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  1. SSonnentag

    Cruise Control and Autopilot Suddenly Decelerates

    Occasionally, and with cause (bridge shadows and such). Now it slows and brakes every few seconds to minutes for no apparent reason.
  2. SSonnentag

    Cruise Control and Autopilot Suddenly Decelerates

    Yep, My 2017 Model S has the same issue. It's been going on ever since the front radar was determined to be unnecessary. The radar has been disabled for older cars with FSD and the newer cars no longer ship with radars. The software thinks it sees something worth braking for when there is...
  3. SSonnentag

    Roadster 2024

    There's no need for Tesla to make an e-bike. There are MANY viable options already available. Tesla is all about producing products that don't already exist that can benefit humanity...other than a few novelty trinkets here and there, such as a surf board, tequila, toys, etc.
  4. SSonnentag

    Did Elon Musk flash the white supremacy symbol on SNL on Saturday?

    The OK sign has been used across America for generations. I don't know about the rest of the world, as I have no experience with their hand gestures, but in my opinion, the hijacking of a common friendly hand gesture by a few radicals is no reason to abandon the use of the friendly gesture.
  5. SSonnentag

    Supercharger - Kayenta, AZ

    OK, you got me. I hadn't considered the 4/1 angle. :D
  6. SSonnentag

    Supercharger - Kayenta, AZ

    This is great news! I grew up on the reservation (Monument Valley) and having charging stations nearby will make visiting much less stressful.
  7. SSonnentag

    What exactly does “Trailer mode” do.

    Same with out 2018 X. It configures itself automatically both ways.
  8. SSonnentag

    What exactly does “Trailer mode” do.

    It disables the warnings from the rear proximity sensors.
  9. SSonnentag

    Best car to have in nuclear war scenario

    And then there's this study that concluded with the statement: "According to a study conducted by the United States EMP Commission, only about 1 out of 50 vehicles are likely to be rendered inoperable. The effects of an EMP on hybrid and electric vehicles, however, have yet to be studied and is...
  10. SSonnentag

    Best car to have in nuclear war scenario

    Something from the 80's and earlier. You need a carburetor and a distributor cap with a rotor and points and no electronic ignition. A bicycle works too. :D
  11. SSonnentag

    Trickle charge question

    240V charging is roughly 92% efficient, so you'll draw a little more power than the car can store, but this is true whether you're plugged in always or only when you need a charge. My S loses about 0.5 to 1 kWh of power per day just sitting. Again, this will happen whether plugged in or not...
  12. SSonnentag

    Supercharger - Wickenburg, AZ

    It's only for a few weekends due to events taking place in town, such as Gold Rush Days, rodeo, etc. Most of the year there will be no line and you're more likely to have the entire place to yourself.
  13. SSonnentag

    Range differences with Pilot Sport All Season 4 or CrossClimate2 vs Primacy MXM4

    MXM4 and CrossClimate2 are showing negligible differences. I'm currently 3,000 miles into a new set of CrossClimate2s. The first 1,000 miles there was a 6% range hit, but after that the average kWh/mile is identical.
  14. SSonnentag

    Phantom Braking

    Are you in the FSD Beta program with the radar disabled? Our X isn't, so the EAP and ACC work fine.
  15. SSonnentag

    Phantom Braking

    No. Hovering over the brake is not necessary. I can see events approaching and can hover over the brake only when needed. The phantom braking happens at random intervals and practically throws your head into the windshield much more quickly than you can react to press the accelerator. It also...
  16. SSonnentag

    Phantom Braking

    In my 2017 S, phantom braking is a HUGE problem since the radar was dropped and I enrolled in the FSD Beta program. Phantom braking was a rare event before going to FSD Beta. Now I can't use CC or FSD at night at all because the car freaks out every time a car's headlights appear on the road...
  17. SSonnentag

    Supercharger - Wickenburg, AZ

    I charge most weeks in Wickenburg and noticed the swapped numbering as well. Someone backed into and broke one of the charge stations a few months back, and when the repairs were made the replacement shells were placed onto the wrong stations. You are correct, the numbering should be 12312344.
  18. SSonnentag

    What is a "normal" drop off for solar production in the Winter?

    Looks like our 12.5 kW system here in Arizona drops off up to 60% when comparing the highest and lowest months.
  19. SSonnentag

    Starlink Question

    Does the "dish" move to track satellites once the system is set up? In other words, does it constantly move, not just during the initial configuration?
  20. SSonnentag

    Chevy Silverado EV Discussion

    Ha! I just came back to add that... "Plus a $30K-$50K dealer markup." :D
  21. SSonnentag

    Chevy Silverado EV Discussion

    Their reservation page states this model starts at $105,000 plus any add-ons you may select. It's basically has the specs of the dual-motor Cybertruck at double the price. Yikes!
  22. SSonnentag

    Unable to activate seat and steering wheel heat via app - 2021.44.25.2

    The app shows that the seat heaters and steering wheel heaters are on when I use the app, but when I get into the vehicle after 10 minutes or so, the seats and steering wheel are cold. The interior heat still works though. The dash screen also shows the seat heaters and steering wheel heat as...
  23. SSonnentag

    Tesla Recalls Over 475,000 U.S. Cars on Camera, Trunk Issues

    Close your frunk part way and it should latch via the secondary latch. Press down firmly to latch the primary.
  24. SSonnentag

    SpaceX Internet Satellite Network: Starlink

    My account now says February 2022. I‘m anxious to get some decent internet service in my rural location. 😎
  25. SSonnentag

    Vision cruise control isn't usable (video)

    I have driven around a dozen vehicles from various manufacturers over the past 5-6 years. None of them, NONE, ever exhibited any flaws in their adaptive cruise control systems. I just drove 175 miles in my Tesla and sent roughly 20 "Bug Reports" regarding phantom and panic braking. This is not...
  26. SSonnentag

    Heat Pump Range Loss?

