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  1. Lightning Jeff

    A REAL wireless charging pad for the Model 3

    The USB ports in that location are each under 1 amp, which is a shame. Is that adequate to power qi chargers? I’m skeptical.
  2. Lightning Jeff

    Did you have a front license plate installed in WA?

    I have not had a front plate on my S (since February), or on my Jag XF (Jan. 2010 to Jan. 2013). I drive a lot of miles through a lot of jurisdiction in Washington, including freeways and downtown Seattle, and I've never been stopped. I try not to give police/state patrol a reason to want to...
  3. Lightning Jeff

    Washington State Good To Go Pass - best installation location?

    I don't run a front plate - haven't for close to four years now, with no issues here in Washington. It's also extremely rare that I might have passengers in the 167 HOT lane. (Never, come to think of it.) So the solution for me was to install the license plate pass behind the nosecone. I just...
  4. Lightning Jeff

    New Tesla luggage - didn't see that coming!

    This seems to be available now - Shop Tesla Gear Model S
  5. Lightning Jeff

    Why is Tesla putting a supercharger in Seattle?

    And your commute requires a charge at work?
  6. Lightning Jeff

    Supercharger Location Requests

    Oh, I don't know. What about "Influential Citizen"? Or "Other"? But it does stand to reason that contacts from people with some authority, access or pull will be more useful than a pile of messages saying, "I want one near me." That much, they already know.
  7. Lightning Jeff

    Supercharger Location Requests

    On the Supercharger page: [/FONT][/COLOR]
  8. Lightning Jeff

    ProClip mount: any Model S Owner in/near Madison, WI?

    Wondering if there's been any progress on this. ProClip's Facebook page had a comment in April that no one had yet made their S available.
  9. Lightning Jeff

    To plug in or not? That is the question.

    Exactly. You won't be generating any significant, sustained heat during this time. Everything cools down once serious charging is done. I took a two-week trip days after getting my S. I left it plugged into the 14-50 the whole time (and checked my garage security cam several times daily to check...
  10. Lightning Jeff

    Random Model S sightings

    A black (I think!) P85 showed up in the Union Square garage in Seattle. I finally have company!
  11. Lightning Jeff

    Plug Adapter on my Universal Mobile Connector has melted...

    The Seattle SC very quickly replaced my UMC. Happy to say, I now have a faceplate. The new one gets warm, but not the 140+ I saw with the old one. This is after about 90 minutes charging at 39 of 40 amps: I am still worried about the size of those pins, though - they seem awfully small.
  12. Lightning Jeff

    Plug Adapter on my Universal Mobile Connector has melted...

    It's actually the connector pins, so if this is a flaw, it may be a more expensive one to fix. And yes, they seem tiny for the amount of current they're moving. I'll be interested in what others do, as this always seemed a little off to me - to the point that I've thought about mounting a...
  13. Lightning Jeff

    Plug Adapter on my Universal Mobile Connector has melted...

    In my case, hard to say. It had been charging for perhaps a couple of hours last night when I thought to check it after seeing this thread. But I haven't had the 14-50 adapter off of the connector since I took delivery back in February. My guess is that the melting has been an ongoing process...
  14. Lightning Jeff

    Plug Adapter on my Universal Mobile Connector has melted...

    Similar, perhaps minor, melting issues on my (faceplate-less) mobile connector: When I first got it, I was getting temperature readings closer to 100 - which also seemed somewhat high, but it's much hotter now. I'll be stopping by Seattle SC this afternoon.
  15. Lightning Jeff

    Pulled Over By A State Trooper!

    Late response, but that was a bad stop. Cops in Washington can check registration status via their in-car computer or via dispatch. Absolutely no need to stop you and look at your paper registration for the expiration date. That's no more justified than pulling you over to ensure the tab's...
  16. Lightning Jeff

    Tesla head on collision with a Honda

    Warrant = not voluntary. They will likely have no choice.
  17. Lightning Jeff

    Theft/Vandalism - Broken passenger window

    No alarm went off, as far as I know. My guess is it would only sound if the door was opened from inside while the car was locked. Here, the thief had only to break the glass and reach in. Probably knew that if he opened the door an alarm would go off - saving me my USB hard drive. (I'd swap that...
  18. Lightning Jeff

