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  1. pnwadventures

    Skid plate justification

    Ice chunks - this is why I installed the MPP aluminum skid plate. Not reactively, but proactively. I had an aftermarket one on my last car (Audi A4) as well, for the same reason. I drive extensively on snowy roads and potholed icy parking lots in winter, with ice chunks cast off from plows and...
  2. pnwadventures

    Any Hardcore Car Enthusiast Out Here? I Have Questions About Going to Model 3

    I came from an Audi A4 with a K04 stage 2 upgrade, CAI, and coilovers. V8 Jag before that. After going EV, I’ll never go back… faster, more reliable, cheaper to operate and maintain, and … surprisingly, more fun to drive. I miss the sound of an angry turbo and BOV in a tunnel, but there is no...
  3. pnwadventures

    Ordered M3P coming from FBO E85 Golf R...hope the Model 3 can check the same boxes

    Only skimmed this, but just wanted to nod in agreement on a few things. I came from a 2.0T K04 boosted stage 2 B7 Audi Avant on coilovers. Absolutely loved that car - just an absolutely red hot hatch. Would still have it if I hadn’t driven it to death: cracked turbo, loss of compression, burning...
  4. pnwadventures

    Any Tesla Forum Bros Here? - Checking in Update

    I came from the now-defunct forums (the rest of your message was tl;dr though). Changed my username. This forum is waaay better, single greatest reason being no FISHEV and the like (thanks to moderation) 🙏
  5. pnwadventures

    Model 3 owner claims Car froze while driving, stuck at 83MPH

    Minor nit: It’s actually “would have”, not “would of”. It sounds somewhat like “would of” when stated as the contraction of “would” and “have”: “would’ve”. Also, “in front” is two separate words. Finally, there is no means by which the car can “lunge” from a stop on its own: driver can...
  6. pnwadventures

    Cool/must have aftermarket stuff for the M3s? Lets see pics!

    I have the following: RokBlokz red rally-style mud flaps Rear bumper sequential LED inserts to replace the reflectors Cabin air intake screen to prevent large debris from entering cabin intake Abstract Ocean trunk LED lighting upgrade Mountain Pass Performance aluminum front skid plate Hitch...
  7. pnwadventures

    Car turned off while supercharging

    It went to sleep. This happens every time you sit in the car long enough without interacting with it (like when I’m working on my laptop while parked). Pressing the brake pedal, opening the door, etc. wakes it up. Normal. Welcome to Tesla.
  8. pnwadventures

    Road trip with the Thule Cargo Hitch Box (Transporter Combi)

    This is awesome. Would love to see more pictures and info shared on EV Adventuring FB group. 👍🏼
  9. pnwadventures

    Long-range or Performance

    I have the LR AWD. I would (and did) go with the boost. I would not waste money on spoiler/brake paint - that’s another $2k right there. I prefer 18” wheels for the weather and road conditions I travel. If I had gone with P, I would have then also had to buy new wheels (and possibly smaller...
  10. pnwadventures

    Factory tow hitch blinker speed issue

    This was going to be my reply as well. In addition to an actual blown bulb, I’ve had this happen on my 3 with a corroded connector in the 3rd party wiring extension. I believe it boils down to the system anticipating a certain degree of resistance in the loop for the LED, and if there is more...
  11. pnwadventures

    Model 3 receiver hitch for bike rack?

    Much relief to see the follow up on this! 😅
  12. pnwadventures

    Stinky A/C in hot, humid climate? I might have found a solution that I'm currently testing with positive results.

    I wonder if anyone has ever just removed the filter and left it out permanently. From an AQI perspective, how is that any worse than driving around with the windows cracked or commuting by bicycle? 1/2 serious question.
  13. pnwadventures

    Greasing upper control ball

    Whether or not it requires it, Tesla doesn’t/won’t do it. I had mine replaced without alignment and so far so good.
  14. pnwadventures

    Tesla Roof Rack vs Thule Aeroblade

    I can at least confirm that; I have matched all the keys on my Tesla - the OEM crossbars, the bike mounts, the rooftop box, and my hitch mount.
  15. pnwadventures

    Turn signal only blinks once, sometimes

    If it’s doing that on only one side, verify you don’t have a bad indicator.
  16. pnwadventures

    [Consequences of driving through] Flood water?

