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    When is structural battery pack & 4680 cells coming & Why are you not waiting until then?

    I’m very familiar with many urban areas, not only in the US, but in Europe as well (where I grew up). What you say is simply false. The gas station model can’t die, unless there are chargers in every public parking location. Which brings us back to longer range = less of an issue when going to...
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    When is structural battery pack & 4680 cells coming & Why are you not waiting until then?

    Again, you’re assuming that everyone has access to garages. A lot of people park on the street where they live. Fast charging has to be the solution for widespread adoption of EVs, unless cities start putting chargers next to parking meters on the curb, like we see in some of those very...
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    When is structural battery pack & 4680 cells coming & Why are you not waiting until then?

    This assumes that everyone has a garage/driveway to charge overnight, or can charge at work. Truly widespread adoption of EVs, in my opinion, goes through either longer ranges (it makes a world of difference to only have to go supercharge once every couple of weeks instead of once a week, if you...
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    When is structural battery pack & 4680 cells coming & Why are you not waiting until then?

    Who will take advantage of “a million miles”? Most people get new cars after 5-6 years anyway, and at the speed battery and EV technology in general, is improving at this time, most people won’t see the difference between 4680 and current tech, as they’ll get a new car with newer battery tech...
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    Mobile Charger no longer included

    I think that the bottom line here is that Tesla will keep increasing prices and removing things as long as people are ready to pay for their cars. Like many companies before, they are shamelessly using a crisis (here the supply chain issues and the gas prices) to make permanent changes that will...
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    No home charging option for first year of Model Y

    Thanks for sending this! I missed it before seeing the following post. I guess my question is: if you use 15% a day, but you charge every day back to 80%, doesn’t that increase the number of cycles, essentially balancing out the other aspect? Meaning if you charge back from 65 to 80 every day...
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    No home charging option for first year of Model Y

    Just saying “because Tesla said so” doesn’t answer my question though. There must be some kind of scientific reason, or at least empiric proof of that, right? Unless we’re just supposed to take Tesla’s word as gospel, in which case I must be missing all the Cybertrucks delivered in 2021 in the...
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    No home charging option for first year of Model Y

    Why is that? There are thousands of EV owners (whether they charge at home or not) that only charge when they need to. I personally only charge at work and charge once every few days. Haven’t noticed any degradation beyond what everyone gets. Wondering if there is scientific proof that the...
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    When is structural battery pack & 4680 cells coming & Why are you not waiting until then?

    At this point, I’m convinced the 4680 battery won’t be in any car before my MYLR is paid off. Crazy to think this thread was started 13 months and $11,000 ago on the price of a new MYLR. Proves once again that speculating is just another word for gambling…
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    At Home Charging costs vs. Superchargers

    Yes, home charging in the SF Bay Area (and more generally in coastal California from my understanding) is not cheaper than off-peak SC charging, which feels very illogical, but it is the world we live in. For what I drive, I personally don’t have a home charger installed as the closest SC is...
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    Model Y now unaffordable for most of us

    With all due respect, your theory makes absolutely no sense... Rich entitled people are much more of a pain in the ass than "ghetto" (I had no idea we still used that term to speak of lower-middle class people) customers, anyone in a remotely customer service role will tell you that. If Tesla...
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    Model Y now unaffordable for most of us

    The same reason why the average American has $6k in credit card debt but most have less than $5k in an emergency fund… Yolo!
  13. H

    Model Y now unaffordable for most of us

    I bought my car a year ago for a lot less than it is now, and I'm not sure that I could (or rather would want) to afford the price it is at. And unfortunately, I am not sure that it will change any time soon. The inflation/supply chain issues are largely to blame, but at the end of the day...
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    Holiday Update (2021.44.25.2)- A Big Disappointment

    One thing I was thinking yesterday, for all the ways the climate interface has been made worse (according to a lot of people, including me), they could at least have given us the option to turn off the passenger or driver vents while the other is on. That's why I laugh when people say that Tesla...
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    Holiday Update (2021.44.25.2)- A Big Disappointment

    Yup, I said it a couple of times, but I think that being able to completely customize the launcher with 6 or 8 items with seat heaters and defoggers being options would probably fix a lot of the current complaints (besides the trip cards, which I personally loved). But it was until 2 weeks ago...
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    CA carpool sticker -- Best to order in November for 2021?

    I finally got around to do this in September as I’ll be using the bridges a bit more moving forward. I messed up my mailing/residence address on the application, so they sent it back mid-November (which means it took them about 6 weeks to look at my application, which isn’t bad). I sent it right...
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    Tesla dealerships getting ready for new MYs and M3s?

    I took delivery in January 2021 and didn’t know what was coming a few weeks later (such as the new console) and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. I would have hated to wait a couple of months for things like the new console, and have to pay 2k or 3k more than I paid. If you wait for the next...
  18. H

    Tesla dealerships getting ready for new MYs and M3s?

