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  1. K

    Model X (only) - FSD beta

    There are end of 2016 Model Xs with AP2 that are FSD capable. We of course need the HW3 upgrade and for the City Streets Beta it's my understanding we need some or all of the 8 cameras upgraded to a newer revision.
  2. K

    Falcon Doors Car Lift

    Sensors point outward at the lower section of the rear doors. They control the outward opening distance for the front and rear doors and may prevent the door from hitting a low obstacle to either side of the car as the doors open, but it is unlikely they would detect the lift above, since...
  3. K

    Are you right for FSD Beta?

    I think the mistake was referring to it as FSD beta. Tesla owners are desensitized to the term beta because so many features are still referred to as beta, heck the auto wipers are still beta. The beta features in the car are close to being release candidates, while Nav on City Streets is...
  4. K

    Model X (only) - FSD beta

    Ah, okay. They hadn't announced camera upgrade availability publicly yet, so wasn't sure. Did they end up replacing all the cameras or only the front facing? I'd already upgraded my repeater cameras for the improved color on the backup view, I assume they replaced the windshield cam as well?
  5. K

    Model X (only) - FSD beta

    AP2 or AP2.5? ~8/2017 to 2/2018 had AP2.5 and MCU1 w/ the primary difference of AP2.5 being upgraded cameras. If you got FSD beta, I would assume you had AP2.5, not AP2.
  6. K

    Model X (only) - FSD beta

    For me, it's reasonable to assume that MCU1 vehicles would be excluded from this FSD beta because it relies heavily on the driver to determine that the vehicle sees compared to what the driver sees. Currently, the mechanism used to display what the vehicle sees is the enhanced visualizations...
  7. K

    Model X (only) - FSD beta

    I wonder which cameras need replacing. I already upgraded my repeater cameras to get the improved color view for the backup cameras and Teslacam. I still have AP2 front and b-pillar cameras though. Only a 96 safety score, so would be a while before I'm eligible anyway.
  8. K

    Totaled Model X

    Yeah, that seems crazy. It has to be a total loss formula state. Seems like a total waste.
  9. K

    How many will look into the F-150 Lightning?

    Tesla has definitely downplayed the concept of V2G. I'm not a fan of the idea either, it's viable as an emergency power source, but the idea of balancing the grid load by using your vehicle as a stationary power source is silly. With the obsession people have over every mile of degradation...
  10. K

    What tread depth do you replace your tires at? (and 2 or 4 at a time)?

    P Zero, could feel the tires weren't gripping in the cold. Fortunately we don't get that many days below freezing. That said, we get the occasional snow and I the benefits of a high performance all-season outweigh the negatives for me.
  11. K

    What tread depth do you replace your tires at? (and 2 or 4 at a time)?

    My driving style absolutely contributes to the tire wear. My prior vehicle was a BMW X6M sporting a tuned V8 twin turbo, slower off the line, but faster in the corners than the Model X P100D. Ran the same tires on the BMW, but the Tesla tires are narrower and significantly less expensive...
  12. K

    Tesla Supercharging - SC05 - Transfer supercharging workaround?

    It could also technically be fraud.
  13. K

    What tread depth do you replace your tires at? (and 2 or 4 at a time)?

    I replace my tires at 4/32, which is when I can start to feel a significant difference in handling in the rain. I get about 26k miles on the fronts and about 13k miles on the rears. I alternate replacing the rears only and all four. I've switched to the DWS 06 linked above, they provide a 50k...
  14. K

    Will windows stop smash and grab

    Smash and grabs aren't usually using a hammer anyway, but a much less conspicuous glass breaking tool. Laminated glass slows the process down, but leave something valuable enough in the cab, in the wrong place, and somebody will break into your vehicle.
  15. K

    Tesla window shot at, suspect captured

    I suspect the attempted murder charges are a bit of a stretch and will likely come down to trying to prove some intent to make the vehicles lose control or to injure the drivers. Not all BB/pellet guns are created equal and it's conceivable one could penetrate the window and hit the driver. It...
  16. K

    2020 Model XL rear-ended

    There's a squeak from one of the FWDs over big bumps, I've been meaning to grease the latch. Aside from that, it looks perfect. The shop I used came highly rated in the area though. Honestly, I'll be really surprised if yours isn't totaled. That damage looks deeper than mine and higher...
  17. K

    2020 Model XL rear-ended

    When my 2016 X (HW3/MCU2 upgraded) was rear-ended, it automatically saved the footage of all 4 recorded cameras. It doesn't look like you were pushed into a vehicle in front of you, which is likely why airbags didn't deploy. Most of the force on your body when you are rear ended is back into...
  18. K

    How many will look into the F-150 Lightning?

