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  1. dabbler

    2015 Model S Voice Command Button

    If it is the button that needs replacement, they can be purchased used for about $25. This is an easy repair.
  2. dabbler

    Recall 21V-035 eMMC - Can't Schedule Service

    I scheduled my appointment through the app and also experienced some difficulties. I remember getting a confirmation on the first appointment and then it changed to a different location, Toledo SC from my home. The location moved it up a week. I would suggest to keep attempting to schedule...
  3. dabbler

    72 amp charging?

    My 2013 S85 had dual chargers and I loved getting 60 miles of range per hour. When I changed up to a 2015 S85D it came with the 48 amp single charger and the additional charger was no longer offered as an upgrade. I have learned to live with getting only 28 miles of range per hour. I still...
  4. dabbler

    Model S - Buying a used 2014 model

    Next-gen seats are better than the original, especially on long drives. Battery degradation ( charging loss) should be about 7-10 %. If it is an S85 with the original 265 range, 10% loss equates to 245 approximate range when charged to 100%. Have suspension links and control arms...
  5. dabbler

    What are the benefits of "Scheduled Departure" charging?

    I have noticed that using this feature allows me to have slightly more available charge / range than if I charge and the car sits for several hours before I depart.
  6. dabbler

    Debating between MS, MX and MY performance

    On my second MS since 2015. Both cars were great! Great ride, comfortable, good hauling capacity. Long distance travel is a breeze! Love the free supercharging while it lasts. I like the concept of the X but my wife thinks that it is not a sexy as the MS. If I were single I would own the X...
  7. dabbler

    How To Protect Myself When Selling a Car

    I do all my car sales in person with the seller at my bank when possible. If not, all financial transactions are via wire transfers at my bank and theirs. Once funds have been received, title is provided FedEx. I hold the car and title until all financial transitions are complete. Money can...
  8. dabbler

    Help with Ceramic spray choice

    Torque Detail has a ceramic spray / kit that I have great success. https://www.torquedetail.com/products/7h-ceramic-coating-spray-on-car-kit#
  9. dabbler

    Yakima Rack and Roll Trailer hauling bikes

    You can buy several of these for the price of the Yakima! https://www.harborfreight.com/1720-lb-capacity-48-in-x-96-in-super-duty-folding-trailer-62647.html
  10. dabbler

    Model S 19 in tires

    Tires are being sold/picked up tomorrow. Sorry Vip.
  11. dabbler

    Model S 19 in tires

    Tires are Falken 245-45-ZR19 102Y. DOT R8LN date code. Tread is about 85% remaining. No side wall scuffs or damage. If still interested PM me.
  12. dabbler

    Model S 19 in tires

    I have a set of 19" tires, used with about 85% tread. I know you are looking just for tires. Mine are mounted on a set of 19" 10 spoke OEM rims that are in excellence condition. I am willing to dismount. I am located in Toledo OH. I will re-post with make of tires. Looking for $100 for all 4.
  13. dabbler

    Tpms 433MHz & Bluetooth

    I have this set if you are still interested. I would be certain that these are compatible with your car. I am not familiar with model 3's.
  14. dabbler

    Buying a used Model S - advice needed

    There are several good sources for used Tesla Model S. I purchased my current 2015 85D, from an uneducated used car dealer in Dayton Ohio. 73K miles, Titanium with tan next gen seats, AP1, Pano. It had unlimited supercharging. Needed new suspension (dog-bone) trailing arms. Paid $39,900...
  15. dabbler

    Roof Rack Cover on Pano Roof broke

    I broke one of these covers and used the old one as a template to make a new one out of 1/8" clear plexi-glass. I made it a press fit and cut a small notch on one side to allow a small flat screw driver to pry it off. After fitting was complete, I painted it black on the underside. This...
  16. dabbler

    Tpms 433MHz & Bluetooth

    I have new set of TPMS 433 MHZ that were never installed. They are a few year old, maybe three. If someone is interested they can PM and we can work out the details.
  17. dabbler

    Taptes Model S Center Console Insert CCI

    Do you accept Paypal or Zelle?
  18. dabbler

    WTB: TPMS for new wheels

    domodan, I have a set purchased new in 2019 that I never used from eBay for my 2016 MS. PM if interested. I know that they will work as I purchased from this seller in the past for a 2013 MS I owned. These are for the new TPMS system the the 2016's use.
  19. dabbler

    Good buy?

