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  1. RVD98072

    Hello, I'm a new Korean User!

    I will likely be moving from the US to Korea in a few months (job related, non-military). I will be selling my US Tesla but am interested in buying one in Korea. How is the charging situation though? Can you set up a HPWC at an apartment complex? I'd rather not have to go to superchargers /...
  2. RVD98072

    Chrome delete place in Seattle

    Kyler should be able to take care of that. I didn't get chrome delete but he does a lot of wrapping, etc. and can do stuff like this too. Kyler's Auto Detail in Kent. Tell him that Dan Paik sent you and he'll take care of you. His contact info is at: Kylers Auto Detail
  3. RVD98072

    Ceramic coating for Tesla 3 in Redmond, Bellevue, or Kirkland

    I go to Kyler's Auto Detail in Kent, WA for my ppf and ceramic coating. He does a great job and does a lot of cleaning and detailing for Bellevue Tesla. I don't have any affiliation with them or anything but have taken my Model X there and had a few friends go there as well. I did not get my...
  4. RVD98072

    Advisor won't add referral code for P3D (originally order 3D)

    "All Model 3 Performance orders placed before August 1, 2018 will be given unlimited Supercharging, no referral required." Referral Program
  5. RVD98072

    Advisor won't add referral code for P3D (originally order 3D)

    My friend initially placed an order for a AWD 3. A few weeks later, he changed his order to a P3D and gave them my referral code for free unlimited supercharging. However, he said that his advisor will not add the referral code because it had to have been there when the order the placed. But...
  6. RVD98072

    Model 3 Xpel wrap in WA

    I like Kyler's Auto Detail in Kent for wrap, ceramic coating, etc. Let him know that Dan (w/ the Model X) sent you and he'll give you a pretty good price.
  7. RVD98072

    How frequent is everyone seeing 3s in the Seattle area?

    I see 5-10 per day but I work in tech where there are many Tesla owners (the majority of electric vehicles where I work).
  8. RVD98072

    12v cigarette lighter adapter plugged in for days?

    Summer is coming and this is the first summer with my X so it's camping season. I recently got a thermoelectric cooler...it's basically like an ice box but you plug it into your 12v plug in the trunk and it will keep the cooler pretty cool for you. Less bulky than my ice box since the X trunk...
  9. RVD98072

    free supercharging transfer cutoff?

    I tried to do some searches but it's confusing because information seemed to change a lot over time. I purchased an inventory X in oct 2017. When I check my car in tesla.com it says that free supercharging will not transfer if i sell the car. But in articles like this: Tesla's Free Lifetime...
  10. RVD98072

    Oregon Coast Vacation Rental with HPWC

    I'm interested in booking the place for a few days this summer. The Tesla HPWC is a great perk. However, I don't really like talking on the phone so I'm hoping this will come online at some point so that I can just see prices and book online without having to talk to someone. RVD.
  11. RVD98072

    7 seater with 3 car seats in middle row

    In my case, about 50% of the time I am in the X I have 7 people, about 25% I have 6 people and the last 25% is <6 people so I rarely have the 3rd row down for extra storage. Otherwise having 3 kids in the middle might work for us too.
  12. RVD98072

    7 seater with 3 car seats in middle row

    I have the newer 7 seat bench 2nd row. I also have 3 kids (2 of them in car seats - both forward facing). If you have an old 7 seater, this is not an issue. I like the new 7 seaters because all of the seats fold down for a lot of trunk space. I have struggled with this issue a lot. The 2nd...
  13. RVD98072

    WA State EV Sales Tax Exemption Updated

    Most of the chatter I hear in DC is that Trump plans to extend the federal 7500 tax credit because he doesn't want American auto manufacturers (Tesla, GM) to lose ground against the Japanese. As for a second term, as James Carville liked to say, it will depend mostly on the economy and how it's...
  14. RVD98072

    Tow package psych

    Interestingly enough, I had a problem show up in my seats so I took the car to the service center here in Bellevue, WA. They said that the tow package parts are here so they installed the tow hitch for me. Literally the next morning I left for my trip to CA but didn't have enough time to...
  15. RVD98072

    WA State EV Sales Tax Exemption Updated

    On a slightly related note, I ended up not ordering my Model 3 so I'm just holding onto my reservation. I picked up a Kia Soul EV last week on a 3 year lease. Total cost of ownership over 3 years is only $9k so I'm guessing that I'll try to get a Model 3 at that time (standard range + EAP for...
  16. RVD98072

    Just bought an X. My first Tesla. It'll be the family beater and we'll ignore it. Suggestions?

