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  1. sduck

    USB Music - cover art

    I can't believe it took them a year to fix this. Their inability/unwillingness to fix this, along with several other things, was part of the reason I sold my tesla and won't be buying a new one.
  2. sduck

    USB Music - cover art

    That's ridiculous ("ok boomer"). There are other ways of using the usb system. I always play albums, or "playlists" - basically mixtapes. It works great for that! And I use it all the time, almost 100% of the time I'm driving.
  3. sduck

    NYC parking garage?

    Use a different garage. Most of them know how teslas work, some don't.
  4. sduck

    Audiophiles - Amazon Music Ultra HD?

    xACT is good, I also use XLD ( X Lossless Decoder: Lossless audio decoder for Mac OS X ) for this. Note that both of these aren't the most user friendly apps in the world - they're basically front ends for script loaders, but they get a lot of stuff done once you figure them out.
  5. sduck

    USB music - folder structure? "Embedded" cover art?

    That is correct - it has been broken on all teslas since version 2020.44.10.1, which came out last November. I've gotten 18 software updates since then.
  6. sduck

    USB Music - cover art

    The various lists that my model 3 displays (albums, songs, genres, folders) has never shown album art thumbnails.
  7. sduck

    USB Music - cover art

    On my car it only re-catalogs the usb drive when I first insert it. It resumes without re-indexing over power cycles thereafter, until I pull it and shuffle things around on the drive again. Maybe that's a benefit of using ext4 for formatting? Or just a fast drive?
  8. sduck

    Do You Believe The M3P Will Ever Get AB?

    I'm still trying to figure out what AB is.
  9. sduck

    How does the car know where it is on the map?

    There is indeed a gps receiver.
  10. sduck

    What is the story of Tesla owner tapping the back before charging?

    How many? Where did you get this information? This is made up information. That one guy on tiktok doesn't count, he's nuts. The real answer is: no-one actually does this, except for a few weirdos and perhaps some folks with OCD.
  11. sduck

    No can drive: "the electrical system is unable to support all features"

    Did you notice my retraction a few posts later?
  12. sduck

    Sentry recordings icon not showing up

    One that works. See the stickied thread about this.
  13. sduck

    Music on external drive missing

    I've also had better results with keeping the in-car usb music library lean and mean. As far as some items showing up and some not - try checking file permissions. The underlying linux system is very finicky about permissions - you want read and write access for everyone.
  14. sduck

    Odd 2024.24.1 update issue?!

    Among teslafi users, but remember that's just a subset of the whole tesla user base, so in reality it's thousands of installs.
  15. sduck

    "Best" 3rd party Tesla app?

    Why do you need an app? Doesn't your phone have a browser? You can always turn a web page into a standalone "app" - I've done this and it works great for teslafi.
  16. sduck

    MASTER THREAD: USB drives that work with Sentry and TeslaCam

    I've been using a sandisk extreme 250 gb ssd for 3 years with no issues. For just dashcam/sentry use 250gb is more than enough. You can find them for reasonable, competitive prices, especially if you find a sale. The temperature and power consumption issues that are sometimes raised are...
  17. sduck

    Navigation Arrow pointing up always?

    ^this^, but click the arrow icon in the top right side of the map screen From page 128 in the manual -
  18. sduck

    2021.12.25.6 update

    Those are in 2021.24. No-one has that yet.
  19. sduck

    No can drive: "the electrical system is unable to support all features"

    I retract my red flag comments. Thanks for looking that up.
  20. sduck

    No can drive: "the electrical system is unable to support all features"

    Hmmm, I'd like to be sympathetic, but several red flags popped up. A new member, with some kind of major problem, and reporting error messages that are completely unlike the wording typically used for these kinds of problems. Maybe there's some paraphrasing going on? I've never heard "The...
  21. sduck

    Request for longer period to edit a post after making one

    Ah, that makes sense. I don't like it, but it makes sense.
  22. sduck

    Request for longer period to edit a post after making one

    I tried to edit a post I had made last night, and wasn't able to. It seems we have an hour to do editing, and I must have just come back to it a hair over that hour line. Would it be possible to extend the amount of time we have to do post editing? 6 hours, 12 hours, even 24 hours would make...
  23. sduck

    Sandisk Gets very hot

    I've been using a Sandisk Extreme 250gb ssd for dashcam/sentry use since they turned on that feature (3 years). Never had any issues with it.
  24. sduck

    Tesla Camping Trip Circumnavigating the USA, ~12K miles

    Nice report! As a veteran tesla road tripper also, I concur that it's a fabulous vehicle for long trips. And yes, it doesn't read speed limit signs at all, or at least so rarely that it's the same thing. I never use NOA on long trips - every once in a while I'll try it out, to see if it's gotten...
  25. sduck

    2021.12.25.6 update

    Teslafi is showing that the largest number of cars is still on 2021.4.18.2, with a healthy sized number also on 2021.4.18.11. The combined number of cars on these two version is significantly bigger than those that are on the 12.25 variants. So don't worry, and be patient!
  26. sduck

