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    FS: Mobile Connector Bundle

    I'm selling my spare Mobile connector bundle. This has been used and works perfectly. Includes: Mobile Connector Charger NEMA 14-50 NEMA 5-15 J1772 Looking for $350 - will ship to continental US for that price.
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    HID Headlights Randomly Turning Off

    Welcome to the club. I've had 4 Model S do this to me. All about 90K to 110K miles. It requires an entirely new headlamp assembly at $1200 per side!
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    Knoxville supercharger - where

    Can anyone here explain the rationale of placing the charger 20 min off the 75/40 split towards NC? Getting to NC from north take an extra 30/40 min just to drive to the charger. Seems like a placement a few miles further east still could have met the needs.
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    Supercharger - Statesville, NC

    Man I could have really used this on the drive back from Raleigh to Asheville. Charging past 170mi just seems to take forever and it's still a stretch to get there on a full charge if the temp is dropping.
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    Supercharger - Asheville, NC?

    Borrow someone's chademo. There are several chademo chargers in town. I use them when travelling to Pawley's Island.
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    Supercharger - Cincinnati, OH service center

    The chargers were active yesterday, but today one of my guys was told to stop using them until Monday. I don't know if they turned them off or anything or just don't want people using them yet.
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    Knoxville supercharger - where

    You can probably make it in the Model S. Top off in London KY and you will have just enough. Although with the mountains, I guess you could lose a bit going up.
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    Supercharger - Cincinnati, OH service center

    Rifleman - I have some level of confirmation that they wont be turned on until construction on the new Service Center is complete. And so goes the the Tesla tease.
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    CHAdeMO Adapter Rental Website

    I am super interested in renting someone's Chademo in mid June. If anyone is interested in letting me "borrow" their adapter for a week, please PM me.
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    Knoxville supercharger - where

    Intersting how far south of the city it is. Almost not useful if going toward the Carolina's.
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    Supercharger - Cincinnati, OH service center

    Swung by the Supercharger late last night. The units have no power yet as the Tesla logos aren't lit up. Everything looks good to go however. From reading Rifleman's post and knowing how Tesla operates from the inside. I would say they may wait until the 24 hour lounge is ready to go.
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    Tesla taxi /chauffeur service in Cincinatti -- Drivr

    Cincinnati is actually a perfect test market. Cincinnati a pretty good test market, study says - Cincinnati Business Courier No on to more important matters. Rifleman - Nick and I have been toying with this idea for a while. I left Tesla in August and Nick followed shortly after. We have big...
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    Need help in KC 9-19-2014

    I will be coming through KC on 9-19-2014. I have several standard chargers picked out, however i am already about 2 hours behind schedule and most j1772 only charge at 20mph. Does anyone have an available 14-50 or hpwc I could use. I am projected to be in KC about 9:30pm and would need about...
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    Roadtrip: Cincinnati to Denver

    Unfortunately the date is pretty much set - the wives all flights out there and the guys are driving it. So I have heard rumors of a SC in Indy? Anyone validate or substantiate these? Anyone want to rent me their ChaDeMo adapter? :-)
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    Roadtrip: Cincinnati to Denver

    So I got this brilliant idea to visit a friend in Denver around Sept 19th. Once I hit Salina, KS I'm good. It's the getting to Salina that is proving the challenge. I have heard rumors of Indianapolis SC being done sometime in Sept. Lets hope mid Sept. From there it's a full charge to St Louis...
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    Saleen announces their version of a Model S

    Double the cost of my P85 for not much more? I'm perplexed by the enthusiastic statement about the sounding like an indy car. The goal should have been silent. I also bet the Saleen version voids every warranty from Tesla. Sorry Saleen - you really haven't done anything my local customization...
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    New Grey for Model S

    So here is the official color names in case anyone was curious as to my sources.
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    Massively ICE'd

    The cable would have reached under his truck right? I would have finagled it somewhat that he was blocked in and inconvenienced while you finished your charge.
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    New Grey for Model S

    Internal email to employees today stating availability of new color. Since it is effective immediately, no harm in sharing right :-)
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    New Grey for Model S

    It's a completely new Grey. It is called Steel Grey (officially).
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    New Grey for Model S

    How am I the first person to post this. Grey as we know it is dead. There is now a new grey, darker, sleeker, sexier. Check it out in the design studio.
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    Another Tesla Crash. This time into the delivery sign.

    Looking at this picture.. I am not even sure how that is possible.
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    Does an electric semi truck make sense today?

    AMP Electric Vehicles is doing this for intra city driving. Basically making electric trucks for predefined routes. UPS or FedEx are primary targets.
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    Supercharger - Indianapolis, IN

    There are already currently HPWC at Keystone store.
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    And the day was going so well...

