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    Powerwall for Planned Power Outages

    I live in California in an area that PG&E can sometimes decide to turn off the power. I live on the peninsula on the west side of the San Francisco Bay. We are not very windy and don't have those dreadful winds that other areas of California get. But PG&E can decide what they will. Where I...
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    Supercharger "Hollister" San Felipe Casa de Fruta California

    Wow, I didn't see this one coming. A new supercharger at Casa de Fruta Its labeled Hollister, but is not in Hollister. Its on 152 at that well funky place. Physically a great location. I can top off before heading south, and then hit the mega supercharger on I5. Has anyone been to the...
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    City Supercharging

    Elon distinguished two types of supercharging in the future and created a new class of superchargers "city superchargers" for apartment dwellers vs. long distance traveling that will be slower to charge. I'm curious what this will be exactly. Any speculations?
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    Where to put a new Supercharger location along the 280 freeway on the SF Peninsula

    "That's what Tesla gets for building an SC off 101, and not 280." I don't know, 280 is pretty darn full these days too. I live near 280 and I'm surprised how bad the traffic is on 280 these days.
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    3 21" Tire and Wheels For Sale - near Palo Alto, CA

    Original used silver 21 rims and wheels with some curb rash on each wheel. Mileage around 60,000. I downgraded my wheels to 19". I now have 3 21" Tire and Wheel Sets for Sale in Northern California near Palo Alto and Tesla headquarters. Two of the tires are in good condition and could be...
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    Bad Employee Behavior At Tesla

    Tesla worker sues in discrimination, harassment case
  7. Owner

    A sign o Discontent: Elon: Please Dump Trump

    A sign of discontent outside Tesla
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    4.6 Million Square Feet Expansion in Fremont

    Tesla eyes big Fremont expansion 3,100 jobs could be created
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    Elon Musk Instagram Post - Interpret

    I'm hoping this picture that Elon just posted on Instagram is a hint that he gets that 8.0 is seriously flawed in terms of backward compatibility. I myself tweeted him directly my issues.
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    Spotting of a Model S Self-Driving Car

    Many people in the general public don't understand the difference between self-driving and autopilot. I actually spotted what I strongly suspect is a self-driving Model S near Tesla HQ. I blogged about it yesterday the same day of the news of the tragic accident with the car using autopilot...
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    PG&E adding $10 a month to solar bill

    I'm not 100% sure this is correct. I'm already paying $11 a month for some connection fees, okay $10.95 but $11 essentially. Now they are going to add another $10 if you have a reasonable income. A total of $21 for basically being connected - this seems excessive. May be time to revisit...
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    Supercharging - Elon's statement that Daily Supercharging Users are Receiving Notes

    I was at the shareholder meeting and heard Elon say in effect Elon clarified that superchargers are really for long distance trips. He acknowledged that there are some people using them for daily driving, and mentioned that a few are getting notes to that effect. An owner can technically and...
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    Trip Planner / Range Assurance Test Results

    I wrote a blog post on my test of the new trip planner. The post is 3,200 words Road Trip Testing the New Trip Planner | TESLA OWNER . In summary with the current software, Tesla is trying to appease two opposing needs at the same time: range anxiety and optimal charging time...
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    My Supercharger Location -- Review & Priorities - What are yours?

    Cross posted from my blog which has the photos. Over the course of a year I have managed to visit 67 superchargers around the country. On the Tesla Motors Club Forum is a friendly (and somewhat silly) contest to see who has visited the most superchargers. I am currently in the lead by one. I...
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    Mt. Shasta Supercharger Missing Signs Mystery

    On a visit to the Mt. Shasta supercharger, I noticed that all four red Tesla signs have been removed. Why do you think they are gone? I have a few theories and some more photos that I put on my blog. Here is the photo of one of the poles without the sign.
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    Poll: Dolphin Grey Owners -- Would Choose What Color Now?

    I am both obsessed with color and with polls. I also have a Dolphin Grey Model S. I'm curious for those owners who also chose Dolphin Grey, what color would you buy now since it is no longer available?
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    Poll: Dolphin Grey Owners -- Would Choose What Color Now?

    Moderators, delete this if possible, didn't hit the poll button on first try....
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    Zion National Park to Install Charging Stations!

    I was poking around the Zion website as I'm thinking of going there in a couple of days at the end of my cross-country and back trip. I found this great news release: Zion and Pipe Spring are partnering with Utah Clean Cities Coalition (UCCC) to replace three petroleum-powered fleet vehicles...
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    Poll: Supercharger 2x Distance or RV Park charging?

