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  1. mbp11

    Issues with Web Browser

    My experience as well. Works better when it is connected to a wifi account like in the Tesla showrooms.
  2. mbp11

    I Can’t Take The Heat Anymore!

    Excellent job! You could cover with foil and really get it reflective!
  3. mbp11

    Refreshed Model-X "Light Show", no falcon wing door flapping?

    The previous Holiday Show had Trans-Siberia Orchestra playing "Wizards in Winter" and there was a lot of flapping. The Refresh models play a Trans-Siberia Orchestra version of "Carol of the Bells" and although the back hatch comes up, there is very little movement of the FWD. I would say it is...
  4. mbp11

    Model X - non-driver doors won't open from the outside

    I think there are child lock doors settings in the settings controls as well.
  5. mbp11

    Model X (only) - FSD beta

    I had turned mine off, but with the software update, I bet it got turned on again....
  6. mbp11

    Model X (only) - FSD beta

    I have a 2018 Model X and have FSD beta and just got the 2022.12.3.20 software upgrade the past week. There are all kinds of amusing animations like when you are parked you get a large angled side view of the car, and when shifting to drive, the animation rotates to the view of the rear and...
  7. mbp11

    My New Hobby- Resuscitating Discharged and Dead Teslas!

    Good suggestion! But this info for the model x was not in the model x manual! They did talk about how to open the frunk, but not jumping the. 22 volt battery
  8. mbp11

    My New Hobby- Resuscitating Discharged and Dead Teslas!

    Disclaimer: I do not own a model 3 or Y but enjoy collecting information about it. If you can get the charge port open, then you can charge the car and it will then also charge your dead 12 volt battery. Should be the same with the Y In my Model X and the Model S, if the high voltage battery...
  9. mbp11

    How To Manually Open Tesla Model X Falcon Wing Doors Without Power

    This is a link to how you use zip ties to the emergency release cables behind the speaker covers for an emergency release. (Some pictures were posted on how I did it by yours truly). Passengers don't have to pry the covers off, just pull the zip ties...
  10. mbp11

    Anything to change up up my look...

    Looks nice! I think I have seen you on the road, I live in Pleasanton!
  11. mbp11

    CHAdeMO Adapter Firmware Update Available

    take a look at this thread: https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/teslas-are-being-delivered-too-fast-for-supercharger-growth.266158/page-2#post-6687172
  12. mbp11

    CHAdeMO Adapter Firmware Update Available

    I bought a CHAdeMO with my 2018 MX and could never get it to work. Finally had the firmware updated at the service center, just walked in and they did it... and it still did not work. Finally put in a new service request and the ranger came out at gave me a new one and took the old one away...
  13. mbp11

    Teslas are being delivered too fast for Supercharger Growth

    I have a CHAdeMO adapter that I got with my 2018 MX, since I suffer from Range Anxiety (a well known Tesla affliction), and I periodically test it out on third party chargers. Would like to try the CCS adaptor but it was my understanding that it does not work with the Model X or S.
  14. mbp11

    Wiki Model X Reset Techniques

    Can you post some pictures? The 2022 refresh MX really is a different beast!
  15. mbp11

    Music Service Issues (Spotify and Tidal)

    How much is the spotify premium plan?
  16. mbp11

    Looking for help with chrome delete kit install SF bay area

    I live in Pleasanton, CA and I used Omegawerks for my ceramic, but they do PPF and chrome delete too. The deleted the chrome on my MX door handles so we don't have fingerprints. [email protected], Vincent Tran, 925-227-1322 or cell 510 421-8224. I am a happy customer only Mike P
  17. mbp11

    Model X score 98 for 13 weeks now...

    Don't you also have to send an email to [email protected] to ask to be enrolled? I think I did that. Mike P
  18. mbp11

    Is there a way to have the alarm go off if somebody tries to enter the car if you have Sentry Mode?

    I have a July 2018 MX that my girlfriend made me get the inside enhanced anti-theft system. This replaces the interior overhead lights with a replacement light and an ultrasound movement detector. It is incredibly sensitive- if I leave the windows down just a little and a fly gets in or a piece...
  19. mbp11

    2019 Model X "bricked" by update - possibly connectivity issue.

    I am wondering if I should start a classroom for new Tesla owners on how to troubleshoot their car and solve common problems, rather than just letting them figure out on their own- a short two hour morning class over at a mall parking lot, a public service to Tesla owners- Model 3 and Y, Model S...
  20. mbp11

    2019 Model X "bricked" by update - possibly connectivity issue.

    >>> He gets on the horn with a colleague who walks him through: Getting the frunk open (some sorta lever magic down under the grill) Revealing the electric panel. Hooking up the jump to it to give it some juice. Car wakes up and I'm able to use the fob to get into it. >>>>> This is an...
  21. mbp11

    my "build" thread

    Looks like a well done job! I have a silver 2018 MX 110 D as well in the SF Bay Area.!
  22. mbp11

    What items would you take on a long road trip?

    Here is my report from a trip we made in September from the SF Bay area to Colorado. I would recommend making a trip to remember- card table, picnic basket, chairs, cooler, silverware and table cloth and really make it a trip. We took noontimes off for a lunch on our picnic tables while...
  23. mbp11

    Light Show Model X issues!

