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  1. jrweiss98020

    Too big of a system?

    First, will you be able to run your air conditioners and nominal house loads on 2 Powerwalls? You can get 5kW continuous (7kW or 7.2KVA peak) from each PW. Startup loads on air conditioners can be twice the running loads. Each EV can take up to 9.6kW when charging. How many miles will you...
  2. jrweiss98020

    Too big of a system?

    I don't live in CA and don't know what NEM 3.0 is, but with your air conditioning, you may want to consider 3 Powerwalls, as well as the bigger system.
  3. jrweiss98020

    Changing the 12 volt without disconnecting the 400 volt

    One hell of a spark if you happen to short the terminals!
  4. jrweiss98020

    Do the NEMA 14-50 Adapters ever come in stock?

    Check the 'notify me when it's back in stock' box. I got notified just a few days later when I did, and was able to order immediately thereafter. When I looked a couple days later, they were out of stock again, so turnover is fast.
  5. jrweiss98020

    Should I Correct This Tire Rotation Pattern?

    Fuggedaboudit. Front-Rear rotation is fine. When radial tires were "new" on the market (late 60s through 70s), that was the ONLY recommended rotation, as the conventional wisdom was they took a 'rotational set'. Dunno if the change in recommendations is based on new design or just more...
  6. jrweiss98020

    Do Powerwalls prevent appliances plugged into surge suppressors from going off?

    Went out for how long - a second or 2, or for the entire duration of the outage? As others have stated, electronics vary in their sensitivity to power surges and outages. The Tesla Gateway is not designed to transfer power as quickly as a UPS, so more sensitive equipment may drop off line. I...
  7. jrweiss98020

    2 Model 3s Tripping Circuit Breakers

    Set the max current for charging via the phone app. Try 10 or 12A at first, and see how it does.
  8. jrweiss98020

    How to replace a shingle under PV panels?

    That is the risk of putting solar panels over an old roof - it may cost $$ to remove & replace the panel to repair the roof.
  9. jrweiss98020

    Which components have ethernet ports?

    The Tesla Gateway has an Ethernet port. My Enphase combiner also has one, so I have 2 cables active to monitor the system.
  10. jrweiss98020

    What is considered a "long trip" when considering charging to 100%?

    "Long trip" is one where you will need to charge away from home. Keep your 80% routine unless you need more; then charge to 100% at home. At the Supercharger, charge to 80% unless you NEED more.
  11. jrweiss98020

    Efficiency of Charging at 220v versus 120v?

    Depends on how much you drive... A 120V circuit will give you about 5 mi range per hour of charging. A 240V circuit will give you 30-33. If you stay with 120V, you'll get about 50-60 mi overnight...
  12. jrweiss98020

    M3P total dollars spend on charging during first ~47K miles

    My fuel cost for the first 17,000+ mi is $0.00. The only time I used a Supercharger is when I had some referral credits. I charge at home where my solar panels cover all my needs. FWIW, I got the solar system before I got the car...
  13. jrweiss98020

    rear seat protector for pets

    I just use a memory foam floor mat from Costco. Long one covers the entire seat. Fold it in half or get a smaller one for small dog/one seat.
  14. jrweiss98020

    Can't Charge Tesla Powerwall While Charging it with Solar?

    My system was installed by a 3rd party (A&R Solar in Seattle) with 2 Powerwalls, LG panels, and Enphase micro-inverters. When off grid, the solar panels provide power to the house, and excess goes to charge the Powerwalls. Note that if house demand is high, there may not be enough solar to...
  15. jrweiss98020

    rear bike rack question.

    Spec sheet on the Kuat web site says "2 Bike capacity up to 40 lbs./Bike" I suppose you could put a single, heavier bike on it, on the inner rail...
  16. jrweiss98020

    rear bike rack question.

