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  1. Xenoilphobe

    Portable Generator Recommendations for Road Trip from California to Alaska

  2. Xenoilphobe

    Some New Cybertruck Footage

    My uncles, nieces, step brother got a call from his service advisor in Nigeria, to get his credit card updated for his CT order last week. 😉
  3. Xenoilphobe

    Starting to feel like Cybertruck is going the way of the Roadster: Vaporware

    Maybe they can make a El Camino style Model Y, and get it to market sooner. That way I can just cancel my order and keep my Model S.
  4. Xenoilphobe

    Cheapest way to get updated Fascia for older Model S?

    Quick update, the manager of the bodyshop gave me a call this morning is is working to flatbed my car back up to Owings Mills MD to reinstall and make some fitment corrections. I know this stuff happens, it looks great at a distance and the quality of the actual bumper cover is really nice, I...
  5. Xenoilphobe

    Cheapest way to get updated Fascia for older Model S?

    Got my car back today, don't ever go to Safford Owings Mills Collision Center (SOMCC) in Maryland. My car was there for over six months, partially due to parts issues with TSportline, which they recommended and claimed they had installed successfully before. I did get some text messages from...
  6. Xenoilphobe

    Cybertruck design/features

    I fell for it too, my P85+ came standard with them, I felt like and idiot dealing with the constant tire changes, damages and air leaks... unloaded them to another Tesla owner, and bought 19's, when we got my wife's S, we ordered it with 19's and if I ever get a PLAID, it will be on 19's too. I...
  7. Xenoilphobe

    Cybertruck design/features

    Take it off-roading with the 20 inch rims and let us know how it goes. ;)
  8. Xenoilphobe

    JEBINC's review of new N2itive "tartan" adjustable camber arms for Plaid and MS/MSLR (2021+)

    Wouldn’t this be warm press forging? Which is even better? Making the product even stronger. Kinda like this.
  9. Xenoilphobe

    Model S Trailer Hitch Installation

    There is conduit that runs the length of the car on the outer rail of the battery... https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/aftermarket-hitch-installation-for-model-3.123228/page-2#post-2888049
  10. Xenoilphobe

    Getting a used Tesla, deciding between years VS budget

    This.. @bagsofcole knows what is of value and really matters, I would drop FSD, I call it Full of Sheetz Drive..
  11. Xenoilphobe

    Getting a used Tesla, deciding between years VS budget

    I would only consider unlimited supercharging cars with upgraded MCU's, and cars with the unlimited mileage 8 year battery warranty (pre 2019). Ask the owner to screen shot their warranty data in the App so you can see when it actually expires and if it really has unlimited supercharging.
  12. Xenoilphobe

    Cybertruck design/features

    Amen brother, I have 16's on my truck, and only ride on 19's on Tesla for this exact reason... 21+ rims are like high heels, they reduce performance, cost more, have more issues and add weight to an already heavy car... Tesla loves them due to the profit..... everytime I see a Model S with them...
  13. Xenoilphobe

    JEBINC's review of new N2itive "tartan" adjustable camber arms for Plaid and MS/MSLR (2021+)

    I'm not sure they are striking anything. Drop forged is like pouring hot metal into a mold, which is the same process for cast aluminum and pushing the halves together. They only reason I ask is I see flow forged thrown around on TMC in the wheel forums like its a forged product and it isn't...
  14. Xenoilphobe

    JEBINC's review of new N2itive "tartan" adjustable camber arms for Plaid and MS/MSLR (2021+)

    What does drop forged mean? How is this different from cast aluminum? Is the strength the same as cast aluminum or is it stronger?
  15. Xenoilphobe

    Cybertruck design/features

    There are lots of things to service in Tesla's. here is a short list of the things on the 3 S's we have owned: Door handles (X8) - 6 of 8 covered by Telsa Air shock (X2) - not covered by Tesla MCU's (X2) - not covered by Tesla Air suspension sensors (X1) Adjustable rear camber links (cause...
  16. Xenoilphobe

    Carbon Fiber Rims

    Yeah, I'm running on 19 X 9's full forged Titan7's on my P85+ with Pilot Sport A/A 3+, which is about ~9 lbs lighter than stock per corner or ~36 lbs of rotational mass. Losing another ~4 pounds per corner isn't going to really be noticeable cause I don't track this car, but losing ~52 lbs of...
  17. Xenoilphobe

    Cybertruck design/features

    Would be interesting to add a 5 year fuel cost estimation, now that we are at a 40 year high inflation rate. Diesel in my area is about $6 per gallon.
  18. Xenoilphobe

    Carbon Fiber Rims

    I ordered in 2016.... they offered a factory delivery this summer... I'll let you know how it plays out
  19. Xenoilphobe

    Elon & Twitter

    Elon, clean that dirty bird cage!
  20. Xenoilphobe

    How many will look into the F-150 Lightning?