    Go for the brown one. That was a very rare color. Extended warranties are great when you need them, if they are included in the price. 87K miles is nothing on a Tesla as long it was not driven hard and abused. I would never consider a Tesla as a Turo candidate. Turo rentals can ruin a car...
  20. dabbler

    First snow

    Winter driving reminder! Disable regen if the roads are slippery. If regen is activated, the vehicle will start to slide as you attempt to slow down. Similar to driving a manual transmission in the slippery conditions. Hold in the clutch or shift in to neutral and pump the brakes slowly...
  21. dabbler

    Airport Parking

    Park in one of the off-site lots and take the shuttle back to the airport. Some of these lots have EV charging stalls.
  22. dabbler

    Autoweek question about battery longevity

    There are Tesla Model s vehicles that have crossed the 500,000 mile mark and are still using their original battery pack. The battery pack is at the bottom of the list of maintenance and longevity concerns. Basically, the battery will typically outlast the rest of the vehicle.
  23. dabbler

    *interested* - winter wheels / tires Model S

    I have stock rims and tires with sensors from a 2013 S if interested. No damage. Will send pics. I am in Toledo.
  24. dabbler

    Model S Roof Rack 1st gen

    This will fit my 2015 S? What is shipping to 22610? I will be back in Winchester VA around the end of Oct.
  25. dabbler

    Tesla Model S Roof Rack System OEM

    I have a 2015 S with pano. what will shipping be to 43612, Ohio?
  26. dabbler

    S Thule Roof Bars - Black

    Are you willing to sell for $200 shipped to Toledo OH?
  27. dabbler

    Iowa to begin electric vehicle taxes and charging fees

    Ohio is charging $200 for BEV and less for PHEV as of 2020. 2019 registration fee was $65 for all cars. Not sure I understand about the "non-home" charging fee. If you use a public charger you are charged an additional $.026 per kilowatt hour?
  28. dabbler

    Front lights turning yellow

    If you are out of warranty or they will not replace for free, might I suggest that you purchase a good set of used lamp assemblies for a few hundred each and replace them yourself? I have seen a few post on Youtube of people that are upgrading their lights through an exchange program.
  29. dabbler

    New to tesla

    I only use it when driving on the interstate. Makes long distance driving less stressful. When driving in the rain I usually disengage AP1 because it struggles sensing the road lane lines due to the spray from other cars / trucks. There have been times where the truck spray is so heavy that...
  30. dabbler

    Plugging in an RV and Tesla at a campsite

    We camp often with both our model S plugged into the 12V 120vt circuit and the RV plugged into the 30 amp 14-50. Never been a problem. Other campers are very jealous of the opportunity. RV is geeting fitted for solar in a month.
  31. dabbler

    Lousy range on new car, worse than expected

    I never run my A/C lower than 72 deg. Most people who drive ICE vehicles have become conditioned to running the a/c at max low temp. Available range takes some time to learn. I usually figure on 80% or whatever the current state of charge, SOC.
  32. dabbler

    What does this indicate?

    This vin is listed in an ad for a 2015 Model S 85D, 5YJSA1E22FF104196. The ad mentions the car having 320 miles of range. It was explained to a potential buyer that "the car has 270 miles of range with up to 320 for extended driving." What!!! Scam or miss-informed Model S owner?
  33. dabbler

    2020 Model S Long Range Plus

    I have been driving a Model S for 5 years as my only vehicle. Both short and long road trips are less stressful. Plenty of power when needed. Very quite, smooth and effortless driving. The autopilot AP1 is very functional for my requirements. MY brother-in-law just took delivery of a 2020...
  34. dabbler