    I have the Kuat Sherpa 2.0 (Sherpa 2.0 Hitch Rack - Küat Racks | Bike Racks). GREAT rack, light weight. Probably not for e-bikes because of its weight limit, but great for regular bikes. If you have heavy bikes, Kuat has heavier racks to carry them.
  17. jrweiss98020

    Brand new Powerwall owner questions (mostly UPS related)

    Call Tesla Customer Service at (877)‐798‐3752 and ask them to lower the shift frequency to 62 or 62.5. Tell them the high shift frequency is playing havoc with your UPSes. Your UPS is working correctly. It should detect any frequency out of spec (max 63 Hz per the ATX power supply spec and...
  18. jrweiss98020

    Does Mobile connector automatically set amps?

    The adapter should automatically set the max amps. Maybe there was already a load on the circuit, and it couldn't take another 12 amps. OR the breaker is faulty, and can't take 12 amps...
  19. jrweiss98020

    A system reboot occurred while driving

    Note that the double-scrollwheel reboot - and likely the auto-reboot while driving - is actually a Display reboot. To reboot the entire car, you have to do a Power Cycle per page 49 of the manual. I do one occasionally, and allow 2-3 minutes until all the clicking and humming stops.
  20. jrweiss98020

    Charge Point Home Flex feedback

    Your sig says you have a Model S. This is a Model 3 forum. Do you know of any Model 3 applications where scottd9000's method does not work? It works fine for my Sep 2019 build.
  21. jrweiss98020

    Quiet Tire replacement recommendation

    I just replaced my MXM4s with Continental Extreme Contact DWS06s. It may be new-tire bias, but they seem a bit quieter and better-riding. Early look at efficiency seems to indicate no change: 255 Wh/mi after a couple hundred miles of spring weather driving, where the OEM tires gave 268 Wh/mi...
  22. jrweiss98020

    No speed control, autopilot, car only sees paint line

    Have you done a power cycle (manual p. 49)?
  23. jrweiss98020

    Can Tesla PW's be connected to a different brand of solar roof panels?

    I would call other local installers.
  24. jrweiss98020

    Increasing Home Insurance with system installation cost?

    I told my insurance company. They said Fine, but did not directly raise the premiums. Premiums went up next year "just because"...
  25. jrweiss98020

    Problems connecting directly to Tesla Inverter and Powerwall

    Yes. Don't bother trying to change the password. Gateway and WiFi are glitchy. If you can, use wired Ethernet. You may have to reboot your router and recycle the Powerwall again. Leave it off for 5 minutes or so.
  26. jrweiss98020

    Tesla 4.8kW + 2x PW Expansion

    Just close all the breakers that control the PV and PW, and open the breaker between the grid and the Gateway to simulate a grid outage. PV+PW should take over.
  27. jrweiss98020

    Two Wheels Off Ground with Scissors Jack?

    Get them here now, less the red paint and custom Model 3 pads: RennStand - The RennStand Safety Jack Stand - RennStand
  28. jrweiss98020

    Two Wheels Off Ground with Scissors Jack?

    Using the rear jack point only, you CAN get both wheels off the ground to swap them. The car is indeed stiff enough to tolerate it for the time it takes to rotate tires, but I would NOT work under the car when it's on 1 jack of any type. However, I prefer to use a second jack at the front jack...
  29. jrweiss98020

    local network access to the gateway completely unreliable

    How are you trying to access it? Most reliable way is to find the TEG's IP address in your router's setup screen, then put that into the browser as the URL. I use, and always get direct to the login screen.
  30. jrweiss98020

    What are my best options to carry a kayak or surfboards on/with my Tesla Model 3, 2022? I did not yet buy the Tesla cross bars.

    Yakima now has rack mounts for the Model 3 - BaseLine System. Also, be careful when using hood loops - put them as close as possible to the latch, so you don't damage (bend) the lid.
  31. jrweiss98020

    Nema 14-50 splitter?

    IF he sets the app for 20A max on each car, it will work. HOWEVER, I don't know if I would trust the app to retain the setting...
  32. jrweiss98020

    Does the Model 3 have Low and Standard Regen Options?

