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    How to Clear Personal Info on my M3 Before Posting for Sale?

    I haven't tested this lately, but a couple of years ago on my 2013 Model S, even once it was reset, it could still open my garage door. Obviously the name was gone, but I could just pull up in front of the house and configure the garage door opener and the garage would open. The rolling code...
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    MODS: Could you please make a sub-forum for 'reservation sales'???

    As wishy washy as Tesla is on policies I won't be surprised if selling reservations comes back again some day. They are blocking it right now because of how much their prices have changed, but under times of low rate of change they might be back to turning a blind eye. Like so many others I...
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    2013 Tesla Model S for Sale $32,499 OBO

    Steve, did you live outside the Chicago land for many years? Were you someplace without winter, because that would be a bonus to me and probably many people. Chicago winter is hard on things and getting cars locally that haven't spent many winters here is a bit of a treat.
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    2013 White Model S P85+ -- 36k

    Have you read the post directly above yours? Pretty obviously sold for $32K.
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    2014 Model S P90DL+ V3 Battery rear facing seats

    I haven't lived there in a while, but that place has been excellent for a very long time. Enjoy!
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    2014 Model S P90DL+ V3 Battery rear facing seats

    If I didn't have a 16 year old about to get his license I would be picking up this car and eating at https://bynumssteakhouse.net/ this weekend. Good luck with the sale. Hope someone gets it that can appreciate how awesome this car is. Also if that someone gets bored of it in a year or two...
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    2016/2017 MS P100D, red, original owner, FUSC, DC area, FSD, 97k miles, $65k

    Link on the top of the first post. Good pictures actually. Car is in Washington DC area. Sweet deal. Wish I was in the market for that, I would be there tomorrow.
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    2019 Model 3 'Stealth' Performance | 19in Wheels | Basic Autopilot | Blue/White | Kentucky

    You really don't. High levels of inflation is fun for short periods of time, but if this keeps up for a few years it is going to turn really ugly.
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    2019 Model 3 'Stealth' Performance | 19in Wheels | Basic Autopilot | Blue/White | Kentucky

    The car market is nuts right now, and as we come into the fall, the fun begins, when will the music stop, and who will be left without a chair? Will the music even stop this year? Who knows!
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    Model S Snow Tires with TPMS

    Many of the older cars got upgraded over the years. The quick and easy way is if you can see what the pressure is in each tire, then you have the TPMS system of the 50900+ VIN cars in the older car. My old 2013 was upgraded, as were many others.
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    2013 Model S P85+

    Are the new pictures after the detail? If so, I am unimpressed with your detailer
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    Red Tesla 2021 Model 3 Long Range FWD (22,000 miles) for Sale

    "I am moving abroad to take a new job which is why I need to sell it and purchase a new one there. I am willing to accept payments via venmo, zelle, or bank wire transfer." That reads like a standard scammer line.
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    Does free supercharging transfer on sale?

    https://www.findmyelectric.com/blog/tesla-free-unlimited-supercharging-how-to-check-if-you-have-it/ The exception is that calling Tesla and asking them is useless, they seem to always say it will transfer regardless if it will actually transfer or not. Caveat: No matter what you do or...
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    2014 Model S P85 for sale

    I can think of two off the top of my head, the bolts that corrode in the steering system, and the MCU flash memory. There were definitely others.
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    Tesla Model 3 MPP Upper Control Arms

    You might consider reporting your post, and asking for it to be moved to Tesla Parts for sale.
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    Another front suspension control arm failure

    I can't speak for the new S/X but the 3 uses an entirely different suspension with very little Aluminum. It does use plastic, so different issues but none known yet. That break doesn't look like there were any crack propagation, it looks like it broke out at the end, and then the part near...
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    FS: 2021 Model 3 Aero Wheel Caps - $50

    You are tempting me. I like the look of the new covers versus the old ones.
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    2013 Model S P85+

    I recognized the pictures from when it was for sale early this year and was mostly curious if this was a scam or a legitimate sale. Plenty of scammers harvest pictures and repost them, and I figured I would do my part to help prevent a scam if I could. Looks nice, post pictures after the...
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    2013 Model S P85+

    Have you owned it for a while? Any interior pictures?
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    2013 Model S P85+

    Can you post the VIN?
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    Winter Tires For Sale - Pirelli SottoZero 235/45/R18

    I just sent some money for the wheels and tires, so hopefully they are sold!
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    2021 Model S battery charge

    OOPS, I read 2021 as 2012!!! Good luck!
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    2013 model s p85 ludicrous?