    I run about 2000kWh/month, but that's with a decent amount of always on computer hardware and 3 plug-in vehicles. The house essentially breaks down to about 800kWh of that, the computers another 800kWh and the cars probably 400kWh. Until I go back to driving normally again, then the cars will...
  19. K

    How many will look into the F-150 Lightning?

    I was actually referring to using it as storage for solar or taking maximum advantage of TOU metering. Both of those really need the storage to be there during the day to be most useful. You could certainly go the multiple truck route, it would be interesting to see a cost comparison between...
  20. K

    How many will look into the F-150 Lightning?

    Interesting, certainly no reason it couldn't, other than I would expect them to need to revise any battery warranties to account for the excess wear. I'm not sold on the practicality though, since those buying it as a work vehicle are more likely to be out working with the vehicle rather than...
  21. K

    How many will look into the F-150 Lightning?

    I'm assuming they're only going to allow the configuration to work with a transfer switch, rather than grid tied. So, you're limiting the excess wear on the battery to outages and not the constant daily cycle of charging and discharging with solar or TOU metering. One means the occasional...
  22. K

    How many will look into the F-150 Lightning?

    Seems a bit gimmicky, honestly the whole V2G scenario is as far as I'm concerned. You're going to need a transfer switch, a sub-panel with whatever breakers you want to power in the event of the outage and likely an inverter unless the vehicle charger provides that function. All that for 40A...
  23. K

    Driving with the back hatch open?

    Yup, I've done it multiple times. Just be mindful to secure the hatch well enough that it doesn't damage itself banging against the posts. I usually tie it down with a padding between the hatch and whatever's sticking out.
  24. K

    Will We See A CT Price Increase?

    Even if Tesla honors the base trim prices of the Cybertruck, there's no guarantee there won't be mandatory "premium" options on the early configurations to offset any material cost increases. They may honor reservation prices and simply push you to the back of the line if you're unwilling to...
  25. K

    CR Report/Test on Recent Model S Crash

    I firmly believe that a person intentionally bypassing a safety system becomes responsible for the outcome. You could argue that it might be an issue of a deficient safety system if it was easily bypassed by a child to an extent more than any other automobile. That said, I'm really not a fan...
  26. K

    Continental ExtremeContact DWS 06

    Absolutely agree. If you're comparing a max performance summer tire to even an ultra high performance all season, you're still talking about different performance characteristics and making some concessions. In the Charlotte area, we don't see much snow, but the low winter temps still make a...
  27. K

    Enabling Supercharging on salvage Tesla Model X

    My understanding is that they disable all DC charging and that they don't have any avenue for getting it re-enabled. The HV inspection process is required for them to even service the vehicle after it has been rebuilt. EDIT: Posted before seeing the latest reply. If Tesla has indeed changed...
  28. K

    Why is this happening (limited dynamic braking)?

    Optimal temperatures for the battery are a lot higher than people realize, i.e. upwards of 100F to support the highest charge and discharge rates. Peak regen is around 72kW, the same as an urban supercharger, so much more sensitive to battery conditions than even the highest home charging.
  29. K

    EPAS_w001 - Our Model X almost killed us today :(

    I don't disagree, selling a vehicle with an active safety fault is unacceptable. Personally, if Tesla isn't going to refurbish vehicles, I think they should get out of the used sales business. Humans tuning out warnings unfortunately can't be avoided unless you make them so impossible to...
  30. K

    EPAS_w001 - Our Model X almost killed us today :(

    Ah, okay. It's not an error I've encountered proactively in another vehicle, but that makes sense.
  31. K

    EPAS_w001 - Our Model X almost killed us today :(

    I'm glad the OP avoided an accident, but I'm confused about exactly what Tesla could have done better. It sounds like there was a warning on the car about a power steering problem before it occurred and if I'm not mistaken, that is more than any other car with an impending power steering...
  32. K

    MCU2 - do u need to request AP3 at same time?