    So Nathan? Want to sell your 21"s as I feel you'll be getting a new car :-) Damage to the wheels does not bother me.
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    Weird door handle problem

    Handles will not present under any circumstance **Update service said the driver door handle failed which somehow took out the driver side passenger handle, as well as the interior door controls. Handle was replaced and verified working. Also got 5.9 as a bonus for visiting the service center.
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    Weird door handle problem

    So Friday night I come out of the restaurant and my driver side doors wont unlock. Passenger side works just fine. So I climb in through passenger side. Saturday morning, I pull fuses that control both the right and left side of the doors. Everything seems to be working after resetting via the...
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    Tesla Dealership Idea

    Its the control of the Sales chain that Tesla does not want to let go of.
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    Tesla Sales Banned in New Jersey... hopefully not for long!

    "Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope...build(ing) a current that can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance.” - RFK No one said this would be easy. Easy...
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    Will Tesla support CarPlay?

    Why does this interface look remarkably similar to what we currently have? - Watch Apple CarPlay in Action
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    Happy Valentines Day -new in the Tesla store (2-14-2014)

    Damn I thought I was gonna be first today.
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    Make an Offer :Reduced Price:2014 Model S 60KWH Subzero Weather package Rear Seating SC enabled - SO

    and the buyer will have to pay sales tax on the higher prices as well. vehicle sales tax is one of those tax situations i completely disagree with - as the state can collect tax on the same vehicle multiple times, depending on how many times it's sold.
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    Make an Offer :Reduced Price:2014 Model S 60KWH Subzero Weather package Rear Seating SC enabled - SO

    I'm trying to figure out how he paid 90K - as i mentioned in my post unless there are option he's leaving out, this car is $82,500 - $7,500 tax credit.
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    Firmware 5.8.6/7/8/9/10

    Have your UMC checked. I took my UMC to the service center and it verified as bad.
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    Make an Offer :Reduced Price:2014 Model S 60KWH Subzero Weather package Rear Seating SC enabled - SO

    Unless there are options not listed here you can get a brand new one with zero(aka 50 miles) on it for $82,570. You just have to wait approximately 60 days for delivery. So buyers ask yourself? Is $20,500 more worth it for 2 extra months of driving? Just for those not mathematically inclined...
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    Does this charging strategy make sense?

    UM have you notified service of this? Thats more than 10% degradation in less and 1 year!
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    Paying the car

    AFAIK. Overseas (EU) cars are final assembled over there. So I would suspect you aren't going to be paying for your car before then. However, contact your DS (delivery specialist) and ask him for an MVPA and wire instructions if you want to get the payment out of the way.
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    Paying the car

    You typically don't pay for the car until it's rolled off the assembly line. At that point your my tesla account will get a new button that says Enter Payment. If you are financing externally, this is typically handled between your bank and Tesla.
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    WTB: Model S 85kwh (Dark Gray) $70-75k

    Face, A new one is looking about $90,000 for just those options you are looking for. I doubt you will find one selling for $15-$20K off new price, but I could be wrong. I know a majority of the 85kwh models tend to have quite a bit of options, which would drive the price even higher. I have...
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    Tesla Motors and Ohio - SB 137, SB 260 - Owners/Advocates Call to Action

    This senator is really starting to annoy me. I will be unable to attend - someone please give him a swift kick for me.
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    What does "Front Lower Control Arm Washer" Installation?? refer to? I had

    I had this done in December. I have no idea what it meant.
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    tesla police cruisers

    I was just talking to the guys at Tesla about this last night.
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    Weird happening at a drive thru....

    AFIK it's not the seat belt its the weight sensor in the seat. I have had this happen while driving through a car wash. Car is in neutral, shift my weight a bit (seatbelt still on) and boom parking brake goes on.
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    Cars and Coffee Ohio - February Edition

    cfOH - They should have. PM me your email address and zip code.
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    Cars and Coffee Ohio - February Edition

    Cars and Coffee Ohio!Tesla welcomes you and your fellow Model S owners for a morning of coffee and car talk! We encourage you to bring your family, friends, and other car enthusiasts to help spread the Tesla Revolution. We’ll have our product specialists on hand to answer questions.Where:Tesla...
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    Reinventing service...

    Al - My take on this is not that you shouldn't service your vehicle. It's that there is no scheduled maintenance. I for one am very protective of my baby and she will be going in every 12K for tire rotation and inspection. At a minimum that allows the service guys to keep up with an TSB's that...
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    Air Suspension no longer lowers at highway speeds (FW update v5.8)

    I'm probably going to get bashed for this but I don't ever recall Elon stating we would be getting the low setting specifically. “Another software update expected in January will give the driver direct control of the air suspension ride height transitions.” I read this as we hope to have an...
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    Drafty Cabin - Report issues here please!

    Just a quick note: If you have your car in Range Mode and it's fairly cold outside, you will feel cold air through the HVAC system at speed. At lower speeds <30mph and stop and start traffic the air will warm up. I noticed this too and realized that it had to do with range mode. I turned off...
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    Some disturbing information buried in Consumer Reports reliability ratings....

    Think about it most of the cars in 2012 were Sigs. Although produced on the line, basically hand made. 2013 = mass production using robotics.
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    SolarCity-Tesla $1000 Rebate Check

    Solar city gives your the $1000 i think on even the SolarPPA. So basically you get paid $1000 to convert your house to solar and you should be saving $$$ in the long run with the lower solar electricity rate.

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