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    AP Cameras...yet another thing to consider if not under warranty

    Are the lenses dirty? Just a thought.
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    Any ideas how to retrieve... (don't laugh)

    Maybe you could tape one of those super sticky roach traps under the console after removing the panel and drive around like crazy until the M&M sticks to it.
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    Looking to rent a Raven Model S Performance in LA

    Have you tried emailing press at Tesla per the website? Press Kit | Tesla
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    Pigeon problem

    When I got a quote it said pest abatement was extra FWIW. I'm thinking this could be another application for the Tesla glass cleaning laser patent. Not to clean the panels, to zap the flying rats ;)
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    Matte Black Cybertruck Speculation: Advanced Coating or Wrap?

    RAM obviously Radiation-absorbent material
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    Thoughts on Pickup Truck Beds

    I'd like to see the bed floor be a conveyor belt type mechanism like the top cover. Have something in the front of the bed? Push a button and it comes to you.
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    Passenger reactions to full acceleration

    My wife's reaction was pretty ugly when I demonstrated the P85+ acceleration while she was sipping a water bottle :D:eek::oops:
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    Video of accident shows incapacitated driver using AP nag defeat device

    Yes, have a family member watch your video and then read this: Almost every state, including Alabama, has a process for reporting a potentially unsafe driver to its state licensing office or department of motor vehicles. Alabama accepts reports only from family members. If the state agency...
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    New 20'' Two-Tone Slipstream Wheel Option

    Here are the pics...
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    New 20'' Two-Tone Slipstream Wheel Option

    Sure, I'll post some pics tomorrow.
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    New 20'' Two-Tone Slipstream Wheel Option

    The way I installed these is with the wet method so I could easily position them. I used a light spray of the same foaming glass cleaner I used to clean the rims on the rim and back of the vinyl. I agree that the radius is a bit off, needs to be a larger. After positioning the pieces on the...
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    MS Rear facing Seats!!!!

    Are these from a salvage vehicle? I don't suppose you have the mythical bumper reinforcement to go along with the seats?
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    Raven adaptive suspension, how does it work?

    Someone pointed this out in another thread... https://www.maxwell.com/solutions/transportation/auto/active-suspension
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    Tesla Model X 20" Wheels Rim Tires

    I'm interested. Sending PM.
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    Has this ever happened to you?? Unable to retract 2nd row seatbelt

    Probably the only way to reset the retractor pawl is tear the seat apart and unbolt the anchor in the bottom. There should be a procedure in the service manual if anyone has access to that.
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    Brand New HPWC - Bay Area

    I need one sooner or later, maybe this will work for sooner. I take it you're in/near Berkeley?
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    2013 Tesla S window and door issues

    These may help: Model S Door Handle Rebuild Kit/Service Here's How To Permanently Fix Tesla's Door Handle Design Flaw Tesla Model S Power Window Repair - Power Window Repair TESLA MODEL S (2012-2018) FRONT LEFT DRIVER DOOR WINDOW REGULATOR | eBay You may get them to cover it under warranty...
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    How to remove clear-coat/paint overspray from windows???

    I would use acetone, dampen a rag with some and wipe. Don't drip it on your paint. If there's any figernail polish remover around you can use that if it's acetone based.
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    Rare signed tesla founders series, for sale collectors only

    This thread has me thinking about selling an Elon signed Roadster HotWheel car in package. Maybe $5k, no $10k sounds good, should be worth at least 1/4 of a visor. I'll probably end up waiting until he takes off to Mars. Signature items should be harder to come by then.
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    Pregnant woman hit by MX (out of main)

    Turning on PIN to drive would eliminate the possibility of this happening.
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    Replacing a cracked tail light ... options?

    Is the center flat? Maybe you can carefully dremel out the center piece and shape a piece of Plexiglas to glue in. I'm not sure how those are constructed but it looks like the center is a plain sheet of plastic. If it's curved you may still be able to shape a piece of Plexiglas with heat.
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    CA (Bay area) WTB MODEL S EITHER 2013 pre or 2016 facelift

    FYI: here is one thread on the yellow border on S/X screens.. New screens now available
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    CA (Bay area) WTB MODEL S EITHER 2013 pre or 2016 facelift

    Yeah, that is a good deal. Prices are dropping. The cheapest I saw on EV-CPO was 39K. I'd be willing to negotiate.
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    CA (Bay area) WTB MODEL S EITHER 2013 pre or 2016 facelift

