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  1. M3noob

    Driving to France and Switzerland - advice needed

    ha ha ha ha ha Tesla Roadside ha ha ha ha ha Go with Green Flag (AA also useless - they had one chance and blew it) £75ish for a year continental breakdown vs AA annual continental gold cover was £300 something. I also take my own spare tyre, pucks and jack. Also since my 3's 12volt battery...
  2. M3noob

    Auto Cabin Temperature Control Safety - Do you use it?

    The car is a virtual greenhouse. Parking under trees is an unsatisfactory solution: tree sap and bird poo. At the Najeti Hotel Chateau Tilque where they have Destination Chargers "sheltered" by trees makes me reconsider the value of free Kws 🤨
  3. M3noob

    Navigation stopped working

    Try using your phone as a hot spot.
  4. M3noob

    Model 3 brake service at home

    Sadly, I knew a guy that was crushed under his jacked up car. BMW driver, but still a human being.
  5. M3noob

    Puncture repair options (Hankook 19”)

    Shop around. I had a local tyre merchant do a proper repair on an tyre that had a temporary fix applied by the AA. The AA guy said it was good for 50 miles but he's driven a lot farther with a plug patch. The tyre shop guy had no problem cutting out the acoustic foam, patching and then...
  6. M3noob

    Replacement M3 mudflaps?

    I think you may need to buy two. Symmetry is everything :)
  7. M3noob

    12 volt battery insurance/backup plan

    Yup. Wouldn't do much good miles away on a shelf Chez M3noob, would it? And will trickle charge it intermittantly to keep it puka. Cheap insureance at the price.
  8. M3noob

    12 volt battery insurance/backup plan

    It's 1700 km between my UK and my Spanish base, a lot of it in the emptiest bits of France. Are you going to come rescue me if the battery goes pffft? I didn't think so. I was never a Boy Scout but their motto makes a lot of sense if you drive a two year old Tesla.
  9. M3noob

    12 volt battery insurance/backup plan

    As I spend a fair number of thousand kilometers in foreign parts and rue the limitations of Tesla's roadside empty promises, I bought a 12 V battery from Europarts. Good price as they are having a mid-year sale of sorts. I got a four year warranty which seems to be a lot better performance...
  10. M3noob

    Service Centre broke my juddering display but would not replace under warranty

    The door openner was the reddest of red herrings. It would not pass the giggle test in any open mike comedy performance. I suspect that the display "ordered for another customer" that they used to let me drive back on the road was, in fact, taken from another car awaiting delivery (perhaps...
  11. M3noob

    Service Centre broke my juddering display but would not replace under warranty

    All good pointers. It shall all be done. As well as a bit of social media palaver ;-)
  12. M3noob

    Service Centre broke my juddering display but would not replace under warranty

    That's what I am telling the credit card company! They are lovely people at the BCN Service Centre having visited there before but their obstancy in what is absolutely on them is frustrating (to the tune of €1400) I'm guessing the cack-handed tech that broke the display didn't fess up...
  13. M3noob

    Service Centre broke my juddering display but would not replace under warranty

    Yes it was. But that, to my reasonable non-Tesla mind, is irrelevant. It's not like I used my knee to push the bubble button on the clicker. It had done good service in that position without breaking the screen for two years... and then, after not being used for two or three weeks, the screen...
  14. M3noob

    Window washer fluid low

    Washer fluid is the most expensive service item I've had in the two years + :) ... aside from the two tyres ruined from wrong alignment specs (Discount Tyres, Luton), broken display (Tesla Spain SL) :mad:
  15. M3noob

    Has anyone done a trip to Le Mans or Nurburgring in a Tesla?

    The Ibis Styles in Mulsanne has several destination chargers (free is always good!) but their rooms are a bit pricier than the usual Novotel-equipped SuC installation. There is a big new SuC installation nearby with 250kw V3 chargers. We drove to our place in Spain at least ten times in the...
  16. M3noob

    Service Centre broke my juddering display but would not replace under warranty

    Defo on to Nat West right now... didn't want to raise a fuss if I was the only instance of this problem but thanks to the TMC hive mind's posting of other cases, I am sure that the display was either mishandled by the SC or it was a latent defect. Either way, gimme my money back!
  17. M3noob

    Service Centre broke my juddering display but would not replace under warranty

    It wasn't the fob for over two years... it was the Service Centre removing/replacing the display that damaged the screen.
  18. M3noob

    Service Centre broke my juddering display but would not replace under warranty

    (Long post warning!) After two nearly trouble-free years with my Model 3 Long Range DualMotor with Full Self Drive, I have run into a spot of bother. A €1400 plus three days Spanish holiday lost sort of bother. And, 8 Kwh lostovernight at the Service Centre. Small beer in relation the the...
  19. M3noob

    Did the Service Centre break my screen? I have proof they did!

    (Warning: long post) After two nearly trouble-free years with my Model 3 Long Range Dual Motor with Full Self Drive, I have run into a spot of bother. A €1400 plus three days Spanish holiday lost sort of bother. And, 8 Kwh lost overnight at the Service Centre. Small beer in relation the the...
  20. M3noob

    There goes the neighbourhood... shared SCs in France

    And at the Novotel in Clermont Ferrand's SC (where Tesla set up shop giving Y test drives) this cheery notice was found Apologies for the previous inappropriate pic of the queue at Portsmouth ferry terminal... It must have been due to CO poisoning from all the ICE cars idling for a hour
  21. M3noob

    There goes the neighbourhood... shared SCs in France

    At the new LeMsns SC, a VW was found connected. At Vierzon a new prototype Mégane was connected. At both instances, there was plenty of room left over. That was NOT the case at Bourges...a full house of Tesla's
  22. M3noob

    [UK] 2022.12.x

    YouTube uber alles
  23. M3noob

    Electric car chargepoints to overtake fuel pumps

    That's why St. Elon gave us Destination Chargers, many free*... but alas many charge more than the Premier chain for a bed ;) * I got charged for a Destination Charger once at a Logis de France in Clermont Ferrand. Won't be going back there.
  24. M3noob

    Mandatory Speed Limiters from July 2022?

