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  1. KalJoMoS

    Model S Trailer Hitch Installation

    Yes, I did noticed these clips. But as soon I fitted these upper nuts on the long bolts it did not allowed the bumper to move at all. I will try to see if it can be rectified. This hitch you have, is it from factory? Do they fit it now for you if ordered? Looking quite solid!
  2. KalJoMoS

    Model S eMMC Recall

    Possibility not, I had this very same situation on my car. It was also eMMC recall and navigation SD card failed to get new navigation. It was actually the other way around - new maps did not download and service decided to get the recall done. It’s quite long wait to get the download completed...
  3. KalJoMoS

    Model S Trailer Hitch Installation

    Sorry for off topic question but do any of you who have removed the bumper, have noticed this uneven tailgate and bumper edge? See photo, I had to remove to adjust rear parking sensor and now it’s like this:
  4. KalJoMoS

    Window track adjustment for tightness?

    There are window rail adjustment under each door. You will see two rubber grommets (photo attached) lower side of the inside of door, behind is a nut (10mm) which will allow the tilt of the window glass. You should mark the initial placement by marker so you know how to adjust. You need two...
  5. KalJoMoS


    According to this calculation (select the last equation) that 217Wh/km is just under 350Wh/m. To trust this web page then mine is just under 274Wh/m which is 170Wh/km. Mine is 2016 Model S, 70D
  6. KalJoMoS

    Autopilot computer more expensive that you might have thought

    Yeah, I was referring to the year… I thought to delete first part of the sentence but did not wanted. Obviously should have.
  7. KalJoMoS

    Autopilot computer more expensive that you might have thought

    Is this another typo…
  8. KalJoMoS

    Talk me out of buying a 2016 70D - range

    If all the data is correct then then yes, even with mild winter temperatures. If you have SuC right where your destination is then it might be doable. I haven’t driven from Bonn on winter so can’t predict the on-route elevation. There is one good webpage, a better route planning specifically for...
  9. KalJoMoS

    Talk me out of buying a 2016 70D - range

    Hi, the data you gave needs some clarification. First is the trip one way or around trip? That model should have around 350km range which depends on the cars odometer. I have this very model, 03/2016 AP1/106k km and I do similar trip per week. All around the year, app. 100 miles/ 147km one way...
  10. KalJoMoS

    Hoping to buy my first Tesla - a used Model S - what should I look out for?

    As I pointed out, if “Tesla“ charging network is not convenient for your travels then this retrofit is required. I believe all current Model S cars in UK have the EU version Mennekes type of port and this retrofit will allow new CCS type of cable to be used for charging. This retrofit came...
  11. KalJoMoS

    Hoping to buy my first Tesla - a used Model S - what should I look out for?

    This CCS adapter is optional, as of that you need to pay for the installation. It might be needed for your trips, if the Tesla charging network in UK is not well spread for you. The adapter is quite new in respect of the DC fast charging with Model S so haven't heard any cases. You can probably...
  12. KalJoMoS

    Hoping to buy my first Tesla - a used Model S - what should I look out for?

    Infotainment processor NVIDIA Tegra is MCU1…
  13. KalJoMoS

    Seeking feedback on 2015 Model S 70D

    That model should have six recalls, you can check it here on your own. I have early 2016 version and have to agree with @f-stop opinion about battery degradation as mine is also quite low. Apart from the listed recalls I would specifically check the rear parking brake calipers as these SHOULD be...
  14. KalJoMoS

    Parking assistance not available

    I do not have this always but it has started now this spring and is occasional. Sometimes it’s happening twice or three times in a row and then several days without (last situation was app 17 days ago). It’s interesting that if you do not take any proof by camera then the event can’t be seen...
  15. KalJoMoS

    Our of warranty rapairs

    It requires registration on the site and I doubt they will let third party companies to sign up. You can individually of course use this but who knows what will change in a period of a year, as this is the time you agree during registration.
  16. KalJoMoS

    Hoping to buy my first Tesla - a used Model S - what should I look out for?

