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  1. sperkin

    Horrible Tesla Service

    Tesla service was good back in 2018. They have not scaled up fast enough. It's very bad now. Can't even talk to a person.
  2. sperkin

    Tesla service is nothing but a nightmare.

    Week is not bad. My latest appointment was 32 days away. It was 34 days, but service moved me up by 2 days.
  3. sperkin

    FSD Beta 10.13

    Not in LA, but I might just need to be more patient and realize it's not going to do what I have planned in my mind. FSD was actually good at 3am except handling 1 merging car into my lane on the freeway, but got me home fine. Just normal usage in traffic it's really really slow. Every turn...
  4. sperkin

    FSD Beta 10.13

    I don't think FSD will have that many accidents unless it's thin or short objects the camera can't see. FSD is very slow. Also, I can see why some people love FSD today. I took my car to Tesla service and was given Uber credits. This 5 star driver was like FSD. He went the speed limited at 45...
  5. sperkin

    Tesla Insurance....terrible experience so far

    Tesla insurances service is hard to get to, but once you get someone they are great to work with. I was on call to open a claim and it was a 4 hours wait.
  6. sperkin

    Interview study with participants of FSD Beta

    I'm an FSD Beta participant as well. Since getting into Beta, I have been following Tesla less and less. I'm actually shopping for an ICE car now. Looking at Porsche 911s. FSD is a huge disappointment, and what Elon said in 2016 about FSD is what got me excited about Tesla. I am keeping both...
  7. sperkin

    No Door Handles??

    You are right. I just tested this in my garage with the windows down, and I couldn't open the doors from the outside. I guess she didn't lock her car like she thought. Not many ppl have silver with dark tinted windows. Her car was also dirty like mine haha. Oops.
  8. sperkin

    No Door Handles??

    Yeah. I used to wash it every weekend when the car was new back in 2018. It's just an old car now so I don't care. The Supercharger was because I opened someone's door because I thought it was my car. It scared the lady inside. She was watching Neflix. The mirror were folded and she asked how...
  9. sperkin

    No Door Handles??

    Haven't used it yet because i didnt wash my car in 2 years now. Btw, do they have a supercharging mode? When the car is parked, doors locks, and phone inside. Anyone can come up and open the door. Very easy to rob a Tesla owner at the supercharger. Wonder how the cyber truck will know if it's...
  10. sperkin

    No Door Handles??

    The door opened when Elon was talking. It's annoying when I'm washing my car with my phone nearby. The charge port will open when I wipe it. Imagine washing the car and the door pops open and while you're spraying it down..
  11. sperkin

    FSD Beta Experience - Be Careful What You Wish For

    I really regret taking Tesla's offer when negotiating a EAP refund. In early 2019, they dropped the price of the Model 3, and along with the price drop, they also gave free Autopilot. I paid $10k on the 2 Model 3s so I petitioned for a refund and free Autopilot. Tesla instead counter offered...
  12. sperkin

    Increased Car Prices and $12k FSD...Just Insanity!

    Those were all in EAP I had before FSD. Auto lane change by itself is not that great, but as you said, manually initiate the turn and letting it do its thing was good. I use that when I'm too lazy to pay attention. Let the car check for blind spots and motorcycles. That's what that feature is...
  13. sperkin

    Increased Car Prices and $12k FSD...Just Insanity!

    You don't need FSD. It could be $3k and it's still not worth it. It's too stressful with it ON. Here is 10.10 where it was trying to ram a parked car. I was a bit slow to react here since I didn't expect FSD to do this at such a low speed. All warnings went off saying take over. Car veer off...
  14. sperkin

    porsche ev?

    I drove my brother's Taycan, and that thing was amazing. I've driven many EVs (except the Audi eTron GT), and Porchse did it right. Only other EV I would buy. Only thing missing in the Taycan that I would like was 1 peddle driving. The regen was not the strongest. The Taycan had a road...
  15. sperkin

    FSD Beta 10.10 Release Notes

    I report mine everytime, and everyday as well. I have a love hate relationship with FSD beta. Some times, I will say "nice job FSD" as it surpises me with its awesome natural like behavior, and then a few seconds later, it will do something stupid and robotic. Also, I noticed more phantom...
  16. sperkin

    FSD Beta 10.10 Release Notes

    Changing lanes too quick is fine. What it doesn't do is make smooth multiple sweeping lane changes. It does one lane at a time and takes forever to go across 5 lanes, but then again, that is Autopilot, and not FSD beta yet. Hope they fix that so lane changes are faster. It is unsafe to make...
  17. sperkin