    On my soon return to the west coast, I think I can safely get myself to St. Louis via Nashville (friend's house), one RV park in Paducah, two service centers (Marietta, GA and St. Louis) along with the new Macon, GA supercharger. My question is after St. Louis.... go back to the supercharger...
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    Charge-off 90kW vs. 120kW

    The detailed data from the charge-off last month and Tesla's responses are available now: Charge-off 90kW vs. 120kW | Tesla Owner And coincidentally, I saw the Atlantic ocean today making it cross-country in the Tesla.
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    Nashville to West Supercharger Network

    I'm on my supercharging journey across (or around) the country. Currently in Indiana. I'm trying to figure out my return. I think I can get to Nashville via Macon (coming very soon looks like) and a top off at the Atlanta Service Center, and then my friend's home in Nashville. I'm perplexed...
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    Chaco Canyon - with 21" Wheels???

    Tell me if I am crazy or not.. tomorrow I'm thinking of driving into Chaco Canyon. I'd probably go the easiest way in from the North. I have 21" wheels..... Anyone actually done this road recently in any car? I think this is one of the few parks I have never been to and am interested in...
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    Cross Country Trip Planning and Blogging

    In a few days I will be leaving California to take a cross country road trip in my Tesla Model S. A few drivers including an official Tesla team have already crossed the country and set some records. My journey will be different with few if any goals in mind - focused on the journey not the...
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    Questioning the CNN Money Article About Buying Teslas

    CNN Money has an article about where you can and cannot buy a Tesla. The breakdown according to CNN is that sales are Allowed - 4 states In Dispute - 15 states Not allowed - 4 states No locations - the rest Folks in Washington, Oregon, Nevada, New York …. do you think your state is "in...
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    SideWall Tear After 20 Miles! -- Advice Requested

    I went ahead per this forum's advice and bought the Pilot Super Sport's for the rear. After only 20 miles of driving, I got a crack in the sidewall. A very long detailed story around this saga, but I will leave that to another day. I discovered upon investigation that there was a pothole...
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    Celebrating 5 Years, 42,000 Miles and 200 Blog Posts

    I wanted to celebrate with this forum my 5 years of driving Teslas as my daily driver. I think I am the longest running blog by a Tesla owner out there. Just passed the 5 year ownership mark. Still love my Teslas and never want to drive an ICE car regularly again. Ironically, the day I...
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    What New Tires are the Best These Days 2/26/14? 21" Wheels

    I had the misfortune of a flat last night. And the tow truck driver told me both my rear tires are totally shot and undriveable. The wear lines are not totally worn out, but the inside walls are -- something I never checked. But I have no idea what tires are out there now. Most of the...
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    Poll: Gas Station Status in 2114 (100 Years in the Future)

    I recently visited a gas station, and got to pondering the future of these stations. Will they exist in 100 years? What will happen with all the extra real estate on street corners? Will some be converted to electric charging stations? So I thought I would make a poll and invite comments and...
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    San Jose Mercury News Columnist's Opinion on Elon Musk

    A columnist (not a reporter) wrote the following opinion piece about Musk. Quinn: Tesla's Elon Musk needs to delegate crisis management - San Jose Mercury News My take: an old fashioned view on how to run a business.
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    West Coast Corridor Events - This Week

    Anyone going? Is there actually a car going on the whole drive? Why does Tesla give such short notice for their events? "The Tesla Supercharger Network now allows owners to drive from San Diego, California to Vancouver, British Columbia for free, for life. Our Tesla team is headed out on a...
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    S85, P85+, Roadster Driving Differences -- P85+ Loaner Report

    Cross posted from my blog which has a few pictures. My car unfortunately or fortunately had to go in for service. Fortunately, the valet brought me a new P85+ loaner as the service was likely going to take more than one day. In the end, I had the loaner car for four days. This car has two...
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    Survey Results: Rated Range

    Thanks to the 62 people who filled out my survey trying to understand Rated Range. The long detailed analysis is available here on my blog. For purpose of discussion, the executive summary is the following: Rated Range Varies for the Majority of Cars in the Following Bands: 175-195 for 60kWh...
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    My Key Fob Opened Someone Else's Model S

    ​Cross posted from my blog. I haven't heard any reports of this happening to someone else. If this problem was common, it would have occurred at Teslive. I came out of a store in a small shopping area, and saw a grey Model S nearby. I walked over to the car and the passenger door handle...
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    Electric Cars Sell Faster than Hybrids Did At the Same Point

    Electric Cars Sell Faster Than Hybrids Did At Same Point But combined with the news that more than 61,000 Nissan Leafs have been sold--the bulk of 100,000 electric cars sold by Nissan and Renault--it counters the loudly-declaimed myth that "electric cars are a sales failure" and "no one wants...
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    Fremont Factory Test Track

