June to early June/late July. Sigh.
  12. kingkong5

    Does adding FSD to your config improve your EDD?

    Oh I didn't know that. I have a MYLR5 white/white tow hitch ordered 8/6/2021 with EDD 5/16 to 6/27/2022. How can I upgrade it to Performance and still retain the pricing from August 2021, that would be very good.
  13. kingkong5

    Tesla Model Y - Things You Should Know!

    If they're deaf, how do they hear it? ;)
  14. kingkong5

    August Order Estimate Delivery

    My order date is August 6, 2021. MYLR, White, Black/White interior, standard wheels, tow hitch. I noticed that the EDD of March just changed to June 07-July 05. I've not yet called in to Tesla to see what's up; I don't even know what phone number to call. Do you know where we call to see if it...
  15. kingkong5

    We ended up renting a car. We wanted to see the White Sands National Park, and also head up to...

    We ended up renting a car. We wanted to see the White Sands National Park, and also head up to Cloudcroft for BBQ, the pistachio fields, etc. and that route is mountainous. Didn't want to chance it, and the hotel we were staying at in Carlsbad didn't have a destination charger. That was maybe a...
  16. kingkong5

    August Order Estimate Delivery

    I made my reservation on 8/6/2021 for a Model Y Long Range 5 Seater, White on White/Black with standard wheels and tow hitch. RN1154XXXXX. Estimated Delivery is at April 26-May 24 as of today, but I feel like it was 3 weeks earlier than that just a few days ago. :(
  17. kingkong5


    Congratulations on your Model S purchase! I have picked up two from Tesla back in 2019. The procedure is fairly painless, since you'll do most of the paperwork online before you get there and arrange for payment (either in full from your bank, or with a loan). If I remember correctly, we...
  18. kingkong5

    Drove an ICE

    On our last vacation we had to rent a car because there were no good routes with supercharging going through New Mexico. I realized how much I had changed my driving habits when we parked the Infiniti at the restaurant, and when we finished dinner and came back out the engine was still running...
  19. kingkong5

    Supercharger - Fountain Valley, CA - Warner Ave. (LIVE 22 Jan 2022, 12 V3 stalls)

    224! Wow, my ancient Model S can only dream of such speeds. On the other hand, I have free unlimited supercharging so I guess I can't complain. I'm hoping the new Model Y I ordered in August will come in soon, so I can see this amazing speed.
  20. kingkong5

    Supercharger - Fountain Valley, CA - Warner Ave. (LIVE 22 Jan 2022, 12 V3 stalls)

    I saw that the new FV Warner supercharger had lots of availability this morning so I dropped by after dropping the kids at school nearby. Great chargers, all 250kW so no sharing issues. The spots are tighter to back up into; the one by FV Costco let’s you cross over into other spaces and still...
  21. kingkong5

    New Tesla App - neat look, but no Supercharger Availability info?

    Oh dang, there it is! Thanks so much, I probably would have never found it since I wouldn't be looking there.
  22. kingkong5

    New Tesla App - neat look, but no Supercharger Availability info?

    It may be in one of the fancy icons instead of under "Charging" where I usually find it, but I liked how I could see supercharger availability information in the app (without needing to be in the car) to see if it made sense to drive over to the supercharger. Did it disappear with the latest...
  23. kingkong5

    Remove Tow Hitch?

    You are correct, it does seem like it would be more hassle than it's worth.
  24. kingkong5

    Need new tires, 2018 100D 19"

    So amazing. The new tires have worked out great, my wife loves how quiet the new tires are, and I like how the ride is smooth. We've already taken it on road trips to Sequoia National Park and to Las Vegas. A new question, I'm going to prepare to sell my other car (2019 S75D) and it needs new...
  25. kingkong5

    Expected discount for demo vehicles

    I think because the destination fee was charged to move the vehicle to where is sitting right now, and the transportation fee is to move it again to wherever the OP wants to pick it up. I also agree that a $330 discount for a demo vehicle doesn't sound like a good deal to me either, but given...
  26. kingkong5

    2020 Model Y LR AWD For Sale

    Does the FSD transfer to the new buyer? If it does that's great since it's $10K or so now. But if it doesn't transfer then that's going to be a bummer.
  27. kingkong5

    Helping w/ Model S MCU Issues

    I really like how responsive and fast my (January 2018) MCU1 Model S performed after the MCU2 upgrade. It doesn't reboot as often anymore, the maps render quickly, voice commands finally work, navigation tells me when to turn before I pass the turn, and the upgraded autopilot hardware lets it...
  28. kingkong5

    No Homelink, No Problem

    If you consider it a $60,325 car I think it could have a garage door opener ;)
  29. kingkong5

    Somebody upgrade MCU2 and lost free premium connectivity?