    I don't believe in the fear porn that the media keeps pumping out. The plan is working, NATO is growing, weapons are flowing to Germany, Poland, Finland, Sweden, Germany and Europe is increasing the percentage of their GDP commitment for weapons...
  21. Xenoilphobe

    How many will look into the F-150 Lightning?

    Whats the dealer markup? $20K? You have to factor in that they will at least stealership your Federal Tax credit of $7500..
  22. Xenoilphobe

    Cheapest way to get updated Fascia for older Model S?

    Not yet, but I also had them do some other cosmetic stuff, they are pulling all brake calipers and repainting them (a couple started to lose the clearcoat after 110K miles), also they are fixing two wheels that have curb rash. Should be this month..., then I can drive down and pick up these...
  23. Xenoilphobe

    When the ACTUAL cybertruck pricing is released…,

    I suggest donating to a sperm bank and a blood bank. It will take longer but you will feel better. 😳
  24. Xenoilphobe

    Best 19 tires replacement

    We have the P7 II's on my wife's 90D and love the quiet ride over the old noisy Michelin's we had.
  25. Xenoilphobe

    WaWa is supposed to give us free charging. Not so in Middletown, DE

    OMG, Did it cost one gallon of gas? whats the world coming too?
  26. Xenoilphobe

    Why so many Tesla’s in the span of a few years?

    It decreases each year as the car depreciates...so it does slowly decrease.. once the warranty expires we will be moving to the Hyundai Genesis GV90... so I least i can get a tax write down for a vehicle over 6K GVWR.
  27. Xenoilphobe

    Why so many Tesla’s in the span of a few years?

    You opened that door: Here we go: 1. two air shocks, $1400 each 2. two new screens and MCU's $3500 each (claims denied by Tesla) 3. new wheels, 21's crack, warped and bend constantly, replaced numerous 21 inch tires @ $500 each - reminder this car has no spare 4. rear negative camber fix $1400...
  28. Xenoilphobe

    Why so many Tesla’s in the span of a few years?

    As soon as Genesis comes out with the GV90, my wife is dropping the Model S ..10 year 100K mileage warranty...
  29. Xenoilphobe

    Why so many Tesla’s in the span of a few years?

    Why more than one Tesla: I bought a new Model S P85 2013 for me, then my wife stole it, so i bought a P85+ in 2014 to replace my original car, then wife wanted the new style with "Auto Pilot 1" so sold the 2013 with 50K on it, and bought a 2016 90D. The 2016 has 80K miles now and the 2014 has...
  30. Xenoilphobe

    Cannot clean Model 3 windows for the life of me.

    One more comment on the microfiber towels, when you wash them after, drop a couple ounces of vinegar in washing machine, and as sellnelll said above absolutely dont use dryer sheets or fabric softener on towels you use to clean your car unless you like seeing streaks. The vinegar makes the...
  31. Xenoilphobe

    Cheapest way to get updated Fascia for older Model S?

    March 9th 2022 Thank you for your purchase and patience. We are expecting the front bumper refresh kits to arrive at our facility for fulfillment within the next 7 to 14 days. Your order will be fulfilled as soon as they arrive. Thank you again for your understanding and for being a loyal...
  32. Xenoilphobe

    Tesla door handle failure - pivot gear (anyone have one I can buy?)