    FSD Beta 10.10 Release Notes

    Here is an example where FSD will always fail. Robots will never understand what is going on here, and 10.10 has not fixed this yet. Everyday the two left turn lanes get piled up because the green light only allows 3 cars to turn left, and 3 cars will run the red lights. This causes cars to...
  18. sperkin

    FSD Beta 10.10 Release Notes

    10.10 no longer slow down for speed bumps around my house and kids' schools. It uses to slow down to 17mph but now it doesn't and I have to brake late. It still turn On blinkers for slight left curves going straight. Still scares drivers left of me turning left. They think the car will make a...
  19. sperkin

    10.9 FSD

    There wasn't any risk since my hands were on the wheel. FSD will go over double yellow by a couple of inches and was easy to reel it back in. The pickup truck in front of me by a few cars slammed into the side of the mountain when we were going down. She was looking at the sun set. All air bags...
  20. sperkin

    10.9 FSD

    I just used FSD beta from my house to Big Bear Mountain Ski Resort and back. I was very surprised it handle it well. It did 2 major mistakes, 2 minors, and 2 slow decisions. Overall, I was very impressed. 2 Major mistakes were caused by pickup trucks not following traffic laws and drove like...
  21. sperkin

    FSD cannot make safe unprotected turns onto high speed roads

    I used to watch them, but I have FSD beta myself. His car usually will make a right instead, or he has to press the acceleration pedal himself, or he gives up because a car is behind him. It's good he is doing this, but where he live, it doesn't have a lot of cars. I can tell you my car will...
  22. sperkin

    FSD cannot make safe unprotected turns onto high speed roads

    Fail rate is low for human and FSD because a fail is getting hit by a car. As a human, we can risk it and know we won't get hit. FSD will just wait forever, and upset everyone behind you. FSD may go at a wrong time and fail like any human would, but FSD is safer because it will never make that...
  23. sperkin

    10.9 FSD

    One day it will get there, and I can actually get some real drinks.. I was surprised how well FSD worked if I don't mind all the slow decisions and executions. One part the car made a left turn and then changed lane to the left, but it needed to make a right turn to the freeway on ramp 1000...
  24. sperkin

    10.9 FSD

    I went to a bar I never been before to meet some friends and FSD took me home fine. Made some weird lane changes and drove a bit like a drunk driver in a couple of spots as it felt it's way around some tight streets. Also, had a couple of stop sign issues and waited for 10 seconds to make a...
  25. sperkin

    10.9 FSD

    10.9 is a tad better at getting out of my neighborhood. It still tried to cut the corner on a left turn, but now it knows it's a mistake and half corrects itself sticking the car in the middle of the road. It still makes a minimum of 4 adjustments on any turns instead of 1 smooth motion like a...
  26. sperkin

    $12K for FSD is insane

    This was with 10.8. The whole ride down the mountain, FSD wants to go around all those cars. Tested in many spots, but it was all stop and go on the way down. Every time we stop for too long, the car wants to pass on left by cross double yellow. Also, I was on Chill for AP/navigation.
  27. sperkin

    $12K for FSD is insane

    I have a Cybertruck reserved during the reveal, and FSD at $7k. I will remove it at config if FSD still does dumb things. For example, a poorly parked car on the side of the road could be seen 1/4 mile away. FSD will drive up to it and dart left like it was surprised it popped into view. As a...
  28. sperkin

    $12K for FSD is insane

    Just want to note here that FSD beta can't be used in traffic on 1 line roads. It alway tries to take me into oncoming lane to pass a stop car. In many cases it's multiple stopped cars. I couldn't use FSD beta, but in the past regular AP works fine.
  29. sperkin

    FSD price increase on Jan 17

    I agree. Government will make sure of that. Just like air bags, ABS, and 4 wheel disc brakes . Those were added options on fancy cars, but now all standard. FSD will be standard one day and required on all cars like seat belts.
  30. sperkin

    $12K for FSD is insane

    Not worth it at any price to buy. Rent it for a month as a party trick. I do hope it gets L5, but right now, we are all paying to be Beta Testers. Tesla should be paying us instead.
  31. sperkin

    FSD price increase on Jan 17

    I am fine if it works well, and I need to supervise it, but it needs to work 100%. Try picking up your kids at school when people make 3 lanes out of 2 lane roads. FSD is super confused when people bend/break the laws. As a human you can navigate this and understand what every car is doing. FSD...
  32. sperkin

    FSD price increase on Jan 17

    Same here, but I'm not sure which year a 100% reliable FSD will come to market that allows us to watch TV or go to sleep. Right now, I don't think Tesla is quite there yet with the hardware. Around early mornings and late afternoons FSD beta will stop because a B-piller camera is blocked...
  33. sperkin

    FSD price increase on Jan 17

    FSD is for people who don't know how to drive, can't get Uber or Lyft services in town, or just completely bad or a scared driver. If you can't walk where you need to go and has no other options then FSD Beta may be an option. Everytime I use FSD, I scream at the car "what the F?"
  34. sperkin

    Those who reset score - how soon after reaching 99/100 (100+ miles) did you receive FSD Beta?