    I would never advise driving through water deep enough to intrude in the cabin or loft the wheels, but in general you’ll likely fare better in an EV than in an ICE due to lack of risk of hydrolock.
  17. pnwadventures

    Can’t control heated seats with HVAC off?

    Ah, didn’t think of that. Tricky while parked on a conference call.
  18. pnwadventures

    Can’t control heated seats with HVAC off?

    I can’t find a way to turn on heated seats without also turning on the full climate control system. I used to be able to do this before the regressive latest UI style. Now I can only seem to do it by pulling out my phone and using the app. On the in-car control screen, tapping the climate...
  19. pnwadventures

    Stereo blasting on any door opening 😫

    Update: I did discover that the app can pause the stereo - that’s a nice assist.
  20. pnwadventures

    Stereo blasting on any door opening 😫

    Exactly: I’d get it when I start the car. BUT, I’m not starting the car, just opening a rear passenger door. Oh sh1t, now I’ve also got to open the driver door real quick and hit the screen! Wah, wah. Having a proper proxy for “start the car” - like butt in seat, or press the brake (already...
  21. pnwadventures

    Stereo blasting on any door opening 😫

    I think everything is working as designed - it's playing at the volume I normally listen to it at, and I usually drive alone. But when I send my kids to the car, as soon as they open a rear door, the music starts playing at the volume and of the selection I last left off with (for better or for...
  22. pnwadventures

    Stereo blasting on any door opening 😫

    My one frequent fixable complaint: PLEASE, Tesla, pause the stereo playback until only driver’s door opens (or just pause and let us press “play” when ready). Drives me insane as I’m usually the last to get in the car, and passengers in back seats (kids) can’t control audio, and neither can I...
  23. pnwadventures

    Carry an extra tire for roadtrip?

    Yes, I have a Modern Spare kit which I put in the trunk any time I'm going on a remote trip. I also have the Tesla flat-fix kit (won't work on OEM foam tires) and a full patch/plug kit which are both always in the car.
  24. pnwadventures

    Battery Damaged After Hitting Tow Hitch

    I have this one installed (see here), and consider it fair peace of mind for the more common threats on (especially rural) roads.
  25. pnwadventures

    Heated charge port retrofit

    Bumping this, as today I found the black plastic guide/tip of one of the charge port pins had broken off and gotten jammed down in the bottom of the charge port, requiring a delicate but forcible extraction. I've put in a service request and am assuming (read: hoping) that they'll replace the...
  26. pnwadventures

    Review: RokBlokz rally mud flaps

    Super short post, but I’ve had these on my car for a few thousand miles now. Synopsis: 👍🏼👍🏼 Arrived timely and with all the hardware. Easy to install, though harder than the video will make it seem if your car is like mine: packed with dirt and the plastic clips requiring to be cut apart and...
  27. pnwadventures

    Model 3 performance ride quality

    If there is a way to fix that title, it will probably help cut down on the number of lookie-loos coming here expecting carnage.
  28. pnwadventures

    Thinking about model 3 coming from a 392 hemi

    Do you have your own outdoor or garage electricity access where you park (e.g. not apartment or similar)? If so, range is irrelevant as the car will always start out “full” since you change it at home. If you regularly drive more than 280 miles nonstop and can’t afford the 10 minutes to...
  29. pnwadventures

    Still hate v11

    This, 100%. This is what I’ve been doing, as well. It’s a helpful kludge to deal with the poor design of small fonts and buttons located in close proximity and deep submenus. As much as the outcome might look a little silly, the design needs to go from Lego to Duplo: larger input block areas...
  30. pnwadventures

    Still hate v11

    It’s actually a very clean, aesthetically pleasing interface; very well done for a tablet or laptop user experience. But 180° opposite from what’s needed to safely operate a motor vehicle. Totally missed the mark. 👎🏼👎🏼
  31. pnwadventures

    Drove My Model 3 LR 150 Miles in a Blizzard: It Did GREAT

    tl;dr. The AWD is awesome in the snow. 🎤💧
  32. pnwadventures

    Model 3 SR 2021 or LR AWD 2018

    Just an opinion, but I’d go with LR all day any day, even used. The cars don’t age the way ICE cars do; to the contrary, you’re probably looking at a vehicle that has proven to be free from any DOA issues. Pay attention to the front control arms and the interior.
  33. pnwadventures

    Why does the UI miss so many oncoming vehicles?