    I would recommend wrapping just the front part (whole car is too expensive). i got the all weather mats on amazon for a cheaper price than weathertech and they seem fine. i vacuum the car once/wk and wash the car once/month. i have 3 kids (ages 12, 5, 4) and on my weekly vacuum it's...
  17. RVD98072

    Draining close to empty

    fwiw, i charge up to around 90% and then drive off immediately and it's always at 264 miles (I have a MX 100D). I haven't noticed any decline since I got the car (roughly 7000 miles in right now). i charge at home sometimes but mostly charge out at urban chargers while i'm on the road.
  18. RVD98072

    Draining close to empty

    Ok I'll stop...maybe.
  19. RVD98072

    Draining close to empty

    Is it bad to run the battery down close to empty all the time? On ICE, I'm used to driving until the red light is on for awhile and using an EV I usually drive until I'm down to <20 miles range left on the Tesla and <10 miles range in other EVs (e.g. Leaf, etc.). Is it bad to run it down that...
  20. RVD98072

    Economic Study: If Model 3 was NOT for resale, did you purchase EAP?

    BMW i3 also has traffic jam assist if you code it.
  21. RVD98072

    WA State EV Sales Tax Exemption Updated

    seems way too low. we were averaging 300+/mo. i know i was one of the 77 in Feb with my M3.
  22. RVD98072

    Just dropped off my month-old 100D for a surprisingly open-ended service appointment

    For door issues, do you have auto presenting doors enabled? I turned mine off pretty much the first week I had the car. I haven't had any odd door issues.
  23. RVD98072

    How to lock up your private charger in a condo?

    Obviously I don't live where you do but I would hope that most Tesla owners are civilized enough not to use another person's charger if the other person does not want them to use it. Since it's hard for other EV owners to use a tesla charger (there are some adapters and such but they are pretty...
  24. RVD98072

    Delivery day

    There is a setting to make the car visible in the app. The delivery specialist can set that up so the car will show up in the app starting delivery day (so you can track the car, etc.). As for your daughter driving it home, it should be pretty easy. As others mentioned, things like turning...
  25. RVD98072

    WA State EV Sales Tax Exemption Updated

    Actually I think this discussion is about the WA state sales tax exemption for the first 7500 EVs (first $32k of the price) sold since last summer (includes the model 3). I think you're talking about the $7500 federal tax credit. The full credit should be available until Q3 of this year at...
  26. RVD98072

    Tesla Battery Modules for sale

    I have friends who buy these batteries and sell them to DIY electric bike folks on endless-sphere.com (so you may want to post in the classifieds there as well).
  27. RVD98072

    Snoqualmie summit Model X

    interesting! my house has a long driveway and it's downhill. it's not crazy steep or anything but when there was a lot of snow, my old fwd toyota sienna was scary...it lost control and skidded down the entire driveway and luckily slowed down at the bottom near the house when it flattens out...
  28. RVD98072

    Tow package psych

    I got my car in Nov 2017 (Aug 2017 build) and it didn't have the tow hitch so it's on the due bill. I've been waiting since then but hopefully the parts come in soon. It was a bit of a pain for me because I picked up the car in CA although I live in WA and drove the car up from CA. I had...
  29. RVD98072

    Dallas Service Center damage while in-service >$30k, Tesla won't cover diminished value!

    fwiw, i would take the tesla offer. while it would be great to be 100% made whole, this is basically just an unfortunate accident that happens and is part of the risk involved when taking your car to service, valet parking a car, etc. i'm actually kind of surprised that tesla even gave $5k and...
  30. RVD98072

    Question from soon-to-be new owner:

    Until a few weeks ago, I had 0 issues (first 3 months of owning the car). A couple of weeks ago one of my 2nd row seats stopped sliding back/forth (to allow entry to the 3rd row). I have the 7 seater. I haven't taken this in yet but probably will in a few weeks or so.
  31. RVD98072

    Supercharger - Lynnwood WA

    Ah yeah I think that's right. I saw the 72A box on the right and was thinking about that but you are correct.
  32. RVD98072

    WA state registration fees for Model 3

    lol, yup it might be a loophole. btw, registration for my M3 was ~$125 as expected.
  33. RVD98072

