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  1. JeffK

    My car is constantly waking and making banging noises in the garage. Am I just being paranoid or...

    That sound is the pack expansion from temperature change and the air not being able to equalize quickly. They can install new breathers to help with that. Your sound had nothing to do with data sharing. This problem is unrelated and the car is unplugged, this is a different sound to the thermal...
  2. JeffK

    My car is constantly waking and making banging noises in the garage. Am I just being paranoid or...

    Service will wait until your car gets there. If you call roadside assistance they'll check right away. If it's something that needs to be addressed right away you'll need to get service before your appointment. It could be something simple or it could be serious. Either way, it's not normal.
  3. JeffK

    My car is constantly waking and making banging noises in the garage. Am I just being paranoid or...

    You could try restarting the computer, but best to get it checked out. Sounds like the HV contactors, they should trigger when charging and to recharge the 12V battery. You might even call roadside assistance to have them remotely check if something is going on. Should the 12V die you'll be...
  4. JeffK

    Top 3 and bottom 3 things about M3

    Top Likes: Performance, it's awesome. One pedal driving Autopilot Top Dislikes: Road noise, if you have a new one it may be a bit quieter, but it's quite loud even without an ICE. It's louder than many cars with ICEs. It's not just the tires either like some people like to claim. Backseat...
  5. JeffK

    Where is the e-brake

    No, you have to hold it to use it as an e-brake. Don't confuse putting it in park with engaging the emergency brake (e-brake) while the car is moving. When you put it in park the parking brake will engage automatically, to do this while driving you must hold it. This also helps avoid accidental...
  6. JeffK

    Car Parked Outside temp 68f / Inside 98f. Normal?

    So you've never gotten into a car on a sunny day in your life and thought, gee it's really fricken hot in here!?
  7. JeffK

    What is bulletin needing to be done?

    These are service bulletins and all vehicles have them. They get posted to NHTSA. Example: 2018 TESLA MODEL 3 4 DR RWD
  8. JeffK

    Car Parked Outside temp 68f / Inside 98f. Normal?

    Does your house AC break? Of course, it'll still need regular maintenance. One of the goals is to help keep the electronics cool as well. There are different modes too. https://www.tesla.com/sites/default/files/model_3_owners_manual_north_america_en.pdf#page=129 Heat-wise, it'll get as hot as...
  9. JeffK

    Car Parked Outside temp 68f / Inside 98f. Normal?

    Depends if you have cabin overheat protection turned on...
  10. JeffK

    Where is the e-brake

    In an emergency if the brake pedal is not working you must hold the park button for longer than normal. https://www.tesla.com/sites/default/files/model_3_owners_manual_north_america_en.pdf#page=66
  11. JeffK

    New Owner: Questions re Service

    Here's a thread about it from reddit: What's it like owning a Tesla in Birmingham? : Birmingham
  12. JeffK


  13. JeffK

    Car Parked Outside temp 68f / Inside 98f. Normal?

    The sun shines and heats stuff up... don't leave babies or dogs in the car without temperature control. (It's frowned upon to leave babies in the car even with the AC on) The same thing happens in a greenhouse. Also where the term "greenhouse effect" comes from.
  14. JeffK

    Aero Shield Panel

    So the earlier aero shields were delicate and tore when wet. The part was later redesigned late 2018. https://static.nhtsa.gov/odi/tsbs/2019/MC-10153430-9999.pdf I didn't run over any standing water when mine tore, the ground was simply wet from rain, and the very next day it was hanging off...
  15. JeffK

    New Car Protection Costs

    Xpel and Ceramic Pro I thought the XPEL would be better with rocks. I've also had to heat it numerous times or leave it in the sun because it'll get swirl marks even with two bucket washing microfiber towels and everything. Model 3 will kick up gravel from underneath the front tires so the...
  16. JeffK

    New Car Protection Costs

    Yes, all the issues I mentioned in a little over a year of ownership. My commute is 50 miles a day during weekdays.
  17. JeffK

    New Car Protection Costs

    If I had to do it all over again I would have skipped both PPF and ceramic coating. The PPF is terribly expensive, rocks are going to tear it and the tears look a heck of a lot worse than a basically 2D rock chip. The only solution is to get those panels removed and reapplied ($$$). The...
  18. JeffK

    Ordering without FSD=2.5 computers?

    No, everything comes with HW 3.0. Having HW 3.0 will also help the car send back better data for training the fleet, regardless if you have FSD or not.
  19. JeffK

    Accident for unable to brake efficiently: Tesla's or my fault? [early 2020]

    You wrote that you didn't know how the other poster got so many downvotes... it was that they blamed the leading car, which has zero blame in this situation. TLDR: I was driving and a car turned into my lane. Wet conditions Their light was red (right turn on red, failure to yield) They turned...
  20. JeffK

    Accident for unable to brake efficiently: Tesla's or my fault? [early 2020]

    When stopping you generally are paying attention in front of you. The front car braked with plenty of time (braking for a total of six seconds from the eight second mark), the OP wasn't paying attention at all. Not only did the OP brake late, but didn't even try to swerve to the right for which...
  21. JeffK

    P3D+ fastest 0-60 for cars under 60K?

    That's funny, back in 2014 Jeremy Clarkson named it car of the year.
  22. JeffK

    P3D+ fastest 0-60 for cars under 60K?

