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  1. Bigriver

    Model X: Average Wh/mile Tracker

    I don’t have any way to quantify the exact effect of ac, but my observations over the past 4+ years with my 2017 MX is that it is negligible. I have made many trips during the summer in 80 to 95 F temperatures with the ac amply on, and actual miles approximately equaled rated miles. Thus I...
  2. Bigriver

    Model X (only) - FSD beta

    Indeed that is interesting to know. Reports of the August timing that I have seen were based on various Tesla announcements in August, but it is not shocking that they may have already made the change well before the announcement and change in the Online Design Studio
  3. Bigriver

    Model X (only) - FSD beta

    Yes, it’s like the new speed limit is only a suggestion that it takes under advisement. maybe. someday. Your build date not delivery date in 2017 determines whether you have AP2.0 and need a camera update or have AP2.5 and already have the necessary cameras. The configuration change happened in...
  4. Bigriver

    Just took delivery of TESLA X

    Will it full open if you hold the button in? Sometimes it will erroneously sense that it cannot open fully, and just has to have its hand held to do so. Ceramic coat them. 4 years later mine look like new.
  5. Bigriver

    Just got FSD Beta 10.13. Performance more than disappointing.

    Do you mean 10.12.2? I’m not aware of 10.13 being released yet, at least Teslafi is showing 10.12.2 as the latest. It reverts on the highways with no action from you. The graphics change from city streets to the more familiar AP/NOA graphics. It behaves 1000 times better on the highway than...
  6. Bigriver

    Model X (only) - FSD beta

    Great! Will try that. I have kept expecting this to get fixed with each release, and then NO. I had not ever noticed the “expanded full self-driving visualization” menu option, but indeed I had it on.
  7. Bigriver

    Model X (only) - FSD beta

    I have FSD Beta on both model X and model 3. It’s equally bad on both cars relative to how it drives. Display is worse on the X because it doesn’t display the speed limit while in city streets. This latest release was actually the biggest improvement I’ve seen. Previously I had a very low...
  8. Bigriver

    Model X: Average Wh/mile Tracker

    2017 MX 100D with 20” wheels. 342 Wh/mile over 61,500 miles. It has gotten slightly better with time, I think maybe due to me increasing typical tire air pressure from 42 psi to 45 psi. Mostly a long trip car, used in variety of temps. Here’s my plot from Teslafi as a function of outside temp...
  9. Bigriver

    Model X (only) - FSD beta

    Is your 2017 originally AP2.0 or AP2.5? The transition occurred around August 2017.
  10. Bigriver

    Model X 2017 P100D VS 2018 100D

    Just wanting to be sure you are aware that Tesla rated miles aren’t the same thing as actual miles. Depending on wheel size, tires, weather, elevation changes, speed and driving style, there can be a hefty effect that people can’t drive as many actual miles as the rated miles. And because you...
  11. Bigriver

    Accident in new Model X! Did Dashcam record it?

    @PedXing, just for my own education… I thought Tesla is including a USB with new cars. Did yours have one? And if so, did you get the accident footage?
  12. Bigriver

    2018 Model X 75D

    In the US, there is a 4 year or 50,000 mile (whichever comes first) warranty. Then there was also an option for original owners to buy an extended warranty, that goes another 4 years/50,000 miles. For the extended warranty, there is a $200 deductible per item. The extended warranty is...
  13. Bigriver

    Used 2018 Model X Getting Nervous! Should I Be?

    The Tesla shop has helpful information on different plug options and rate of charge. Note that these adapters are for the Gen 2 mobile charger. My 2017 MX came with Gen 1 that uses different adapters (not as long), which Tesla currently sells only a few adapter options.
  14. Bigriver

    Used 2018 Model X Getting Nervous! Should I Be?

    Yes, it actually is. The MCU2 upgrade is called the “infotainment” update by Tesla. https://www.tesla.com/support/infotainment @Dlandfan, please do check back in telling us how it goes. I don’t think you’ve told us who you were buying it through. But as you mention that you had gotten to see...
  15. Bigriver

    Biggest tv that can fit in 7 seater x w seats down

    @jboy210 that was my exact experience this past year. I got to Best Buy to do a curbside pickup, with the plan to lay it flat in the back. Was tsk-tsk’ed by the employee, as if I was the most uninformed person he had ever met. It wasn’t that big of a TV, so it fit standing up behind the front...
  16. Bigriver

    Tesla Model X 2020 Charging

    @Qasim715, from the article linked above, it would seem that the peak V3 charging rate may depend on what battery pack version you have from 2020. Is the 140 kW you quote from a single experience or multiple V3 charging sessions? I find a fairly wide range of charging rates due to factors I...
  17. Bigriver

    M3P to MX 16-18?