    ISO 2012 Model S Nose Cone

    These are available used on eBay. Price typically based on condition. The nose cone is easily repainted in high-gloss black. I have a 2013 without the parking sensors that was wrapped with carbon fiber. I use this one as a spare when I am repainting my other one to eliminate all the stone...
  35. dabbler

    Tesla Pickup Truck Question

    Why would you not be able to use a snow plow attachment? Someone (vendor) will make an adapter for a plow attachment and run the electrics to the cab like any other truck. With a stainless steel body / structure, salt corrosion is not an issue.
  36. dabbler

    Germany will require electric vehicle charging at every gas station

    Gas stations will have to make changes as the market changes. As EV usage increases I think we will see more charging stations located in places were people spend their time doing other activities. Parking garages, shopping centers that have movie theaters, convention centers, hotels, parks...
  37. dabbler

    Official Tesla Charging Sign $25 Maryland

    $65 includes shipping? Will you consider a personal check or bank check or cash?
  38. dabbler

    WTB 19" Model S wheel set

    I am in Toledo OH if you are interested in a set of turbines with decent rubber. They can be removed if desired.
  39. dabbler

    Future Buyer

    Maumee Ohio? If that is the case you are in my neighborhood. PM me if you want to get more info.
  40. dabbler

    Y have enough range for trips?

    Superchargers are not an issue! Tesla Superchargers map: May 2020 | finder.com
  41. dabbler

    2014 Model S Nosecone

    You can purchase used nose cones on eBay or from a Tesla used parts supplier. Autobahn in CA. comes to mind. Autobahn Parts - Tesla Some come with the chrome trim and others do not. Removing the chrome trim is not that easy. The clips are fragile and have a tendency to break. Also, the...
  42. dabbler

    Between a Model Y and a Subaru Outback

    Trading in a car regardless of who the trade is with, is an easy way to loose some of the value of your used car. Selling out-right ( more hassle) will usually bring more value. Your time- line might suggest that you may be able to locate a used Model Y. Warranty will still trans fer. As...
  43. dabbler

    Creaking - Driver's Side Front Wheel Well

    If you have access to a stethoscope you can place it on each control arm bushing as someone pushes on the car to create the creaking noise. Since the noise is very noticeable, you could also put your finger on the bushing and you may be able to feel the friction in the affected bushings. I...
  44. dabbler

    Life before your S

    Last new car was the Range Rover Evoque. Sold her with 45K miles. Terrible fuel mileage. Moved onto a Mini Cooper Clubman. More like a go-kart with a nice body and sporty interior. Pretty harsh ride. As soon as the CPO Telsas became available, I jumped on a Model S 85 with 45K miles. I do...
  45. dabbler

    Model 3 Supercharge Throttling? To buy or not to buy.

    Hard to believe that there are no convenience outlets in an underground parking garage that has a lighting system Interesting building codes in North York.
  46. dabbler

    What would be an accurate description of Model S drivers?

    Depending on the age I would add: Car-guy, mechanically inclined, detail orientated, appreciates form and function and a certain level of control at all times.
  47. dabbler

    Ordered a Tesla!!! Need your advice on moving forward OR NOT?

    Fragger, There is no number to call. If the SC is close, 30 min., I would take the vin number and ask a tech to check the service history. Or, send it to me and I will stop by my SC, few miles down the road, I will get the info for you tomorrow pm.
  48. dabbler

    Ordered a Tesla!!! Need your advice on moving forward OR NOT?

    I have owned 2 "used" Model S. The first was an early "CPO" back in early 2015. Paid $53k for a 2013 85 with 45k miles and few options. It was a great car for the 145,000 miles I drove her. I used the FUSC often as I made many long distance trips. #2 is a 2015 85D, for $39k with 73k miles...
  49. dabbler

    Tesla House / trailer home / travel trailer / RV

    This looks like my Vixen 21TD motorhome, 1986. 21 ft. long, x 8' wide, 6'-2" H, 7'-4" w/top up. 28mpg - diesel.

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