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  1. f-stop

    Seeking feedback on 2015 Model S 70D

    I have a late 2015 Model S 70D, only ~49,000kms. No air suspension (though now I kinda wish I got it, due to otherwise very low clearance and frequent encounters with certain speed bumps and sharp driveway inclines). Seemingly very low battery degradation - AFAICT still within 2% of original...
  2. f-stop

    Comprehensive USB Bug List

    yes, I've noticed the same, USB artwork on IC is stuck on the first song played - although the text on the IC updates correctly when the song changes. Separately, shuffle still seems to work for me. Currently on 2022.12.3.16 You *would* think this would be easy to fix, however none of the...
  3. f-stop

    what’s your range now after 1

    My late-2015 70D is just under 6.5yrs old, w/ very low mileage (approx 49,000km / 30,400mi) Lately, rated range at 90% = 340km (~211mi) ; at 100% = 378km (~235mi) That's about 1.5~2% decrease from rated range when new
  4. f-stop

    Legacy v11

    just checked that and answer is Yes If you’re in non-split mode and you go into the icon config screen (by pressing and holding one of the bottom icons) the system only offers the Left Seat icon to drag down to the bottom toolbar. If you're in split mode the you're offered both Left and Right...
  5. f-stop

    Legacy v11

    if you have it in non-split mode and passenger sits down, when you put it in gear the passenger temp indication comes up in the otherwise normally empty spot on the right. However the controls are still set to non-split, meaning if driver changes temp, the passenger temp display changes...
  6. f-stop

    Legacy v11

    just recently noticed this - in v11 with the configurable bottom toolbar, if you normally drive by yourself and have climate control set up not-split, there is the previously mentioned empty/dead space towards the right where you'd otherwise see the passenger temp setting in dual/split-mode...
  7. f-stop

    Anybody else's car get "repainted" with the latest update?

    Yes I've noticed the same since one of the recent updates in my late 2015 MS, Deep Blue Metallic (paint code PPSB). The overhead car image on the IC seem to be a bit more vivid than before. Though in real life my car's actual color is somewhere between the 2 pictures posted above (the left...
  8. f-stop

    Cross-Canada Public Charging Networks

    Yes, FLO and Chargepoint work with each other's account and app. As some others have already suggested, look for hotels along your route with free L2 charging. Patronize those hotels and let them know you appreciate them providing chargers Also, plugshare.com is your friend. get the app as...
  9. f-stop

    Elon stops providing mobile connector/says “you're on your own”

    This. Every day for over 6yrs But when I get around to selling or trading in my MS for a new Tesla, I guess I'll then be keeping my old UMC
  10. f-stop

    Yay climate controls back on launcher on 2022.12.1

    Hooray! But unfortunately with the MS' portrait-oriented screen there's only room for 4 user icons at the bottom (plus launcher button, plus 1 recently used icon). There's a blank spot wasted at the far right when you don't have climate split mode enabled, too bad you can't use it for a 5th user...
  11. f-stop

    Model S intermittently loses 4G/LTE/network connectivity while powered off

    I hesitate to say it's for certain fixed (knowing that some of these bugs in the car seem to come and go for ages), but yes since 2022.8.2 a few weeks ago the problem seems to be gone for me. YMMV. Currently on 2022.12.1
  12. f-stop

    Supercharger details popup obscured by list of nearby superchargers. Workaround?

    FYI this problem is fixed in 2022.12.1 Now tapping on a SC pin opens a pop up with details for that charger that’s wholly visible and centred in the open space to the right of the Nearby Charging list
  13. f-stop

    Legacy v11

    It's great that they brought back ability to have your choice of the seat heaters and front/rear defrosters show up on the bottom toolbar, but yeah the implementation could be better. With the MS' portrait-oriented screen, they limit you to just 4 icons of your choice, plus the launcher button...
  14. f-stop

    Would we have access to more streaming when we drive our Canadian teslas in the the USA?

    apparently coming to Canada with 2022.12.1 https://teslanorth.com/2022/04/09/tesla-launches-disney-in-canada-with-2022-12-1-update/
  15. f-stop

    Supercharger details popup obscured by list of nearby superchargers. Workaround?