    I have a 2018 AWD M3 and a 2017 100D MX. not your exact comparison basis, but a few thoughts on what it feels to go from a 3 to a pre-Raven X. I wouldn’t even think about an older X for a split second if these cars were stuck with MCU1. It would literally take 5 minutes for navigation to...
  18. Bigriver

    A few questions from a relatively new X owner

    Depends how much $400 is worth to you. I would also say it may depend on your level of perfectionism. I think I did a good job, but quite sure a professional job would be better. The side mirrors are the absolutely hardest part. I’m not sure I’d have the patience to do them again.
  19. Bigriver

    A few questions from a relatively new X owner

    @Damager99, I didn’t immediately have an aversion to chrome, and like you, somewhat liked it when it provided a contrast. But tastes change sometimes and I ended up chrome deleting my model X. I used the Nikola Pro kit. First time ever to do something like that. Some of the pieces are easy...
  20. Bigriver

    2020 MX Rear Window Tint ?

    Rear windows, on the falcon wing doors, are tinted very dark from the factory. Here is the measurement on mine. If you are referring to the window on the rear hatch, my eyeballs tell me it is about the same tint as the glass on the falcon wing doors.
  21. Bigriver

    Updates have stopped?

    @Beta V, I also have 2017 MX (original AP2.5) with FSD Beta. Here is my 2022 history of software updates. I drove quite a bit today. I didn’t notice any improvements in FSD Beta 10.11.1 which I just got on Sunday.
  22. Bigriver

    Full Self Driving Capability - Not having full self driving?

    This is referring to the MCU2 upgrade, not the FSD computer upgrade. Perhaps this helps some. https://www.tesla.com/support/infotainment
  23. Bigriver

    Full Self Driving Capability - Not having full self driving?

    I got the FSD computer upgrade before I got the MCU2 upgrade. So I know it is possible for the configuration of HW3 and MCU1 to exist. But I do wholeheartedly encourage the MCU2 upgrade. Nothing ever worked quite right with the electronics with MCU1.
  24. Bigriver

    Full Self Driving Capability - Not having full self driving?

    Yes, HW3 works with MCU1. BTW if your car didn’t have FSD, you could not do the $199/month subscription without first paying for the hardware upgrades. They put a price of $1k, I think, on the FSD computer. I don’t know if they’ve made the camera upgrade a stand-alone option. But these hardware...
  25. Bigriver

    Full Self Driving Capability - Not having full self driving?

    But you started from AP2.5, not AP2.0, which also needs a camera upgrade. I’ve not kept up with the details, but those camera upgrades started within the past 6 months and were not immediately available to all 2.0 cars with FSD.
  26. Bigriver

    Full Self Driving Capability - Not having full self driving?

    @Maximilien I’ve always thought Tesla throwing in the term “capability” confuses things. If I were using logic, I would also conclude that FSD capability might not be the same thing as having purchased the package. But as you know, that term does mean that the FSD package has been purchased. I...
  27. Bigriver

    Advice buying used 90D (2017) or 75 (2018). 10K i pricedifference.

    I believe the original rated range on the 90D was 257 miles, so this isn’t sounding right. My first guess is that you have been quoted the “ideal” range, which is notably above the “rated” range (which for many of us, is notably above the actual range.) As a point of reference, my 2017 100D...
  28. Bigriver

    Advice buying used 90D (2017) or 75 (2018). 10K i pricedifference.

    Phone as key isn’t a thing for these 2017/2018 model X’s. You have to have the key fob on you.
  29. Bigriver

    Advice buying used 90D (2017) or 75 (2018). 10K i pricedifference.

    @geirhelge, I have some thoughts that may deviate a bit from those previously voiced. I have a September 2017 build of a 100D, so (at least I think) I remember details in that time frame, and I followed details of configuration changes for quite awhile after that. So, the Sept 2017 not having...
  30. Bigriver

    Model X (only) - FSD beta

    As they are only doing the camera updates for FSD cars, and as FSD Beta turns off the radar, could be. I can confirm that with FSD Beta that I do get more wiper sensitivity - just doing a quick spray of the washer fluid will momentarily give me the poor weather notification.
  31. Bigriver

    Model X Owner Transfer

    @WKNDSuperHero I thought that adding a car to your Tesla account is initiated by the buyer, by selecting Add Car and providing the purchase paperwork. I’ve never actually done this, but would be interested to know what if any action is needed by the previous owner.
  32. Bigriver

    Driver door stopped auto presenting Opens with fob, mcu, or handle just fine.