    Soon as I found out about this exploit here, I reset my score and got 100 after 3miles of driving. I parked my car and drove the other. Once I got FSD beta, I did the same with the other Tesla. I got into FSD beta on the next batch release.
  35. sperkin

    Action to petition to NHTSA to limit the use of beta FSD on Public Road

    I have a lot of street racing experience. Does that count?
  36. sperkin

    10.8 FSD

    I'm not a fan of the new UI. Most disliked is the AC. They moved the rear vents to the rear tab. This tab like always was a wasted space. They should move rear with the front and make it one page. I always hated going into the rear to turn on the rear heating seats. Extra button press when they...
  37. sperkin

    Supercharger - Dublin, CA - Dublin Boulevard (LIVE 29 Oct 2021, 10 V2 stalls)

    One of the worst designed supercharger I've been to. They have 8 in one spot where people lined up, 1 on the other side, and 1 off by the charge point chargers. Someone got lucky and took the one on the other side without waiting.
  38. sperkin

    Employee-owned MX P90DL Debating Selling

    $65k was for low mileage back in 2018. Since used car market is crazy right now, I would start at $72k and settle at $68k, if it doesn't sell then take a $65k offer. Get an online quote and use that as the bottom. Interested to see what carvan and vroom offers. Personally if would only pay...
  39. sperkin

    80 MPH limit unacceptable

    Did LA to SF recently in 5.5 hours. Safest trip when everyone was just blasting down I-5 like the autobahn. Couldn't use FSD/AP once. I wasn't even the fastest car. Worst and most dangerous is people camping the left lane and speedsters trying to cut in at the last second as they approach the...
  40. sperkin

    10.6.1 crosses over yellow line onto oncoming traffic!

    Did it to me as well. I was in a line going I to an UCLA game for parking..The car decided to cross yellow into oncoming traffic. I stop it before it crossed.
  41. sperkin

    80 MPH limit unacceptable

    Even 90 was too slow. I've been put into AP jail when driving between LA and SF. Sometimes you just gotta get into a convey and tuck behind a faster car. I can't use AP when I road trip. Just too nerve wreacking not knowing when or where it will phantom brake. It causes road rage with cars...
  42. sperkin

    First FSD Beta accident?

    My car does the same. It will cut corners on left turns and get into oncoming traffic. That side of the road usually comes in hot because they need to make a fast unprotected left turn.
  43. sperkin

    FSD Beta Attempts to Kill Me; Causes Accident

    This happens all the time with FSD, but with a hand on the wheel it will break FSD, and the car will track where you are looking. I don't understand why you jerked the wheel. Please control your car like it's your hand and feet.
  44. sperkin

    Supercharger - Diamond Bar, CA (LIVE 4 Dec 2021, 24 V3 stalls)

    How come you're not on TOU-Prime? It's 19 cents from 9pm to 4pm.
  45. sperkin

    Supercharger - Inyokern, CA - Locust Ave. (LIVE 6 Sep 2021, 12 V3 stalls)

    It could be they are not in a rush. Maybe they wanted to stay and not worry about moving their car in mid-meal while eating Classic Burger. I find some Superchargers are way too fast so I max at 100% so I can spend an hour and half eating. I do this at Superchargers with restaurants nearby. I...
  46. sperkin

    Phantom Braking - Has it gotten better?

    Since getting FSD beta, the car stopped using radar, and phantom braking has been worst.
  47. sperkin

    Amusing Drive in Orange County

    How about 55 north to the 5 on the HOV? FSD will slam on the brakes. Passes people tailgating me since they already think doing 80mph is too slow in the carpool lane.
  48. sperkin

    Tesla FSD Beta Release 10.5 2021.36.8.8 - 10.5.1?

    FSD beta is actually worst now on the highway. It kept phantom breaking at every break in the highway. At one point it it slammed on the brake from 80 to 55. No one was behind me at the time so I was testing to see how slow it would go. It also gives forward collision warning on sharp bends on...

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