    Yes, BUT, it will cost you more than you want to spend. https://057tech.com/ These guys can do pretty much anything, and they are in your "neighborhood", but the things you are asking for are REALLY expensive.
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    20" Michelin Pilot Sport 4S Tires + 4x Red Tesla "Safe Jack" - Madison, WI

    I took delivery of the jacks, nice and just like new.
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    Model 3 Stuff and Tesla Charging Parts for sale

    I need the front license plate bracket, and would take the J1772 adapter also. I will pay $60 for the pair and provide a shipping label. Paypal goods.
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    Another front suspension control arm failure

    I am speculating, there are only so many D models from 2014. It isn't impossible that they made good suspension parts for a little while???
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    Another front suspension control arm failure

    WOW, that is clearly wear and tear!!! (sarcasm) Unless the tire went flat because the wheel is no longer round anymore, I can't see this being wear and tear. Small daily impacts should not cause a catastrophic low mileage failure. I will say that if the ball joint was oversized, or the...
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    Another front suspension control arm failure

    The only way I can figure this as a wear and tear at 32K miles is if the steel receptacle for the ball joint is expanding due to corrosion. As everyone already knows as steel corrodes through oxidation it expands, and the forces it can create during the process are quite tremendous. This could...
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    Another front suspension control arm failure

    Can you post closeup pictures of the surface where the break actually happened?
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    2019 Model X - Raven, Standard Range, 5 seats. - What's it worth?

    Cheap cars are expensive right now. The best way to game the system right now is sell a car for more than it is normally worth, and then buy something newer for the same money early next year. For the Model S that ship appears to have sailed more or less the time Tesla started shipping new...
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    2014 Model S P85 for sale

    This advice may or may not apply to you depending on the state the car is titled in and the banks involved. I finance my cars with a bank that will send the title to the local branch, and then I meet the buyer there. The buyer pays me, I deposit the money, use some of it to pay off the loan...
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    CHAdeMO Adapter - In Stock Right Now (8/11/21 @ 5:31 pm PST) at Tesla Parts Store

    There are also the occasional free stations near shopping centers and a free charge at 50KW is pretty nice perk to go along with giving the ability to charge almost anywhere I second the CCS adapter, I will buy it too because free CCS stations are a thing too. I also like options. I do wonder...
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    2014 Model S P85+

    Due to your proximity to Hickory NC and 057 Technology I would suggest you consider keeping MCU1 and just upgrade the modem. That shop is run by one of the most knowledgeable Tesla hackers in the world, but he prefers to work on MCU1 cars. Just my 2 cents and I suggest you do your own...
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    Another front suspension control arm failure

    Upper control arm on the three is made of steel and hasn't had the same issues with cracking as the Aluminum arms on the S. I second the assessment it is a ball joint. I am in the process of obtaining parts to swap mine too. My 2018 M3 LR creaks and squeaks if I so much as wiggle in the...
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    Model S P85DL+ extended warranty

    Yes, under normal circumstances it would be silly that a car would be the same price a year later, but this is a strange time we are in. The "funny" part was my bad attempt at humor.
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    Model S P85DL+ extended warranty

    Funny the difference a year can make.
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    WTB: 2015-2018 Tesla Model S 75D, 85D, 90D, 100D

    I was just browsing the listings and finding private party cars for sale (allegedly, I didn't call anyone) for under 30K, and that wasn't a thing two months ago. It's still crazy out there but I think the peak for the 2013-2014 Model S is behind us. In June I couldn't find any valid listings...
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    WTB: 2015-2018 Tesla Model S 75D, 85D, 90D, 100D

    Under any normal car market I would think that trying to trade a low mileage car for a higher mileage car would be a waste of time. The car market a couple of months ago, I would have said it probably would have been easy to pull something off like that. Not sure about now. The used S market...
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    Tesla 3 - Standard Range for Sale

    Model year and mileage are handy things to have. Is it a true standard range, or the more common standard range plus?
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    2018 Model S P100D

    Don't forget car insurance! Been there, and sold my S last year. GLWS
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    What is FSD value in used car market?

    My model 3 doesn't have EAP, only the emergency features, and I would have to pay $3000 up front just to get the privilege of paying each month. I think I will just drive it myself, not like I really have another option anyway!
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    Home Charge Rate Halved

    I doubt you are the only one, but most of us have invested in making sure our home wiring is in good shape. We can't control the feeds into our homes, but most utilities care enough to at least check it out if you call them. Obviously make sure your car is on wifi so it will grab the latest...
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    DEC 2014 P85D+ W/Ludicrous & MCU2 upgrade

    You can add a "tag" at the top of the page. Also post "it's sold" for those that miss the tag. As we are usually curious if you can include how much you sold it for, that would be awesome!
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    Knight Rider Lights

    So Knight Rider lights are awesome. I personally would make sure I could easily turn them off though because some Police might think you are impersonating them or something (hopefully you already have this covered) . Totally agree that a video clip / youtube /gif is in order. Congrats on...
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    DEC 2014 P85D+ W/Ludicrous & MCU2 upgrade

    $Infinity +1 As in a greater than infinite amount of money. Sorry I was trying to be funny and failed. Maybe the $ would have helped. Oh well. In seriousness some feel like these more unusual cars, especially with Ludicrous, are worth $50k so long as you are willing to wait for the...
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    DEC 2014 P85D+ W/Ludicrous & MCU2 upgrade

    Infinity + 1 ?
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    Is Vroom legit?

    You might also check carvana. I haven't personally sold to them, but my brother said they hand the check over when they pick up the car.
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    2018 Model 3 Performance Dual Motor Long Range with Full Self-Driving Included! Must see!

    Depends on the state. In Illinois private party saves about half on sales tax. Beyond sales tax there are those various fees like doc fees, transportation fees and what not. Private party allows a buyer to avoid those sorts of fees too. From what I have read, as a person that doesn't live in...

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