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    How I price a used M3

    That car appears to have a salvage title, can’t really use it as an example.
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    Pics of Pearl White with carbon fiber Side mirrors caps?

    Side mirrors are next on my list, but I have done the camera covers and door handles (as well as plasti dipped my aero covers). Total cost under $100.
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    “More Valuable” Stealth Performance Model 3 Unicorn

    I paid $49,990 for my stealth last June before the destination charge. That is $7k cheaper than what is available now and nearly $11k cheaper when u factor in the tax credit. I have to think some price reduction occurs on these in the future.
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    Stealth Performance Now Available!

    My pearl white stealth with aeros and track mode purchased last June was $7k less (almost $11k if u factor in the tax credit) than if u configure it right now. Crazy!
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    Stealth Performance Now Available!

    My stealth purchased last June was $7k less (almost $11k if u factor in the tax credit) than if u configure it right now. Now a bad deal for me, and I even got track mode. Crazy!
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    Stealth P3Ds only White?

    I am one of those that jumped on one of the stealth P3Ds this week in white. Based on reading this forum, I’ve only seen people who also did so saying theirs was also white. I wonder if this “test batch” was only available in white. Anybody snag one in a different color? I also noticed on...
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    What’s the best bass song you’ve found in your 3?

    Besides Amilli, here are a few others, depending on your taste in music, that I’ve used to impress passengers: 1) Yeah, Usher 2) Thunder, Imagine Dragons 3) Look what u made me do,Taylor Swift 4) Candy Shop, 50 Cent
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    Model 3 Phone Charge Cable Swap Thread

    In Kansas City area, want Iphone Lightning, have USB-C.
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    May invites - no new invites after shutdown?

    Yes, quite a few including me. Not only invite to configure, but also VINs assigned and cars delivered from that group also.
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    Elon says AWD and Perf orders start at end of next week!

    Per Elon on twitter, orders for dual motor and performance versions will start next week with production starting in July.
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    WSJ: Tesla begins taking Model 3 orders from first-time reservation holders

    Not me, but confirmed non-owner line waiter in Kansas City able to configure.
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    Non-owners, did you get invite to configure?

    I will trade you straight up for our 2006 Mazda 6 that we plan to trade in. : )
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    Check your reservation.

    First day - Owners, you may have not gotten an email, but logon to your account, you can configure!
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    Why I Won't Be Ordering EAP and FSD

    This article summarizes why I won't be ordering EAP and FSD when I'm asked to configure. Might make sense 5 years from now, but the current version of EAP is way overpriced for what it can do compared to other car companies in my opinion , and according to this research, you would be foolish to...
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    Change from alcantara to cloth on PUP???

    Just picked up my 3, and it had a gas engine in it! It has Alcantara headliner though, so I went ahead with it.
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    Phone Key Review

    Thanks for this video, nicely done. One follow-up question - From the phone ap, are you able to remotely choose a song/station to be playing when you "turn on" the car? Thanks.
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    Thoughts on EAP for the 3

    I think there is a decent chance that Tesla offers a 1 week or month EAP trial, especially when they see that the percent of Model 3 buyers checking that box is much lower than what it has been for their other models.
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    Kudos Bonnie, Devina, Jon and Tesla

    What a great story, thanks for sharing. It also really makes those "why did so and so get an invite before me" complaints look very silly.
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    Taking advantage of tax credit

    I can't wait until February when millions of Americans open their paycheck / direct deposit and see the increase in their net pay. I'm sure there will be no word of it on main stream media, and many on this forum will still not believe it (as they head to Starbucks for a $8 coffee). Hopefully...
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    Taking advantage of tax credit

    You do realize my statement is fact and not debatable? Use any source you want. People making under $50k will benefit the most, but all income categories get a tax break. Don't let the propaganda get in the way of the facts I Independent Joint Committee on Taxation
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    Taking advantage of tax credit

    That statement makes absolutely no sense. I didn't realize that the average Joe's taxes went to the wealthy and that was considered wealth redistribution? Wealth redistribution works the other way like when the top 1% pay 40% of total federal income taxes and top 10% pay 70%, while the bottom...
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    Tesla owner configurations begin

    You are correct. For example, in Missouri Tesla is issued a dealership license and is considered both the manufacturer and dealer. The term "dealer" is most certainly appropriate for their "stores" in Missouri.
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    Politics - Quarantine Thread

    What is sad is that you have absolutely nothing to support that argument. Show me the data of how that statement has become less true. I will save you the trouble... there isn't any. Meanwhile, there is a ton of data that reinforces my point as to why people end up where they do. Stop with...
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    Politics - Quarantine Thread

    Agreed, you can't deny the facts. Check out the facts on violent crime rates, unplanned pregnancies, single parent households, etc. and then get back to me. Life isn't always fair and the road to success is more difficult for some than others, but in this country if you work hard, make good...
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    Motor Trend 2018 Car of the Yeare Article

    Interestingly, the Honda Civic Type R (which is the car I plan to get if I don't end-up buying the Model 3) was clocked at 5.8 seconds, which is slower than its official time. That seems like a good sign for the 3.
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    Motor Trend 2018 Car of the Yeare Article

    For those that were wondering if the 0-60 time was actually better than 5.1 seconds, looks like that may be true. Motor Trend clocked the long-range version at 4.8.
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    Anonymous gross income poll of M3 reservation holders

    Why didn't you take the Czech living standard into consideration?!?!?! : )
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    Ideas of how to avoid the EV tax credit cancelation?

    Sorry about that, I was told earlier that the partisan BS as you put it is perfectly acceptable on this board, and that anyone who doesn't like it should just put the person on ignore. I was told it was censorship to not allow those types of posts. My bad, I guess this is a one way street.
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    Ideas of how to avoid the EV tax credit cancelation?

    Seems like someone needs an education in economic indicators.
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    Ideas of how to avoid the EV tax credit cancelation?

    Do you know why it is impossible to give a tax break to nearly half of U.S. households? I will tell you...because they pay zero in income taxes!
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    Ideas of how to avoid the EV tax credit cancelation?

    Let's be honest here people. The backlash on the EV credit being eliminated prematurely is driven by the fact that it takes $7500 out of your pocket, not some "greater good". The tax credit would be starting to phase out for many manufacturers anyway in the next year or two. In addition, the...
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    Ideas of how to avoid the EV tax credit cancelation?

    No he (and others) are not, check the forum rules.
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    Ideas of how to avoid the EV tax credit cancelation?

    MODERATORS - Please remove the political partisan banter and remove posting privileges for those who continue to post this crap. 90% of T34ME's posts would fall into this category! Threads like these have become unreadable.

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