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    Website to sell Used Tesla?

    Is there a website or other venue to sell a used tesla? My 2015 85D is coming up on end of its 3-year lease and I am wondering the value and possibility of selling it. Thanks Mike
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    SCE gives $450 credit for driving an EV

    Wow. I have not heard anything about this rebate program. Thank you all for the heads-up!
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    Dash screen is gone...then all white...

    So I got into my 85D today after a 2 hour meeting. The dashboard screen was completely black. So I did a reset (holding down both thumb wheels). After the reset the dash screen was bright white. I could see the normal on-screen items "behind" the white screen. Kind of like the screen was...
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    California Superchargers- how busy are they?

    Any chance of a super charger being built in our local mountains? (This post was originally made in a new thread titled "Big Bear or Lake Arrowhead" and was merged into this existing thread by the moderator)
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    Finally discovering TuneIn

    Still restarts podcasts if you stop/start the car. Makes podcasts unusable (for me). My favorite podcasts are around 1.5 hours long. My normal daily drive is way less than that. Any workaround?? Mike
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    Supercharger - San Diego, CA (Qualcomm / Pacific Heights Blvd., 12 V2 stalls)

    Heading south in a few weeks and will be needing some charing time. Any issue using this super charger after hours or weekend? Easy access and safe area? Thanks! Mike
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    Main Battery Module Failure

    I had a failure and had to have the main battery pack swapped out after 2 or 3 days of taking delivery of my new 2015 85d. Tesla gave me an 85p loaner. :-) Mike
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    7.1 Summon Demo Video and Comments

    How "good" is the summonn feature in tight spaces? I HAVE to fold in the mirrors to get the car to fit into the garage. Do you think will the auto feature work? Mike
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    V7 and nav updates?

    I tried to read all 10,000,0000 posts about v7...really I did. :-) I did not see much speculation or information about V7 and any navigation updates. Are there any? Anything significant? Will we have to wait until V7.1 for USABLE navigation and anti-range anxiety updates? Mike
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    LTE not working

    Hmmm. How wide-released is this fix? I am still on .46
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    LTE not working

    I knew I could count on this forum. My LTE stopped working yesterday. Tried the steering wheel reboot twice with no help. So I thought, "No big deal. I am sure there is some info on the forum about how to fix the issue." Fuse reset fixed the problem......but the issue came back today. This...
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    OC Tesla September Meetup at the new Fountain Valley Supercharger - Sat. 9/5 at 11am

    Hi Dennis and everyone. I am about 90% sure I can make this meetup. Wife will be busy, but I hope me and the Blue Bolt will be there! Mike G.
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    Help me choose my personalized license plate!

    gas lol was one of the options I wanted. Here in Ca. it is already taken. Strictly speaking, the car in not oil free, but it is gas free! Have fun with it. :-)
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    Supercharger - Fountain Valley (LIVE 28 Aug 2015, Expanded 27 Oct 2017, 16 stalls)

    Does Tesla Corporate pay for the electricity used at the superchargers? Or is there some state "green" incentive that helps offset the cost of electricity?
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    California DMV - Plates & HOV Stickers

    I did the exact same thing last week...but only applied on the right side.
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    Supercharger - Fountain Valley (LIVE 28 Aug 2015, Expanded 27 Oct 2017, 16 stalls)

    Charged for about 10 minutes today (8-28), just to make sure it was live! Thanks to Lotsadriving for helping make this happen!
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    Is it harder to steal a Tesla?

    Talking with a friend today about my beautiful Tesla and she was asking a lot of good questions about the car. Then she asked "Because it is all electric, is it harder to steal?" Things like how to "hot wire" the car, unlock the door without the keyfob etc. I had no idea how to answer the...
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    Firmware 7.0 Beta Discussion

    Regen too much? I did not know that was an issue. Can you expand on that concept? Unless the battery is already approaching 100% soc, why would regen too mych be an issue? Thank you, Mike
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    Any key fob issues?

    I am not sure what caused my fob to stop working, but since I did the reset I have not had any more issues. Again, my car is only 2 months old, so the battery in the fob shouldn't be the issue. I live in So Cal where the weather was about 85 degrees. I am going to chalk it up to "one of those...
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    Car Show Poster: Draft

    Wow. The poster looks great! question: For horsepower you show the 70D as 259 + 259. Is that correct? It has more HP than the 85D?
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    Front license plate options?

    I finally broke down and order "the Law" front plate holder. But, I still wonder, has anyone every received a ticket for no front plate? I have heard this is a BIG issue driving into LAX airport, but other than that? Is it still a fix-it ticket? Mike
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    Long-term ownership opinions on black interior in sunny climate sought

    I have the (new) blue car with black interior in Southern California. Pre-cooling for 15 minutes seems to take about 3 or 4 miles off the range. Not a big deal. When I was researching my car, I thought I wanted the tan interior. Then several people, including 2 sales guys, told me the tan...
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    Model S Software/Firmware wishlist

    I only have 1 request: Make navigation (with and without needed SC stops) actually work!
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    Any key fob issues?

    Thanks Jerry- Only had the car, and therefore the fob!, for about 2 months. Last reboot was maybe a month ago? Mike
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    Any key fob issues?

    Went to get into my car this afternoon and the handles would not present themselves. I hit unlock on the fob a couple times....still not luck. Thought about it for a few seconds and hit unlock on the fob again and the doors unlocked. Weird I thought, but what ever. I get in the car and press...
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    Front license plate options?