    Off topic and contentious comment, but: I wish that entire visualizer area would be replaced with status information and vehicle controls. I don’t see the point of devoting that much control surface real estate to a video game that only passengers should be looking at, especially when not even...
  34. pnwadventures

    Drove My Model 3 LR 150 Miles in a Blizzard: It Did GREAT

    In Washington State, the passing lane is on the right, even in fair weather. 😡😖
  35. pnwadventures

    Drove My Model 3 LR 150 Miles in a Blizzard: It Did GREAT

    I feel self conscious reposting this vid every time this topic comes up, but just to underscore your experience with the AWD on snows, here is mine rallying through blizzard conditions on Nokian Hakkapeliitta R3 snow tires:
  36. pnwadventures

    Tesla on a treadmill

  37. pnwadventures

    Extension Cord Sidewalk Push Back

    Glad I persisted in this thread; your post made it well worth it. 👍
  38. pnwadventures

    Turn signal: 3 ticks one side, 2 ticks the other

    Weird problem that just started happening: soft signal on the left does three clicks, right side only does two. It should be three on both. Both do three flashes, but right side is much faster and finishes three flashes in only two clicks. Thumb wheel reset didn’t fix it. Anyone seen this...
  39. pnwadventures

    Is there a voice command "Turn Fog Lights on" that works?

    Ah, gotcha. That’s a clever hack. I never use auto high beams, but I might use this trick to work around the buried fogs.
  40. pnwadventures

    Is there a voice command "Turn Fog Lights on" that works?

    Are you saying you can get a fog light shortcut by flashing your brights at oncoming traffic? I’ll experiment with that, but boy does that ever present its own problems…
  41. pnwadventures

    Is there a voice command "Turn Fog Lights on" that works?

    That’s incorrect: 1.) tap car icon; 2.) tap Lights; 3.) tap Front Fog. Do this when you suddenly enter a foggy area or rain squall. 3 taps = 2 taps too many. Stupidly, the Auto Highbeams light is available more quickly.
  42. pnwadventures

    Is there a voice command "Turn Fog Lights on" that works?

    Big Fail on this; not only does the voice command not work (turns on dome lights for me), but fog light button is buried 3 clicks deep in the menu maze. Tesla needs to stop designing the interface like it’s a desktop or tablet app, and instead like it’s a vehicle console (or spaceship cockpit...
  43. pnwadventures

    A quick sketch to pass the time while waiting for delivery

    I would have had this on my bedroom wall in 1987. 👍🏼
  44. pnwadventures

    2 yr service, 12v swap, aftermarket air intake screen

    They won’t reach out for anything they’re not obligated to do so for (e.g. recalls). You need to contact them.
  45. pnwadventures

    2 yr service, 12v swap, aftermarket air intake screen

    36k miles, no concerns
  46. pnwadventures

    "Proactive" 12v battery replacement - good idea or overkill?

    TL;DR I replaced mine proactively at the 2 year mark. $100 is worth the peace of mind, hands down. I also keep an A23 battery under the tow hook cover and an emergency jump starter in the front trunk. No way I’m taking chances on this, especially given the remote locations I drive to.
  47. pnwadventures

    How is Model 3 RWD in the snow?

    This discussion became a little hard to parse because two complementary yet distinct points have been conflated: stopping/braking and accelerating/handling. The former is 100% tires, the latter is a mix of drivetrain & tires. In a normal driving situation, it’s impossible to tease these apart...
  48. pnwadventures

    Carrying bikes on roof

    What you’re really asking is “what is the efficiency impact of driving with a bike on the roof?” For reference, I drove 170mi round trip with a Transition Patrol on my roof, in July in WA state, and averaged 282Wh/mi (see the accompanying post in the EV Adventuring FB group). You can then...
  49. pnwadventures

    Carrying bikes on roof

    Very happy with the Yakima HighRoad. Quick to install and remove, low drag, takes burley mountain bikes. 👍🏼
  50. pnwadventures

    Supercharging an American Tesla in Europe

    Wow, scrolled this entire thread and not a single “American werewolf in London” reference. 😢

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