    TeslaCam / Music Solid State drive works in one Model 3, but not another

    I'm sorry, I shouldn't have jumped in here. Not my zoo. Not my monkeys.
  27. sduck

    Owners Manual crashes Tesla's computer

    At least in my case, an update fixed it. And there are other ways of reading the manual - for instance https://www.tesla.com/sites/default/files/model_3_owners_manual_north_america_en.pdf
  28. sduck

    TeslaCam / Music Solid State drive works in one Model 3, but not another

    Your first choice pertains to the original post. The second one doesn't.
  29. sduck

    TeslaCam / Music Solid State drive works in one Model 3, but not another

    The OP has a very specific use case problem. People are tending to either not read it or not comprehend it and answering with unrelated questions/observations.
  30. sduck

    USB Music - cover art

    Oddly enough, the resume functionality seems to be working better for me. It's actually worked flawlessly since getting 12.25.6, and I just got 12.25.7. I had an extreme example of things working right actually - I pulled the music drive out to shuffle some files around on it, as I'm prone to do...
  31. sduck

    Model 3 Jeda USB Hub burned capacitor, melted plastic casing!

    I don't know how you came across that "tantalum Capacitor, rated at 100uF at 6.3 Volts". You can't get that much information from just the J107 designation - the 100uF part is correct, but that's all. It's highly unlikely that they used a tantalum for this application - no decent ee would do so...
  32. sduck

    Owners Manual crashes Tesla's computer

    They're pushing out 12.25.7 pretty hard now, you'll probably get that one soon. I got it last night, after having the .6 version for only a few days.
  33. sduck

    USB Music - cover art

    We don't know. We can only speculate.
  34. sduck

    Owners Manual crashes Tesla's computer

    FWIW, since getting version 2021.12.25.6 on my car, the owners manual seems to be working again. I haven't looked at every page, but the ones I've tried, including the ones that immediately crashed things before, seem to be working now.
  35. sduck

    USB Music - cover art

    The owner's manual works again, for me at least, with version 2021.12.25.6.
  36. sduck

    TeslaCam - How big of a flash drive is best

    Quite a few cars used to come with mechanical HDs installed. Granted, they were ruggedized versions, designed for use in vehicles. The two cars I had most recently prior to the tesla both had them, and were working fine when I parted ways with them - a 2012 chevy volt, and a 2014 BWM 535.
  37. sduck

    Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season Plus II on 2018 Tesla Model 3 19" Sport Rims

    I've had these on my car for the last 10K miles or so. Several road trips. I don't notice any difference in road noise, handling or efficiency with them from the OEM's.
  38. sduck

    USB not recognised after formatting with car?

    My car did that the one time i tried formatting the drive in the car. That was 6 or more months ago though, right after they introduced the format in car feature. Did the format, but forgot to add the TeslaCam folder. Weird. It was easy enough to add it on my computer, and i've been using it...
  39. sduck

    USB Music - cover art

    I hate the missing art also, but that's just going too far. ;)
  40. sduck

    2021.12.25.6 update

    This was one of the things that started working again for me - make sure you've rebooted the screen.
  41. sduck

    Speed limit is wrong!

    You will need an account with them. Sign in, then press the Edit button. Select a road, and there's a field for the speed limit. Note that most roads are split up into multiple segments, so you'll need to make sure you get them all corrected. Note that doing this, while it will eventually fix...
  42. sduck

    2021.12.25.6 update

    two posts above yours - it's not fixed yet.
  43. sduck

    2021.12.25.6 update

    Got this 25.12.6 update last night. New bugs galore! I really like the these bug fix updates - they've gotten really good at introducing new bugs. Album art in USB playback is still broken. At this point I don't expect them to ever fix it. But they found a new way to annoy me - the one-press...
  44. sduck

    Make the Maps screen stop zooming out after 20 seconds! [2019]

    you necrobumped a 2 1/2 year old thread for your first post? (welcome, by the way!)
  45. sduck

    nav map not updating?

    Does she know how to turn the satellite view on and off? (impressive necrobump btw!)
  46. sduck

    Owners Manual crashes Tesla's computer

    You get the one blue line when you have Navigate on Autopilot engaged. Turn it off and you get the blue lines on the left and right.
  47. sduck

    Is There a Way to Kickstart Connectivity?

    Maybe turning wifi on and then off again? I don't know, haven't tried this.
  48. sduck

    Used versus New Purchase Advice

    I didn't think there were any mid range models made in 2018. The used car market is huge right now - the shipping boondoggle, chip shortage, and whatever has created a huge knot in the new car supply line, and the result is a huge demand (and resulting price hikes) for used cars. It's not just...
  49. sduck

    USB Music Player

    I'd offer words of encouragement, but Catbiscuits pretty much sums it up. At least it works, for the most part, as long as you learn to adapt to it's shortcomings.

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