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    Tesla moments

    I just bought my wife a Ryobi One+ 18 volt Lithium Ion battery powered electric mower, and she loves it. Why? because it has to be carted up 10 steps to get to our new home rear lawn. Price was also good(ish) at AU$299. Once we move into the new house, I'll sell my gas powered YardMaster self...
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    My Tesla model 3 Garage is ready and waiting

    What ? No PowerWall 2 yet ? ;-)
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    Tesla moments

    Time to buy a battery powered blower ?
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    Blog Model 3: Is The Long Range Battery Worth It?

    prolly = slang for probably
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    How to add a HEPA filter to your non-Bioweapon facelift Model S!

    I believe your frunk will be smaller if you have dual motors
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    Horrible Experience at Highland Park Model X

    IMO all these sales people should be forced to watch "Pretty Woman" once a week at their Monday morning meetings ! ;-)
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    Massive data uploads since 2017.34 2448cfc

    Thanks for the upload info
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    Massive data uploads since 2017.34 2448cfc

    What are you using to see how much data is being uploaded ? Thanks, Greg
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    Model S 60D upgraded for free to 75?

    Not only was it great publicity, but it pushed the shares $20 higher on the day, (and now broken the all time record). (Lucky me) ;-)
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    60 mph; excellent road markings and AP2 tried to throw the car at the median

    I've seen a car with dashcam following a MS that steered left into a barrier. See: At 1m23s
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    Rat gnawed brake hydraulics

    We might not have Martins Down Under, but we have a lot worse... Bunyips for example !
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    Supercharger - Euroa VIC

    New Euroa site is under construction. See Tesla SC Map.
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    Pay per use supercharging

    It is no bargain in Australia. The charge rate is AU$0.35c/kWh :-(
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    The AGL all you can charge $1 a day deal and the Wall connector

    Anyone thought about using the $1 a day to fill a PowerWall? My guess is that it would be a lot cheaper than installing solar panels!
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    Supercharger - Wendouree (Ballarat) VIC

    Don't be surprised to see another SC popping up in Horsham Vic (halfway between Keith SA and Ballarat Vic).
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    Australian Number Plates

    VicRoads has USA size rear plates available.
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    Supercharger - Gundagai NSW

    Just the fact that you mentioned this is a worry :-( But you are right... There's no guarantee the Model 3 WILL be SC compatible. Mind you, it would be pretty dumb if it wasn't. GH
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    Factsheet Tesla Powerwall. How much is that battery power going to cost?

    Argh on people who confuse MPH with MPG. You parents may not have range anxiety, but probably SPEED anxiety !! hahaha
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    Tesla PowerWall thoughts...

    This is a subject dear to my heart, even though I haven't got my Tesla yet... I only have a 2Kw solar array (biggest I could fit on the roof) all North facing, with no shadowing, located in Melbourne. (Av 5 hours sun/day) I also managed to get the PFIT (Premium Feed In Tariff) on the very last...
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    Supercharger - Euroa VIC

    This isn't graffiti is it? Probably the one and only owner of a Toyota FCEV waving his magic wand hoping the SC would magically morph into a H pump ;-)
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    Australian Car Show Poster

    People who say EV's are just as bad as ICE's probably live in the Latrobe Valley (the location of Australia's most polluting power stations, burning brown coal). They also probably have not heard of a thing called Solar Panels installed on roof-tops.
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    Supercharger - Euroa VIC

    I made this location suggestion to Tesla about 3 or 4 months ago. It is a wiser choice than Seymour IMO Regards, Greg.
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    Will they ever make the Model S function like a Powerwall in Australia?

    Renault offer V2G with the Zoe too I believe...
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    Tesla idles Fremont production line for Model X upgrade

    My thought: If they were/are supply constrained by a lack of batteries, why on earth would they be building commercial battery backup units (i.e. the big brothers to the PowerWall) ? GH
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    Model S RHD Pedal positioning

    Sorry, I have to disagree. There are numerous examples (on youtube) of race car drivers using right foot to heel/toe AND left foot on the clutch, or using the right foot on the gas, and left foot on or over the brake to dab the brakes entering a corner to settle the car. It is not dangerous...
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    Model S RHD Pedal positioning

    Personally, I have been driving 2 feet for over 10 years now, and the advantages are numerous... It tates 'time' to lift off, move foot left, apply brake. (may be worse if brake pedal is higher than accelerator pedal. If you are reading the road ahead, you can pre-position your left foot over...
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    Victorian Destination Chargers expanding

    I just noticed a new Destination Charger has appeared in Penola (SA) at the Raidis Estate Coonawarra... Cheers, Greg.
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    Victorian Destination Chargers expanding

    Did you have to sign up and pay a deposit ? If so, how much did it cost to use ? Thanks, Greg.
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    Victorian Destination Chargers expanding

    Can u plug a Tesla into those ChargePoint things ? I saw one at a Nissan dealer, and it didn't look compatible... GH
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    Tesla in Australia

    Standard ride height is 120mm (20mm more than the legal requirement). Not sure what it is when lowered...
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    Supercharger - Goulburn NSW