    This recently has been annoying me too. Model S, 2022.8.3. Might be another UI issue introduced with v11, I cant say for sure when it became this way. I'm convinced the engineer responsible has never sat in a Model S to see how the UI behaves on the big vertical 17" screen. I confirm same...
  16. f-stop

    Would we have access to more streaming when we drive our Canadian teslas in the the USA?

    not Canada yet, but... https://www.notateslaapp.com/software-updates/upcoming-features/id/741/tesla-is-add-disney-to-australia-and-more-regions-in-2022-12
  17. f-stop

    Firmware & Software Update Frequency

    update frequency on my late-2015 AP1 70D is very similar to what @PCMc reported above. In 6yrs+3months my car received 74 software updates - average 31 days between updates, median 24days, max 90days between I upgraded to MCU2 6mo ago in Sep 2021, and in the approx 1yr prior to upgrading MCU...
  18. f-stop

    Model S intermittently loses 4G/LTE/network connectivity while powered off

    I have a Dec-2015 Model S which came with LTE, and got the MCU2 upgrade in Sep 2021. Originally for the first several months after MCU2 upgrade the LTE connection was normally solid getting into the car - I use Spotify all the time and I noticed unlike with MCU1 music would play reliably as soon...
  19. f-stop

    Supercharger - Burnaby, BC

    fyi shows up now in the car nav and also app
  20. f-stop

    Supercharger - Burnaby, BC

    Are the Superchargers in a pay parking area of the parkade?
  21. f-stop

    Supercharger - Burnaby, BC

  22. f-stop

    MCU2 questions

    I have the MCU2 upgrade and originally LTE connection was normally solid getting into the car even after MCU2 upgrade. but yes ever since one of the recent v11 updates I often get no connectivity for first couple minutes. very annoying, but not unlike Tesla to introduce a bug like this and have...
  23. f-stop

    Have you seen the price of petrol lately?

    You’re lucky. $2.099/L in Vancouver yesterday!
  24. f-stop

    Supercharger vacancies in v4 Tesla app (moved, not removed)

    good news, somewhere along the way Tesla updated the v4 iOS app and brought back the list of nearby Superchargers (I'm now on v4.5.0 as of today but I just noticed this functionality before this update so perhaps in v4.4.4 ) you still have to go into "Locations" but now in addition to map on...
  25. f-stop

    App notifications stopped

    I haven't received a "software update complete" for maybe a year or more, so I wonder if above is true. e.g. today I just updated to 2021.44.30.8 and did not get the "complete" notification. I have all the notifications turned on in the app. I almost always receive charge-start notifications; I...
  26. f-stop

    Charge limit setting missing under charging controls: 2014 S85 with 2021.44.25.2

    as tdickerson said, it's just the battery icon like shown in the picture a few posts above re: your 2nd question, no the software screen in the car does not show any image of the car
  27. f-stop

    Charge limit setting missing under charging controls: 2014 S85 with 2021.44.25.2

    2015 MS 70D with MCU2 upgrade, I confirm this issue is fixed for me with 2021.44.30.6 update received today
  28. f-stop

    V11 - Navigation is unusable at night!

    Unfortunately low contrast grey fonts on grey backgrounds still seems too much in vogue in web and app design circles. Certainly doesn’t belong in a car. Can say same about many recent Tesla UI changes IMO Tesla lately has too much focus on what might look cool or in style, and not enough...
  29. f-stop

    2015 Model S w/ christmas update 2021.44.25.2 issues

    also being discussed here: Charge limit setting missing under charging controls: 2014 S85 with 2021.44.25.2
  30. f-stop

    Charge limit setting missing under charging controls: 2014 S85 with 2021.44.25.2

    Same here, 2015 MS 70D w/ MCU2 upgrade. No more charge limit setting in-car with 2021.44.25.2
  31. f-stop

    Legacy v11

    tried that, and no, you can't pull browser window up any higher. You only get what you see there. and so you get that wonderfully useful half screen view of the map that you're not using instead at the top... /s if you drag that white wide header that says "Entertainment" downwards the...
  32. f-stop

    Legacy v11

    I'm convinced the engineers responsible never actually drive a Model S to test this stuff and understand useability effects of these changes
  33. f-stop

    Legacy v11

    yes sadly this is true - or, worse. actuallly it's now less than half the screen. another stupid regression in useability for no reason here's a pic of the v11 browser with tape measure for reference. you can see the vertical height of the browser window itself (ignoring the unnecessarily tall...
  34. f-stop

    AP1 ONLY Please -- life after 2018.50.6

    Tidal showed up in the previous release for me, 2021.40. I don’t have an account so haven’t tried it, though I believe you can get a free trial 2021.40.6 also adds waypoints aka “Add stop” to the Nav (finally!), so that’s a nice addition
  35. f-stop

