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  1. lUtriaNt

    Window Tint Too Expensive

    i paid 1K for all windows, one piece in back, visor strip up top (as well as the front windscreen) here in LA. with the electronics and such in these ipad cars we drive, some dealers have to be more protective of the interior, so they toss in a bit more for labor associated with that as well.
  2. lUtriaNt

    Size of wireless charging area in 2022 M3

    ive got a samsung z fold 3, a samsung s22 ultra, and an ifruit 13 1tb pro max. the fold 3 has a case on it, as well as the 22 ultra. the ifruit 13 1tb pro max is caseless. all fit in the slots on my 2/22 build m3p.
  3. lUtriaNt

    M3P: Old 20' Sport Rims/Tires vs. 20' Uberturbines

    i had both sets - i had a 2020 m3p with the old school wheels and now a 2022 m3p w/ubers. the ride was no different. what i DID do was got rid of the pzeros from the 2022 and got the ps4s as in my opinion the ps4s are much better than the pzero. 20 inch wheels on both cars.
  4. lUtriaNt

    Unsure if model 3 would be right for me - advice appreciated

    you dont need it. burn the 100.
  5. lUtriaNt

    PSA about why you should NOT use auto lift trunk struts

    sorry to hear this happened. i bought a set of these from abstract ocean for my old 2020 model 3p. front and back. never had any issues with them in the 2 years i had the car. id say these are good quality. https://abstractocean.com/collections/all-model-3/products/m3-struts?variant=35475211419812
  6. lUtriaNt

    PSA: Tesla Opens Up Vehicle Service/Repair Documentation For FREE

    no it wont auto renew.
  7. lUtriaNt

    Charge rate cut by 1/2 on 4 different charges

    sounds like a potential PCS issue. https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/how-many-pcs-have-failed.267046/ https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/power-conversion-system-pcs-failure.200198/ https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/pcs-broke-for-the-second-time.264965/
  8. lUtriaNt

    USB Drive [the tesla supplied USB drive no longer works]

    totally disagree with the above statement. i use these samsung brand "pen drives" which is what tesla supply with ZERO issue. lots of people who dont even frequent this forum also use these drives.
  9. lUtriaNt

    sentry mode exclude work

    did you resolve it? did you reboot as suggested?
  10. lUtriaNt

    URGENT HELP: Did a factory reset (as suggested by Tesla) to sell the car, and now it doesn't show mileage (--). What can I do? Thx.

    i sold my last tesla to driveway. i did the full reset and no data was on the screen. it took several minutes for things to pop up and once the car was driving other things popped up. i think what you saw at first is normal on a factory reset, but that data (i.e. mileage) was not lost.
  11. lUtriaNt

    How far away does Homelink Activate?

    100 ft is max distance you can set.
  12. lUtriaNt

    sentry mode exclude work

    so this has always happened to you or did it just start? i assume you rebooted the screen? what happens if you put in an entirely different address, go to that address and see if the sentry is excluded?
  13. lUtriaNt

    CCS Adapter for North America

    they most likely got someone locally in korea to order a batch of them.
  14. lUtriaNt

    What I learned about the buying process from Ordering to Delivery

    go online and look in our account on the web. if you see all tasks completed then you are G2G...
  15. lUtriaNt

    CCS Adapter for North America

    if you ordered direct from their website "shop", you do not need to send them your creds because they already have the adapters physically in stock.
  16. lUtriaNt

    Model 3 trunk beeping twice and stopping halfway?

    because no one had this issue then after a software update a LOT of people are having it , i think its related to a software update.
  17. lUtriaNt

    CCS Adapter for North America

    i ordered through delivered last Thursday. it was a korean holiday on friday. i used bixby vision on my smartphone to decode korean. even though i had a card saved in my account (mastercard), re-entring it did not work. my apple card (mastercard) also did not work. i ended up using my visa debit...
  18. lUtriaNt

    Phone key disconnected issues

    that "feature" is usually the culprit on android. glad you were able to get it figured out mate.
  19. lUtriaNt

    Best in car/ portable vacuum?

    Dyson Humdinger i live in LA and am at beaches all the time. the battery is rated up to 20 minutes, but the longest ive used it has been about 10 minutes ish. if you have a super dirty car maybe 20 minutes is not good for you. i even keep it in the car and charge it in the car (ive got a...
  20. lUtriaNt

    Model 3 Performance Waiting Room

    bruh , totally off topic, but Oreo cereal is the cats pajamas !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lord have mercy I can eat the entire box in one sitting. and the milk even tastes like oreo milk too!!!!!
  21. lUtriaNt

    CCS Adapter for North America

    i placed an order thursday may 5th in the morning (so late night/wee hours in korea friday). used delivered. used debit visa car (apple card and another mastercard did not work). there was a holiday on friday out in korea so hopefully today tesla korea will get the order dispatched to delivered...
  22. lUtriaNt

    Low cost way to monitor your 12V Battery

    literally all i did was connect the item to the battery, then scanned the qr code to get the app. installed the app. it asked for permissions as you stated and the phone connected with no issue. these are a lot of clones like these all over amazon and such. maybe a newer version adds some...
  23. lUtriaNt

    Low cost way to monitor your 12V Battery

    never had to put a pin in mate...
  24. lUtriaNt

    Does Tesla Still Deliver to Home Addresses?

    i had my 3 delivered to me and i am less than 10 miles from the center, so it depends. once you get your vin , a rep will text you about the delivery process.
  25. lUtriaNt

    Should I trade in my M3?

    i sold my 3/2020 3p with 20k miles on it for 55k, which is 4k more than i paid for it in 2020. i got a 2/2020 3p BECAUSE of the updates and accoutrements that came out after my build month. i had no car but i did have vacation time so i took off basically a month (i have a lot of time because i...
  26. lUtriaNt

