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  1. jezroj

    USB ports or Cigarette Lighter connection

    Do any of the USB C's , USB A's or Cigarette Lighter Connections turn off when the car powered down?
  2. jezroj

    How Do I Use Dashcam?

    Question: Regardless of the size of your drive, will it overwrite every 10 minutes or will it record a new one 10 minutes long until it runs out of space? I was also under the impression that if you tapped the dashcam icon it would save, if you held it, it would pause (while driving)
  3. jezroj

    Ceramic coating interior white seats

    Just like anything else, leather will "wear". Coatings and sealers will help with spills until those chemicals wear off. Cleaning seats with a Leather Cleaner and finishing it off with a Leather Conditioner once a month or every other month is all you really need to keep it clean and wiping...
  4. jezroj

    New owner observations and question...

    Is that where it comes off and is "within spec"?
  5. jezroj

    Advice Needed - MY Pearl White Touch Up Paint

    Tesla Pearl White is tough to match. A few years ago Tesla had discontinued the Pearl White touch-up, but I guess it is back on the market. They had tried matching a trunk hatch at the center before delivery back in 2020 and could never get it correctly, the touch-up paint was more a cream...
  6. jezroj

    Model Y VIN Starting with 7SAY

    Is there a way to know the actual manufactured date?
  7. jezroj

    Front License plates

    In CA it is like living in a HOA, until someone complains or catches you, you are OK. Most officers will overlook unless they stop you for something and you give them a hard time, then they will start to look for just about anything they can add on. Be cool, be safe.
  8. jezroj

    Tesla dealerships getting ready for new MYs and M3s?

    Is there a way to know your actual build date.? Other manufacturers place a label on the side of the drivers door giving you all that info., Tesla has figured out a way of not doing that.
  9. jezroj

    Autopilot buddy

  10. jezroj

    19” Gemini Wheels - Powder Coating?

    In OC they want 600 - 1,000 to take wheels off car, tires off wheels and powder coat. After they will reinstall all and one said they would rebalance tires before mounting. If you don’t mind, what did SD charge and for what servive?
  11. jezroj

    Aero Wheel Cap Kit

    On Tesla's Store, they show a silver set of the Aero Wheel Cap for the MY and a black set for the M3. Can the black M3's be used on the MY Gemini 19" Wheels and will they work if you have Wheel Locks installed? Other than the color, was not sure if there was a difference or not on the cap...
  12. jezroj

    Insurance with FSD

    I ended up calling AAA (my insurer) and after several calls back and forth they said they would not cover FSD if it was not purchased with the vehicle. I tried to explain that it should really not be treated any differently than a stereo upgrade as long as I call them up and send them a receipt...
  13. jezroj

    Model Y spoiler replacement?

    When I went to the Costa Mesa show room, just about every MY they had around was lifting from the sides. QC! and they have the nerve to price it out at $900 on the Performance Model.
  14. jezroj

    Insurance with FSD

    Is it more expensive to insure a car with FSD than one without? If so, by approximately what percentage?
  15. jezroj

    XPEL Paint Protection Film, Ceramic Coating and Tint

    is the roof tint applied on the outside of the glass?
  16. jezroj

    Vendor Introducing Windshield Gard, now available for the Model Y

    Not legal in all States, correct?
  17. jezroj

    Tesla starts delivering Model Y to Mexico

    He who can afford a Tesla in Mexico is well protected or has influence
  18. jezroj

    Front Side Laminated Glass

    Did SC replace your windshield and roof rack because of noise? If so it must have been real bad, so many people complain about this and live with it.
  19. jezroj

    VW ID.4 Free Charging for 3 years! Who wants one?

    Electrify America and Walmart partnership is a win-win for both. It is too bad that Tesla did not make such a deal.
  20. jezroj

    VW ID.4 Free Charging for 3 years! Who wants one?

    I have been a big supporter of Rivian for years and have a deposit down for their vehicles. But I don't think that the pricing will be much lower than a MX.
  21. jezroj

    VW ID.4 Free Charging for 3 years! Who wants one?

    Not only VW, but we also have the real inexpensive (cheap) XPENG and NIO on the way and I am sure that we will see these folks using EA at times. As I have previously mentioned, it would be real nice if we could know how many people that were expecting to buy a Tesla have not gone elsewhere and...
  22. jezroj

    Tesla starts delivering Model Y to Mexico

    So with the peso conversion, and taxes, how does the pricing compare?
  23. jezroj

    Just another disappointing aftermarket experience

    Good thing I read this. I live under ten miles from RPM and awaiting our MY. I stopped by their shop which was filled with Tesla's getting all sorts of aftermarket work done. I was considering using them for my exterior protection package and was also going to buy some of the interior...
  24. jezroj

    What do you do if you record an accident on the dashcam?

    What is going to make you sleep better at night?
  25. jezroj

    What charging accessories come with a new Y?

    expired after Tesla purchase
  26. jezroj

    What charging accessories come with a new Y?

    Is there a "promo code" for the purchase of one of these?
  27. jezroj

    What charging accessories come with a new Y?