    When you buy a 6 year old car you can expect some wear. Besides the B pillar wear, another common issue, the interior is like new, especially with the new seats. Things to be fixed is one reason it's in your price range. The last DMV was $354 including the EV car fee. Registration expires in...
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    CA (Bay area) WTB MODEL S EITHER 2013 pre or 2016 facelift

    Main battery was replaced when the contactor(s) failed, basically the big switches that connect the high voltage to the motor. It was common on the earlier cars. No battery problem since then. Tesla service said that the screen would be replaced free but now I'm seeing threads here that they're...
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    CA (Bay area) WTB MODEL S EITHER 2013 pre or 2016 facelift

    2013 Model S P85+ Midnight Blue with tan interior. 70,300 miles. All options except cold weather package. Carbon Fiber Décor. Carbon Fiber Spoiler. Pano/Sunroof. Tech Package. Smart Air Suspension. 2nd/Hi-Power Charger. '+' Plus Suspension. Premium/Alcantara Interior. Small tear on left A...
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    Dickinson North Dakota Supercharger Location

    Nice, closest one yet to my family's hometown, Culbertson MT. 160 mile drive until the one in Glendive open, an 80 mile drive. It would be nice if they put one in Williston ND.
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    CA (Bay area) WTB MODEL S EITHER 2013 pre or 2016 facelift

    I'll consider selling my 2013 P85+ in your price range.
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    Frunk easy close spring mod

    If anything, I would worry about the hood flying up on the freeway if this mod diminishes the holding power of the latch. All of the gas cars I've owed had the second safety latch you have to reach under the hood to release, after pulling the release in the car. I don't know if there's any kind...
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    View Front of Car video while parking

    The issue is getting too close to, and hitting the car next to his, not hitting the wall in front.
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    Cure for "Sticky" Seats?

    You may want to check ebay and parts for sale here for some used seats in better condition.
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    What can a city do to help EV owners?

    Make it illegal for HOA's to deny homeowners installing charging equipment
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    View Front of Car video while parking

    Maybe a mirror on the wall?
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    How practical are the Model S 3rd-row jump-seats?

    I recommend telling your wife you need to buy a used Model X because the whole family won't fit in the S (and keep the S).
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    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    I haven't been following this but is there any consensus on the short term? Up or down? My home buying aspirations are hoping back up to a reasonable level soon. BTW, home prices in this part of the SF bay area are tumbling quickly, not sure what that says for the economy. The housing market was...
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    Supercharger - Fremont, CA - Tesla Factory (LIVE 4 V2 + 8 V3 stalls. expansion planned)

    Not sure if right thread but note; the Fremont factory superchargers at the store are torn out and apparently being replaced as of Friday 4-26 when I stopped by. Must be going V3.
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    Poll: "Systems are powering up" error message

    I agree that this is a normal boot-up from sleep mode. It sound like sleep mode is engaging more quickly/often than before with some cars or firmware versions. It just happened to me after maybe 15 minutes from parking. At least it boots up much faster than my laptop. I bet turning on "Always...
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    MCU reboot during Supercharging?

    Still stuck? Is the car responding to the phone app? Maybe try telling it to stop changing with the app if so. Have you called service?
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    My model X has gone crazy

    That's scary! I don't suppose you named your X Christine, did you?
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    Did anybody try to change a trim?

    You could post in the want to buy forum. There are at least a couple of dismantlers that could have them.
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    Did anybody try to change a trim?

    I believe they are they are the same parts. Ask him to verify.
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    Did anybody try to change a trim?

    Maybe can get the parts here Feeler: Model S/X Interior Dash trim sets and more and have a local shop swap it in?
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    window keeps coming down when trying to go up?

    See: Model X Reset Techniques and Model X Reset Techniques The second one worked on my S rear window, I wonder if it works on the 3?
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    Poor radio reception after tint?

    Antennas are kind of a black magic thing in electronics, lots of variables can affect them. I wouldn't be surprised if some kind of metal or other material in the tint film messed with the antenna. The old whip antennas on the fender may have worked better but I don't think anyone wants that.
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    Alignment Issues

    Looks like it would be easier to raise the back edge of the front door with the striker post and adjust the front fender a bit.
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    Model X: Any issues with towing?

    Now that's a pretty cool travel trailer, when you get tired of the road you can hit the rails ;) Has anyone towed a pop-up tent type trailer? I assume range would be better with one of those?

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