    Tesla App multi-factor authentication

    LastPass authenticator
  27. lUtriaNt

    Tint shop removed front dashcam and showed damage

    yeah i dont know brotha, "common problem" -- what is the "problem" this issue is causing? if it was that way before they removed it, how could it be a "problem"? your camera was working fine prior right? as i said i have had two teslas and both had ceramic tint done to the front and the dark...
  28. lUtriaNt

    Tint shop removed front dashcam and showed damage

    they dont have to remove the camera. ive had two teslas and both times the front windscreen was tinted and i had the top part of the windows tinted limo black. im in los angeles, and i had this done at two different tint shops. both times this never happened. it possible they removed it and...
  29. lUtriaNt

    Pre-painted bumper from Tesla or have it repaired by a body shop?

    when i had my 3/2020 tesla, i had to replace the bumper in june of that year. i went through tesla. the bumper color (all black) matched the car with no issues. i would go with tesla champ.
  30. lUtriaNt

    Hannshow Illuminated Model 3 Door Sills

    you aren't the first my friend, there's a couple threads on this already. they are much nicer and better cost vs the tesla version they sell. plus the include the rear. cheaper if you find a coupon ( i got mine for about 155 ish dollars shipped to LA). i chose not to have batteries shipped so...
  31. lUtriaNt

    Model 3 Not drivable

    maybe there is - not everyone who owns a tesla will come to this site to speak about things like this. happy to hear you walk away safe and with not much money out of your pocket. sorry for your loss here.
  32. lUtriaNt

    Model 3 owner claims Car froze while driving, stuck at 83MPH

    occam's razor says this cat is not being honest. its been proven you can drive the car without the screen even connected! anything is possible but had this actually happened on some other tesla, it would be world news. the driver may be looking for a pay day or maybe he got a speeding ticket and...
  33. lUtriaNt

    Latest Software Update Issue

    what update is this? is it other than ending in .3? also this has been discussed in two threads already. initial info from an SC was that tesla knew about it and it woudl be addressed in .3, however some have stated they still see the issue even after updating to .3.
  34. lUtriaNt

    Has anyone sold their car through Driveway?

    driveway will honor the price ASSUMING you are true and correct about the condition of the vehicle. on some cars they may ask you to log in to a web portal that takes certain photos of your vehicle to verify things. if you are honest and upfront you should not worry about anything.
  35. lUtriaNt

    Model 3 owner claims Car froze while driving, stuck at 83MPH

    media like to bash on ELON Tesla every chance they get. ive had 2 teslas and never had the screen reboot on its own or freeze, although i am reading that has happened to others in this thread. ive even rebooted the screen whilst driving when i would reset the FSD beta trick. car always worked as...
  36. lUtriaNt

    Has anyone sold their car through Driveway?

    So far your experience reflects mine. I also had a delay of about 8-10 days for the packet. After that, the process is speedy.
  37. lUtriaNt

    Would a Tesla make sense as an apartment owner with shared L2 charging?

    let the charge come to you: https://www.currently.app/ see if they are in your area. otherwise, you can live in an apartment/condo and drive an ev.
  38. lUtriaNt

    Model 3 trunk beeping twice and stopping halfway?

    after i got .3 have not seen this.
  39. lUtriaNt

    On-screen visualization of vehicle behind you

    pinch to zoom like you do on a tablet or similar touch screen. you can spin the car around if you flick at it..
  40. lUtriaNt

    Are used Teslas bought from Tesla.com delivered with J1772 adapter?

    agree -- if its used its a good possibility the adapter wont be included. this is one reason why you see so many adapters on fleabay because these cats realise they can get a few bucks off of them. since you bought it from tesla id inquire with them and see if they will give you one. i just...
  41. lUtriaNt

    Model 3 trunk beeping twice and stopping halfway?

    .3 has been released in the wild so this may address this.
  42. lUtriaNt

    Audio system looses bass or all sound, and strange clicking

    ive had this issue on my old 3/2020 m3p build. there have been a couple of threads on this forum speaking on this. i noticed it after a software update and it would happen on bluetooth. i have had my new 2/2022 m3p for a month now and ive not heard this. in my experience the clicking/bass...
  43. lUtriaNt

    From ‘20 M3 to ‘22 M3P: 1st impressions

    thats so cool you took the time to break down my post. im honored. brakes -- you never drove my old car. so you dont know what i experienced. maybe the brake system was faulty? maybe something was updated/adjusted over 2 years? what i know is the brakes feel differently (in a good way) in the...
  44. lUtriaNt

    2022 m3p no longer dropped

    sorry bro disagree with you. i had a 3.2020 m3p fsd/pup and sold it to get a 2.2022 m3p same build and trim. after putting ps4s back on the car and using a tape measure, the height of the car was the same as my 3/2020. the reason the newer builds look "higher" is because the pzeros are stretched...
  45. lUtriaNt

    From ‘20 M3 to ‘22 M3P: 1st impressions

    not aw fan of white interior but thats personal pref. look in this thread as i had a 3/2020 m3p with pup/fsd and i sold my for 4k more than paid for it two years ago. the refreshes are worth the upgrade! i too was and still am a happy m3 owner and the main reason i got a new car and sold my old...
  46. lUtriaNt

    Model 3 trunk beeping twice and stopping halfway?

    2/2022 m3p build. got the update the other day and this happened once to me when i pressed the button on the trunk -- stopped half way and 2 beeps. ive since used the trunk a few times and its not happened since. if you have sentry on and/or using 3rd party apps that keeps the car awake, try to...

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