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    A Better Routeplanner

    Hi, not sure if this has already been asked, but would it be possible to edit the reference speed? 110 km/h isn't a typical driving speed in Europe, so I don't really have a good idea what consumption I have at this speed. Would be great if one could set both the ref speed and associated ref...
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    Pack Swap on 70D to 90kWh HP?

    Ah ok, thanks, so the VIN isn't serviced anymore, makes sense.
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    Pack Swap on 70D to 90kWh HP?

    Does the car get OTA updates for a P85 as well?
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    Tesla's 85 kWh rating needs an asterisk (up to 81 kWh, with up to ~77 kWh usable)

    @wk57: How about you summarize your key findings so far in a few bullet points in your first post? That way people will be less likely to miss your key findings (and thus won't re-iterate claims that you have already debuked), and you'll also find it easier to rebut if they still do by simply...
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    Let the hacking begin... (Model S parts on the bench)

    That would imply a battery round-trip efficiency of 93.7%, or a loss of 6.3%. That seems pretty good, but realistic nontheless.
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    Tesla continues to list price with gas savings/incentives and offer odd bundles

    It's definitely wrong to subtract gas price from the car price. Does a Tesla become cheaper just because another propelling mechanism, namely gas cars, are more expensive? No. They might as well claim buying a Tesla *makes* you money just because flying an airplane for the same mileage is much...
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    Short-Term TSLA Price Movements - 2015

    JB has a twitter account? Source/link?
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    Stirring the Pot on the Model X Reveal

    Nothing at all. They told me no tours in the week of July 27th either.
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    Tunein Login Not Recognized

    Tesla support called me back yesterday, and they confirmed it's a bug. They will fix it ASAP in one of the next versions of the firmware. I was quite impressed by the quick reply, only two days after I called them!
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    Tunein Login Not Recognized

    Same here, new 85D in Switzerland. Called Tesla support, they opened a ticket and will hopefully get back to me soon. This worked fine in the P85 I had before, no issues at all.
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    It looks like I have LTE enabled

    Elon's reply is gone on twitter...?!
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    BEV-ing a gas station

    Thanks, gorgeous!
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    BEV-ing a gas station

    Wow, I love the blue one! Do you know if this is a custom wrap or if it's the updated blue paint?
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    Tesla Model S 18650 Cell Test Data

    How come 16 modules / 14 modules is not equal to 85 kWh / 60 kWh then?
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    Rumor: P85D firmware update to increase 0-60 performance to 2.8s

    Do you have a source for that claim? Official specs are 3.7 sec.
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    Cold Weather Driving

    Thanks Doug! Do you have a source that confirms the 6 kW resistive heater and that there are indeed two heating modes?
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    About time to unveil the D and something else

    How about Drophead coupe? The picture doesn't show the top of the car, maybe that's the reason why...
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    Operation BlueStar

    Nope. That would be Panasonic.
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    Firmware 5.12

    Cool! Ist that web app something you'll eventually release to the public?
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    Gen III name confirmed

    The 3rd generation car will be called "Model 3" as per the tweet, what's not clear about this?
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    Online tool to display radius around European superchargers

    See also Superchargers, does that too.
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    torque vectoring in AWD Model S

    That sounds like snake oil to me. Providing a 'basic' torque and then braking individual wheels to reduce the torque on those wheels, which is what stability control does, is equivalent to actively controlling the torque on each wheel. No matter what the approach is, both ESP and torque...
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    torque vectoring in AWD Model S

    And how would that be better than the usual ABS + stability control, which also does wheel-specific braking?
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    torque vectoring in AWD Model S

    Why would an SUV/van need torque vectoring in the first place? Not sure I see the benefits.
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    torque vectoring in AWD Model S

    Where did you read that? I think that's not true.
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    Supercharging Taper Curve for D+ Pack

    How does one know whick pack one has?
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    A Very Light Electric Car is Much Better than the Model S or Model E Oliver Kuttner

    I think you massively overestimate the feasibility of this. Improving aerodynamics of a car by 10 or 20% may be possible with smart and technically challenging adjustments, but factors of 2 or 3? Forget it. Spoiler alert: All 100% of the energy is wasted. All of it. Turns to heat. If the car is...
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    Choix d'options sur Tesla S