    I was at a mates place (non EV owner) for dinner last night (Sun 26 Jul 15) and he pulled up several articles online claiming the Goulburn SC opened 3 days ago on the 24th July. Nothing on the SC map though. I've just emailed him to send me the links, as I can't find anything on Google. Anyone...
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    Victorian Destination Chargers expanding

    I'd like to see DC's in every Westfield and Stockland Shopping Center. Between them, they cover most of Oz. I have already spoken to Stockland at 'The Pines' in Doncaster East Vic, but I feel they need further prodding. The message needs to go to the top... Cheers, Greg.
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    Victorian Destination Chargers expanding

    I just noticed today there are now DC's at RACV Torquay and Healesville Country Club, plus a few others... Recent addition at Dinner Plain (Mt Hotham ski field) also welcomed. Cheers, Greg.
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    Is it Conceivable to Go Back to ICE After Driving a Tesla?

    That could easily be mistaken for the new Model S coupe. (Apart from those round tube things at the rear)... ;-) - - - Updated - - - These are the same reasons I am waiting for the M3X. Hopefully Elon & crew will realize they can sell more small SUV's than sedans, and produce the small SUV first.
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    My 2 day old P85D suddenly died in the middle of an intersection

    I've had the exact problem of dying in the middle of an intersection with both a BMW and a Mercedes. Only once for each, and never figured out why - but it was very disconcerting.
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    Drone footage with a Tesla

    How about a 'follow me' function for the DJI ? No pilot required ;-)
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    Tesla on 4 Corners "The End of Coal"

    Why would any reasonable person even THINK about giving 'Climate Change Deniers' or 'CoaLovers' (probably the same people) any time at all on TV? (Including Tony Abbott). It is simply illogical, and a waste of TV airtime...
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    Tesla on 4 Corners "The End of Coal"

    G'Day. It could be worse... Lets hope Abbott and the COALition doesn't hear about the Spanish plans to tax home batteries !!! GH
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    Brown Model S 85 for Sale

    Don't count on the normal depreciation if used Tesla prices are 'set' by Tesla used sales division. I read somewhere the price is basically RRp - $1 for each mile driven. (Km= .70 maybe ?) Based on this, Byorn Nyland from Norway would be paying you 80k to take his away ;-) GH
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    Elon Tweet regarding LTE

    G'Day Ray. The only correct answer is the North Pole. You can't head 'South' from the South Pole. If you change the question to : I go 1 km North, one km West and one km South. I end up at my starting point. Where am I? The only possible location is the South Pole, and not the North Pole.
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    Tesla on 4 Corners "The End of Coal"

    There was also a Tesla review on ABC's 'Catalyst' yesterday (Tues 16 June 15) at around 2pm (probably a repeat). You can catch it on iView (ABC Catch-up). GH
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    Factory Tour

    I vowed never to back to the USA (been there numerous times) however your description of the factory tour has tempted me ;-) GH
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    PowerWall vs Model S,X,3,3X etc...

    I guess it depends on your circumstances. As for me, I'm home all day, car sits in the garage doing nothing mostly. However consider this... You drive home, plug into the house, and your power bill drops to $0 whilst drawing power from the car... Come 11pm (when the off peak rate kicks in) and...
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    Factory Tour

    I watched the 4 part documentary on the Tesla factory, and they said the paint shop alone takes 1.5 days per car (which seemed excessive to me). I think this is the one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_lfxPI5ObM GH
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    Australian TV show "The End Of Coal?"

    For those that missed it (like me) it is repeated several times, and watchable online (from the ABC web site): THE END OF COAL?, reported by Geoff Thompson and presented by Kerry O'Brien, goes to air on Monday 15th June at 8.30pm. It is replayed on Tuesday 16th of June at 10.00am and Wednesday...
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    Australian TV show "The End Of Coal?"

    Unfortunately, the 'real' people down under have to bend and twist to the whims of a pro-coal/fossil moronic leader (i.e. Tony Abbott). Mind you, there's no guarantee the opposition leader (whoever he happens to be today/tomorrow) will do anything different - except maybe allow a few hundred...
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    The D thread Australia & New Zealand

    Can anyone remember ever seeing a Ford Model E anywhere? A model T maybe... but an E ?
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    PowerWall vs Model S,X,3,3X etc...

    Hmmm... Use the PowerWall as a reject dumping ground... (My words not yours or theirs.) I doubt this would be the case, as I imagine PowerWall owners would not be too happy (and I intend being one of them once I recalculate my usage). IMO, we should be using the VEHICLE as storage/backup for...
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    PowerWall vs Model S,X,3,3X etc...

    G'Day. Here's a semi hypothetical question for you... I have read numerous comments telling me the Model S (in particular at the moment) is limited in its delivery due to a lack/shortage of batteries. Similar comments re the Model X as well, however, if this is in fact true, how is it that...
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    Does anyone NOT drive with regen braking? What about creep mode?

    Ah very good. I was hoping that was the case. I too have the same problem with tailgaters going down hills, so installed 2 x Papago! Full HD crashcams (front & rear). Sold in Oz as a Navig8r. Also added a 'Smile for the Camera' sticker on the back. It's amazing how effective that sticker is once...

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