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    Will be away for a week - is it OK to leave car unplugged?

    Umm I charge every 6-7 days, and I drive every day. Letting it sit for 6 days cannot be a problem. Don't be paranoid guys.
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    NEW EAP Trial

    Got the trial a few days, but I only do city driving most of the time, so haven't actually even tried it yet.
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    Model 3 Software Updates

    Installed 42.2.1, which took only like a few minutes. Wonder if it's just to improve reliability of subsequent upgrades b/c 42.4 got pulled earlier.
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    "walk-away locking is temporarily suspended for one minute"

    That sounds like it! It's confusing because it doesn't work like that now. I didn't even know that was a feature.
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    "walk-away locking is temporarily suspended for one minute"

    So it sounds like what it's saying is that the car will lock if either a) you walk away or b) after ~1 minute anyway. That makes sense; the language is just confusing to me.
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    "walk-away locking is temporarily suspended for one minute"

    In my experience the car always locks as soon as you walk away a few meters. There's no 1 minute window where it doesn't.
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    "walk-away locking is temporarily suspended for one minute"

    There's this little blurb in the owner's manual that I can't seem to understand: "Note: If all doors are closed and Model 3 was automatically unlocked by your authenticated phone, walk-away locking is temporarily suspended for one minute. If you open a door within this minute, it will not...
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    Ripped Undercarriage Composite from the rain?

    We are just heading into the rainy season here, a place that rains for like 160 days a year. If the car can't handle a little puddle then that'll be a real concern.
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    V9 39.7 - Dashcam not working

    Rebooted my console tonight (hold both buttons), and it came back with the dashcam drive offline.
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    Model 3 3D Maxpider Floor Mats

    Got the email too. Just gonna keep the order and wait rather than checking every day.
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    Model 3 3D Maxpider Floor Mats

    Ordered. Thanks!
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    Slacker radio

    Bluetooth is compressed, but probably so is Slacker; question is which is *more* compressed. Slacker does sound very crisp to me. It wouldn't surprise me if Slacker employs some kind DSP for a subjectively "better" sound quality.
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    Vancouver BC VIN .

    2 PM appointment today and took maybe less than 2 hours to get my car. There was a bit of waiting but I expected as much with this being the last day of the quarter. Everyone was friendly, helpful and efficient. Shuttle driver showed me some basics on the way, and a volunteer at the lot was...
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    Vancouver BC VIN .

    Thanks. Looks like they accept cheque so I'll just bring one and write it there.
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    Vancouver BC VIN .

    How long before delivery did you guys receive the official MVPA and clear instructions for payment? My delivery's on Sept 30th (Sunday), but still just have the draft MVPA and no official payment amount. I have a VIN but it was updated earlier this week FWIW.
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    Blind spot and dash cam feature teased by Elon

    I'm guessing they don't want to wear out the onboard flash through continuous recording. Much easier to replace external storage that's worn out. As for cloud upload, I can't see them not charging even more for it because it's so much more data. Dashcam companies can offer it for "free" because...
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    Insurance in BC

    Thanks. I'll just get everything from ICBC first and shop around after I get the car then.
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    Insurance in BC

    Anyone know if I can buy insurance with the VIN before delivery? Easier to shop around now than buying ICBC at delivery and cancelling optional coverage later.
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    Vancouver BC VIN .

    I got the loan approved Thursday (27th) and got the call to schedule pickup next day. You should get yours soon (if not already). Pick up on the 30th. Blue AWD with no additional options. VIN 109xxx. Pretty stoked.
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    Naming your Tesla Model 3

    Don't have my car yet ;) so I might still use it
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    Naming your Tesla Model 3

    I seriously entertained the idea of using that name.
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    AWDs on the way to Canada?!?

    Did you misread the post? Pretty sure he placed the order July this year too b/c nobody could have configured in 2016.
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    Vancouver BC VIN .

    It's hilarious that we are treating every technical difficulty as signs of orders moving forward :D
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    Model 3 Canada - Confirmed Orders Only thread

    Hehe often people complain that the blue is "too dark". Just goes to show that the color is super subjective. FWIW I got the blue too and prefer the darker blue. The MSM also looks great. I might have went for that if my current car wasn't already a similar color.
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    [BC] PSA: Model 3 AWD added to CEV for BC eligible vehicle list

    I think the last batch of deliveries to Canada filled much of the pent up demand in Canada. Combined with the floodgate opening on US orders due to their incentive, there's a good chance we won't see something like that until the SR is produced en mass. I've been thinking about switching from...
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    Why Haven't You Pulled The Trigger?

    Trying to decide on options e.g. color

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