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  1. cgiGuy

    2 20" Model Y Induction Wheels Only

    I'm selling two 20" Model Y Induction rims. They do have center caps, but no TPMS. Great shape, no curb rash. They do have a couple minor scratches where the tire guy, in his infinite wisdom, stacked the rims on top of each other. Great for a spare or if you rashed or bent one. These are...
  2. cgiGuy

    UI Rant

    Thanks! Let me know if you want it on a coffee mug! :)
  3. cgiGuy

    UI Rant

    Tesla UIs are like the the weather in Florida (or... er... Birmingham for OP?). Don't like it? Wait an hour and it will change.
  4. cgiGuy

    Anyone else having trouble using the turn signals?

    If you press only to the first detent, it will blink 3 times for lane changes and then turn off. I feel you though. I've had this happen to me, too.
  5. cgiGuy

    Is safety score attached to car or user account?

    Should be tied to the VIN, but regardless, you could just "opt out" and it resets your score.
  6. cgiGuy

    10.3.1 FSD visualizations disappearing

    If you disengaged by pressing the brake or pushing up 2 detents on the stalk, this is expected.
  7. cgiGuy

    10.3.1 FSD visualizations disappearing

    Mine does the same thing. I believe it's to show a clear difference between being on FSD versus TACC. When you "break out" of FSD by turning the wheel, it still keeps you in TACC. Same behavior should happen if you push up one detent on the stalk to cancel FSD, but stay in TACC. I'm on 36.5.3
  8. cgiGuy

    Tesla Vision's Autopilot speed limit reduction from 90 -> 80 MPH has been a pain roadtripping across the country.

    I know you can toggle off FSD, but I don't know if it would give you the "old AP" speed limit of 90 if you do. Might be worth a try for a mostly highway trip.
  9. cgiGuy

    Mysterious speaker in passenger footwell.

    It's not possible that it could be for both? Did this info come from Tesla? How do you explain the "eCall emergency call system requires service" above?
  10. cgiGuy

    Mysterious speaker in passenger footwell.

    This looks like a future "OnStar"-like system. Speaker would be dedicated to the operator incase your battery/main sound is dead after a collision? Operator: "Sir/Ma'am, first question: were you on FSD Beta when the collision happened?" Driver hanging upside down: "Ummm.. yeah?" Car: "Self...
  11. cgiGuy

    Safety Score

    I hit 100 miles mid day on day 4. Didn't get FSD until late (9pm) on the 5th. Just a data point.
  12. cgiGuy

    Safety Score

    I'll answer my own question, as I really didn't have anything to lose by trying it. I "opted out" of the FSD Beta program by hitting "the button" and selecting "opt out." Then I went for a few minute drive. Then I opted back in and went for a few more minutes of driving. It basically just...
  13. cgiGuy

    Safety Score

    Has anyone tried opting out (turning off "the button") and then back in? Does it reset your score? I made the mistake of trusting that AP wouldn't count against me on 200 miles of driving the first couple days and must have had following on too close. Got me a lot of miles at 85-88 score...
  14. cgiGuy

    2021 Refresh Model S Discussion

  15. cgiGuy

    Anyone missing a model S in Southern California?

    Looks like it was most likely stolen from a used car dealer.
  16. cgiGuy

    Rent Your Tesla To Me For A Month?

    Thanks, brother. Right back at ya!
  17. cgiGuy

    Rent Your Tesla To Me For A Month?

    Greetings, Anyone in Colorado (or nearby) interested in renting their Tesla out for a month? I'm overseas (military family) and traveling back for a month (mid-Mar through mid-Apr). I have kids in Colorado that I'll be visiting and then would like to be able to travel with them without the...
  18. cgiGuy

    Have you seen a refreshed Model S/X in person?

    Soon = Sept/Oct.
  19. cgiGuy

    URGENT: if were plugged into a wall outlet with 0% can we can make it 3 miles after charging an hour

    I wouldn't put that to the test unless it really was an emergency. This an anecdote about a 2015 Model, but mine actually shut down on me with 3 miles still left on the range. It's posted on here somewhere..
  20. cgiGuy

    URGENT: if were plugged into a wall outlet with 0% can we can make it 3 miles after charging an hour

    Better at a 110v with a working heater for couple hours than on the side of the road! Also, the red face of your significant other will probably put off some pretty good heat. ;)
  21. cgiGuy

    End of Lease Purchase Gone for S/X Now?

