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  1. VT_EE

    Model 3 - LR AWD Waiting Room

    I changed the color of my order and the deliver data moved to the left 2 months. I guess Red paint gets priority of white.
  2. VT_EE

    Model 3 - LR AWD Waiting Room

    Last time I was at the service center, some poor dude showed up with his M3P on a flatbed. A pothole took out two of his wheels. Both were bent. Stay away from those low profile tires.
  3. VT_EE

    Model 3 - LR AWD Waiting Room

    That's pretty much why I didn't order a P.
  4. VT_EE

    Rockville MD delivery problem—contacts?

    Book the last possible day even if you won't be in town. The day before the appointment, tell them you need to push it back a couple days due to an emergency out-of-town visit. This usually prevents them from selling your car to someone else.
  5. VT_EE

    Does the Model 3 have Low and Standard Regen Options?

    I wish they had just rebadged low-regen to "snow mode" instead getting rid of it completely. I find low-regen very useful when the road is slippery. Trying to modulate the brake pedal to prevent excessive braking on the rear tires in snow is extremely hard.
  6. VT_EE

    Wiki Sudden Loss Of Range With 2019.16.x Software

    That is awesome. I am happy to see that you are finally getting a new pack. Of all the people in this thread, I was really hoping things would turn out OK in the end for you. Let us know when it's installed.
  7. VT_EE

    Debating adding FSD to existing order at $10K

    I have FSB Beta on my 2018 3. I find the software worthless and only activate when I feel like helping out the Tesla engineering team. It has a very long way to go before being useful IMO. No way would I pay anywhere near $10k or $12k for FSD. It would have to be near perfect to warrant that...
  8. VT_EE

    Refreshed Tesla Model X issues: frozen camera, brake fault, high voltage system fault, etc.

    These errors seem to span across all systems in the vehicle. Maybe the data getting reported to the infotainment is corrupted. Grounding problems also seem to cause all sorts of weird issues.
  9. VT_EE

    Modern Spare Kit for Model 3

    Mine came with the bag, spare, jack, and tools. The bag is definitely worth it. I only keep the tire in the car when going on a long trip so have the bag to keep all the parts together is nice.
  10. VT_EE

    My first accident

    Looks like they were doing algebra on the other side.
  11. VT_EE

    My first accident

    That is FAR more then $4250 in damage. I had less damage on the same rear quarter panel, and it cost over $10k. The insurance adjuster thought that was cheap for such an extensive repair. They need to empty your car, remove the glass roof, side doors, interior, etc then cut out the rear...
  12. VT_EE

    Creaking noise from suspension - resolved!

    I just had my upper control arm replaced (driver's side) for the second time because of squeaking. It sounded like a old by-the-hour motel bed. The same one was replaced about 2 years ago. I am out of warranty, but the SC only charged me for the parts ($90). No charge for the labor. I was...
  13. VT_EE

    Picked up my Tesla in early December, worst car I've ever owned.

    You can thank your state government for the per minute charges. In Maryland it’s per kWh.
  14. VT_EE

    Why the Yoke is unsafe for the Track

    How is that the yoke's fault? No way did the driver have to do any hand-over-hand on that corner.
  15. VT_EE

    Model Y - Just OK cold weather car

    Rumor has it that the Y will have heating washer jets in the near future. There is a list of new Y features floating around on TMC related to German Y regulatory filings.
  16. VT_EE

    Poll on V11 interface

    A simple push or pull on the blinker stalk brings up the headlight menu with fog lights included. No need to go through screen menus to find it.
  17. VT_EE

    MASTER THREAD: Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    Is that 4.5% plus the non-useable, anti-brick buffer, or does 4.5% include both buffers?
  18. VT_EE

    MASTER THREAD: Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    I'm not sure about wltp testing, but EPA range is based on running the battery down until the car shuts down. I believe Tesla added ~2% buffer (in addition to the anti-brick buffer) to make it less likely you will actually run out of juice when the meter reads 0 miles. This means that the...
  19. VT_EE

    Smartphone as Game Controller? Sonic the Hedgehog!

    Xbox controllers work with Sonic. I was playing it yesterday. It's buggy so you have to hit a variety of buttons (can't remember which started it) and possibly restart the game to get it to work.
  20. VT_EE

    Got Hit n Run in Parking Lot - TeslaCam caught it!

    I went through my insurance, Geico, and they advanced me the deductible once the other guy’s insurance accepted responsibility (was on video so no issue). I paid nothing out of pocket.
  21. VT_EE

    Windows freezing and not being able to get in and out of our Model Y

    Buy this. Numerous people on TMC have had success putting Gummi Pflege on the seals to prevent sticking. Gummi Pflege Stift
  22. VT_EE

    Tesla auto wipers is a real danger

    They work fine for me during the day, but nighttime is less than ideal unless there are lots of streets lights around.
  23. VT_EE

    2022 Y feels different from 2021 Y

    I have a Mazda 6 that never balances correctly unless it's done on a Force Balancer. So glad you got it fixed.
  24. VT_EE

    Tesla is testing new tail lights for the Model S refresh.

