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  1. Kimmi


  2. Kimmi

    Window Tint Too Expensive

    Tint windshield? I know the pros, any cons? High quality shop in Whittier CA. They did the PPF a year and a half ago. LLUMAR Window Tint (Ceramic & Infrared Tint) Lifetime Warranty $150.00 Deposit Required to Book Rear & All Sides in CTX Ceramic Tint $650.00 Rear &...
  3. Kimmi

    Tesla 3 key card in apple watch wallet

    I think STATS will will work with a Apple Watch?
  4. Kimmi

    12 volt battery end of life and great service experience

    Was that the first and only warning about the 12 V battery going bad?
  5. Kimmi

    Where did tire pressure go? V11 Model 3

    Show Service works for me. PLEASE bring back odometer and tire pressure cards.
  6. Kimmi

    Level three charging?

    This probably be quicker. ABRP
  7. Kimmi

    Level three charging?

    Wuksachi Lodge. Yo destination chargers available. Nearest Tesla supercharger is 15 miles north of Visalia. I will have to visit on the way up and also on the return trip. Update: Changed settings in ABRP with much better results. Just need to visit the Traver supercharger once on the way up.
  8. Kimmi

    Level three charging?

    2021 3 LR AWD Besides Tesla superchargers is there anyway to do a level three charge on this car without an adapter? Going to Sequoia National Park next month and the required Tesla charger is a 30 mile round trip out of the way both going and coming. I checked Plug Share and EVgo with no luck.
  9. Kimmi

    PPF [satire]

    I use aluminum foil. It cuts down on RF interference.
  10. Kimmi

    What are some wheel brands or companies to stay away from?

    You had a problem with Titan 7 wheels?
  11. Kimmi

    Air condition controls

    Leave it on auto. Don’t try to out think the car, It knows what it’s doing. 👍
  12. Kimmi

    Model 3 front style

    Wind tunnel.
  13. Kimmi

    Is automatic profile selection working better now?

    Well recently I have not been compacted lately when driving my wife’s car, so something has changed?
  14. Kimmi

    MASTER THREAD: Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    Same question. 2021 LR AWD delivered December 29/12/2020.
  15. Kimmi

    Tire replacement shop near Portland, OR

    Check tirerack.com They will ship the tires to a local shop to have them installed. Play on their website, you can check cost, shipping and installation at the shops they recommend.
  16. Kimmi

    Rationale for Green Light chime on FSD vs Autopilot

    I had it for 3 months after my FSD trial expired. The only thing I miss about FSD, and auto lane change.
  17. Kimmi

    HVAC Cooling Performance Degraded

    Heat pump.
  18. Kimmi

    HVAC Cooling Performance Degraded

    I was having the same problem starting a couple months ago. I tried to schedule a ranger to come out and do a tire rotation and change the cabin filters but the service center told me I had to bring the car in because there was a recall. After getting the car back they replaced one low pressure...
  19. Kimmi

    Tesla 3 trunk safety

    If you can not avoid a slow closing trunk lid, do you think you should be driving a 4000lb+ automobile?
  20. Kimmi

    12 Volt battery died yesterday

    Yes. This is the only thing that makes me miss my old Lexus.
  21. Kimmi

    Songs that just hit hard...

    The Who’s Magic Bus,Going Home by Ten Years After and California by John Mayall to mind. I’m a dinosaur. 🦖
  22. Kimmi

    Leather Colourlock Care kit for Vegan Leather

    Mild soap and water is cheaper.
  23. Kimmi

    High voltage battery replacement labor

    New or refurbished and what size? What year and model?
  24. Kimmi

    Bluetooth Not Connecting Automatically

    They probably will not listen.
  25. Kimmi

    Wheel options on Model 3

    Without the caps.
  26. Kimmi

    Charging Model 3

    How do you tell what size battery is in the car? 2021 LR AWD. Delivery date of 12/29/2020.
  27. Kimmi

    Michelin Pilot Sport EV [tires]

    Will they ever make them in 18”.
  28. Kimmi

    Model 3 LR brakes power

    Brakes get used even less on main roads. Regenerative braking is your friend!
  29. Kimmi

    Model 3 LR brakes power

    I seldom use the brakes, even when trying to wear the tires out playing on CA2.
  30. Kimmi

    New Low For EV Bashing Media

    How about the cost of your own oil refinery? Let’s add that to the equation.
  31. Kimmi

    2022 Model 3 SR Rattling coming from A-pillar/dash interface

    I don't have full use of my left arm/hand due to a stroke. I did the fix at 13:28 about a year ago and rattle is gone. I used pieces of water pipe insulation for the job. If you work at it you can almost get to where it is bearly visible. YMMV
  32. Kimmi

    Tesla name badge / frunk badge

    I think Tesla clamped down on vendors for copyright infringement on using their logos?
  33. Kimmi

    Tesla name badge / frunk badge

    Abstract Ocean has some.
  34. Kimmi

    Declared as a total loss

    Never accept the first settlement offer.
  35. Kimmi

    What about a Model 3 estate?

  36. Kimmi

    Map turns black

    Same thing happening here for about the last month.
  37. Kimmi

    Autosteer- does it stop at red lights??

    It will stop if there are cars in front of you that are already stopped.
  38. Kimmi

    Tesla Has Redesigned Model 3 Air Filter Cover to Make Replacement Easier

    How many miles on the filters you changed and how dirty were they? I only have 11k miles in 15 months. We had very bad smoke from fires last year and I am thinking of changing them out.
  39. Kimmi

    Fake grill decal Model 3

    Please no.
  40. Kimmi

    Hearing lots of little rocks getting kicked up when driving new M3P

    I added after market liners to the front wheel wells similar to what is on the rear. They seem to help.
  41. Kimmi

    Tire Rotation Question

    I don’t think Teslas care about different tread depths on the same axel like ICE cars if I remember correctly?
  42. Kimmi

    Autopilot vs FSD nag intervel?

    Are you driving a non yoke? If so, this will eliminate all nag like ford and gm already does NO⁉️

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