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  1. SoCal Buzz

    Please Help... Tesla Model S: Maximum battery charge level reduced (cannot get past 20 miles)

    Thanks for sharing, very interesting. It still doesn’t describe why a module can’t be replaced to last. Clearly it’s physically possible, so I’m curious what issues prevent longer term fix. Also, since @wk057 doesn’t repair the trade-ins, I wonder how they source the full packs they install.
  2. SoCal Buzz

    Please Help... Tesla Model S: Maximum battery charge level reduced (cannot get past 20 miles)

    Can you explain why that is (bad cell/module can’t be replaced individually), and how do you properly fix a pack that someone trades in?
  3. SoCal Buzz

    Model S 'Vent' only opens windows but does not close them?

    They could potentially strangle a dog (or child) if someone closed remotely without being able to see the car. The auto reverse won’t necessarily prevent some injuries.
  4. SoCal Buzz

    Sentry mode not recording

    I have found that firmware updates have tendency to cause dash cam to stop, showing that X. Remove the USB drive and plug back in again to restart. I usually reformat on Security menu after as well. PS-I just got 2022.20 which caused red X as usual. But after resetting per above, the Sentry...
  5. SoCal Buzz

    Disable Phone Key - any downsides?

    I agree with you regarding annoyance of door handles extending whenever you walk by car. I tried without, and I believe the Live View Camera no longer functions without phone key setup (if memory serves correctly).
  6. SoCal Buzz

    '22 Plaid Liftgate Alignment

    It’s hard to see the gap from this distance (touching or not?). My right side is actually closer than left and doesn’t look very different. However, the lower right corner alignment with rear panel should be flush. It’s looks like your rear hatch needs adjustment overall.
  7. SoCal Buzz

    Please Help... Tesla Model S: Maximum battery charge level reduced (cannot get past 20 miles)

    What was actually wrong with battery, and how much $$ to repair?
  8. SoCal Buzz

    Suspension Problem on Model S # ? - my story

    What did you have to pay, and did they replace the other control arm for you?
  9. SoCal Buzz

    Complete Tesla newb. Looking for info between 2018 MS vs 2019

    I agree regarding the sunroof. EAP just came back this week!
  10. SoCal Buzz

    Got a door ding on driver side rear door close to front door. Looking for a fix near Irvine,CA

    I know a few guys in OC and have successfully done paint less dent removal on my Model S’s. Is the 3 alloy too? They can work wonders, but need access to behind the dent for tools (sometimes even drilling a tiny hole in between doors if necessary, then plugging with rubber stopper when done). So...
  11. SoCal Buzz

    Complete Tesla newb. Looking for info between 2018 MS vs 2019

    MCU2 (newer central processor and screen) was rolled out in March 2018 (which would also have AP2.5 with better cameras and Sentry mode); you would definitely want to pick a 2018 that avoids MCU1 issues and upgrade costs ($1500-2000 plus potential software headaches). The Raven launched around...
  12. SoCal Buzz

    Sentry mode not recording

    I’m having the same problem. Sentry events show up with red dot in the viewer history, but when replay gets to that point it skips. So there is no way to view sentry events which defeats the purpose. I’m on 2022.16.1.
  13. SoCal Buzz

    Picture of 2021 Model S refresh with Tempest wheels no wheel covers

    You have to remove them. This makes it easy. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01CRKCHHO?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share
  14. SoCal Buzz

    Poll: What Does the Right Scroll Wheel Do etc?

    From another TMC member who replaced the yoke, rumor has it that the Autopilot icon on Refresh is actually a button, and that Tesla may have intended to use that instead of clicking the wheel to activate AP. But the haptic button could more easily be pressed inadvertently, leading to sudden...
  15. SoCal Buzz

    Enhanced Autopilot back

    Yep, it’s listed for purchase only under upgrades in app already. I like a few of the EAP features like Summon and Lane Change on AP, but not worth $6000.
  16. SoCal Buzz

    Model S Long Range worth 100k?