    Not sure what you mean by “real”. Model years are in name only, additions (and sometimes subtractions) are done year round. For example you’ll see 2021 Ys without heated steering wheel, some with the heated steering wheel but without the new console, some with and without the passenger lumbar...
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    Holiday Update (2021.44.25.2)- A Big Disappointment

    Oh yeah Tesla takes customers feedback? Never heard of that. Is there a form on their website that I’m missing? A survey sent by email that went straight to my spam? Their PR/Marketing department is a department of 1 and he loves tweeting about dogecoin, I’m not sure how Tesla would take...
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    Holiday Update (2021.44.25.2)- A Big Disappointment

    Unless I missed it, sentry mode on/off is not part of the widgets. Dashcam viewer and camera on/off are, but not sentry mode.
  21. H

    Holiday Update (2021.44.25.2)- A Big Disappointment

    The issue with saying “you can do that with voice command” or “just set it to auto” is that, while all well and good, there was no need to remove the option to have it one click away. Adding the “auto” option for the seat heaters is great for some people, but having the button right there on the...
  22. H

    Holiday Update (2021.44.25.2)- A Big Disappointment

    And I’m actually pretty amazed that so many people love the light show or think that getting Sonic is so great. Those are the last things I care about. But proves that everyone looks for different things in a car, and that there is no “perfect” vehicle for everyone.
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    Holiday Update (2021.44.25.2)- A Big Disappointment

    I found myself wearing my mask in my car yesterday… I went to pick up some food and just didn’t take it off until I got back home. It happens often. Not to have the mask purposefully, but just as a continuity of wearing it inside. Easy to remove, but that would be my answer to “why?” Otherwise...
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    Holiday Update (2021.44.25.2)- A Big Disappointment

    I hope to get used to it too, but right now I really miss the stuff at the top right corner of the screen. I’m actually not sure how to turn on sentry mode when I get out of my car, except with the app. I would usually just tap the sentry logo when I would get out when I would want it on. Same...
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    Model Y full charge range

    I was actually thinking about that the other day. I know it’s not apples to apples (no pun intended), but if the iPhone can give a “battery health” status by simply going into the settings, there has to be some way for Tesla to do the same. I’m assuming they just don’t want to. But it could save...
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    Well, I thought I bought a 2020 Model Y, but only to find out it was a rental, and I was a victim of Fraud!

    Wow I don’t think I had read this long of a thread from start to finish. What a rollercoaster… An incredible lesson for the OP and, honestly, all of us. Before I owned a Tesla, I most definitely wouldn’t have thought of asking the guy to open his account and close out in there. So sorry this...
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    Blog Tesla Planning to Triple Supercharger Network

    Ironically, most of these locations are places with few superchargers, to circle back to the original topic. Of course, I am not saying it is impossible to purchase a home, simply that I don't believe that owning a home should be the criteria to owning an EV, whatever EV that is, by the way...
  28. H

    Blog Tesla Planning to Triple Supercharger Network

    I think that you missed my point also… If we are trying to make EVs widespread, we can’t be elitists and give “pro tips” such as the one above. The “$4 a day for a latte” is again a hilarious argument and very stereotypical of the view of a certain generation. I save a ton, barely eat out and...
  29. H

    Blog Tesla Planning to Triple Supercharger Network

    Oh snap! I missed the memo where Tesla changed their mission statement to “accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy, but only for boomers and trust fund kids who are pretty much the only people who can still afford to be first time home-owners in 2021”…
  30. H

    Blog Tesla Planning to Triple Supercharger Network

    When I was looking to move about 1.5 year ago, I checked out an apartment building in downtown Oakland that was actually in the process of adding chargers to every single stall of their garage. I didn’t have a Tesla yet at the time, so I didn’t really ask what the specifics were, but if I had...
  31. H

    Blog Tesla Planning to Triple Supercharger Network

    I think that you hit it on the head here. I’ve seen apartment buildings starting to add chargers, but it is fairly rare. You are right, not to get in too deep in this conversation, but someone making $150k/year and can easily afford a model Y or 3 and wants it, won’t be able to buy a $2 million...
  32. H

    What's your 100% charge range?

    January 2021 build, 20” LR, closing in on 8k miles. I never had it in miles before the recent updates allowing the easy switch between % and miles, but I believe I had 316 when I first got it. It now fluctuates between 303 and 306 miles at 100%. Interestingly, it actually changes as the battery...
  33. H

    Model Y late 2021 heated steering wheel?

    All US built MYs have had heated steering wheel since January or December. No idea about Shanghai built, I would hope so, but I would try and check Reddit threads and Twitter to see if there are any clues.
  34. H

    Model Y - Is my car totaled?