    Theft/Vandalism - Broken passenger window

    Update: It's now pretty clear that this was vandalism/theft. I only this morning remembered an item that had been on the passenger front floor, and which is gone. My bad. I've informed Tesla of this - no defect or warranty issue here, just a car that attracted the wrong kind of attention. (For...
  19. Lightning Jeff

    Theft/Vandalism - Broken passenger window

    It's certainly possible, though it seems like it would take some effort to hit the window (hard enough to break it) yet leave no mark on the door. While I've never tried, I have to think it takes a significant amount of force to shatter a car window (at least one that isn't defective in some way).
  20. Lightning Jeff

    Theft/Vandalism - Broken passenger window

    And I would worry about break-ins just about anywhere else in Seattle. But this garage (Union Square in Seattle) has a regular and visible security presence. In 12+ years of parking here not only have I never had a problem, I've never heard of someone having a problem, or seen any signs of car...
  21. Lightning Jeff

    Theft/Vandalism - Broken passenger window

    I work in a high-rise with a parking garage that is regularly patrolled by visible security. Yesterday evening as I left work, I saw several people I knew to be security milling around my car. I thought I was in for some Tesla Time, but then saw the broken glass. My front passenger side window...
  22. Lightning Jeff

    Temporary European Fog Light

    What is this "50m" you speak of? :wink: Okay, I'll admit: My last car (Jag XF) had rear but not front fog lights. This confused me. My wild guess as to when to use the rear fog lights: When it was foggy. Did I get it right?
  23. Lightning Jeff

    how to tell if you have upgraded audio?

    I'm not sure yet, but I think Tesla may have done something really remarkable with the sound in the S, and that is to create real soundstage imaging in a car. It's an incredibly difficult environment in which to accomplish that, but I find that, listening to lossless music, I get imaging in...
  24. Lightning Jeff

    Washington State Good To Go Pass - best installation location?

    It is indeed big and ugly. Luckily, it does work fine behind the nose cone. I used heavy duty Velcro to attach it to the front of the bumper, and it works fine. The only issue is if I ever want to use a HOT lane (i.e. 167) and have more than one person in the car. It would take a few minutes to...
  25. Lightning Jeff

    Nav System: Home address / navigation

    I had this issue. Rebooting (hold both scroll wheels) solved it. (Rebooting also fixed a seemingly related problem of the web browser not allowing me to add favorites.)
  26. Lightning Jeff

    Trunk basement size varies?

    This (right "abyss") is where the subwoofer is on my S. I was feeling around down there the other night. Reached through a hole and up, and definitely felt the cone and soft surround. It felt no larger than 10", and maybe only 8". Also felt like a paper cone, but really hard to tell without...
  27. Lightning Jeff

    How to finance with PenFed quickly without going insane

    Turns out my check to Seattle was issued from Omaha.
  28. Lightning Jeff

    How many Tesla stores have you visited, and how many times?

    I've never set foot in a Tesla facility, or touched a Tesla car. As you say: Blind faith!
  29. Lightning Jeff

    Financing options

    Agreed. Every time I've called - just to be proactive and make sure I'm not holding things up - they have been very friendly, and very helpful. My PS delayed close to a week in getting my final MVPA to me, while my car was on its way up to Seattle. When I finally got it this Saturday, I...
  30. Lightning Jeff

    What's in your 'Charging Kit'?

    Here's a shorter, cheaper 50A option - Model S approved and everything. Still 22 pounds though! So yeah, 30A may be the way to go.
  31. Lightning Jeff

    What's in your 'Charging Kit'?

    I doubt the extra weight of carrying this around would be worth it. The charge rate will be a mere trickle. Why bother? As ElSupreme says: This is A Bad Idea... I don't see risking a $100k car in this way. I confess I don't know how to quantify that risk, but it seems unjustifiable when the...
  32. Lightning Jeff

    How to finance with PenFed quickly without going insane

    Anyone know where the disbursement checks are sent from? They are supposed to express mine Monday, for Tuesday delivery. I'll need it for Wednesday pickup of my S - and am paranoid about weather or something else holding up the check. Incidentally, the extended computer outages aside, I've...
  33. Lightning Jeff

    Anyone got their delivery time frame missed?

