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  1. TheDriveway

    Recommendations for Tire Shop in San Jose/Silicon Valley Area?

    We got you. Send us a msg to setup a quote
  2. TheDriveway

    Bay Area MPP coilovers ride

    Yes we're located in San Jose. Give us a call or email and we'll get you sorted
  3. TheDriveway

    Bay Area MPP coilovers ride

    We have the comfort adjustable coilovers that we can give you a ride in
  4. TheDriveway

    Vendor Mountain Pass Performance: New Model S Plaid/LR Parts

    New MPP Parts released for the 21+ Model S Plaid/LR Platform Rear Trailing Arm Rear Toe Arms Brake Master Cylinder Brace Front Upper Control Arm 400mm “Easy Big Fella” Big Brake Kit Feel free to contact us ([email protected]) if you have any questions or would like to order
  5. TheDriveway

    Vendor Signature Wheel Bay Area Gallery

    Yesterday we had a brand new Plaid roll in to get a set of wheels installed SV104 - Brushed Black Triple Tint Front 20x10.5 285/35ZR20 Rear 20x11.5 315/30ZR20
  6. TheDriveway

    How to turn off the parking brake on a M3?

    Hello, after a session you should indeed put the car in neutral and then go into the service menu to enable tow mode. The other scenario is that you will most likely need to charge after your session anyways so driving to the supercharger will also cool down your brakes.
  7. TheDriveway

    All Season Performance Tires recommendations?

    Our vote goes to the Michelin AS4's. Only heard positive feedback from our clients.
  8. TheDriveway

    Vendor Signature Wheel Bay Area Gallery

    Model S LR SV103 Brushed Titanium 19x9, 19x10
  9. TheDriveway

    Squeaky brakes Issue! Need help!

    Never once had a customer request such a service. To OP: If it's not faulty pads then it's possible the pads weren't properly bedded in with the rotors when new. It's understandable since we hardly need to brake with regen doing majority of slowing the car down. I would suggest the trying to...
  10. TheDriveway

    Vendor DRASTICALLY improve the handling on your Tesla Model 3/Y with this Mod!

    In this video we install the front lower control arm bearings from Mountain Pass Performance on a Model 3
  11. TheDriveway

    Vendor Signature Wheel Bay Area Gallery

    Another Model S Plaid getting the SV104 treatment but in a square setup Size: 20x10 +34 Tires: 285/35R20 PS4S
  12. TheDriveway


    Many of you Model S & X owners may have heard or experienced a suspension issue. We wrote a blog to raise awareness. https://www.thedriveway.us/blogs/content/tesla-model-s-x-acceleration-shudder-issue
  13. TheDriveway

    Vendor Signature Wheel Bay Area Gallery

    Hello joeya, using the provided tires you can go with 21x9 ET25 and 21x10 ET29 fitment like the attached photos that Jamie from Signature generously shared
  14. TheDriveway

    Tow hitch installer in Bay Area?

    Feel free to give us a call or message to install the hitch. We're located in the South Bay
  15. TheDriveway

    Supercharger - Bakersfield, CA - Copus Rd. (check navigation screen for status, 20 V3 stalls)

    I went to this location for the 250kw chargers. Nice location directly off the I-5! The bathrooms are very clean and each has their own AC unit inside. Recommended!
  16. TheDriveway

    Model 3 Tint pricing

    That is a great price! We're also using the 3M Ceramic all windows for our Model 3, it gives a slight blue hue to the windows and rejects heat fairly well.
  17. TheDriveway

    Model 3 Tint pricing

    In northern california (south bay) ~$1000 ballpark seems to be the going price for full tint all around. Is PPF included with those prices?
  18. TheDriveway

    Vendor Signature Wheel Bay Area Gallery

    This might as well be a SV104 thread 😁 Another set of 19's. These wheels look good in every color
  19. TheDriveway

    Vendor Signature Wheel Bay Area Gallery

    Black on black - SV104 19" (235/40/19) - Model 3 full MPP bits
  20. TheDriveway

    Vendor Signature Wheel Bay Area Gallery

    Hey Russel, 20x9.5 and 20x10.5 wrapped in 265/40/20 and 295/35/20
  21. TheDriveway