    I'm confused :cool: I thought we were only supposed to use AP on motorways (not that I never do otherwise)
  25. M3noob

    Buy my Y?

    I've decided to not take up my option to replace my Fremont Model 3 with a Wuhan Y. Tesla keeps reminding me to select a delivery place. Olympus Mons is not yet available ;) I have no idea how to go about "gifting" this reservation but I'd be happy to facilitate someone's queue jumping for...
  26. M3noob

    Let’s talk alloy wheels

    Only where legal. I've got the MPP Lift Kit as I have to go off road to get to my mountain top finca. Some small loss in range (UK to Spain for £65 in juice, pre-war) but cheaper than bashing the battery. Also fitted the MPP Smash Plate, cheaper than bashing those lovely hoses and wires in...
  27. M3noob

    Mandatory Speed Limiters from July 2022?

    A motorway with a side road???
  28. M3noob

    Pedestrian Warning System (PWS) Retrofit

    Roll the window down and play Ludacris "Move Bitch" . It's cheaper, equally effective and no messing about with a Service Centre 🤣
  29. M3noob

    Electric car chargepoints to overtake fuel pumps

    Let us also not forget the hideous decrease in bladder range as one reaches advanced maturity. My M3 might make 300 miles... but I won't 🤣
  30. M3noob

    Does AP adjust lane position now?

    I've noted a vast improvement in AP by driving on the other side of the road (e.g. France and Spain). Some improvement here in the green and pleasant land, though.
  31. M3noob

    Tesla open up the SuC network [in UK]

    How can you depress "unavailable at present" due to demand/production issues 😉
  32. M3noob

    UK/Ireland and RHD Only - Queries and Comments for Tesla - Further Discussion

    My favourite US road sign during a metric trial: Metric road markings next 5 miles 🤣
  33. M3noob

    Tesla Moves To Solve the Problem of Dying 12-Volt Li-Ion Batteries on the LFP Model 3

    I also think that Tesla has more experience with penny pinching and ignoring customer satisfaction than anyone on the forum ;)
  34. M3noob

    Model 3 Key Fob

    Google knows all, tells all :cool: Aliexpress, sadly. I'm currently boycotting anything from the area where global health issues originate. Or were you looking for details of my wife's Spanish jumper collection? :p Pencil in the picture stolen from Hambleton Hall 01572 756991 🤣
  35. M3noob

    Reliable v enthusiastic but wrong advice on some forums

    We all need to be bandwith guardians on this august resource. Shutting down the verbiage that decreases the signal-to-noise ration helps everyone. Extra kudos if done with good humour.
  36. M3noob

    Model 3 Key Fob

    I went for a posh leather keychain accoutrement. Handmade by Crazy Smith. I recently appreciated a fob feature: the car will tell you when the battery is low. It did this outside my place in Spain with the fob nowhere to be seen. It triggered a fruitless search in handbags, desk drawers...
  37. M3noob

    Touch up paints?

    It's amazing what you can find with Google and five seconds of typing ;) Amazon is pretty good, too, even if it just enriches Jeff "not an astronaut" Bezos 🤣
  38. M3noob

    eCall Emergency call system requires service

    Yup, probabaly the root of the alert. I've booked a service appointment for 1 April... it will probably be resolved before then. It hasn't reappeared so just a random bit fart, I presume
  39. M3noob


    And unionised labour everywhere...
  40. M3noob

    Model 3 SR+ Battery drainage

    It helps if you pre-heat the battery before you leave (as long as you are still plugged in), I believe. Longer term solution is move to somewhere warmer ;)
  41. M3noob

    Soft update = loss of 4G connectivity

    Also a 03/20 M3... not a problem with mine. I've had to reconnect to my WiFi occasionally but once I hit the reconnect button it latches on tout de suite. No problem with 4G.
  42. M3noob

    Soon to be new MY owner in the UK - Advice, please!

    We've been AA members for years (fie on the alleged Tesla roadside promise). AA has helped twice with flats. However, since we travel a lot on the continent we found that Green Flag is a lot cheaper than AA for coverage over there. No experience of their in crisis response, though...
  43. M3noob


    That's what paint protection film is alllllll abouuttttt :cool:
  44. M3noob

    Soon to be new MY owner in the UK - Advice, please!

    Tyre problems are well documented... Same for insurance tips and traps... Let's try to keep the S/N ratio high ;) SEEK and ye shall find...
  45. M3noob


    My M3 LR with FSD is just fine, thanks. 20K happy miles aside from two flats. Happy to wait for good FSD. The car's a keeper.
  46. M3noob

    Speed Bump Visualization

    Next,, you'll be asking for pothole visualisation :cool:
  47. M3noob

    Latest App 4.5.1 with $ on Charge Stats

    Just be thankful it's not calculated in Bitcoin 😅
  48. M3noob


    Hmmm I don't think that you are quite the right fit for any Tesla... your complaint result seems to fall "within tolerance" ... Tesla's tolerance, not necessarily yours 😉
  49. M3noob

    Driving through Europe in a UK car

    I'm not looking for a fanboy, OP, but if you >search< my postings you'll discover my enjoyable trips to Spain and back on at least 8 occasions using a combination of SCs, Destination Chargers and the UMC "granny" cable travelling via the tunnel and boats, approx 80pc on Autopilot . It's easier...

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