    I am now planning to get the full self-driving option and here is why

    Of course! This is a forum right? It's all about speculation. If we just went by what Elon and Tesla publicly announces, this would be kind of a boring place.
  34. RVD98072

    Supercharger - Lynnwood WA

    Yup, that's correct. I drop the wife and family off at 85C and then I drive over to Fred Meyer to charge. After 85C, the wife goes over to H Mart for groceries and when I'm done charging I pick up the wife and family over at H Mart and it's the perfect timing to get a nice charge in over in...
  35. RVD98072

    Supercharger - Lynnwood WA

    I charged here and it was fine for me. Charged at 72 amps (~200 miles/hr) on my Model X. This is my favorite supercharger. I drop off the wife at 85C, she stands in the long line to buy some pastries, she then walks over to H Mart to go shopping, and I supercharge while she shops. I'd much...
  36. RVD98072

    WA state registration fees for Model 3

    that's kind of interesting. It's interesting because I picked up my Model X in Fremont, CA and drove it up here. They charged me sales tax based on where I live in WA state (which came out to 8.6% + 0.3% = 8.9%). They did not charge me CA sales tax. I did this because I bought an inventory...
  37. RVD98072

    Model 3 at Bellevue Square

    i got the email this morning. but it just so happens that my delivery day for my model 3 is today. oh well.
  38. RVD98072

    M3 wrap costs (XPEL and color change)

    The price range is huge. I found prices ranging from $1400-$3500 for the front for custom cut. The cheaper rates are good jobs as far as I can tell but depends how picky you want to get.
  39. RVD98072

    I am now planning to get the full self-driving option and here is why

    Hmm, I actually think the only reason to get fsd now is that the hardware probably isn’t powerful enough so Tesla will remove the fsd option for current cars at some point. But if you already paid you would be grandfathered in and hardware upgraded by Tesla.
  40. RVD98072

    Just killed all my excitement for Model 3... sigh

    You forgot to mention the adaptive rear spoiler on the model x was also discontinued.
  41. RVD98072

    Delivery in Fremont vs somewhere else?

    I picked up in Fremont but only paid sales tax for Washington state (not CA).
  42. RVD98072

    Supercharger - Lynnwood WA

    Hmm I know these aren't paired like the other superchargers but I usually still try another station further away instead of right next to it when this happens. But seems like they were having an issue and other stations were probably the game.
  43. RVD98072

    Vandals smashed FWD window

    Insurance people are idiots. I would just tell them that the Tesla SC is a dealership. No need to be too accurate with those folks.
  44. RVD98072

    Dash cam DIY install Model 3

    I did a similar self install of my Blackvue 650 front and rear dashcam on my previous car (Nissan Leaf) but used a fuse to power it permanently. I wanted a cleaner job for my MX so I bit the bullet and hired calibred customs to do it right with all of the wires hidden, etc. For my M3, I'm not...
  45. RVD98072

    WA state registration fees for Model 3

    I don't know the breakdown but I bought a M3 for $54,000 + $1,000 destination and delivery. The sales tax + registration + whatever else brings my total to ~$57,500 out the door and I paid this online prior to my delivery date next week. According to my rudimentary calculations, my...
  46. RVD98072

    See a Model 3?

    We have had a few meetups with model 3 owners at the Lynnwood supercharger so you might want to stick around for one of those. But if you don't mind, I'd be interested to hear some details on your MX lemon. What happened, what couldn't be fixed, etc.?
  47. RVD98072

    Pick-up Checklist

    Let's try again
  48. RVD98072

    Pick-up Checklist

    https://doc-0s-74-docs.googleusercontent.com/docs/securesc/ha0ro937gcuc7l7deffksulhg5h7mbp1/qmdlus8o47jlik3734tll7nd48dqah7j/1517464800000/13960104462594654371/*/1pVWe2d6vP8tEV6UWb3ioI5rocAWAbsb3?e=download This is the checklist all over Facebook and the one that Kim used in the video.
  49. RVD98072

    Supercharger - Lynnwood WA

    cool. yeah i was planning to avoid the meetup time (or if i do go it was to see the M3).
  50. RVD98072

    Supercharger - Lynnwood WA

    How are the crowds? Can you pretty much always get a spot to charge or do you need to wait if you go during the day? I have been meaning to check this out but the earlier I can get there is in the late afternoon or so.

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