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    2022 - What comes with a standard Model 3?

    Front mud flaps are fitted with the extension parts in the boot.
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    Anyone gone from a 2021 M3 to a 2018 MS?

    I find the 3’s turning circle to be quite poor
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    Spec changes in 18 inch M3 Aeros?

    The new model is the one without the tyre. If you look where the spokes meet the centre hub, you can see the spokes are more angular whereas the old model (with tyre) is slightly curved.
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    Spec changes in 18 inch M3 Aeros?

    Yes slightly more angular spokes on the newer wheel.
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    Price hike

    Yep. Tick any single one of the options and the M3 RWD is a £50k car. That is a long way from the £40k it was a few months ago and to me, is another step up in affordability (or willing to pay).
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    Price hike

    I heard a saying “too many Bentley cars with Skoda money” (it was a long time ago because Skoda’s make good cars now!)
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    Price hike

    Wasn’t this always the case? 330 or so with the upgrades wheels.
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    Price hike

    I think the 2019 SR+ was as low as £37990 at one point in 2019. That was in black and no Auto Pilot?
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    Price hike

    Yep price rises have just hit the UK overnight. It seems a £2.5 k rise for the M3 RWD, £2.5k for M3 LR / £2k for MY LR and £1.5k for the M3P / £3k MYP
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    Model 3 RWD pre delivery hangout

    Yes a slower one 😂
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    2 Year Checkup

    The filters you can do yourself if you follow the videos posted on YouTube. They can be purchased from the Tesla website. Any garage should be able to remove and clean the brake pads & pins and check your brake fluid. Just remember to take your jack pucks in case the garage doesn’t have their own.
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    Tesla need to show more third party chargers

    Instavolt would be a good shout.
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    Does anyone wave anymore?

    The car is also heavier once fully charged and goes faster on Tesla supercharger vpower juice.
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    Best aftermarket model 3 spoiler ???

    Previous posts seem to point to this one. https://www.ssdd-motorsport.com/tesla-model-3-genuine-matte-carbon-fibre-boot-lip-spoiler-v2-slim-line/
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    Selling private registration best place?

    Can you not put the registration on the MY or is the plate car specific eg BMW 123 Otherwise I’ll suggest somewhere like eBay if it’s not particularly valuable.
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    119 Miles And Paint Chipped Already

    I wouldn’t worry about it. How many people on here got themselves worked up about a few dings / chips here and there (me included) only to trade it in and buy an upgraded M3 or switched to a MY. The buyer, in my case Arnold Clarke via Motorway, just gave the whole car a 2 second glance and did...
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    Non T0 / T1 tyres

    Yes it’s noisy with acoustic tyres and noisy in ICE cars with non acoustic tyres. No experience with a Tesla with non-acoustic tyres. But either way, it’s noisy!
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    Used inventory MoT

    It’s out of courtesy, especially since it’s free to purchase the Road fund license, that whoever you’re buying from will do this for you. I even did this for a private buyer when I sold my first EV. Yes there are a lot of reviews that buying a used inventory car will arrive unvalet and not...
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    Accident damaged Tesla Model 3

    YouTuber Matt Armstrong will fix that in a jiffy and throw in a louder exhaust pipe for good measure!
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    Exterior improvements to white M3?

    White was a £2k option in 2019 and early 2020 IIRC. It was the premium option as it’s multi coat. The black was a free colour as it was a solid black, just like today.
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    Has audio improved in 2021 models?

    Before anyone starts cutting and splicing cables to add subs and extra missing speakers, is it worth replacing the existing speakers? I know from other manufacturers, they use very cheap paper cone type speakers and swapping them over to even the cheapos in Halfords or Argos would make a...
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    Has audio improved in 2021 models?

    And what’s the source music? Vinyls, CDs, online streaming?
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    Has audio improved in 2021 models?

    Yes I used to have my bass quite high eg 5 but watched a recent YouTube video which shows that you need it mostly flat with a little lift in treble to be close to what the Producer intended. I must admit, this has helped massively. And thinking about it logic, if you have lots of bass then all...
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    Has audio improved in 2021 models?