    Vendor Signature Wheel Bay Area Gallery

    Hey guys, Starting a thread for Signature Wheels installed here at The Driveway. Feel free to ask any questions you may have. Had the privilege to work on a Model S Plaid installing 19" SV104's in Brushed Titanium
  22. TheDriveway

    A potential 50/50 at-fault accident, except I have sentry mode footage. What Should I do? CA

    It is odd that you need to pay the deductible when you have video evidence of the other party at fault. I would proceed with the repairs.
  23. TheDriveway

    Only Tesla can do the alignment??

    It may be he's nervous because he has never driven an EV before.
  24. TheDriveway

    Lowering Springs for Model 3

    The 28659-1 is meant for the AWD and 28659-2 is for RWD.
  25. TheDriveway

    Vendor MPP Model Y Kits have arrived!

    After almost 2 months of waiting they've arrived safely from Germany.
  26. TheDriveway

    Rear Motor Failure

    Glad things worked out and you weren't left without your car for too long
  27. TheDriveway

    Rear Motor Failure

    Interested to hear updates about what happened. Thank you for sharing your experience.
  28. TheDriveway

    Tint - San Jose

    Tint Tech does an amazing job. Have taken our previous cars there and satisfied every time. We just received delivery of our Model 3 and it will be going to Tint Tech shortly for 3M Ceramic.
  29. TheDriveway

    Looking for South Bay area alignment shop for Model X

    Hello Vaillant, you can browse the parts section of our website or contact us for an installed quote. I'd like to add that we also have n2itive products in stock.
  30. TheDriveway

    MPP Lift Kit Install Instructions, Range Discussion & Driving Impressions

    Highly recommended to get the camber arms.
  31. TheDriveway

    Best replacement tire for Michelin MXM4 Primacy

    We'd recommend the Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4's as a good compromise if you don't want the summer tires.
  32. TheDriveway

    Looking for South Bay area alignment shop for Model X

    Hello we specialize in Tesla alignment and aftermarket suspension installs in San Jose.
  33. TheDriveway

    change tires to make a softer less bumpy ride?

    Going down in wheel size to have a bigger sidewall for your tires makes a difference.
  34. TheDriveway

    MountainPass Performance Comfort Coilovers

    Gorgeous. That setup looks amazing
  35. TheDriveway

    MountainPass Performance Comfort Coilovers

    Hello Rich you can order and install the parts through us. I'll send over a PM for details.
  36. TheDriveway

    MountainPass Performance Comfort Coilovers

    You're in good hands. We look forward to hearing feedback comparing the difference in ride quality
  37. TheDriveway

    Recommendations in bay area for lowering car

    Hey there. We at The Driveway specialize in Teslas with countless coilovers and lowering spring installs.
  38. TheDriveway


    Blog Did you know you can change the oil on your Tesla? Here's how it's done.
  39. TheDriveway

    MountainPass Performance Comfort Coilovers

    There are some who have. It comes down to personal preference
  40. TheDriveway

    Model 3 LR. Has acceleration boost upgrade been discontinued? [ no ]

    Perhaps you should look into the Stealth Performance, though I hear they are hard to come by.
  41. TheDriveway

    Vendor Mountain Pass Performance Model Y Coilovers In stock!

    PM/email us if you have questions. Drop your car off in the morning and pick it up before we close.
  42. TheDriveway

    Tein coilovers coming and springs too!

    Yes we'll be able to install these :)
  43. TheDriveway

    Tein coilovers coming and springs too!

    If the kits are compatible I don't see why not
  44. TheDriveway

    Picked up my first Tesla!

    What's the mileage on your car?
  45. TheDriveway

    Tein coilovers coming and springs too!

    Reading their response I think they did develop the AWD first and are now finishing RWD development before they do a full product launch. Considering you can special order the AWD's now.
  46. TheDriveway

    Dirt and Snow Coilover - Unplugged Performance

    Hello ccwsf, I see that you're located in the Bay Area. Give us a call or email and we can discuss options based on your needs.

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