    True. In my S it seems to take about 1.5-2 hours of winter driving before everything has heated up to an efficient state. Even with only resistive heating, the cold winter efficiency approaches that of summer efficiency after those initial couple of hours.
  27. SSonnentag

    Heat Pump Range Loss?

    I read somewhere that the heat pump-equipped cars still have resistive heating as well, so at those extreme temperatures I have serious doubts that the heat pump will be any more efficient than the older cars. At more moderate temperatures, say 0*C and above, the battery hit should be similar to...
  28. SSonnentag

    What is this?

    AP/FSD still “works” (same phantom braking as before) as before the impact, so perhaps 10.4 is vision only on my 2017 S.
  29. SSonnentag

    What is this?

    So if that’s the radar, is it still used by the current AP/FSD algorithms? Obviously, it is directional and needs to be properly mounted in order to work correctly if it is still used. so what is the gizmo in the passenger side?
  30. SSonnentag

    What is this?

  31. SSonnentag

    What is this?

    So I hit a deer this weekend. Luckily it was a small one, so the damage to the car is minimal, but I do have a few broken parts. One of the broken parts is a bracket holding an electtonic module just behind the bumper on the driver’s side of the car. Could someone please identify what this...
  32. SSonnentag

    Vision cruise control isn't usable (video)

    Autopilot has always had its share of issues, but I've never had any issues with cruise control as long as AEB is turned off. Until now. This new 10.x vision system makes even cruise control a PITA with all the micro, macro and panic braking, along with the occasional alarms going off for no...
  33. SSonnentag

    Ford Announces Crate Motor for EV Conversions

    Could someone please install this kit into a Polaris RZR? :)
  34. SSonnentag

    What Would Cause You to Give Up on being part of FSD Beta Testing?

    That’s exactly what my car is doing. I’ll try recalibrating. Thanks!
  35. SSonnentag

    What Would Cause You to Give Up on being part of FSD Beta Testing?

    After a few miles of testing with FSD Beta turned off, the phantom braking does not go away, so the software does not revert back to the pre-FSD Beta algorithms (radar?). I get phantom slowing, micro-braking, panic braking or just gentle slowing of several mph several times per minute at night...
  36. SSonnentag

    How do I pick which of my cars receives the shared address from my phone?

    Yep, whichever car is showing in the app is the recipient of the address.
  37. SSonnentag

    What Would Cause You to Give Up on being part of FSD Beta Testing?

    Yes, just add a new profile and name it. It defaults to the current settings.
  38. SSonnentag

    What Would Cause You to Give Up on being part of FSD Beta Testing?

    I'm starting to think that FSD Beta works much better in the Model 3 and Y than in the older S and X. It's quite unusable in our cars, other than get get some high-stress laughs at how the car keeps trying to kill us every 30 seconds or so.
  39. SSonnentag

    What Would Cause You to Give Up on being part of FSD Beta Testing?

    Interesting. In my 2017 Model S the frequent phantom braking is what makes me want to stop using AP altogether. It's annoying during the daytime, but absolutely maddening in frequency and severity at night. I'm going to try disabling the FSD Beta options and see if things get better.
  40. SSonnentag

    Safelite won't service Tesla?

    Safelite did a great job on our X.
  41. SSonnentag

    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    Well, today's TSLA run pushed me to sell enough shares to ensure I have money for a Cybertruck sitting in savings. My TSLA stock is up 2,372% as of today, and it feels good to have my initial investment plus a future Cybertruck secured with plenty of seed money left to stay in the markets.
  42. SSonnentag

    2021.36.5.3 Updating Now

    I noticed that the driving score section disappeared in the app. Is this happening for others as well?
  43. SSonnentag

    2021.36.5.3 Updating Now

    Just started the update as well. I sure hope this version is a big improvement over the current. The micro-braking and panic-braking events are horrendous!
  44. SSonnentag

    Wiki MASTER THREAD: Actual FSD Beta downloads and experiences

    FSD drives like an 8-year-old, which is only a little behind since Tesla is about 9 years old. 😆
  45. SSonnentag

    Blog Tesla’s FSD Beta 10.2 Coming This Friday

    After letting FSB Beta drive me around for around 80 miles, my score is 95 for the day. FSD Beta drives like an 8-year-old. Too fast in dangerous situations, and too slow in others. I had to prevent several accident scenarios. It’s definitely an interesting experience. 😆
  46. SSonnentag

    Blog Tesla’s FSD Beta 10.2 Coming This Friday

    I have a score of 100 with 1,201 miles driven, so hoping for an update. 🤨
  47. SSonnentag

    MASTER THREAD: Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    2017 Tesla Model S 100D - Charged to 70% daily, 90% just before a trip, rarely taken below 20%. New - 335 miles of stated range Now - 306 miles of stated range (122,000 miles) Roughly 40% of the power has been via supercharging. (I do a LOT of road trips and work away from home).
  48. SSonnentag

    Not to use screen protector

    It's great for reducing glare (matte protector) and fingerprints. Any possible protection is just a bonus.
  49. SSonnentag

    Motor Trend Rivian test drive

    It's ironic that they say the Rivian will have competition from GM, Ford and Dodge, with no mention of the Cybertruck at all. Bit of bias going on?
  50. SSonnentag

    Blog SpaceX Has Shipped 100,000 Starlink Terminals

    I need mine down here in southern Arizona. I'm currently stuck with 250 kbit service (that's correct, kbit) with no other options short of Hughsnet or some other satellite service.

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