    Cameras and radar stay the same.
  33. K

    Won’t sleep away from home

    I think they should just tie Sentry Mode and Summon Standby together, since they essentially keep the same systems online. You're more likely to be using summon when you're out somewhere that you're likely to be using Sentry Mode anyway. It's pretty obvious they know that, since the default...
  34. K

    Won’t sleep away from home

    Summon Standby is enabled by default and consumes as much power as Sentry Mode. Likely culprit.
  35. K

    Model X P100DL wheels and tires.

    Both 255/45R20 and 265/45R20 front tires have been standard on the Model X, depending if you originally had Michelin or Continentals. Either is fine, just make sure you get the right load rating. I went with Continental DWS 06 and the 255 width is XL load rated, but the 265 is only SL rated.
  36. K

    Radio available for MCU upgrades

    Well, the MCU2 upgrade should come with a 2yr 25k mile warranty.
  37. K

    Will I get FSD with MCU1?

    I think you might be overly complicating the question. A 2017 X could be AP2 or AP2.5 hardware depending upon when it was built, it's definitely MCU1. If you've purchased FSD, then you're eligible for the HW3 upgrade, which is the AP3 computer, although you retain whatever version of AP...
  38. K

    How bad is M3 paint in reality?

    I don't think I've been a member of any car forum ever that doesn't bitch about how soft their car's paint is. Neither Tesla has been any better or worse than my other vehicles. I think you can expect similar results as your prior vehicles.
  39. K

    Too Aggressive Pulling in Passing Lane

    I suspect this is always going to be a bit of an issue. There's no rear radar, so AP has to estimate distance and velocity with only the rear fish eye camera and 1 side repeater. Then it needs to make the decision to lane change, confirm your attention, potentially get confirmation to change...
  40. K

    All Model 3s built since 9/1/2019 have a pedestrian warning speaker installed

    In NC, I'm convinced that if we swapped yield and stop signs, everything would work as intended. As for the pedestrian warning speaker, if it really bothers you, chew through the wire and blame a mouse...
  41. K

    Need you help! Used Model X

    It all depends on how the car has changed hands. If it was traded in to Tesla and sold at an auction before ultimately ending up at another dealer, there is a chance that Tesla removed the FSD feature from the vehicle. It doesn't matter what the original sticker says, if Tesla owned it they...
  42. K

    Odometer on instrument cluster!

    At 43,000 miles I'm on my 3rd set of tires, but that obviously varies by owner and vehicle trim, since some people get that out of a set. I've never had any reason to suspect the odometer was incorrect, but if you do I would scan through past service statements, annual vehicle inspections and...
  43. K

    What does APPC mean

    When Navigate on Autopilot was first released, it never activated on my 2016 AP2 EAP equipped Model X. Mine was an inventory vehicle and it turns out it was originally ordered with AP1, but AP2 hardware was released before it was manufactured. It was labeled as highway AP internally and for...
  44. K

    Middle Rear Seat Belt Problems

    Nothing anybody is drinking is dissolving the nylon thread. Maybe an acetone, vinegar or other acidic spill, maybe some contaminant that had saturated the seat cushion during manufacture? Or xenomorphs... any funny looking eggs around?
  45. K

    Model X's Insatiable Appetite for Tires

    I run the same Continental ExtremeContact DWS06 tires (different sizes obviously) on my Model X that I ran on my BMW X5M and X6M. I actually get a little bit better mileage out of them on the Tesla (P100D), I suspect because it is more effective at preventing tire spin. Used to replace the...
  46. K

    What is the 'high-pwr 2-charger'?

    It's actually a 3rd module in the charger, allowing you to charge at 72A instead of 48A for level 2 charging. It requires either a high amperage destination connector or a HPWC (or other capable EVSE) connected with at least a 90A breaker for the full 72A. It used to be an option, but is no...
  47. K

    Fire Truck Hits Our Model X

    Personally, I prefer to have my insurance handle that claim, since I'm their customer. They obviously subrogate the claim to the responsible party's insurance. You can file a separate DV claim with the at-fault insurance even if you use your insurance to handle the claim.
  48. K

    HW3.0 computer warranty

    My service invoice says all Tesla branded parts installed by Tesla are covered under the limited warranty for 12 months. My MCU purchase and FSD upgrade were labeled as Customer Pay and Customer Pre-pay so that's the coverage that seems to most reasonably apply. It was also my assumption...

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