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  1. scrapps

    Wiki 2021+ Model S Refresh - Missing/Incomplete Software Features

    Have you tried some lemons and limes? I heard oranges don't work anymore.
  2. scrapps

    Model S Plaid - One Year Later

    But do you have an airbag horn? 🤣🤣 I wonder if we'll ever hear from his lordship about that again.
  3. scrapps

    Trunk Spoiler

    I have the V one. I love the look of it but the fit at the ends wasn't perfect. Someone had mentioned putting some silicon in the gaps and it's hardly noticeable.
  4. scrapps

    Just bought my LONG RANGE Model Y made in Austin

    Do you mind sharing the VIN with us?
  5. scrapps

    MYP totaled 2 days before delivery

    That's not true of all states. I live in CT, have to take delivery in NY and don't have to pay until I take delivery.
  6. scrapps

    Model S Plaid Delivered Early!

    All Model S are delivered with the license plate holder. They are required to, as that is how the car was crash tested. The badge is normal too now.
  7. scrapps

    Refreshed Model S - rear seat rattle

    It's funny, I was in the Mt Kisco SC center today to get a rattle sorted and I said to them it's not the rear seat latch issue I'd reported previously. The service advisor said he hadn't heard about that one. I was rather shocked. Maybe people are just fixing it themselves, or living with it...
  8. scrapps

    Model S Plaid - One Year Later

    I want to add in the seatbelt warning covering the home link too! Drives me nuts as that's usually when I want to press the homelink button. Also anyone actually figured out how to cancel auto open? The cancel text (really small) doesn't seem to do anything. I ended up turning off auto.
  9. scrapps

    High Frequency Noise/Hum-New Model Y

    Pretty sure the whine is just a thing you have to live with. My 2018 M3 LR RWD and my 2021 MS LR both have it under slight acceleration and deceleration.
  10. scrapps

    To 19" or 21", that is the question

    Go with 20s from signature wheels and you get a good mix of better handling with more protection (than 21s) for your wheels. Then you can choose the look you want. Sell the 19s and you are golden.
  11. scrapps

    Model Y - Gigafactory Texas Production

    Not sure if this has been bought up, but pretty sure it would be illegal for them to actually take delivery of the Ys there. They'd surely have to take delivery out of state, and this was just for show?
  12. scrapps

    Tesla top March car sales in UK

    Man, I hope they are increasing the roll out of Superchargers to account for this. I was looking to rent an S in July when I return to land of my birth for a holiday, but the sparsity of Superchargers put me off :(
  13. scrapps

    Accessories for 2021 Refresh Model S Plaid/LR

    I have attached a large cowbell to the front which rings before I get close to hitting the bumper. The trouble is it goes off all the time when driving. Maybe it will distract you from your plaid vibrations?
  14. scrapps

    Model S Refresh Mud/Splash Guards

    These were the main spots, where it tore the PPF. 2 on the left (well, the big one has 3 other spots close to it) , one on the right. It's worth noting I'm running 285s on the front, which are pretty flush, so the flaps prob aren't providing the protection I need.
  15. scrapps

    Model S Refresh Mud/Splash Guards

    If it's any consolation I have mud flaps (made by m4x) and PPF and that is getting destroyed.
  16. scrapps

    Did Elon lie to us (again)? Or is there a miscommunication?

    Right, that was my concern, although I have a October build. Guess he was lying, or at least remembered incorrectly :/
  17. scrapps

    Did Elon lie to us (again)? Or is there a miscommunication?

    I don't recall when their Plaid was manufactured. Does anyone remember?
  18. scrapps

    Can I ignore messages about scheduling my delivery?

    Why not tell them you want to put your order on hold?
  19. scrapps

    What's your next EV after Tesla?

    My heart says potentially the Lotus Eletre. I love the inside. Though practically I don't think it would be a good idea, as there's nowhere close by to get it serviced. My head says probably an Macan EV, or potentially something Audi. I'd love an EV version of the RS6 Avant.
  20. scrapps

    Accessories for 2021 Refresh Model S Plaid/LR

    I do hope your spoiler fitting skills are better than your photography 🤣
  21. scrapps

    Have you de-scummed your glass yet?

    So I just spent an hour and a bit doing the following: Handwashed the whole car. Squeegeed the windscreen. Polished the car using Griot's glass polish and pads, and an optical polishing machine attached to my little B&D cordless drill. I bought 6" pads which I cut down to 3" to match my machine...
  22. scrapps

    Early '22 Exterior Refresh Tracking (Lights, Charging Door, Appliqué delete)

    He said the refreshed S headlights (2021) were an upgraded look. I was under the impression they were exactly the same as the previous model.
  23. scrapps

    Have you de-scummed your glass yet?

    Polish, pads and sealant arrive tomorrow. Will get it done this weekend!
  24. scrapps

    Please Help: Should Tesla be allowed to sell cars in Connecticut?