    - Autonomie: Les forums anglais et allemands disent le contraire, mais je ne l'ai pas testé. - 0-100: C'est ton propre test avec 3.9s, mais comparer ça aux 4.4s officielles ne dit rien. Tu devrais comparer à une "vraie" P85 directement. En tout cas, les moteurs et donc la puissance sont égales...
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    Choix d'options sur Tesla S

    Deux fautes: - L'autonomie avec les 21" est 5-7% plus petit. Clique sur le petit bouton 19" à droite de la voiture blanche roulante: Your Questions Answered | Tesla Motors - La P85 et la P85 ont le même 0-100 km/h, au moins d'après la page web officielle: Model S Design Studio | Tesla Motors
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    The bad "Add option X for resale value" argument

    Hi all, Very often I read things like "you should add the twin charger for better resale value", or "choose multi-coat white over regular white for resale value". Are people actually aware that is is completely wrong? If you add, say, the double chargers for $1500, do you really think you'll be...
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    Rapper The Game, bought 4 Fisker Karmas

    Really? I personally don't like cars that have moustaches.
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    Used P85 pricing

    Why not simply let the market decide, offer and demand?
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    Model S as a first car

    My P85 is my first car - at the age of 36! I have lived in European cities for most of my life (currently Zürich), all having provided excellent public transport, so there was simply no need for a car. There still isn't, but fell in love on my 1st test drive :-)
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    Inaccurate meter

    Charging losses obviously, about 15%, that's to be expected.
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    Will range increase substantially on model s in 2015?

    No, he said "potential for". That's very different.
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    Cost of early issues to Tesla?

    I don't have a "hard" source, but: 1. I have read of at least a dozen if not two dozen drive unit replacements in this forum alone. Given that only a fraction of people who have this issue will post in this forum, we can safely assume there were > 100 replacements. 2. The kind of issue that is...
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    Cost of early issues to Tesla?

    Hi all, We all know that Tesla service is great: They have replaced drive units, batteries, door handles etc. on a lot of cars, probably because of early production issues. While this is great for us owners, I wonder if they have properly factored in that cost into their calculations? They...
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    Why does accelerating fast use more energy than accelerating slowly?

    I don't find it counter-intuitive, because if you accelerate hard you need more power on one hand, but only for a correspondingly shorter time on the other hand. These two facts cancel each other out.
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    Will range increase substantially on model s in 2015?

    Why is there no doubt? Source? I thinks it's more like wishful thinking...
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    Europeanizing needed for the Model S

    Fair enough, but two samples of doubling figures are hardly anywhere near statistical significance.
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    What is Tesla Motors' biggest flaw/challenge?

    That may or may not be true - but even when it is true, you'll simply swap the old battery for a new one, which will be cheaper, lighter and will even have more capacity, simply because battery technology will advance a lot in 15 years.
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    Color indecision

    I noticed that you haven't mentioned silver. That's a color that I usually consider boring, because a lot uf cars here in Switzerland are silver, so I never even remotely considered it for my car. Well, that was until I saw a silver Model S in person. What can I say, I fell in love! Matches the...
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    Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 vs Pilot Super Sport - Opinions Please

    Nope. Tire mileage aka tread life improved, meaning the rubber on the tire lasts 10% longer. Doesn't say anything about MPG or efficiency!
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    Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 vs Pilot Super Sport - Opinions Please

    Yes, tire mileage, not efficiency. Grip and efficiency are contradictory design targets of a tire.
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    Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 vs Pilot Super Sport - Opinions Please

    I think you may be misinterpreting: This means that the tire has less wear, i.e. last 10% more miles. It does say anything about rolling resistance! Given that they don't mention rolling efficiency in their list you can safely assume that it's at most equal, but probably worse. A tire that has...
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    Calculating 0-60 mph time for an electric vehicle

    Amazing reply! :-)
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    Calculating 0-60 mph time for an electric vehicle

    Have you actually tried using my formula? It will give you reasonable times. Yes, my formula doesn't include rolling friction or air drag, but as ElSupreme has said that's next to irrelevant because the majority of the energy goes into moving the car, i.e., the mechanical energy stored in the...

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