    FREMONT -- Tesla Motors (TSLA) has gobbled up a 35-acre site in Fremont near its automotive factory, apparently to build a test track for its all-electric automobiles. Tesla buys land for test track in Fremont - San Jose Mercury News Maybe they will open it up at times for owners?:biggrin:
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    Survey: Rated Range and Average Energy Tesla Model S

    In an attempt to answer the question "Is rated range related to driving habits?" We have heard from Tesla employees that there is a correlation, some drivers say no. Please fill out this four question survey monkey after charging up your car. A summary of the data will be provided to this...
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    My Tesla Live Report and SJ Mercury News Write Up

    Mercury News Write up Cross posted from my blog: I spent Saturday at the first Teslive event. The day went smoothly with the clear highlights were Elon’s Q&A and the speech by the vegetarian female enviornmentalist race car driver Leilani Munter. Her speech highlighted the process of change...
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    2% Drop in California of Gas Consumption in Jan / Feb 2013

    Is this just a coincidence that the Model S was at a real production level at the same time that gas consumption dropped in California by 2% in January and February this year? Please discuss. My source of this statistic is from this article. I condensed the interesting statistics on my blog...
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    Eight Rules of EV Charging Etiquette By Plug in Cars

    Any thoughts on this list? http://www.plugincars.com/eight-rules-electric-vehicle-etiquette-127513.html?mkt_tok=3RkMMJWWfF9wsRonvqjLZKXonjHpfsX66u4sWLHr08Yy0EZ5VunJEUWy2YEJSNQ%2FcOedCQkZHblFnVwPQ62iRaMNo6wN Spots for EVs No Nasty Notes Charge Only When Necessary Charge Up and Move On It's Okay...
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    Show Your Worst 21" Curb Rash

    Show us your worst curb rash. I confess, I am definitely getting curb rash. My worst is on the front right wheel where I am trying to park somewhere a bit too crowded. The rash itself doesn't bother me too much visually. I am not particularly fond of the noise when it occurs.:crying: More...
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    Etiquette a Businesses With Free Charging Stations

    Does one have any obligation to visit a business while using their free charging station? Is it rude to use the power at a station with no interest in the business? Would the decision be different depending upon the energy company? Would you make a perfunctory purchase in order to be polite...
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    Campaign for Tesla Statue in Palo Alto, California

    This project will place a life-size bronze statue of Nikola Tesla in Palo Alto, California near California Avenue in the heart of the Silicon Valley. A preliminary model of the Tesla Statue has been created and once finalized will be casted and installed in open public view later this year...
  43. Owner

    Sustainable Food Choices at Superchargers - Harris Ranch & the Environment

    Part of protecting the environment for me is being very considerate about my food choices. A huge chunk of our share of carbon is from what we choose to eat. I figure I am not the only Tesla owner that is an environmentalist and a vegetarian or a sustainable eater. I hope when considering...
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    Solar Panel Cleaning Time

    I just had my solar panels cleaned as it is the beginning of peak power generation, and the end of the rainy season in California. I'm wondering how often you clean your solar panels? I have my solar panels cleaned once a year. I live in an area that is fortunately not particularly polluted...
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    Multiple Model S Sightings in a Single Day

    Living in Silicon Valley, I see a lot of Model S driving around. Outside of Tesla events, a supercharger station, a Tesla service center, a Tesla design center, the Tesla factory or headquarters, what is the maximum number you have seen in one day? I'm up to four not including my own on a 25...
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    Stuck and Self Opening Door / Service Center Experience Questions

    I am cross posting this from my blog in order to get some discussion going on the following questions: Questions Raised for Discussion: Is your service center overburdened and understaffed? Would you like to have a non-Tesla brand local garage do your warranty repairs? Anyone else...
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    New Vanilla Tesla Temporary Paper License Plate Replaces Zero Emissions

    The Tesla marketing team has replaced the Zero Emissions license plate on delivery. Spotted on a new Model S in San Carlos. Sorry the iphone picture quality is so bad. Underneath the wording Tesla is the web site address. I think the marketing department made the right choice. Although as...
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    Menlo Service Center Will Be Closing / Dividing Into Two

    I have been going to the Tesla Menlo Park service center for four years now. All of my interactions have been wonderful. They will be closing however! From what I understand the first reason is that Stanford owns the property and is going to build some additional facilities. If you are on...
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    Model S Confusion: A Mystery

    It was a warm March evening. I was at a very interesting event till nine, and had relatively long stroll back to my Model S. The weather was very pleasant, and I was in no particular rush to get home.:smile: My Model S was parked in a long line of cars somewhere near the end. As I was...
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    Panoramic Roof Has a Little Mesh Screen

    Cross posted on my blog with more pictures. I made an unexpected discovery today. We have had an unexpectedly dry and warm February, and today on the first of March will hit 70 degrees Fahrenheit. I decided to open the Panoramic roof. I have noticed two areas of very minor noise in my car...

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