    Finally the MAGIC WORDS "...you have to use the drop-down menu to select", what a bozo am I. If I would have realized this, I probably would have saved us about five posts. Thanks jeffbco, now it makes sense.
  28. jezroj

    What charging accessories come with a new Y?

    I understand, that is why I am looking for a 14-50P (pin) and a ... to work with the cable supplied with the MY. Model S we had came with a connector that took care of this, I believe it was about a $39 dollar part, but I don't seem to see it now.
  29. jezroj

    What charging accessories come with a new Y?

    This is what I have, correct me if I am wrong, but the above connector, will not work on this receptacle.
  30. jezroj

    What charging accessories come with a new Y?

    Please excuse my ignorance. In looking at the Tesla Website, the only way I found anything for the 14-50 power plug adapter was in their sold out $250 bundle pack. Looked at EVSadapters and only found L5-15 Twist-Lock Adapter for Tesla Models S/3/X/Y Gen 2 at $59 dollars each. Since we only...
  31. jezroj

    Tesla Wall Connector

    Is there anything I gain by having my MY connected to a Tesla Wall Connector vs directly to a NEMA connector and the portable charger that comes with the car, other than not having to disconnect the portable if going on a long trip?
  32. jezroj

    What charging accessories come with a new Y?

    Unlike the MS, are you telling me that a NEMA plug does not come with it?
  33. jezroj

    Anyone thinking about an VW ID.4 Instead?

    Just like I predicted, sold out in no time at all. The question is how many of those sales were or are Tesla owners. As I said in an earlier thread, new customers interested in electric vehicles jumped on this and with good reason. Low base price Great rebate from the Federal Government Free...
  34. jezroj

    Bumper damage

    After reading these options, the Tesla price does not seem that expensive. By the time you pay a body shop and buy the part from Tesla you might save a few hundred, but is it really worth it?
  35. jezroj

    Tesla Site Down

    Just curious. Not sure where Tesla houses their mainframe, but do they have an alternate location in case of a fire or something?
  36. jezroj

    Anyone thinking about an VW ID.4 Instead?

    My father use to always say that competition was good, that it kept everyone on their feet and honest. From what I have read, VW is bringing out the lower end models first. This is a little different than what other manufacturers including Tesla have done, not quite sure how much longer it...
  37. jezroj

    Quick Bandit Gen 2 Front License Plate Holder

    For those using the No-Hole Tesla Model Y Front License Plate Installation kit from Ebay, any Car Wash issues with that? Someone mentioned another similar one, if possible please post details. Some of you have mentioned air flow blockage, is there really that big of an issue with such a small...
  38. jezroj

    Delivery Notice Today ... Respond by this afternoon

    UPDATE: Received Text #2 Your vehicle is scheduled to arrive the evening of September 20th. We have tentatively Scheduled your pickup appointment on September 21st. If you are unable to pickup the vehicle within three days, please RESCHEDULE.
  39. jezroj

    Tesla Advisor: Price increase on Model Y coming

    There is no doubt that Tesla is technology on four wheels. For those of us who have owned, own and will own them, we know that there is nothing better than driving a Tesla, regardless of the model. For years Tesla has been the King, but times are going to change. There are quite a few new...
  40. jezroj

    Delivery Notice Today ... Respond by this afternoon

    Received a text today that our MY is on the way to the Delivery Center. it asked that we select our appointment by this afternoon. Today is the 18th and Battery Day is the 22nd, I am sure we can schedule delivery for after the 22nd. My concern is what Elon will say on Battery Day and how that...
  41. jezroj

    Customer Service Rant - (Sorry...)

    Boy, you guys are really making me think about canceling my MY on order and worse yet, it is white. The lease on my MS was up and I just turned it in. The car had a clunk when first taking off every morning and they told me they could not duplicate it. One of the mechanics asked me if I...
  42. jezroj

    Customer Service Rant - (Sorry...)

    When told "it is within spec", has anyone asked for a copy of the specifications stating this. If they tell you it is within spec. they must have some sort of paper or computer screen that gives them that information. I would say if they can't come up with it, then they have to fix the problem...
  43. jezroj

    Tint/Ceramic/Wheels/Calipers Painted/Badges Painted, oh MY!!

    Here in OC, where did you go?
  44. jezroj

    Stealth Y Owners

    Is it really worth a $10k upgrade. I ordered a performance, then changed my mind and decided that $10k aftermarket goes a long way
  45. jezroj

    Take Delivery or Wait

    Understand, but is it worth waiting till then?
  46. jezroj

    Take Delivery or Wait

    We have placed our MY order already and it won’t be here till sometime mid November. We are in no rush for it and were wondering if we are better off waiting till after Battery Day announcement for a possible change?
  47. jezroj

    All-Weather Floor Mats Compared - [Model 3]

    In the past I have owned WeatherTech on several vehicles and have been happy with their product. They carry Liners or Mats, has anybody looked into these? They make awesome products (in my opinion) and was curious how come they did not come up mentioned

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