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    Aftermarket Seat Bracket?

    The seat position in the Y is a little too high for my liking and I would love to knock another inch or so off of the lowest setting. Has anyone developed a low profile seat bracket or been able to modify the risers on the floor?
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    Radar Detector Install Question

    does the Y have the same mirror assembly as the 3? How to Hard Wire Install a Radar Detector to the Tesla Model 3 | LivingTesla
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    Putting a Third Row in...

    I did a light search and didn't see this posted already. Based on Sandy's findings that he thinks the third row will be reverse facing, there's a YT video where they try to do just that.
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    New USB-C Ports in M3

    helpful! thanks for the link!
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    New USB-C Ports in M3

    "any more useful" doesn't negate the fact that there's a solution in either case. look i'm not trying to be difficult but this wasn't the point of the thread. if new M3s start coming with USB-C ports, apple users will be required to get a new cable anyway, or just deal with wireless...
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    New USB-C Ports in M3

    a USB-A to USB-C cable works fine, but you won't fast charge. Tesla even supplies the cables to do this. That isn't the point and iPhones still use USB-A to Lightning anyway. having a usb-c port doesn't mean you'll get usb-c speeds/wattage. that's why i created this thread.
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    New USB-C Ports in M3

    in the "ordering" forum, it was mentioned that any post-June M3 is going to start coming with wireless charging and USB-C ports, likely to match the MY production. Does anyone know what the wattage of those are? If they're the same as what the USB-A ports delivery, the Cs won't be anymore...
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    Model 3 Dashcam Moments - Video or it didn't happen!

    it's really hard to tell there was a merge there. i'm betting the driver thought he had the right of way.
  9. 640k

    3D MAXpider All Weather Floor Mats 7 seater

    once i see pics i can decide if the asking price is fair. as long as their in great condition i think we can come to an agreemet. thanks!
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    Wireless Charging Options

    that's what i'm trying to figure out - i want to fast-charge with it. i already have a USB-C cable ran, but the wireless chargers are all micro-USB. thought about getting a usb-c powered hub, but i'm not finding the right one. i'd rather not redo my setup if i don't have to.
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    Model 3 can't play video from USB stick ??

    there's just no video viewer installed on the OS that would support your needs. the dashcam viewer appears custom code and is designed only for the codec those media files are encoded in. granted i feel like some features would be easy to implement (instead of another game i won't play) but...
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    Wireless Charging Options

    Is Taptes still the de-facto in wireless charging? Are there any USB-C solutions? I did the cable route method, which works fine for the most part, but it would be nice not to have to constantly ram either device in everytime. Plus the iPhone doesn't fit with a case for whatever reason so...
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    2018 Model X Long Range 100D FSD 13.9K Miles

    is this your car? did you trade it in or is it still for sale??
  14. 640k

    Paint Quality & Fitment

    the explanation i gut wasn't the curing issues, it has to do with how they change the paint between coatings. red and blue tend to be the worst in picking up residual colors from other paint. the missing sections and bare paint in area has more to do with Tesla cutting corners for either...
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    Paint Quality & Fitment

    Tesla definitely has quality control issues, but they have a more to do with their over-automation of each step and less to do with their ability to QA as they go. FWIW - most people that come on here in a similar fashion come and go like the wind and troll-post just to post junk and...
  16. 640k

    Paint Quality & Fitment

    i find it interesting that you've been a member for five years and only just now acquired your TM3 and your (nearly) first post is basically a troll post about how much hatred you have for your car and Tesla's practices. Fitment and paint quality issues have been overblown by social media...
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    Stardew Valley Crashing

    i have no idea if you're talking about the game or real life.
  18. 640k

    Fender touching the A-pillar and loose right undercarriage

    probably his fingers/hands. same with the bump on your undercarriage. try to pop it back in. welcome to Tesla.
  19. 640k

    Model 3 Roof replacement

    don't worry. i never had it.
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    New Dealer Scam - READ THIS before wiring ANY dealer money

    lots of inconsistencies with the website. WhoIs information Dealer's contact page hours of operations doesn't match the bottom banner. I posted a couple fake reviews to see if the form works. It kept reverting to some weird formatting, but is probably a proxy/AWS issue.
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    Adjust door handles?

    going to need a better angle on that handle. i see no fitment issues, only a distraction by the vinyl.
  22. 640k