    Jag probably earned that reputation. But you date yourself using that reference these days. My Model S stopgap - purchased in Jan. 2010, just after reserving my S - was a Jaguar XF Supercharged. I drove that car every day for three years, a 75 mile round trip commute, plus longer trips out to...
  34. Lightning Jeff

    Model S Delivery Dates and Sequencing

    I finally received my final MVPA this morning, after being told I'd have it back on Wednesday. Signed, and got it off to PenFed to finalize my loan. They'll express the disbursement so I get it Tuesday. Then got a call from Tesla Seattle, saying my car's on a truck they'll be unloading Monday...
  35. Lightning Jeff

    Model S: Clever Vanity Plates

    Dumb - but I suspected that might be the case. Thanks.
  36. Lightning Jeff

    Model S: Clever Vanity Plates

    ChadS, I'm curious: Were you able to have Tesla include the personalize plate paperwork with the registration filing they do, or did you have to apply on your own?
  37. Lightning Jeff

    How accurate are the delivery date windows?

    Interesting. I'm also in Washington. I asked about wiring the remainder of my down payment, and was just told by my PS (because as far as I know, I still don't have a DS 6 days into my delivery window) that I can simply pay by check when I take delivery. My understanding is that pre-payment is...
  38. Lightning Jeff

    2 week delivery window, but no VIN

    If you're crazy you're not alone. :scared:
  39. Lightning Jeff

    2 week delivery window, but no VIN

    Sounds like the dam has broken for us late-Jan to early-Feb windows folks. So cool to know our cars "exist" (in some form at least)! Congrats to all. (Incidentally, today was the first time I've ever spoken to a Tesla employee, after 3+ years. Strange but I'm not complaining.)
  40. Lightning Jeff

    World Map of Model S Reservation Holders

    Just added mine, P141, near Duvall, Wash. - 47.724039, -121.919553. Had tried adding it previously, but it never showed up. Maybe this time?
  41. Lightning Jeff

    2 week delivery window, but no VIN

    I called and left a message yesterday, had a return call this morning with my VIN (4212), which they said was issued yesterday. Was told approximately two weeks for delivery - didn't ask if that meant for it to be put on a truck or to be here. Either way, the timing is unfortunate, as I'll begin...
  42. Lightning Jeff

    Where to sell you old car now that you are getting an S

    Just thought I'd throw out my experience. I needed to offload my 2010 Jaguar XF Supercharged (48k miles) in preparation for receiving my Model S, as I don't need (and don't want to insure) two performance sedans. I was focused primarily on sale to a service (such as AutoNation) or a dealership...
  43. Lightning Jeff

    Coated windshield impacting door openers and EZpass

    It's probably a key card, not a transmitter (as you'd have at home). I'm worried about the same thing with the garage at my office building. Card is supposed to be mounted at lower left of windshield, but that probably won't work.
  44. Lightning Jeff

    How to rationalize buying a Model S?

    True. But for me, your comparison is entirely inapt. I was never, ever going to drive a Prius. Since I've been able to afford it, I've driven cars that blend high performance and luxury. If your menu of acceptable vehicles consists of cars in the $65k and up range (or should I say, zero to 60 in...
  45. Lightning Jeff

    How to rationalize buying a Model S?

    This is one of the many things I think is so cool about the Model S. My last couple of cars have been in the (somewhat) modest luxury/performance realm, so the Model S needed to closely match that experience (in terms of performance, features and elegance) for me to consider it. (That's the...
  46. Lightning Jeff

    2 week delivery window, but no VIN

    See, now, I don't even have a DS - or at least, one that I'm aware of. Does that contact come by email or do you have to call?
  47. Lightning Jeff

    How to rationalize buying a Model S?

    Yup, that was pretty much my formula as well. The financial rationale just helps me avoid feeling guilty about it! Really couldn't afford not to buy one...
  48. Lightning Jeff

    How to rationalize buying a Model S?

    Here's a litte exercise I undertook to see how the cost of the Model S compares to my current luxury sedan (2010 Jag XF Supercharged). I hope my posting this link isn't viewed as too spammy. I see it as another way of demonstrating why the Model S is a sound alternative - financially speaking -...

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