    Well you said it wasn’t about affordability 🙂 Bang for the buck is much higher with M3P but it’s a completely different, smaller car without various enhancements like double pane glass, instrument / rear screens, cooling seats, 22 speakers, rear seat armrest/wireless charging, etc.
  17. SoCal Buzz

    Model S Long Range worth 100k?

    Yes, definitely “worth” it relative to other EVs in this range. I’m on my 3rd Model S since 2013 and each has cost about the same. But the new LR has incredible range, performance and features. At 3 seconds 0-60 there’s not many cars on the road that can keep up at any price. And the constant...
  18. SoCal Buzz

    2022 model S shift control tied to MCU?

    Except the reverse camera does come up on main screen, in addition to arrow on the instrument cluster. So visual I guess, but not physical.
  19. SoCal Buzz

    Refresh Model S wind noise

    Can you explain how to check if glass is not glued to the rubber? Is it possible to see when installed, and which section on the glass? Thanks
  20. SoCal Buzz

    Looking at used 2021 S

    Yoke and the horizontal screen are unique to 2021+ refresh (palladium).
  21. SoCal Buzz

    How to improve yoke buttons for $8

    I added this "dot" just for my horn so I can find it by touch in an emergency. I think this is an extraordinary design blunder by Tesla. Being able to successfully activate key controls with just tactile input is important for safety and fundamental to basic user interface development. I...
  22. SoCal Buzz

    Picture of 2021 Model S refresh with Tempest wheels no wheel covers

    FYI, these lug nut covers are just about perfect match with 2021+ 19” wheel. Pic is in my earlier post in this thread. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07MJCGB11/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_image?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  23. SoCal Buzz

    Looking at used 2021 S

    And this yoke thing, a new interior, double paned glass, new fascia, wider body / tires, etc.
  24. SoCal Buzz

    Need new mats for Model S 2017

    If you can find them, 3D Maxpider Elegant mats are excellent. They look and feel like short weave carpet, but are waterproof and can be cleaned. They have edges all around plus the driver’s mat covers dead pedal, keeping junk out. PS, the logos can be snipped off from the back.
  25. SoCal Buzz

    2018 Model S 100D without AutoPilot

    A 2018 will have MCU2 if manufactured in March or later (but there may be mix within March itself). You should also have AP2.5 which has some minor benefits (better cameras). I purchased mine with EAP, which frankly has all the best features of AP that actually work (lane change and summon, in...
  26. SoCal Buzz

    Model S Plaid - One Year Later

    You just click open/close button area (I think it says Activate or such); no need to hit the small cancel text.
  27. SoCal Buzz

    Buying advice

    I would also check the rated range at 100% charge to evaluate degradation, along with inquiring about service completed to date (MCU upgrade, drive train update for milling noise, DC/DC converter, etc.). You would expect to see some of the typical issues on a 2015 with 100k miles.
  28. SoCal Buzz

    cleaning white interior

    Same here… lemon scent, with some warm water works great.
  29. SoCal Buzz

    Battery Drain

    Is your car sitting outside by any chance, or someplace hot? I don’t recall if 2014 has Cabin Overheat Protection, which would run AC periodically and use a lot of energy. Maybe check your rated range after 12 hours instead to evaluate phantom drain.
  30. SoCal Buzz

    Plaid 21”rear tire woes - factory defect?

    That's a Suspension setting.
  31. SoCal Buzz

    Battery Drain

    In addition to not letting car sit at 100%, I believe there is setting on 2014 that keeps car more “awake” for fast mobile app response. Try turning that off, and then don’t check car overnight via app to see if it’s going to sleep properly. Also let us know if you upgraded to MCU2.
  32. SoCal Buzz

    Battery Drain

    Your current rated range of 243 is about what I would expect for normal degradation after 7+ years, so I don’t think that’s the problem. When you say it loses 26 miles while parked, for how long (overnight)?
  33. SoCal Buzz

    I Ordered a Taycan

    I recently visited the Porsche Experience Center and spent several hours on track (and launch pad, kick plate, etc.) with Taycan Turbo. It's a very nice car that's fun to drive and handles well. I certainly wouldn't turn one down, but am glad I chose new Model S instead. As others have...
  34. SoCal Buzz