    Yes. My 2019 has the Low option.
  33. jrweiss98020

    Gateway password change doesn't stick

    I tried changing a half dozen times, but it always reverted. I gave up.
  34. jrweiss98020

    Tesla Roof Rack vs Thule Aeroblade

    Yakima says their base Line system will fit the 3: BaseLine System
  35. jrweiss98020

    Tesla Won't Install Ohmmu [aftermarket 12v battery]

    I would put in the Ohmmu and keep the OEM battery as a spare for a while. If the Ohmmu works without problem, sell or repurpose the OEM.
  36. jrweiss98020

    Powerwall Gateway WiFi Unavailable. No Stats or Control Available via App or Gateway

    When I called my installer when I was having the problem, he told me the TEG WiFi unit is very low power, and to take a cell phone or laptop next to the TEG to access the network. I can't see it via my router which is ~50' away, but I could see it on the cell phone from 3' away. I was then...
  37. jrweiss98020

    Best practice for installing home charging?

    No GFCI breaker was required for mine. Must be local codes...
  38. jrweiss98020

    Best practice for installing home charging?

    It will cost the same to run the electric service (240V / 50 or 60A) to the carport. The 14-50 outlet will be much cheaper than the TWC, and will get you 32A of charge current vs the 40 or 48A with the TWC. An advantage of the 14-50 is that you can use it for other things (welder...
  39. jrweiss98020

    Rear Ended After Installing Mods

    Sue her for any excess that her insurance doesn't pay.
  40. jrweiss98020

    Master Thread: Energy products and Tax discussions

    From the IRS (Energy Incentives for Individuals: Residential Property Updated Questions and Answers | Internal Revenue Service): Q. Is a roof eligible for the residential energy efficient property tax credit? A. In general, traditional roofing materials and structural components do not qualify...
  41. jrweiss98020

    Master Thread: Energy products and Tax discussions

    I am not a lawyer, but IMO, from your invoice, the $70K for the Solar Roof is eligible, but the $6700 for the roof deck is not. The $18K tax credit is about right. Talk with a CPA or tax attorney if you want a "legal" opinion.
  42. jrweiss98020

    Increase in home electric bills

    In round numbers, expect 4 mi per kWh, or about 2000 kWh for the 8,000 mi you used. At 10¢/kWh (my rate), that's $200, or $20/mo for the past 10 months. Adjust for your electric rates as necessary.
  43. jrweiss98020

    My system is clipping on 12.6kw system with 7.6 inverter

    Yes, the inverter CAN handle the power, but it is then wasted. You should have a 10 or 11 kW inverter.
  44. jrweiss98020

    Best practice for installing home charging?

    Also consider rebates offered by your utility or municipality. My utility gave me $500 for a ChargePoint charger, but would not give me anything for a Tesla Wall Connector...
  45. jrweiss98020

    Scheduled Battery Preconditioning?

    It should be. I don't know how long it takes to give a specific temperature rise, so start the preconditioning 30 or 45 minutes before departure, and go from there. You can get a sense of effectiveness from the length of the dottted portion of the regeneration line - shorter line = closer to...
  46. jrweiss98020

    Scheduled Battery Preconditioning?

    Check the manual under Scheduled Departure (p. 155). AFAIK, preconditioning is automatic whenever you turn on the climate while charging. It may take more than 15 minutes, though, depending on the temprerature. Do you have an uphill start on your trip?
  47. jrweiss98020

    Costco Michelin Wiper Blades

    I bought the 28"/18" pair of Michelin Guardians from Costco. After about 2 months the left one broke at the ear holding the pin that attaches to the arm. I got another one, but don't know if I trust them for the long term... The Bosch web site does not show a match, but O'Reillys Auto...
  48. jrweiss98020

    Model 3 silicone wiper blades

    The Michelin chart in Costco says 28" left, 18" right. The Bosch web site says 26" for the left PUV blade and 19" for the right. What are the real lengths?
  49. jrweiss98020

    Model 3 silicone wiper blades

    I signed into my account. The Model 3 is my only Tesla car. It told me: Accessory is not compatible with any of your vehicles
  50. jrweiss98020

    Extended View Blind Spot Mirrors For Model 3 (wide-angle mirror alternative)

    I just bought a stick-on mirror at O'Reilly's. Works fine! However, I recommend putting it at the inside bottom corner, so it doesn't block the normal view at the outer edge.

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