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  1. NigelM

    Tesla UI vs Others

    Risk here is 'maybe' an unpopular take so pls remember it's just an opinion... Driving a Toyota Camry Hybrid XLE for a couple days and realizing that although I mildly dislike having soooo many buttons my big takeaway is that the UI is actually much friendlier than my Model Y :oops: I realized...
  2. NigelM

    FSD is frozen…

    Appreciate the advice but FSD is buggier than most will admit, there's rarely a drive where I don't have to take control or the car tells me to takeover. The last thing I'm going to do is reboot while using FSD. I was curious how long the freeze would last without doing a reboot - was about an...
  3. NigelM

    FSD is frozen…

    Incorrect. Neither FSD nor AP worked.
  4. NigelM

    FSD is frozen…

    Eventually fixed itself after ~1hr 👀
  5. NigelM

    FSD is frozen…

    Odd - today the FSD portion of my center screen is frozen. Haven’t seen this before and everything else is working ok, although obv I can’t engage cruise control or FSD. Anyone seen this happen before?
  6. NigelM

    Supercharging While Towing

    Perhaps whoever attaches the trailer to your car can show you how to unhook it?
  7. NigelM

    Constantly changing regen braking (since FSD enabled)

    On Christmas eve, my Y updated to 2021.44.25.6 enabling FSD...Yay right? Not quite... Despite moderate temps the last couple days I keep getting the warning "Regenerative braking temporarily reduced". Can't say I notice much actual change but if it's not a bug then it's pretty dangerous to...
  8. NigelM

    Model Y motion sickness

    Picked up a new MY in June and multiple family members (incl myself!) have gotten motion sickness sitting in the back seat. Recently caught up with an old Tesla friend and mentioned this... He told me that there was a design issue with a small part of the rear suspension that causes an almost...
  9. NigelM

    Supercharger - Lynchburg, VA

    Was in Lynchburg last weekend for the IEA show and Supercharger was 'Temporarily Unavailable'; freezing on Friday night caused car to lose 30mi of range and really cold on Saturday night so lost another 20mi of range, left it very dodgy as to whether I'd get back up to Charlottesville...
  10. NigelM

    Cybertruck meme thread.

    OK, not a meme per se; but Lego wins the internet today....
  11. NigelM

    Roadster Service E-Mail

    E-mail received or not, the channel is dedicated exclusively for ALL U.S. Roadster owners. Gets around the app-based service booking system that is used for all other Tesla models.
  12. NigelM

    Roadster Service E-Mail Poll and info

    Scratching my head, wondering why anyone cares about getting an e-mail? The point is that U.S. Roadster owners can't book a service appointment via the Tesla app and (most/all?) service centers have an automated phone system that refers you back to the app. Now we have a contact point that is...
  13. NigelM

    Roadster Service E-Mail

    Couple months back I spent some ridiculous time trying to book a service appointment; I'll claim credit for kicking up a big fuss on behalf of Roadster owners and even mailing/texting various senior management. That said, huge thanks should actually go to @bonnie for getting to the right people...
  14. NigelM

    Cybertruck and superchargers

    Obvious solution might be to have trucks charge alongside the Semis and not at standard Supercharger sites.
  15. NigelM

    Cybertruck and superchargers

    Think about how heavy that supercharger cable is and then multiply it buy xx ft. Never mind resistance calculations, dangers of an extension plug laying on the ground with 400v running through it, difficulty of transmitting pilot signal to start/stop charging etc etc.
  16. NigelM

    Cybertruck and superchargers

    On the prototype and photos the charge port is by the wheel arch (you can see it, no need to assume), on current cars it's part of the taillight housing so much closer to the back of the car. Nothing serious to stop Tesla moving the charge port of course.
  17. NigelM

    Cybertruck and superchargers

    My earlier question about whether this fits Supercharger spaces still stands. Images credit: @dblumx on Twitter
  18. NigelM

    Cybertruck and superchargers

    At 20' long this thing will not fit inside the current supercharger 16'-18' spaces. It's made worse by the ground bumpers that are in place at many superchargers to stop folks backing into the pedestals. Just based on eyeballing this monster, it's hard to see how the current supercharger...
  19. NigelM

    V10 Model X100D

    We use anywhere from 1-3GB data daily for total household; the day that V10 downloaded our total usage went to 30GB....Yup, guess it's pretty big.
  20. NigelM

    v10 firmware 'broke' a couple things?

    FW version: 2019.32.10.2 1. Lane departure warning no longer works 2. Driver door opening on approach no longer works Stuff like this has happened before with FW updates and they usually get fixed in subsequent 'bug updates'. Just curious if anyone else has experienced these two? (2018 Model...
  21. NigelM

    Don't Place Anything on the Floor...