    Door not auto opening was one of the first problems I ever had with my model X. Here is service documentation.
  33. Bigriver

    Model X 2nd Row Bench Seat Width (5/7 Seat) & OEM S/3/Y Pet Liner Fit

    Here is a bench 7 seater. I’m not aware of any of its dimensions changing since it came out in mid 2017 through 2021. Don’t know about the refresh. Tape measure was started at edge of the vegan leather seat, next to the seatbelt, on the passenger side, and here it is on the driver’s side:
  34. Bigriver

    Falcon Max Open Height Not Being Saved

    I played with it and could only get it to save a fully open height. And I now remember that other people have commented on this too, that the FWD can’t be saved at a partial height, despite the manual implying that it can. It’s as if the person who wrote those manual words thought there was only...
  35. Bigriver

    2018 Tesla x 75d Seatbelt Buckles: Are these OEM?

    @Katie.troutman your pictures look identical to my seatbelts in 2017 cream interior.
  36. Bigriver


    With just a few pieces of information, none of us can assess for sure what is occurring for you (once or multiple times?) My guess is that you are not applying enough of a slight torque pressure to the steering wheel (or yoke in your case). The screen right in front of you will flash a bit, I...
  37. Bigriver

    Sense yesterday's update, can't change the charging limit

    I went on a little trip over the weekend and right as I was pulling into 2 out of my 6 supercharging stops, my MCU froze. Had to reboot both times. Before this have only had to reboot a couple of times in the 18 months since I had the MCU1 to MCU2 upgrade. This used to happen all the time with...
  38. Bigriver

    Sense yesterday's update, can't change the charging limit

    That is toggling on/off a lot more than chargers, such as Costco, Trader Joe’s, etc. And my, you are in a world of a lot of charging options. Here is what it looks like near me with it toggled on and off.
  39. Bigriver

    Sense yesterday's update, can't change the charging limit

    Not so. There is a button that I thinks looks a bit like the old SC button, but now it toggles labels on and off. I think it is the reason some are saying SCs show up only if you are near one, because it will toggle on/off several potential points of interest. Superchargers are always accessible...
  40. Bigriver

    Wiki Model X Refresh Issues Thread

    Not the best thread for this question. But leave it plugged in if you can. If not I would charge to 90%. One week isn’t all that long but if you have Sentry Mode on there will be notable drain. There is not a specific leave car setting.
  41. Bigriver

    Supercharger - Akron, OH

    The Lima SC was also not placed to facilitate east/west travel via RT 30. It didn’t look that bad to me on the map, but it is time consuming to get to, especially between it and headed West, or when coming from the West, to get to it. For my own needs, I’ve wished there were a SC at Mansfield...
  42. Bigriver

    How much 'parasitic drain' is normal?

    My 2017 MX has always reported about 10 F higher inside than outside, but it isn’t really. I put a thermometer inside. Do you know the manufacture date of your car and if in first 3 months of 2018, has it been upgraded from MCU1 to MCU2? If you have MCU1, there is an “always connected” radial...
  43. Bigriver

    Extremely Disappointed With Model S Range When Driving on the Highway at 35F

    I am more than a bit surprised by this statement. I do a round trip across most of the Ohio Turnpike at least once a month and I find that very few ever go over 75 mph. It is one of the most heavily patrolled roads that I drive, and I’ve always thought that shows in the moderated speeds. With a...
  44. Bigriver

    2018 model x seats

    I thought ventilated seats disappeared by early 2017. What month was yours built in 2018?
  45. Bigriver

    2018 MX Options?

    I had never seen that list, and at first thought it was a great find. But found a number of things wrong with just a quick perusal of it. For example: The 7 seat monopost to bench design change happened mid 2017, not in 2016. HW2.5 started August 2017, not 2018.
  46. Bigriver

    Model X: Order advice

    It’s my understanding that selling the reservation is a strict no, and even transferring it to a non-relative is not allowed. But I have no first hand knowledge of this, just hearsay. With the great price on used cars, how about turning around and flipping the non-EV you are currently taking...
  47. Bigriver

    FSD Resale Value after 3 years?

    @Kairide, you either got lucky through a glitch at Tesla, or FSD was later purchased for your car. If you ordered the car at the end of 2018, they certainly did have something called FSD and it cost $3k extra. Late 2018 it was off menu, but just EAP was not considered the same thing as EAP+FSD...
  48. Bigriver

    FSD Resale Value after 3 years?

    Your last statement is not true. Since October 2016 FSD has always been a defined option, separate from Autopilot. Throughout 2018, Enhanced Autopilot was $5000, and FSD was an additional $3000. These were the prices when ordered with the vehicle and they were more if purchased later. In October...
  49. Bigriver

    Model X LR refresh range further reduced, 360->353->332 miles, what happened???

    I also noticed that it changes range for seat configuration. I guess the extra weight. No change for exterior or interior color tho!

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