    Well, an update to the Holiday show troubles. On my 2018 MX, the drivers side FWD usually fails when running the holiday show on my car and also on one of my friend's 2016 MX. It errors out as though there is an obstruction and fails to rise, and stops the show. Your experience might be...
  24. mbp11

    Tesla moments

    My girlfriend and I drove over to the California coast Half Moon Bay in November with my girlfriend's beagle mix, and we usually stop at an Italian bakery in San Mateo for a dessert to go with our picnic lunch. My job is to walk the dog while she goes into the bakery. I opened the FWD to get...
  25. mbp11

    FSD Beta 10.11

    I just received 2022.4.5.21 several days ago and I have to agree with most of the critical comments about FSD beta that came with the the update. It drives straight pretty well, but turns make me really nervous. It tends to "Power" around a turn and accelerate faster than what is comfortable...
  26. mbp11

    How do you plan your charging stops?

    I also like ABRP. What is also cool about the web site and portable app (besides the fact that is is free) is that it works for many types of EVs, not only just Teslas.
  27. mbp11

    FSD Beta 10.11

    Downloading 2022.4.5.21, from 10.11.1now. 2018 MX 100D
  28. mbp11

    California Clean Air Vehicle Decals

    When I got my July 2018 MX, I applied for and recieved the decals but my girlfriend announced that they were ugly on the car, so I have not put them up... they are still in the glove compartment. I have not had to use them much. Mike P
  29. mbp11

    ChargePoint 6.6 kW Apartment Charger

    I charged at an Electrify America Chademo stall yesterday (had a defective Tesla Chademo adaptor replaced by service a few weeks ago) to test out the new adaptor and I paid about $5 for 12.5 KW of charge. I live in the SF Bay Area of California. I suffer from range anxiety.
  30. mbp11

    FSD beta V10.11

    For those of you who have FSD Beta V10.x, I have a question. I have version 10.9 in my MX 100D here is California and am on official version 2021-44.30.21. I am testing out FSD beta, which is hair-raising for me. Previous to version 10, I could customize the display of the GPS tracking screen...
  31. mbp11

    Press and hold steering buttons ... used to give options

    You are right! I found it!
  32. mbp11

    Press and hold steering buttons ... used to give options

    I own a 2018 MX 100D with 10.9 FSD and I have also lost the energy graph (that used to be on the right in the dashboard screen) when I was approved for the FSD beta testing. Occasionally it shows up briefly at random intervals where it used to be but then it disappears. There is no rhyme or...
  33. mbp11

    Black exterior rubber molding with cracks and chunks missing

    From what I have seen posted before (there are similar postings all over the TMC web site) it depends on what service center you bring it to sometimes. You are in the SF Bay Area, have you tried driving into the Dublin Service Center and just asking them a drive-by question? tell them you are...
  34. mbp11

    Faulty Key Fob MX

    This problem is not uncommon and there are other links to this problem in the search field of this web site. The first thing to check is to see if the battery in the fob is good- invest in a good battery tester and replace the battery if there is any question. However, sometimes the fobs just...
  35. mbp11

    Map Updates for Road Closures

    I live in the US and I use that Wayze app, which measures real-time drivers experiences and will reroute around a backlog to a faster route. If you need a charger, you can set the address as a target and follow the best route. It seems to be working well for me.
  36. mbp11

    Couldn’t get in my car last night. Anyone have this issue?

    Forgot to mention- You should also know how to pop the frunk if the power is off! It is in the manual!
  37. mbp11

    Failed software update bricked my 2020 X today

    Sorry that this happened to you but your experiences and documentation makes it better for others if they have the same problem in the future.
  38. mbp11

    Couldn’t get in my car last night. Anyone have this issue?

    The operators manual has a section on how to open the car if the car is unresponsive and the key fob is dead, by placing the key fob in an exact location down low near the space between the front and FWD doors drivers side, and how to get the car to start and drive by placing the key fob in...
  39. mbp11

    Reports of upcoming V11 fixes?

    Too late! I got V 11 already... and the FSD beta to boot~ IIIIEIEEHHH!
  40. mbp11

    Reports of upcoming V11 fixes?

    I am on FSD Beta 10.9 right now but am only on 2021.44.30.10. My display is still on version 11 but would like to see some of the changes and improvements listed here. FSD 10.9 is much improved from previous versions but sometimes it is still like teaching your 16 year old to drive... and you...
  41. mbp11

    Falcon wing doors red button nonfunctional software 2021.44.30.8

    From the page 9 of model X reset techniques, a sticky thread in this forum. It would be good to read through the entire thread.
  42. mbp11

    CHAdeMO Adapter Firmware Update Available

    My Chademo is not working, I have an appointment to troubleshoot it next week.
  43. mbp11

    Summon Cannot Connect to Vehicle

    stopped working completely. But I could not connect to the car in any fashion.
  44. mbp11

    Summon Cannot Connect to Vehicle

    This happened to me. The car gradually got less and less responsive, due to a dying 12 volt battery. July 2018 Model X 100D. The rangers came out the next day and replaced the battery on warranty. Never got the failing battery alert.
  45. mbp11

    Light Show Model X issues!

    Sad to say, sometimes the software updates block certain features and it might be necessary to flush the buffers and do a software reset. Look in the sticky threads at the beginning of the Model X section on software resets and progress from the double scrollwheel reset to the manual turn-off...
  46. mbp11

    Model X Winter Tires

    Sorry for a stupid question, but are the stock Continentals mud and snow rated? Was thinking of going to the mountains but did not want to put on chains and I looked but cannot see the M+S emblem on the car and I suddenly became afraid!
  47. mbp11

    Model X Road Trips

  48. mbp11

    Model X Road Trips

    Well, we did the trip to Springdale, right outside of Zion National Park, from the SF Bay Area with my 2018 July Model X 100D, and girlfriend and her dog and a packed car. We started with about 99% SOC and used A Better Route Planner… at least for a while. We charged at Harris Ranch and...
  49. mbp11

    Time displayed is off 1 hr (timezone) during a road trip

    This is so cool! Great tip!

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