    I was chatting with a sales advisor on the US site, and asked what the purchase price would be at the end of a Model X lease. Was surprised when she told me that Tesla offer no more option to buy on any cars now. I knew that was the case for the 3/Y, but this is new for the S/X, right?
  22. cgiGuy

    New 2021 Model S Unveiled January 27, 2021

    Redbubble.com :)
  23. cgiGuy

    New 2021 Model S Unveiled January 27, 2021

    I hope you're right, but that's not how the CT demo behaved. Driver turned it greater than 360°.
  24. cgiGuy

    New 2021 Model S Unveiled January 27, 2021

    Pretty sure he was referring to the interior door handles.
  25. cgiGuy

    New 2021 Model S Unveiled January 27, 2021

    I bet you'll have a lot of folks willing to trade you a new one for your car that has a "circle" steering wheel. ;)
  26. cgiGuy


    Haha.. you must be new here. ;)
  27. cgiGuy

    Ugliest Tesla ever. Today in Santa Clarita

    Looks like he parked a little too close to Cadillac Ranch.
  28. cgiGuy

    2013 Tesla Model S 60, Dallas Texas, 7300 original miles, original owner

    Sorry for your loss. I had a 2013 60 and loved it. Some things that may help you sell it are posting some more details about the options. You can find them on the window sticker if you still have it, or you can ask Tesla and they should send you a digital copy. There is value in the free...
  29. cgiGuy

    Hello there

    If "TheTranquilOne" is losing their mind, we're all in trouble.. Welcome to the family.
  30. cgiGuy

    Hi from Cornwall, UK

    I've never lived that far from a service center, but always at least an hour drive away. I can tell you, I enjoyed driving the car enough that the distance never bothered me for a service visit. You're gonna love it. Congrats!
  31. cgiGuy

    FSD Beta Videos (and questions for FSD Beta drivers)

    Please be aware of your surroundings while doing "tests" with FSD. I appreciate James Locke's videos because if he sees that FSD is affecting other drivers, he over-rides it immediately.
  32. cgiGuy

    Used Model Y's now available on Tesla's website

    Because they're under the "new" search criteria. ;) In your example, it would have to have been returned prior to being titled in the buyers name, which I assume Tesla would wait at least 7 days to do (back when they had a 7-day return policy). This is really no different than any of the...
  33. cgiGuy

    Used Model Y's now available on Tesla's website

    That's because they're "technically" not used. They are inventory vehicles used for test drives or loaners. So, they still qualify as new, at least to the US gov't. They also qualify for any incentives offered by US states.
  34. cgiGuy

    2018 Model X 75D very low mileage

    Seats? Month/year bought (matters for warranty left).
  35. cgiGuy

    Clouds/stars reflection in glass roof easter egg....

    Not really an Easter egg. Easter eggs don't "appear" unless you do something to find them. Like when you used to be able to get to a "flight simulator" in Excel 97.
  36. cgiGuy

    Replacement tires

    You did better than Stephen King! ;)
  37. cgiGuy

    Can I transfer a Cybertruck order to my Dad?

    In 2018, I was able to transfer a Model 3 reservation to my brother.
  38. cgiGuy

    A 3 minutes drama at the mall

    Share a file publicly Important: If you use a Google Account through work or school, you might not be able to share publicly. Select the file you want to share. Click Share or Share Get link. Under “Get Link,” click Change to anyone with link. To decide what people can do with your public...
  39. cgiGuy

    2014 Model S pricing

    A 2014 85S will have just about the same or less range than a brand new Model 3 SR+. Hard to say what other features the Model S has, but you're guaranteed the latest tech and the ability to add FSD. The 2014's didn't have any autopilot hardware at all until Sept. AP is standard on all Teslas...
  40. cgiGuy

    HTC Vive VR Set

    Can confirm. I ran mine on a laptop with 1060 even!
  41. cgiGuy

    HTC Vive VR Set

    I enjoyed the Vive. Pretty nice rig for those that have the higher-end gaming machine required and want to have more freedom with the software than the standalones.
  42. cgiGuy

    Just got rear ended

    Tesla: "Within specs."
  43. cgiGuy

    Heads up display

    See Model 3 HUD discussions from 2016. Pretty much the same discussion will take place here. "No way I'll buy it without!" (But they still bought one) "No need for it.. Musk is visionary in his minimalism!" "But I have to look waaaaaay over there!" "The (name random car) has been doing this...
  44. cgiGuy

    Tesla Model Y Windows Shatters on its Own

    I guess I see the point he trying to make, now.. thanks. From the Nest site: Nest Aware - Video Recording Subscription for Nest Cams - Google Store "Depending on which Nest Aware subscription you have, your camera will record and store either event-based video history or 24/7 video history in...
  45. cgiGuy

    Tesla Model Y Windows Shatters on its Own

    So what part of the sound of a glass breaking don't you think qualifies as a "sound"? You can even hear small glass particles fall to the ground a few seconds after the initial break sound (which admittedly sounds weird, but that's probably because the mic on the cam is dynamic and it was dead...
  46. cgiGuy

    Tesla Model Y Windows Shatters on its Own

    Editing points don't "add artifacts." Artifacts are caused by compression algorithms, and when the whole screen "jumps" it's usually an indication that it's hitting a keyframe, where it cleans up any unruly pixels. If you watch the longer version he posted you can also see it happens at a...
  47. cgiGuy

    Tesla Model Y Windows Shatters on its Own

    This is actually a pretty good theory. Unlike most of the drivel going on in this thread... But, in the longer version he posted you can hear the sound (crickets that were scared s***less, I presume) come back at the end. You can also hear some glass falling onto the floor a few seconds after...

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