    Comprehensive USB Bug List

    BTW before anyone gets too excited and wants to praise the skills of Tesla software engineers for (finally) fixing a USB bug, you should know that the USB resume bug still persists in 2021.40 …
  36. f-stop

    Comprehensive USB Bug List

    Yes I was on 2021.36.5.1 a couple days ago, and 2021.36.5 and 2021.36 a week / a couple weeks prior, respectively, and pretty sure the album art was still missing in all of those. And ps yes, MCU2 (upgraded from MCU ending Sept and immediately started gettting 2021.x updates)
  37. f-stop

    Comprehensive USB Bug List

    ok :) as I said even I didn't believe it at first v2021.40 release note, installed yesterday. and a couple screen pics just taken, incl a recording of BBC radio play with album art I added to the files (so I know this is my audio file on USB not from other streaming source), plus another...
  38. f-stop

    Comprehensive USB Bug List

    hey everyone, I know this is hard to believe - I had to double/triple check even after I first saw it with my own eyes in my car this morning... ... but with firmware 2021.40, USB album art seems to finally be working again! I got the .40 update yesterday, and though I hadn't been using USB...
  39. f-stop

    What eMMC do I have?

    Incorrect. You do not lose Premium Connectivity if you already had it and then get MCU2 upgrade Also, immediately after MCU2 upgrade I started getting 2021.x firmware updates. Was on 2020.48.36.x prior to upgrade
  40. f-stop

    taking long time to turn on / start up: 2013 Model S 60

    My 2015 70D with MCU1 (w/ original eMMC) behaved just like this for many months, maybe more than a year+ … I forget because it just became the norm annoyance I had to put up with each drive. I used to joke that my car would be useless as a getaway car in a heist (or IKEA sale) :) Then a few...
  41. f-stop

    AP1 ONLY Please -- life after 2018.50.6

    IIRC the parking brake only gets automatically engaged if your seat belt is disconnected AND you lift your butt off the seat ?
  42. f-stop

    AP1 ONLY Please -- life after 2018.50.6

    AP1/MCU2(upgrade) just received 2021.36.5 (was on 2021.36 previously) Release notes : "Mobile app improvements: you can now adjust Charge Current, Scheduled Departure or Scheduled Charging at your car's current location from the Tesla app. Note this functionality requires mobile app...
  43. f-stop

    2017 S100D software question

    it seems that 2020.48.37.8 is the latest version for cars with MCU1 if you have MCU2, you should be on one of the 2021.n versions. my 2015 70D was on 2020.48.37.6 since July but a couple weeks ago after upgrading to MCU2 I started getting 2021.n updates (currently on 2021.36)
  44. f-stop

    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    Likewise, I've not seen any increase in vampire drain after upgrading to MCU2. Earlier this week I didn't drive q for 3 days and whlie parked in the garage during that period the rated range only decreased by less than 3km/day. 2015 70D AP1/MCU2 I don't regularly use Slacker any more but can...
  45. f-stop

    Is the Web browser supposed to suck?

    I can report same experience here after MCU2 upgrade
  46. f-stop

    Trying to understand current pricing on old MCU updates

    “Usually” is the key word here, IMO agreed, have a backup plan in case >1day For reference I got the MCU2 upgrade a few weeks ago. when I booked the appointment via the app, I requested a loaner vehicle and was told I could have one depending on availability at the time, otherwise they'd give...
  47. f-stop

    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    Yes I got my car back at end of day 3, they apparently had to reload the firmware several times before it would “take”. Have not noticed any difference in camera brightness but as tccartier mentioned above I too seem to recall hearing there was some update a while back that fixed that problem...
  48. f-stop

    Western Canada Superchargers

    Yes, you can stand on the corner of just about any main street here in Vancouver and 5 or 6 Teslas (mostly white) will pass by almost any given minute :)
  49. f-stop

    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    thanks everyone for posting comments about how long their upgrade took. well I finally got my car back today, it ended up taking them 3 full days. but good news, in the end it looks like everything went well and is working fine after the update. Initially when I got my car back, the app...
  50. f-stop

    Canadian Stores and Service Centers

    anyone been to the new Tesla location on Bridgeport Road in Richmond BC, just across the street from Costco? I noticed it for the first time recently while driving by. wondering if it is a store as well as a service centre there, or perhaps also doing delivery of new cars?

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