    Don’t get high hopes on the Enhanced Autopilot option, if it has been in the hands of a dealership, then you need to activate (i.e. purchase) it again. If the car is still registered to the original owner, then you need to know has it been activated, so it will pass over to new owner if the...
  17. KalJoMoS

    Opinions Wanted: Upgrade to MCU2

    This was exactly the same for me, although I just had the eMMC recall done on 2016 Model S. I was prepared for all the rest to be wiped out, instead they zeroed all my trip counters.
  18. KalJoMoS

    what’s your range now after 1

    03\2016 (sorry, not yet 7 y, bat.V3) 106200km\66000M: 100% - 352km\218M 90% - 319km\198M
  19. KalJoMoS

    Paint colors

    This is the Titanium metallic - PPTI
  20. KalJoMoS

    Alarm actuating randomly on Model S

    If it’s the frunk (you can check it by reopening and closing) then I have had situations after I have closed it and then shifted to Drive, a similar pop-up alerts that the frunk have been left open. By re-closing it the car settles down and no alerts any longer. As the car has not been locked...
  21. KalJoMoS

    Model S Trailer Hitch Installation

    As the plug you found was female part I just posted that plugs mating (male) side on an webpage I usually use for my need. I have no idea (and can’t confirm my car has it too) what it’s used for but if someone will try it out then they can purchase that missing side.
  22. KalJoMoS

    Model S Trailer Hitch Installation

    Found the plug mating part, if anyone is interested in…
  23. KalJoMoS

    Model S Trailer Hitch Installation

    So if all the bolts and screws are off from underneath then it only needs to be pulled off? How are the parking sensors attached, is there sufficient length of wire on them? Is there additional screws at the rear wheel liner to remove?
  24. KalJoMoS

    AP1 ONLY Please -- life after 2018.50.6

    No, I was more pointing out that even though everyone is so interested in the upgrade of the MCU, that current situation with no upgrade can be beneficial as well. What the cold weather improvement have given has been the fact that in this winter I have had much better consumption compared to...
  25. KalJoMoS

    AP1 ONLY Please -- life after 2018.50.6

    I would also have rephrased this: “AP1 MCU1 people are “free” from any update that is potentially damaging currently running system (2021.24.28). I find this has some great benefits from previous versions as the cold weather improvements are really helping out.
  26. KalJoMoS

    I thought Tesla was a fix-it-yourself type of company? What gives?

    I don’t know if this data answers your request but have accidentally found this link. Haven’t yet looked in but might be useful...
  27. KalJoMoS

    Estimated battery % at destination and for return trip

    I believe if you do not touch the navigation menu right after the address entry then the view of your routing will shrink to “smaller view” (which will show you the data you are looking for) in a couple of seconds. So be patient, at least it works for me.
  28. KalJoMoS

    2015 Model S 70D - Strange Vent Noise

    I don’t know if this is the same but here is quite lengthy discussion about the noises from HVAC on Model S
  29. KalJoMoS

    Door handle not presenting when touched, failed pressure sensor?

    I believe the pressure switch (or is it a sensor as others) is the one that senses the push effect on the handle, see on photo attached, marked by red arrow. I have also working passenger front handle that just don’t react to the pushing but does extracts if clicking on the padlock icon on...
  30. KalJoMoS

    Door handle not presenting when touched, failed pressure sensor?

    It’s one of these ASQ1 type of sensors, sorry you need to figure out the suitable for your own case. See the file attached. I was able to purchase a set from Mouser webpage
  31. KalJoMoS

    Wiki Consolidated eMMC Thread (MCU repair) (Black Center Screen)

    There are already quite lengthy discussion about this exact situation so you need to find your way. I‘m personally also on a waiting list for a appointment to get the recall done. I have so far had almost glitch free time with the original eMMC, although mine have LTE since manufacturing on...
  32. KalJoMoS

    A Microcosm of what's wrong with Tesla service, the door handles

    If you start to prepare for the winter and use silicone oli on the handles itself (on these horizontal sections) then they will last longer. At least I have not had an issue last three winters and still on version 2 handle’s.
  33. KalJoMoS