    Not really a legal real world situation there. Keep in mind the GT-R has higher horsepower and costs nearly twice as much. Give me a 100 kWh Ludicrous Model 3 Performance and let me play. :) I'd trade up my P3D in a heartbeat if the price was right.
  23. JeffK

    What did you name your Tesla?

    This thread is still alive huh? Since mine is blue, wears red Brembos, and flies, I've called mine Kal El.
  24. JeffK

    P3D+ fastest 0-60 for cars under 60K?

    I got into an accident with my P3D about two weeks ago and the rental they have me in is a 2020 Camaro. Ughhh it's awful. I can't wait to have my baby back.
  25. JeffK

    Easier to avoid speeding tickets in Tesla?

    Same situation here
  26. JeffK

    Easier to avoid speeding tickets in Tesla?

    I hear a lot of old people retire to Arizona. ;)
  27. JeffK

    Easier to avoid speeding tickets in Tesla?

    Sad to say I got a ticket just the other day. I was passing someone who was going ten under on the freeway and low and behold there was a cop on the side of the road with a LiDAR gun. Needless to say, the P3D can go from ten under to let's just say tens of mph over the speed limit in short...
  28. JeffK

    MASTER THREAD: Tesla Insurance Services in California

    Sounds like the OP didn't read anything about Tesla insurance before switching and it appears the OP was contacted within 24 hours by an adjuster. Looks like a better than normal insurance experience so far. I'm impressed.
  29. JeffK

    Performance not getting 310 miles promised

    Nor at any other speed in my experience except stopped. I guess if you're driving an SR hard it might be equivalent to a Performance rolling along. :)
  30. JeffK

    Anyone else just get invited to EAP?

    I mean you have the third party app logging in as you so I'm assuming it's trivial to see where the logins are coming from.
  31. JeffK

    Enhanced Summon coming (Elon tweet 6 Apr, 2019)

    Nah, right now is this week.
  32. JeffK

    Performance not getting 310 miles promised

    Ah, then, in that case, it looks like you have some normal degradation (likely from charging to 100% and draining to well below 10% all the time) but nothing serious. Your usage is similar to mine lifetime average of a little over 320 Wh/mi, lately with the new firmware and the warmer weather...
  33. JeffK

    Performance not getting 310 miles promised

    Yeah, we really need to see what it claims at higher number. @279 Wh/mi at 90% SoC you should be getting a real world range of around 241 miles. (75000 * 0.90) / 279 I'm also talking about charging it to 90% and driving it straight away, no parking, etc. Also remember that if you charge it to...
  34. JeffK

    Performance not getting 310 miles promised

    They are not the same OEM part numbers per the Model 3 parts catalog and per reality. What does the car say for range when charged to 100%? What is your typical usage / mile?
  35. JeffK

    Anyone else just get invited to EAP?

    It'd be only a small subset of orders from Oct 2016 through HW 3.0 and the AP/FSD price changes. Relatively speaking the number might be fairly low.
  36. JeffK

    Anyone else just get invited to EAP?

    I have to say it would be super exciting if someone with HW3 were to leak some real FSD features any time this year.
  37. JeffK

    Anyone else just get invited to EAP?

    Nothing here This! yeah, it would have taken a minor effort to start inviting HW 2.5 owners to start getting swaps. They could then learn from the experience to roll out to large numbers of vehicles.
  38. JeffK

    Performance not getting 310 miles promised

    You know a lot of people marked that as funny but it's a legit autopilot on flat road in the winter. Right now, since it's warmer, for the same route, I'm averaging 22%
  39. JeffK

    Is the Nag Gone?

    Depends on your stretch of freeway. If it's curvy and your hands are on the wheel then magically no nags, if on a long straight area then you'll get a nag. Bumps and potholes with your hands on the wheel will also prevent nags (due to the small amount of torque from the weight of your hands).
  40. JeffK

    SPOILER ALERT: My P3D came with its spoiler

    I went in for a charge port door issue and asked if they had one in my appointment ticket. Just got it installed today!
  41. JeffK

    Downgrade SR+ and get $2000 back?

    True, or often drive like a grandma :)
  42. JeffK

    Red Calipers

    Covers? I mean the Performance model comes with red (painted) calipers from Tesla. You can always paint the non-performance ones yourself.
  43. JeffK


  44. JeffK

    Does anybody notice phantom braking while on TACC with 8.3 or 8.5?

    Yes. Noticed with 2019.5.15+
  45. JeffK

    Model 3 Chare Port Won't Latch

    That white section looks thicker than normal. Can you pull it off with needle nose pliers? (I'm assuming it's over the black piece)
  46. JeffK

    Head check vs Screen check

  47. JeffK

    How to avoid setting off the alarm??

    That's interesting and I can see why the alarm went off. I wonder what would have happened if she had interacted with the screen after the doors locked. If you do some scientific tests I'd love to know the results. According to the manual taking the key card to the b-pillar on the driver's side...
  48. JeffK

    Newbie Question About Beta Autopilot? [Thread title edited by moderator]

    Autosteer? Autosteer is Tesla's lane keeping assist feature so, yes, that's included with basic AP which consists of lane keeping (Autosteer), and traffic aware cruise control.

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