    Latest FSD special passing lane

    Mine does the same when driving in single carpool lane that splits into 2 (added lane to the right side for exiting or entering). Autopilot seems to ignore the left lane marker and jerks to the right trying to find right side of the 2nd lane.
  35. SoCal Buzz

    Model S Plaid - One Year Later

    Nice review! I’m surprised you’re sticking with FSD beta, rather than giving it up and getting “normal” firmware updates that solve some of the UI issues.
  36. SoCal Buzz

    Broken model S

    Tesla doesn't fix many things; they replace parts holistically. There is another thread very similar to this, where Tesla insisted both the battery and drive unit must be replaced. I think @wk057 pitched in with good advice on how to progressively check the right parts for root cause. I would...
  37. SoCal Buzz

    Is it necessary to add a cup holder in my Model S?

    If you didn’t notice, then you don’t have it. The 2022 S have rubber nubs to hold drinks built in, and you can’t remove it. The insert you bought only fits in the original 2021+. So you are lucky.
  38. SoCal Buzz

    Scratch on door

    Looks like painting is required, but I think the $5 K estimate is over the top. I had the hood on previous Tesla with similar scratch repainted and clear coated for $1200 (5 years ago though). Given it's just the door I don't think they have to touch the surrounding panels. They can sand and...
  39. SoCal Buzz

    Is it necessary to add a cup holder in my Model S?

    I have this cup holder insert. It’s only necessary on the earlier 2021+ Refresh cars. Tesla began installing their own rubber inserts with the nubs to hold drinks sometime around January. Unfortunately the Tesla ones are lame and cannot be removed to clean, etc.
  40. SoCal Buzz

    Model S Refresh- dashboard creaking/ popping sound

    I fixed a very annoying creak that occurred going over bumps, turning and with any body flex. It sounded like it was coming from the door panel or dash, but turns out it was the side view mirror. The front plastic edge of mirror and interior metal corner of quarter panel had matching slight...
  41. SoCal Buzz

    Model S 22 Inch Rim Center Caps

    Wow, looks sharp. PS - avoid potholes 😉
  42. SoCal Buzz

    Bay Area Fastrak 2022 Model S

    Another post which I cannot find shows successful use of Fastrak attached to top of windshield just to the right of camera housing.
  43. SoCal Buzz

    Model S Refresh - Push Center to Honk on Yoke?

    Well I just tested it, given I'm about to wash car 🙂 Placing hand flat over the right side enabled the horn 4 out of 6 times, and the windshield wiper activated 5 out of those 6 tries. No thanks... I will “stick” with trying to build muscle memory using the expoxy dot.
  44. SoCal Buzz

    Model S Refresh - Push Center to Honk on Yoke?

    Did it spray windshield?
  45. SoCal Buzz


    @Nago, just to be abundantly clear this part is very important: Even if you upgrade the circuit breaker, your existing wiring cannot handle that load and could cause a fire. An electrician can replace the breaker and run new wire to 14-50 in your garage, enabling you to charge at 40 amp...
  46. SoCal Buzz

    Frunk cooler 2021+ refresh

    I just received email promotion for this one. Price seems excessive for what you get, but quality looks solid. https://www.tesmanian.com/collections/tesla-model-s-accessories/products/2021-2022-tesla-model-s-soft-cooler
  47. SoCal Buzz

    Vendor 3D MAXpider Tesla Model S Refresh Floor Mats now available

    The Tesmanian cargo mat is great...
  48. SoCal Buzz

    Refreshed model S Plaid dashboard noise

    I finally isolated and fixed the creaking from my “dash.” It was a pronounced noise going over bumps, turning into driveways and even just accelerating/slowing. First, I narrowed it down to side view mirror (after mobile tech removed inside door panel and checked the top mirror hood). Then I...
  49. SoCal Buzz

    Model S doors unlocking while driving

    My handles only extend on right side of car. Same random behavior and typically while I’m driving.
  50. SoCal Buzz

    In the market for a used refresh MS, updates?

    You said headlights twice above; assume you meant the new taillights and trim piece with Tesla letters removed.

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