    Locked out of Model S

    It would be always good to try to open the trunk if the key is inside and the door handles does not present…
  34. KalJoMoS

    Front cooling louvers

    These factory louvers already include the motors so they are one unit and they only change the broke unit, my suggestion was that if you dare to DIY then the only part needed to change would be motors (as you confirmed the fins were intact). Consider this diagnostic fee to cover the removal and...
  35. KalJoMoS

    Campsite Plugs Europe

    I’m not sure you’re getting 32A at camping sites across Europe, more like 16A. But who knows, maybe there are places with dedicated 32A power lines in areas specially designed for campers. I, personally would not hope to get more than 3,7kW as if getting bigger amperage then the main box fuse...
  36. KalJoMoS

    DC charging at non Tesla Fast Charging

    Hello, I can’t quite get the question you’re asking? Do you mean that if DC charging at non-Tesla charger then your car would recalibrate the SoC and show wrong /different value to the user? Been using non-Tesla DC charger’s constantly and can’t confirm the situation you’re describing…
  37. KalJoMoS

    Using parking sensors

    Did you know that you quoted eight years old discussion?
  38. KalJoMoS

    Phantom battery drain - 30 miles per night

    As others have noted just don’t let the battery below 20% of SOC (it’s about 50miles - or 70km, in real world condition). I have developed a habit, if arriving in destination where there is no charging available over night, to charge the car right before that so my SOC is not below 30%. This...
  39. KalJoMoS

    Wiki Consolidated eMMC Thread (MCU repair) (Black Center Screen)

    Mine is the same, if you have the entertainment app open to play the games then if needed to adjust volume it’s not responding. It’s still original eMMC on 2016 car.
  40. KalJoMoS

    Changing air filter

    To clarify the words @airborne spoon is talking about…
  41. KalJoMoS

    How To: Front Bumper and Headlight Removal

    It might, but can’t say for sure as have not attempted to remove/replace it. It’s actually called middle or centre cooling louvre, which has the horns attached. On this image it show’s screws attached from the front so it looks like there is a possibility. But first remove the frunk to have...
  42. KalJoMoS

    Please help to find pyrofuse on Tesla S 2014

    Will you help out the others after you and post a photo of it’s placement and how did you managed to get it fixed/replaced?
  43. KalJoMoS

    Please help to find pyrofuse on Tesla S 2014

    I don’t know if this is any help but I remember it’s been discussed previously that if the car has been in accident and the safety features have deployed then there is one circular shape fuse on top of the 12V battery (blue colour on the first photo) that can be pushed back in. So worth to try.
  44. KalJoMoS

    Model s 100d scratch ( help please)

    For this fix you certainly don’t need to change the bumper, it’s plain paint damage. Upper section of the scratch can be sanded out as it seems to be in the clear coat layer. These white stripes on lower section are definitely deeper and there you need to get them painted. If you can’t find...
  45. KalJoMoS

    door panel safety strap?

    I was also wondering why is it attached so (all previous cars I have worked with did allowed to reomove the panel) but decided not to cut or remove it. I managed to mend the handle twice without removing it and it never came to disturb my work. I don’t have any garage or roof over my driveway so...
  46. KalJoMoS

    TUNEIN gone!

    So you do not have it selected under the settings for Audio? This is the selection area on the previous version of SW
  47. KalJoMoS

    Legacy Model s usb uograde

    If you only need power then why not to use the 12V plug for something like this?
  48. KalJoMoS

    Putting 2022 19" wheels/tires on 2017 Model S?

    They will still keep the air in the tires for sure but as @cmarshack described you will get annoyance on the IC about tires not sufficient pressurised. As I do not know the refresh rim data (though that OP would know as is interested in purchase), then I suggested that if the rim width is more...
  49. KalJoMoS

    Dirty Headliner = Leaky Roof?

    I thought it as well that the B pillar dirt is from road harsh and a cigarette smoke (I have seen even dirtier headliner and it’s always behind the driver). And +1 for the A pillar comment too.

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