    Tracking regular maintenance

    once every other oil change.
  23. 640k

    Child Seat Indents

    you could always hold out hope for a wrecked tesla and replace the rear seats. i'm sure they exist!
  24. 640k

    Regen make batter % go up

    honestly i'm not sure which one of us missed the joke on that one.
  25. 640k

    Child Seat Indents

    welcome to the internet, buddy. seriously, you asked for it so i delivered. you said you searched, but didn't find any results. it has been expressed that child seats/boosters will leave indents that may or may not go away. the real issue is going to be the longevity of the cushion itself...
  26. 640k

    Best Model Y video to date!

    the Y is quite a bit taller than i anticipated. i don't know why i would have thought otherwise. quite disappointed she didn't open it up.
  27. 640k

    Regen make batter % go up

    with a 40% loss in battery efficiency, i find this hard to believe, grandpa!
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    its' not my wife's car

    does she know any of your passwords?
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    Child Seat Indents

    ...you must suck at searching... dealing with carseats & white interior? Car seats. Looking for potential solution Child proofing your Model 3? the long of the short of it is, there are mats you can purchase that will protect your seats. or, you know, use a beach towel.
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    Tracking regular maintenance

    i just use the trip odometers in the cards. i renamed Trip B to "Tires" or something to that effect.
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    LTE sim replacement by Tesla for grey market

    oh. ok. /thread.
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    Tesla Pizza

    ...she drives real fast and drives real hard... the song is about an old lady with a "shiny red Super Stock Dodge". she did NOT own a base model!! :D :D :D 1964 Dodge 330 Super Stock Two-Door Sedan
  33. 640k

    Tesla Pizza

    i love that someone took the time out of their day to disagree with your post.
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    Advice Needed: Convincing Husband to Go Tesla

    maybe. it's already rendering cars. the detail is just a map.
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    its' not my wife's car

    it's hard to relate when we're all struggling to understand your struggles... she drives more often it so you don't get the chance to? she forgets to plug it in, so it's not charged when you do get to drive it? you miss your Leaf?
  36. 640k

    its' not my wife's car

  37. 640k

    its' not my wife's car

  38. 640k

    its' not my wife's car

    OP's post was so close to reading like a haiku, he really missed the mark here.
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    Advice Needed: Convincing Husband to Go Tesla

    my kids are always disappointed when other Teslas don't show up as a Tesla. there's little reason they can't figure it out other than time investment and little ROI. however, it would be a really cool "promotional stunt" to be able to spot any and all Tesla in that way. i don't think...
  40. 640k

    Advice Needed: Convincing Husband to Go Tesla

    if you have a neighborhood website like Nextdoor or a Facebook social page in your area, check around for electricians that do work on the side. I had an outlet installed for half of that and the guy basically gave me the cable for free (he did other work as well).
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    Auto dimming mirrors

    i don't have any proof to back it up but i'm fairly certain the screen changes based on your region's sunset/rise. waze and tesla seem to switch about the same time, although there have been times i've manually switched between day and night.
  42. 640k

    Aero Wheel Cap Kit off of Amazon - yay or nay?

    I have these but in red. they're fine, but i don't have anything to compare them to. the reviews tell you everything you need to know. the T Tesla cap that covers the hub can have inconsistencies that may scratch your rim. I had problems removing one of mine and ended up actually bending the...
  43. 640k

    Auto dimming mirrors

    it's been a bit of a battle trying to determine what the correct answer is, but i suspect it uses a combination of time of day (when to engage) and if there is a need (how bright is it). so instead of the sensor always being active, it only engages when needed. i feel like this is true because...
  44. 640k

    Radio slow after update

    Updated to 2020.8.1 overnight and the radio is having fits. Switching between sources creates a weird 1s "clip" much louder than set volume of the radio station. It pauses sound, plays the "clip" and then goes to the new source. Switching between presets is slow and controlling with the...
  45. 640k

    Who needs a Super charger when you can have a GIGA charger! LOL

  46. 640k

    Clay bar, yes...but what about PPF?

    here's something from my experience: can you clay PPF? yes. however if you have a partial PPF or any exposed edges, the edge of the film will attract the clay like nobody's business and will be nearly impossible to remove. i've always been told to treat the PPF the same way you treat the paint.

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