    Larger charge port area to accommodate a CCS connector perhaps.
  25. VT_EE

    Phantom braking so bad I want to return my car

    I found that article to be ridiculously overly dramatic. You are correct in stating it got a lot worse after some recent software. They need start using the FSD stack for TACC. It seems to do much better than their older stack with phantom breaking.
  26. VT_EE

    Phantom braking so bad I want to return my car

    It is not going to drop it from 65-30mph. It’s usually a sudden drop of about 15mph. Doesn’t happen that often except for one recent SW where it started occurring more. This was resolved for me with the last update. Certainly annoying, but not what I would consider unsafe unless someone is...
  27. VT_EE

    Phantom braking so bad I want to return my car

    Thanks for the good insight. Here's some additional observations from someone with an FSD-equiped Model 3. - The FSD software detects speed bumps and seems to notice other in-road obstacles. It also misidentifies mis-matched pavement as an obstacle, which causes unneeded braking. I wonder if...
  28. VT_EE

    Rumor: HW4 will have 13 cameras

    Definitely makes sense. The blind spot just in front of the bumper is bad for parking lots. The rear camera placement is also terrible in foul weather. Elon did mention 4.0 would be much better than the current suite.
  29. VT_EE

    Wiki MASTER THREAD: Actual FSD Beta downloads and experiences

    Yes. Got it Friday night with a recent uptick to 99. I signed up a month ago, but I'm not sure that matters.
  30. VT_EE

    Wiki MASTER THREAD: Actual FSD Beta downloads and experiences

    I got the load the first Friday after I had a 99 score, which was this past Friday. Got an email they were pushing the load.
  31. VT_EE

    Wiki MASTER THREAD: Actual FSD Beta downloads and experiences

    No bueno with double lane round-a-bouts. I've had to take over on 4 of 5 tries. So far, I give FSD Beta a 70% with yesterday's update.
  32. VT_EE

    Horrible service experience in Las Vegas

    You need to request a different service advisor. This lady is terrible.
  33. VT_EE

    EMF while Supercharging

    Non-ionizing EMF has not been shown to be dangerous even after 50 years of studying it. https://www.cancer.gov/about-cancer/causes-prevention/risk/radiation/electromagnetic-fields-fact-sheet
  34. VT_EE

    95% of my drives, Safety Score reports "Hard Braking".

    I get “hard braking” every time I have a light turn yellow while driving at the speed limit and attempt to stop. It’s infuriating. Total BS
  35. VT_EE

    Blog NTSA Asks Why Tesla Did Not Issue Recall Before Safety Updates

    Wrong. If the system was designed to avoid emergency vehicles, then I could see the point of a recall. No version of fancy cruise control out there avoids stopped emergency vehicles. Are you advocating they should be recalled too for being faulty. Perhaps we should recall human drivers for...
  36. VT_EE

    Blog NTSA Asks Why Tesla Did Not Issue Recall Before Safety Updates

    I'm still struggling to understand what the "safety issue" is? The system was not designed to avoid emergency vehicles, just like every other car isn't. Having Autopilot enabled is irrelevant when it's the driver who is clearly responsible for avoiding emergency vehicles. The NHTSA has gotten...
  37. VT_EE

    Model 3 collision damage - thoughts?

    that's minor. Couple doors and rocker panel plus some paint.
  38. VT_EE

    More than cosmetic damage?

    Looks cosmetic to me. I would still schedule service just because it looks terrible torn. Shouldn't be very expensive.
  39. VT_EE

    CA DMV failing Tesla car for behind the wheel drive test

    Some people are just too stupid to deal with. You’ll have to go higher up the food chain to find someone with half a brain.
  40. VT_EE

    Safety Score

    The "hard braking" is the one metric I find that makes this gaming unsafe. I rolled through a stale yellow today for fear of causing a score ding (which it would have). Normally I would have played it safe and stopped. Almost any pressure on the brake pedal will cause a score ding.
  41. VT_EE

    Safety Score

    Only AT-FAULT insurance claims should count. I'd be pissed if I got dinged because some dude rolled into me while I was stopped at a stop sign (which happened).
  42. VT_EE

    I have some clear fluid from front of car that tastes acidic. Any ideas what it might be ?

    I always taste random liquids dripping from my car. Perhaps that’s why my eyesight is so bad.
  43. VT_EE

    I feel terrible for GM Bolt owners as a former Volt owner

    They will buy it back if you call corporate and ask. A buddy of mine is getting his bought back and is just waiting for the dealer to call for the return. The terms were VERY favorable.
  44. VT_EE

    Reverse made my car go forward [2021]

    Sounds like a software bug that will be quickly fixed assuming the SC sends the video to Tesla engineering.
  45. VT_EE

    Wiki Sudden Loss Of Range With 2019.16.x Software

    I'm well aware of the capacity reduction fiasco having followed this thread since it's inception. I was merely stating that Tesla's are not good vehicles for people who don't like functionality change. Having said that, not all change is acceptable including the capping of batteries without...
  46. VT_EE

    Error message :Maximum battery charge level reduced. Unable to charge battery to 100%

    Tell roadside to tow it to the Service Center since you don't feel safe driving it around with a questionable battery. It will get looked at within 24 hours.
  47. VT_EE

    Blog NHTSA Announces Another Autopilot Investigation

    So lame. Tesla has a system that requires drivers to pay attention, just like any lane assist or cruise control on other brands. It is NOT designed to stop or avoid stopped vehicles on the highway.
  48. VT_EE

    Wiki Sudden Loss Of Range With 2019.16.x Software

    It sounds like Tesla is not the brand for you. There are pros or cons to every vehicle out there. Some view the constant stream of updates that change vehicle functionality as a plus, some view it as a con. I personally like change, my wife not so much. She'll continue with Toyota :-)
  49. VT_EE

    Wiki Sudden Loss Of Range With 2019.16.x Software

    A coworker of mine has been talking to GM about getting a buyback for his Bolt. Looks like it’s going to happen.
  50. VT_EE

    Rear motor disabled

    I believe there is some kind of deal where Tesla will look at cars within a day or two if the vehicle shows up on a tow truck. No appointment needed.

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