    Claw Grabber on Amazon This has come in useful on a few occasions over the last several years. $7...worth the investment.
  22. NigelM

    Arnold Schwarzenegger Sent Greta Thunberg an Electric Car (Model 3)

    Arnold Schwarzenegger Sent Activist Greta Thunberg an Electric Car Quite appropriate I'd say :)
  23. NigelM

    Caution - Annual Service - Car power-down - GPS issue

    I think that's it. Hate to say it but the entire fleet is ~1,200 cars so I don't think we're going to get much priority or resource for a centralized solution.
  24. NigelM

    Charging problem after PEM reconnected wrongly @ annual service

    Just closing this one off.... Tesla actually went over and above to get things right again: They didn't find any further issues but disassembly and reassembly of PEM connections etc has fixed the charging issue; everything points back to the PEM connections post-service. However, Tesla...
  25. NigelM

    Caution - Annual Service - Car power-down - GPS issue

    Build the harness and it's easy enough to update the Garmin. I discovered a Tesla tech who has built one for upgrades and was immensely helpful; the biggest PITA ia actually accessing the unit. Unfortunately, I was also told that every Roadster will be affected sooner or later. Biggest issue...
  26. NigelM

    Charging problem after PEM reconnected wrongly @ annual service

    Aaaand add the Garmin/GPS/time issue now. This apparently voided the time stamps on the logs. :(
  27. NigelM

    Caution - Annual Service - Car power-down - GPS issue

    Ugh, just got notification from service that the problem is now on my car also. They tell me it's impacted all the time stamps on the logs....
  28. NigelM

    Charging problem after PEM reconnected wrongly @ annual service

    It wasn’t very clear to me what they tried the other day (I suspect it was my 110v cable). Previously there were 7 service reps, now there are 2 who look pretty overloaded and detailed Is harder to come by when most communication is automated text messages telling you to check the app. Tesla...
  29. NigelM

    Charging problem after PEM reconnected wrongly @ annual service

    Update: Tesla called(!), wanted to blame non-charging on the CAN Sr; when I explained how it worked and why that couldn't be they then suggested to come to my house and check on my HPWC. I said sure but then they should also check my Clipper Creek HCS, and my Tesla UMC, and my Tesla 110v...
  30. NigelM

    Charging problem after PEM reconnected wrongly @ annual service

    This makes a lot of sense. Thanks Henry @hcsharp Tesla called in a "Senior Area Roadster Technician" today; I communicated in writing via email and text and then my wife took the car over and put the service guys on the phone so I could walk them through the issues and the suggestion on what...
  31. NigelM

    Charging problem after PEM reconnected wrongly @ annual service

    Roadster still running beautifully after 8 years went in for annual service last week. Took her home after a few days (why did it take 3 days?) and on plugging in I she wouldn't charge just giving me a message to "Connect Charge Cable". Back to Tesla the next morning as range was getting low...
  32. NigelM

    Most Appropriate/Inappropriate/Funniest TMC Banner Ad's

    Can anyone help me fit this to my Tesla?
  33. NigelM

    Model S Whispbar Roof Rack For Sale

    Original with box and all fittings. Used only twice, excellent condition. Suitable for Model S panoramic/sunroof. Compatible with first and second gen pano roof mounts Same as this one but original Whispbar S37 branding -> Model S Roof Rack - Panoramic Roof $275 plus shipping (or collect...
  34. NigelM


    Still available? Cord length?
  35. NigelM

    Odd charging behavior (seen in logs)

    Workaround for me is using the UMC from my wife's X (it's never been needed for that car) together with a CAN Sr. P.S. Anyone want to buy a second-hand HCS-40P?
  36. NigelM

    Odd charging behavior (seen in logs)

    I am using the original Tesla J1772 adapter although I'd never noticed the issue until now.
  37. NigelM

    Odd charging behavior (seen in logs)

    Did anyone ever find a solution to this? I'm only just discovering it via my very recent installation of OVMS. (c.c. @markwj ) If I read the thread correctly, the issue goes away using Henry's CAN?
  38. NigelM

    Yellow borders on main screen- A new fix

    Due for other service items on Monday and got an advance invoice so just spent 20 mins on the phone to clarify that it's NOT customer pay but they did confirm that parts are available....
  39. NigelM

    The Rise of Self-Driving Trucks

    Where and how are critical questions. In my example case i was on a 2 lane windy road so there would be no where for a driverless vehicle to pull over; equally if a driverless truck was on the freeway and suddenly hit heavy rain like that so that blindspot detection was unavailable how could...
  40. NigelM

    Media defaulting to radio

    2019.12.1.1 seems to have fixed the issue
  41. NigelM

    A pleasant surprise, a new Service Center in Sarasota had a soft opening today!

    So I pester Tesla for 4 years to open a service center in Sarasota and then they open one AFTER I move to Virginia!!! ;) (Seriously though, great news for the ever increasing numbers of SRQ owners and will relieve pressure on Brandon Service Center)
  42. NigelM

    Supercharger - Lexington, VA

    We were at Lexington Spring Premiere this weekend and were very grateful for the electrons. Both hotels were booked out so we couldn't get a room there; we'll try again next time.
  43. NigelM

    Problems opening the charge port with the home cord button

    Did have this appear recently but during one of the subsequent updates it seems to have been fixed again. Currently running 2019.12.1 but installing yet another version tonight. P.S. IIRC the receiving antenna is in the trunk area so pointing the charger handle at the rear window as you press...
  44. NigelM

    Yellow borders on main screen- A new fix

    Yes. Tesla determines if a mobile tech is the most suitable option and they will contact you accordingly.
  45. NigelM

    Media defaulting to radio

    Same thing on my wife's X but just got notice of yet another FW update (3rd in 2 weeks) which will maybe fix it. (Install scheduled for tonight)
  46. NigelM

    Recommendations for phone holder?

    OK, love that one; now to see if I can pull a favor from one of my friends with a 3D printer.....Did you create the files for RHD?
  47. NigelM

    New screens now available

    Agreed. Plus Tesla would have to have second-hand screens available to actually remanufacture. The yellow border issue seems to stretch over (10's of?) thousands of cars so even if they could establish a supply of old screens (where from?), how could they find enough of them? Not ignoring that...
  48. NigelM

    New screens now available

    Yellowed after less than 4 months old here..... :rolleyes:

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