    It seems almost all of the panels would need to be replaced, which could get you close to the value of the car already. Looks like you might need to replace some of the cargo space in the trunk too. Add to that possible replacement of wheels etc. It's not unrepairable, but your insurance might...
  35. H

    Ridiculous CarMax prices

    Yes, the market is insane, people are getting estimated deliveries in November right now, so the law of supply and demand makes those prices go up. That being said, I believe that you have your math wrong. The MYLR is $53,990. With FSD it would put it at $63,990 before taxes and fees, which...
  36. H

    Advice needed: Interior door trim damaged/melted after window tint job

    Wow this thread came back to life out of nowhere. I unfortunately don't really have any update. It is clear what happened, and they denied it. At that point I let it go and decided there were bigger hills to die on. I did get a quote from Tesla to replace it and it was about $900. I didn't do it...
  37. H

    Model Y makes hum noise all the time

    Quite the crazy story! I commend you for trying to get to the bottom of this. I would hope that it becomes a bulletin like for the PT sensor, where at some point the parts can be swapped at a service center for every car within a certain VIN. I'm not sure that there is much that you can do right...
  38. H

    Is the front plate required in California???

    Like many others, I don't like it, so I never put it on. Coming on 6 months now. I live in a city/area where cops and CHP have other fish to fry, so I'm not super worried about it (probably jinxed myself here). Same thing with parking people, I park on the street every day, haven't had issues...
  39. H

    Shudder @ 90mph: Alignment already?

    I just got my car back last week for the same issue, any speed above 75mph, the whole car would start to vibrate (started during a road trip down the 5). Took it on a road test with the tech, he noticed it. My steering wheel was also off by a couple of degrees. They rebalanced the wheels and...
  40. H

    Tesla service, what a joke!! Extremely frustrated.

    Yeah I agree, the complaints always outshine the positive. I have absolutely zero doubt that some service centers are atrocious, but in my short experience (5 months), I’ve only had positive experiences. Granted I’m in an area that is more populated with SCs than most. I just got my car back...
  41. H

    Model Y order - my VIN just got stolen [Update: Original car had defects so Tesla wouldn't deliver it]

    I wouldn't consider unwise that he sold his car because he got a VIN assigned, a call from his sales advisor and a delivery date within the week. All of that seems reasonable to sell his old car, especially if he doesn't have room in his garage/on his street to park an extra car... I would lose...
  42. H

    Wh/mi consumption too high?

    Those numbers seem high, but hard to tell without knowing your driving conditions (elevations, draft etc...) and the way you drive. As mentioned above, if you try to beat every car next to you at every stop sign/light, then it's normal that you would end up with very high numbers. I would say...
  43. H

    Is Tesla Model Y worth purchasing now? Mi

    I don’t really have time to go through every car MSRP and compare it to carmax, but I did see a $55k 2020 Lexus RX450h. Didn’t get in the details so I’m not sure what options are on it, but the MSRP was starting around $47k according to the internet. My guess is that it’s probably very similar...
  44. H

    Is Tesla Model Y worth purchasing now? Mi

    This is a trend with all used cars, not just Teslas. The average used car price has skyrocketed in Q1 and Q2 of 2021 for the same reasons Tesla is removing features and struggling to deliver on their goals…
  45. H

    Is Tesla Model Y worth purchasing now? Mi

    There are a couple of scenarios to consider. Do you need a new car at this very moment? If you do, then the MY is probably one of your best options if you are looking for a compact EV SUV, I'd say go for it, despite the alarming trend with the changes you mentioned. If you can wait 6-18 months...
  46. H

    Yoke install

    As someone has said earlier in this thread, this seems to be overengineering just to be cool and different (nothing new with Tesla/Elon). If someone can tell me one functional advantage to this yoke on any car, please let me know. Everything I've seen so far is that it performs close to a...
  47. H

    Is my MYLR battery drain excessive

    That sounds about right. From what I've heard, Sentry mode can drain up to 10% every 24 hours. I've never done the test myself (I only use it every now and then when not at work or home). Checking the app a lot will have an effect on battery drain too, as well as using third party apps that ping...
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    How are referral code miles calculated?

    Thanks! I am doing a 1000+ mile road trip next week, so that should take care of my first set expiring on 7/22. I just wonder if at that point the remaining miles will revert back to 6 months after my friend got his (9/14/21) or stay at 1/22/22...
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    How are referral code miles calculated?

    Speaking of free supercharger miles, something weird happened to mine. I received my car on 1/22/21 and they came up right away showing they would expire on 7/22. Then a friend used my link and received the car on 3/14. My 1000 miles were added, cumulative to 2000, but now they show expiring on...
  50. H

    Passenger lumbar support missing from new MY

    My girlfriend set up the lumbar support to her liking in January when I got the car, and hasn’t touched it since then. I’m assuming that in Tesla’s data, it would show that it’s only been used once in almost 5 months. When it’s actually been appreciated for all that time. I don’t understand the...

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