    Can I sign up to Tidal for the free trial, download songs onto the M3 HDD and continue listening after the free trial has expired?
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    Model Y standard range for UK - will it happen

    I think for £/$3,000 most people would opt for the LR. It seems to me and I could be wrong that in the UK, the M3 LR is the highest selling version even though it costs £8k ish more than a SR+/RWD
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    Model Y Subwoofer Bass Mod

    Electrics (it’s all intertwined) if you’re replacing the sub. Interior trim & rattles.
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    Model Y Subwoofer Bass Mod

    And Naturally, any change you make affects the warranty.
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    Which Air Filter

    The thread title should be cabin filter not air filter. I bought the Blue Print cabin filters from eBay. They were around £10 for the two parts but they weighed around one third less than the OEM suggesting you won’t get the same filtration as the original fitment. I think in future, I will...
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    Wireless charging in M3 makes phone very hot

    Thanks good suggestion. Will try that.
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    2022 Model 3 RWD LFP observations?

    Yes in this warmer weather, I’ve been getting around 210-220wh/mile at 70mph
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    Tesco free Pod point charge rate

    They’re 7kwh. On my SR+, this adds around 32mph. Have you checked that you’ve manually increased the amp rate on your phone’s app?
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    Bad experience with inventory car

    I’ve threatened my wife that I’d buy another set of wheels to fit each time she drives the car (which isn’t often).
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    Model 3 SR+ Audio upgrade UK installers

    And amplifier I believe
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    New paint colours coming from Berlin

    They’re not new colours, just different shades of what we have already! What about yellow, green, orange, purple etc.
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    Uk price increase.. again

    Are we seeing trade in values differing for different coloured cars eg red which is still quite rare?
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    Tesla Crawley - Supercharger

    Agreed. The manhole cover is only 2 or 3 can higher. The front bumper has more than that ground clearance unless the parking slot is on a slope. Besides a lease company isn’t Going to get on their hands and knees to inspect scrapes under the bumper unless it’s visible when standing next to the car.
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    After end of quarter deliveries, what happens at the factory?

    It’s probably a bit like the movie Elf, where they all cheer at the prospect of a new Christmas/ quarter
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    Uk price increase.. again

    Back in Sep-21, I sold my SR+ which was a Jul-19 vehicle, black/black for £37.4k via Motorway. It had 11k miles. That was before the fuel shortage. I’m sure it would have gone for more in the weeks that followed.
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    Model Y LR - 100% charge - how many miles does your screen show ?

    M3 SR+ 2019 - 222 M3 SR+ Q4 2021 LFP 60kwh - 271
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    M3 MIC 2021 tail lights

    And that 30k is actually a $30k and not £30k. The US prices pretty much mirror our UK prices as we pay more VAT and import duties.
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    Black M3 LR 2021 paintwork

    I had a 2019 black M3. It was beautiful when gleaming and from 10ft away but the paintwork quality was so inconsistent up close. I know the white is now free and very common but I’d take that every time. Back in 2019, the white was a £2k option. you know the saying “once you go black you never...
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    Price rises

    He/She meant the Model 3 and not the Y.
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    Need Tesla Location/trip to avoid Fine

    Sometimes car parks have a no return policy of say 2 hours.
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    Exterior improvements to white M3?

    Some people spec a Porsche with £20k worth of options on a £80k car. So you’d probably want cover for the £100k? They might tick the 21” wheel option which makes the car more attractive to steal, putting the vehicle into a higher risk category?
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    Exterior improvements to white M3?

    I was looking to fit a spoiler on mine, like on the M3P but when I checked an insurance quote via TopCashback (a comparison site), the quotation went up from £450 to £650 so no thanks. Also noted on there that Tinted windows are also a modification that they like to be informed about too. And...
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    Wireless charging in M3 makes phone very hot

    My iPhone 12 gets hot and a slow charge. I only dock it when I need to as it kills your phone battery. Maybe use the USB socket + cable.
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    model y door cars uk / use versions

    The US ones on eBay wouldn’t work on a UK RHD car? The driver’s window switches are different.
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    Octopus Energy Free Electricity

    Is that a SEG export tariff with Octopus or any other supplier?
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    2019 Model 3 Sr+ to 2018 model s...thoughts?

    There are no door pockets on a 2018 Model S
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    Any experience renting out charger and driveway

    Surely you charge them extra for the electricity used? There are apps available to show how much electricity was consumed eg EV.energy

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