    Does anyone know the penalty / fine for no front license plate in California? I searched using google and could not find it.Wife just bought a Lexus the other day and the dealer said there was a new law in 2015 that makes it "expensive" to get caught without the front plate.Mike
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    August OC Tesla event

    I have yet to make one of the gatherings...but would like to. Do you ever have the meetups later in the day? My (running) schedule will not allow me to make morning meetups on the weekends. Hope to meet some of you someday! Mike G.
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    Nav system without charging stops- how good is it?

    Well that is pretty disappointing.
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    Nav system without charging stops- how good is it?

    oops. posted in wrong area...ment to put in the "User interface" section. Any way to move it? So I have read all about the issues with the nav system and the crazy routing to superchargers. Are there any issues with the nav system without adding in the charging stops? I assume it works fine-...
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    Painfully crowded and slow charging on I5 between LA and SF

    Both of those locations would free up Tejon and Harris Ranch a lot. I did not see Fresno or Kettleman on the Supercharger map. How do you know about these locations? Kind of exciting to see this infrastructure being built around the entire country (world).
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    Nation drive electricweek- Long beach...info?

    So what is this event all about from the perspective of an attendee? The website is a bit lacking on details: https://driveelectricweek.org/event.php?eventid=437 Are there vendors? Many people? Just a few people who already have an EV? I live close to Long Beach and am home the weekend of...
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    Seeing double

    My friend and I got the same color cars a couple weeks apart. Love the blue color!!
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    My first 300+ mile destination day trip: Houston - Austin roundtrip

    Nice write up. As someone who will be taking their first road trip next week, I say Thanks for the tips!!
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    My first software update for my car!

    What about charging while it is updating? My car normally charges overnight....can it charge and update at the same time or should we play it safe and schedule different times i.e. charge from 10:00 pm - what ever time. Update from 4:00 am-
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    Maximum "real world" range

    You can also use this site: https://evtripplanner.com/ to plug in your route/roads and play around with the variables to see an estimated range with an 85D etc. This site takes elevation changes into account. You can change load parameters and temps to see how it affects range. Mike
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    My first software update for my car!

    Update completed. I went back to my car about 2 hours after the upgrade started and it was done. The technology is amazing......just let your car sit there and we will upgrade it for you. :-)
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    My first software update for my car!

    So I initiated the update....I was on .251 The screen said it will take 1 hour and 40 minutes. Is that time estimate pretty accurate? Should I stay a way from the car for that period of time? i.e. would opening and closing the door and touching the screen potentially delay the install?
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    View Waze Incidents on the Tesla browser

    How good is waze on the Tesla browser? Kind of surprised when I did a search of the forum (not sure the search works very well!) and only found 2 threads with waze in the title. How well does waze work in the tesla browser? Any tips or tricks? Thanks Mike - - - Updated - - - Meant to post...
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    Leasing and Custom License Plate - CA

    from the DMV website: How long does it take to get the plates?Personalized plates will be available about 10–12 weeks after they are ordered online or the completed Special Interest License Plate Application is received by DMV. You will receive up to three notifications (approximately 30–days...
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    Coated windshield impacting door openers and EZpass

    I drive in So Cal and have a transponder for the toll roads here. I put the transponder by the rear view mirror. To the right (passenger side) side of the mirror. I put it as high and as close to the mirror as I can. It has worked fine since then.
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    Tesla Trade in to Carmax Quotes

    When I got my 85D (yea!) I was getting rid of a Lexus LS460. Edmunds online tools said the car was worth about 29k - 30k for private party. Tesla offered me 25k. CarMax offered me 25k. Beepi.com offered me 27k. If I ever sell a used car again, I will go with Beepi.com. I loved the experience...
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    Mount Transponder - Toll Roads

    Same here. I put my 91 express lane transponder in the same location and have not had a problem since. Mike
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    Energy App question

    While on a trip, i.e. navigation is working.....if you look at the trip tab of the energy app, there are two lines, a grey line and a green line. I know they have something to do with the expected battery charge left upon arrival.....But what is the difference between the two lines? Thanks Mike
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    Improved navigation / range anxiety mode tied to V7?

    Interesting. Thanks for sharing
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    Key FOB tricks and Uses

    My new (3 weeks old) 85D charge port closes on its own. (non-performance version 85D)
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    Improved navigation / range anxiety mode tied to V7?

    There is a lot of talk about V7 coming "soon" and all of the auto pilot features that may be there. What about something a lot simpler and used every day, like getting good navigation routes from point A to point B via multiple super chargers without the crazy route detours? Will that be in...
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    Tesla floor mats

    I just received the floor mats from Tesla and the installation instructions tells you to screw in a piece to hold the mat in place. This piece is supposed to screw right into the carpet/floor of the car. Has anybody done this? I set the floor mat in place and it seems pretty secure. I...
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    n00b Road Trip Advice

    Adding to the N00b questions....where is this energy-trip screen? Is that on the energy app or the nav app?
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    is model S quieter than Lexus

    Yea, I just (2 weeks ago) switched from a Lexus LS460 to the 85D. The LS460 is a lot quieter and smoother ride than the 85D. Lexus has done a great job sound-proofing their car and making the ride amazingly smooth. Don't get me wrong- I am not going back to the 460, just noting the...
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    12 volt battery dead

    Tesla chose to swap out the entire battery pack. There was an intermitted problem with one of the connector among the 7,000 batteries. They picked up my car Friday about 10:30 am. Diagnosed and had a new battery pack in the car (based on looking at android app) around 4:00 pm Saturday. That...

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