    Did the polls close? I wanted to vote but can't. So sick of the dealerships dictating what can and can't be sold in our state. It makes zero sense. The sooner we can get more than one service center the better. Fairfield County really needs one. I'm sure outside of CA it must have the biggest...
  25. scrapps

    2021+ Model S tires and wheels: all things (Plaid, LR, OEM, aftermkt, 19, 20, 21, summer, winter etc.)

    I'm outside of that by a couple of weeks and I have 'wear' on them. So the lesson to be learnt here is not to wait until you have 1000 miles on them to see if the noise goes away (as some had reported).
  26. scrapps

    2021+ Model S tires and wheels: all things (Plaid, LR, OEM, aftermkt, 19, 20, 21, summer, winter etc.)

    I had the 19"s, they were fine but I sold the wheels & tires. Anyone used the Ferrari PS4s before? Looks like they come with acoustic foam. Might go this route, although they are more expensive...
  27. scrapps

    2021+ Model S tires and wheels: all things (Plaid, LR, OEM, aftermkt, 19, 20, 21, summer, winter etc.)

    So here's where I'm at. I took car to a local Michelin approved dealer for an inspection as per Michelin's instructions. They measured the treadwear which was even and reported back to Michelin. Michelin, while on the phone with the tire shop, offered me 30% credit towards a new set of Michelin...
  28. scrapps

    2021+ Model S tires and wheels: all things (Plaid, LR, OEM, aftermkt, 19, 20, 21, summer, winter etc.)

    I'm over 1000 miles now on my Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4 and I'm still getting noticeable tire roar from them between 63 and 68 mph. I reached out to Michelin and they said the following " We recommend taking your vehicle to an authorized Michelindealer for an inspection of the tire...
  29. scrapps

    Have you de-scummed your glass yet?

    I have issues getting the outside clean without leaving lint using invisible glass. Maybe this scum is responsible? I'm down for giving it a polish. The rest of my glass is ceramic coated however.
  30. scrapps

    Accessories for 2021 Refresh Model S Plaid/LR

    Not if you live somewhere with no street lights and auto-highbeams that don't work well on back roads.
  31. scrapps

    Show off your aftermarket wheels.

    And seeing it twice isn't helping :D
  32. scrapps

    "Refreshed" Model S model VIBRATION tracking and information thread!!!

    Did it sound like mine? It's not the SA you want to speak to, it's the service center make an appointment in the app).
  33. scrapps

    "Refreshed" Model S model VIBRATION tracking and information thread!!!

    Sounds like the issue I had on my LR Was fixed by replacing the half shafts.
  34. scrapps

    Has anyone received one of these?

    How does this work if you share an account/cars with your spouse?
  35. scrapps

    Yoke horn

    Glide answered already.
  36. scrapps

    Another "So let the mods begin" thread | 2022 Model S Long Range Refreshed-Refresh

    You can find it in the parts catalog. I believe you need a Plaid VIN to order one though. Parts Catalog
  37. scrapps

    Show off your aftermarket wheels.

    I just clicked on some of their forged wheels, and the description says made in the USA. Seems the 'TST' flow-forged are made in China. https://tsportline.com/collections/20-tesla-wheels-model-s-long-range-plaid-june-2021-present/products/tssf-20-tesla-model-s-long-range-plaid-wheel-set-of-4
  38. scrapps

    My $250 deposit [why can I not get my deposit back?]

    It's too late now for the OP, but what I suggest other people do in this situation is to purchase a used car in the interim, then trade in/private sell upon confirmed delivery date of new car. This way you are getting the car you want and covering the gap in carlessness.
  39. scrapps

    2021+ Model S Refresh - white interior thread

    Then I stand corrected, I could have sworn in was $99,990 before, but that was for my config. I guess good news for all of us who have or have ordered our cars already?
  40. scrapps

    2021+ Model S Refresh - white interior thread

    I think you are mistaken, the vanilla S price is still $99,990 and has been for a while now. They did change it at some point to have the 21" wheels selected by default. Maybe that's confused you.
  41. scrapps

    2021+ Model S and Model S Plaid Refresh Issues Thread

    This. Try putting your seats down and see if the rattle continues. If it does you can put some contact tape or electrical tape on the metal bit of the latch (this is how Tesla will fix it). I've asked the service center if they have a proper fix for this yet.
  42. scrapps

    Refresh Model S Tint / PPF / Ceramic Photos & Info

    Ribbed for his pleasure. Thanks for this info, was looking to do something to my garage floor!
  43. scrapps

    Best M3P Color That's Not MSM or White?

    It's a scientific fact that red is faster. So go for red ;) My M3 is the light silver, which they've stop doing. My wife doesn't like red so I was in trouble when I changed the S order to red. I love it though.
  44. scrapps

    How to tell if you have Matrix headlights?

    Also for anyone coming looking for the actual info on how to distinguish, the easiest way is probably to look at the front bottom potion inside the light, non-matrix is silver, matrix is black.

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