    I got the MCU2 upgrade a few weeks ago on my January 2018 MS 100D, and it still shows Premium Connectivity, Free Unlimited in my account. For now, anyway.
  30. kingkong5

    Parked my car at the airport…

    It's not normal. Being underground it may be true that the signal can't get out, so you can't monitor the car. But even with any phantom drain, when the car is down to 20% battery left it should shut down almost everything to conserve remaining energy, and I would think that should last you a...
  31. kingkong5

    Need new tires, 2018 100D 19"

    Awesome, thanks for the info. I have ordered the QuietTrack tires and will be getting them installed at America's Tire next week. They even had a promotional $70 off the set of four, so bonus!
  32. kingkong5

    Supercharging Rate slow and range decreased after MCU2 upgrade

    Also, I just had the MCU2 upgrade performed on my 2018 100D a couple weeks ago, and last night it was charging at 130+kw, 440+miles/hr on the 150kw supercharger.
  33. kingkong5

    Supercharging Rate slow and range decreased after MCU2 upgrade

    That's about the charging rate I would expect if you were paired up with another car at the same time, especially at the one near me (Fountain Valley) which is full often. But just to rule out the software issue, did you connect to Wifi and update to the latest version yet?
  34. kingkong5

    Need new tires, 2018 100D 19"

    Car has about 25,000 miles on it and needs new tires. What's the current opinion on a good replacement? I plan to go to an America's Tire nearby to have it done. I don't need to go fast, I don't need it to last 80,000 miles, but I would love to have a quiet and comfortable ride without...
  35. kingkong5

    To MCU2 or not to MCU2?

    I requested the appointment last Friday and they took me in this Tuesday morning at 8:30AM, at the newish Irvine Tesla Service Center near the District. What a great facility, you drive right into the garage which was huge and full of cars on lifts. They gave me Uber credits so I could get to...
  36. kingkong5

    To MCU2 or not to MCU2?

    Got it, thanks. I went into Service, Select Service, Upgrades & Accessories, Infotainment Upgrade. Appreciate the help, I would never have found that.
  37. kingkong5

    To MCU2 or not to MCU2?

    Sorry for the newbie question, but how does one go about requesting the upgrade from MCU1 to MCU2? It's not in the upgrade section of the app, do I just make a service request?
  38. kingkong5

    Desperate for a road trip!

    Did a road trip in my 100D from SoCal to Zion National Park in Utah a couple months ago and it was fantastic. Used the supercharger in Yermo, CA then in Las Vegas, NV, and finally the St. George, UT one before getting into Zion National Park. We hiked the Narrows, saw the sights, and ate...
  39. kingkong5

    Anybody with a really good experience?

    I have two Model S's. Best car's I've ever owned. Granted, it was over a year ago I got both of them within a few months of each other, so Tesla service may have changed since then. But it was a pleasant experience, and so far the cars have been working great. Such a pleasure to drive...
  40. kingkong5

    Dad wants to test drive the Model Y

    For a test drive I don't think it will be a big difference. Same gas pedal, brakes, put it in gear and go. The differences will be when you want to adjust the mirrors, or initiate auto-pilot, open the glovebox, or open the doors, as those will be quite a bit different than the Model S. However...
  41. kingkong5

    Collision Repair Shop needed in SoCal

    When my Model S got in a fender bender a year ago, I think Tesla Service tried to send me to Pomona as well. Much closer to home is Prestige Auto Collision, a Tesla certified repair shop in Mission Viejo. There is an Enterprise Rental facility next door, which made the whole experience very...
  42. kingkong5

    Questions about Supercharging and selling privately

    Since purchased mid 2019 then a formal transfer where you change your email address and credit card on file will likely trigger the Free Unlimited Supercharging to be removed. I don't think Tesla checks the state car registration database, so technically if you were to just update the credit...
  43. kingkong5

    Model S Family Trip SoCal to Carlsbad Caverns, NM

    A couple weeks ago we took a family trip from our home in SoCal to Zion National Park in Utah. The 2018 Model S 100D made it so nice! Quiet comfortable ride, autopilot, and stops in Las Vegas and St. George to supercharge. It was such a good trip, we decided to embark on another trip, before the...
  44. kingkong5

    Loud wind noise coming from roof on freeway?

    There might be a gap - does it leak water too? That would be a bigger problem. Look closely or listen closely to where the sound is coming in from, I don't think it should sound like a window is open.
  45. kingkong5

    Using The Tesla Cam - Need Confirmation

    Assuming you did this already, but the USB drive is formatted in FAT32 and you created a blank, empty folder in it called TeslaCam right?
  46. kingkong5

    2013/2014 Model S

    I would imagine the early model years are about to run out of battery/drive warranty at the 8 year mark. So it is taking a bit of a chance, if the battery or motors need any repairs/replacements you'll be out of pocket for them.
  47. kingkong5

    MCU2 upgrade vs FSD upgrade

    MCU1 to MCU2 upgrades the big display and the computer that runs it. It will make your GPS map render faster, and choosing menu options will also work faster. It is fast enough to allow the system to play entertainment options when parked (like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube) and allows for Caraoke...
  48. kingkong5

    Returned within 7 days

    I have returned a new car within the 7 day window, so as a last resort you could always do that. I'm in California, not sure if it's different in Oregon. On Day 5 I called the Sales Center and told them I would be returning it that day. They asked for an hour or so to print out the paperwork...
  49. kingkong5

    Insurance Settlement question

    DavidB is correct, how you spend the insurance money is up to you once they have settled the claim.
  50. kingkong5

    Install Gen 3 wall charger in Los angels

    I went on craigslist and found a guy who would install it for $600 with the application for the permit. After it's installed, the city comes around to inspect and sign-off, but that's included in the permit fee. Between the $800 won't file a permit guy and the $300 won't file a permit guy, I'd...

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