    Tesla Model S Stainless Steel "Paddle Gear" Replacement for 1042845-00-A for $79!!!!!!! or pay $9 and wait a couple of weeks for the part for Aliexpress. 1PCS 1042845-00-B For Tesla Model S 2012-2020 Car Outside Door Handle Paddle Gear Four-door Universal Handle Gear 1042845-00-A...
  33. Xenoilphobe

    When the ACTUAL cybertruck pricing is released…,

    It will be more expensive, here are my favorite excuses for the delay: 1. Ukraine 2. China 3. Fuel prices 4. Supply chain issues 5. COVID 6. OMNICRON 7. Production delays 8. Factory delays 9. Regulator delays 10. Wiper delays 11. Battery delays 12. Inflation 13. Glitch in the Matrix 14. SpaceX...
  34. Xenoilphobe

    Tesla VS Taycan

    The $80K delta seems steep for .04 second of performance gain.
  35. Xenoilphobe

    21 Refreshed Model S LR, 21" OEM wheels, 3,900 miles, Black/Black

    It tough to figure out, Tesla keeps adding options like the the new Matrix Headlights (PLAID Only), new taillights, etc. Simple rule I use. Minus $1 for every 1 mile in mileage, minus $10K for every year of age, you are fortunate that your mileage is so low, your sales price should be around...
  36. Xenoilphobe

    Virginia - EV Highway Tax $109 per year for Tesla Model S

    Looks like the petroleum lobby influenced that tax in TX.
  37. Xenoilphobe

    Cheapest way to get updated Fascia for older Model S?

    I should have my car back in March, been waiting on T-Sportline since December to ship the FBFR (Front Bumper FaceLift Refresh)
  38. Xenoilphobe

    Virginia - EV Highway Tax $109 per year for Tesla Model S

    The mileage plan is crazy... I drive from my home in NOVA to our beach house a lot, only 40 of those miles are on Virginia highways, the rest is in other states, but they want to tax me for my mileage in other states. that is fing crazy! and charge me tolls and HOT lane fees, and sales tax and...
  39. Xenoilphobe

    Virginia - EV Highway Tax $109 per year for Tesla Model S

    its for 3 years...(front loaded)
  40. Xenoilphobe

    Virginia - EV Highway Tax $109 per year for Tesla Model S

    Va. Code §§ 46.2-770, § 46.2-771, and § 46.2-772 The purpose of the highway use fee is to ensure a more fair contribution to the Commonwealth Transportation Fund from fuel-efficient and electric vehicles using highways in the Commonwealth. The Commonwealth Transportation Fund is funded, in...
  41. Xenoilphobe

    Model S: Clever Vanity Plates

    I like SoAMPed
  42. Xenoilphobe

    Getting tires for model S from Costco

    exactly why i have changed out all lug nuts to gorilla nuts
  43. Xenoilphobe

    Racism lawsuit will go ahead

    I spent 3 years in Africa, racism is not limited to just black people being oppressed. We are lucky that we live here and have laws that protect everyone.
  44. Xenoilphobe

    Racism lawsuit will go ahead

    If it’s true it is sad that this is going on in a company led by an African American. If its not true then this is just a deep pocket money grab operation by the state with pro union guys fanning the flames.
  45. Xenoilphobe

    Maryland Mechanic?

    Call these guys and see who is hiring their students. No schools in Maryland participate. https://www.tesla.com/careers/tesla-start https://www.mdc.edu/tesla/
  46. Xenoilphobe

    2019 Tesla Model S Performance + Ludicrous "Raven" Dual Motor

    Couple of questions.. Mileage? In service date? Manufacture date? "Heiner" and his Buddy aren't behind anybody @ 569 Wh/Mile. Must have launched down Santa Anna Ave after getting a burger at N & Out Burger.
  47. Xenoilphobe

    FS - 2016 Tesla P100DL+

    44,291, What was your inservice date and what was the production date (located in door jam driver side, by tire pressure sticker)? Very nice looking car...
  48. Xenoilphobe

    CyberTruck Image Leaked

    Focus Group.... BLAHHHHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAAAAA. That's funny...
  49. Xenoilphobe

    Firearm storage model 3 [and other firearms discussion]

    Do they allow handguns or CCW on the Tribal Nations? or is that why you got the safe? Looks like the answer is, it depends: https://www.handgunlaw.us/documents/tribal_law_ccw.pdf
  50. Xenoilphobe

    Tesla ranks 2nd worst in Consumer reports reliability survey

    Very true. I was shocked at the crappy user interface on the LX. They use a joystick and don’t have Airplay in a $100k car!! Then again Tesla doesn’t have Airplay either. The LX looks like a mismash of used parts compiled from their parts bin over many different model years. I miss my...

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