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  1. Qbenjamin

    12V Failure With No Warning

    So I did end up jumping the car on Monday and it started up no problem. It's measuring 15V now and even after I let it sit overnight, no change to the voltage (15V). Going to closely monitor it over the next week and see how it goes. The service center didn't respond via the app and I have no...
  2. Qbenjamin

    12V Failure With No Warning

    Not sure that'll even work, we'll see how it fares tomorrow. I've had it on a battery tender for about 5 hours and it only went up to 4V.
  3. Qbenjamin

    12V Failure With No Warning

    Well, I'm not sure what happened, but I went to get in my car today and it gave me a weird message about there being a power failure (Jan '22 build). Car would not shift into D, so I left it. I assumed there was a 12V issue and checked the battery. Sure enough, it read 0.67V, this is on a 6...
  4. Qbenjamin

    Reservation Transfer Technicalities

    Unnecessary and he'll lose access to the account that has a current Tesla on it. Just enter the info for the transferee and go from there.
  5. Qbenjamin

    Enhanced Autopilot $6k

    Autopark is awful, may work once out of one hundred attempts. In six years of ownership and having every model, that one feature is abysmal across the fleet.
  6. Qbenjamin

    Reservation Transfer Technicalities

    Everything related to the original reservation will be transferred when you email: [email protected] I don't have any advice for you about the SA not being cooperative with you on transferring the reservation, technically they don't have to do so.
  7. Qbenjamin

    Reservation Transfer Technicalities

    If they can change the registration info to show your details, you're g2g.
  8. Qbenjamin

    Reservation Transfer Technicalities

    I've had to transfer reservations twice in the past 18 months and neither time did I go with the transferee to pick up the vehicle. Communication before and after delivery is paramount. Ultimately it boils down to entering the persons info prior to delivery. Some SA's will NOT change it and...
  9. Qbenjamin

    Model Y LR Reservation For Sale (Cincinnati, OH; Jun Delivery; Wht/Wht/19's)

    Gone and transferred. For those that are spooking the herd, you can successfully transfer a reservation, I've done 2 in the past 18 months.
  10. Qbenjamin

    Model Y LR Reservation For Sale (Cincinnati, OH; Jun Delivery; Wht/Wht/19's)

    Hi Randall, shoot me a DM instead plz, thx.
  11. Qbenjamin

    Model Y LR Reservation For Sale (Cincinnati, OH; Jun Delivery; Wht/Wht/19's)

    As the title states, I have a MY LR reservation ready for delivery in the next couple of weeks. Price has increased $4K since I made the reservation, looking for $1,250 to transfer, which saves you nearly $3K. Changing the delivery location is not an option. If for some reason Tesla won't allow...
  12. Qbenjamin

    Model Y passenger side dash rattle and rubbing noise

    I have this same issue and its really annoying, every uneven road I hear it, regardless of speed. How do you remove the dash piece?
  13. Qbenjamin

    Used value hit if you no longer have the factory tires/wheels

    You will run into issues if you try to trade in the car to Tesla and don't have the factory wheels. Maybe the times have changed, but I asked for a trade-in quote in late 2020 and it had a $4.5K charge to basically replace the 22" wheels that were on my MX.
  14. Qbenjamin

    Adding a tow package to a 2022 Model Y

    Too many variables to consider when towing, to provide an estimate of range. I had a 1.2K trailer loaded with about 600lbs, sub freezing and needed to tow about 15 miles each way. Range loss was around 50%.
  15. Qbenjamin

    Adding a tow package to a 2022 Model Y

    That isn't needed, you need better clearance to attach the safety hooks to the hitch.
  16. Qbenjamin

    Should I talk my wife out of an X and into a Y?

    I downsized from an X to a Y and wish I would've done it sooner. The efficiency gained alone was totally worth it (X is extremely inefficient and you'll almost never get the rated range). Now that the prices have gone up exponentially, there just aren't many pros to buying the X over the Y.
  17. Qbenjamin

    Adding a tow package to a 2022 Model Y

    I received my Curt hitch lock and installed it yesterday...Works great. Now if only they'd re-design the bumper to allow normal clearance to secure all of the trailer back-up hooks.
  18. Qbenjamin

    Adding a tow package to a 2022 Model Y

    There's more than enough space on the right (about 12"), the left side only has a couple of inches before you're pressing up against the trailer harness mount. Absolutely ridiculous design.
  19. Qbenjamin

    Adding a tow package to a 2022 Model Y

    Hmm, so the key part to lock it would go on the left? I'll have to try it out.
  20. Qbenjamin

    Adding a tow package to a 2022 Model Y

    The factory tow hitch is a royal pain. The hitch receiver is so close to the trailer pin harness that its insanely difficult to attach three connections, let alone put a pin through to secure the hitch. There isn't enough space to do much of anything under there, so annoyed with Tesla designers...
  21. Qbenjamin

    Model Y performance reservation for sale

    MYP comes standard with 21" Uberturbines, no way to change that.
  22. Qbenjamin

    General chit-chat in "For Sale" threads

    Wasting your "breath." We've been asking for parts sub-forums since I joined in '17 and they don't seem to care about a simple request.
  23. Qbenjamin

    Looking for wheel suggestions.

    OP said affordable, T Sportline comes with a premium price.
  24. Qbenjamin

    Purchasing a new car, MY vs RAV4 Prime

    I was in the same boat looking at the R4P and couldn't find one locally, let alone a dealership that wasn't asking at least $10K over MSRP. As soon as I broke the $50K territory, I just couldn't justify spending that type of money on a Rav4 of any kind. So glad I wasn't forced to go back to an...
  25. Qbenjamin

    For Sale - 2022 Model Y Long Range Reservation Transfer - EDD 02/2022 - Houston, TX - White/White - 7 Seater

    Yes, I have done this successfully and plan to do so again in the Aug timeframe. Once the car is showing a VIN assigned, I called and talked with my adviser and informed them that I wanted to transfer the reservation to a family member (which it was). They removed the reservation/VIN and...
  26. Qbenjamin

    Constant issue: Tesla not recognizing my phone (to start car)

    This is why I keep using the key fob...Got stuck carries groceries nearly 2 miles when my MS wouldn't recognize the phone (2016; 94F in Tampa). Never again...
  27. Qbenjamin

    Michelin Pilot All Season 4 thoughts

    I had no troubles with them during the near foot of snow we got recently, glad Tesla made the switch to an all-season setup.
  28. Qbenjamin

    Looking for a set of refreshed TPMS sensors if you still have them?

    Looking for a set of refreshed TPMS sensors if you still have them?
  29. Qbenjamin

    2021 Tesla Model Y 20” Uberturbine (Not 21!) with Tires and TPMS. Increased sidewall.

    I don't believe these will work on a MY, you'd need SUV rated tires and at least 255's.
  30. Qbenjamin

    Some 2022 Model Ys shipping with MCU3 (AMD Ryzen)

    Picked up my Y today, has the AMD chip (359XXX). Can't confirm about heated wipers though.
  31. Qbenjamin

    Recent MYP Delivery Estimates

    Get the Discord app and look for the invite posted in this thread. MYLR/MYP pop up quite frequently on a daily basis.
  32. Qbenjamin

    All set for home charging - Our story for 14-50 install.

    Chiming in with the others, but the NEMA 14-50 goes on a 50A breaker. Get that electrician back out and have him swap the 60A with the correct breaker size (50A). It's not that complicated to change the breaker in your case. He'll literally shut off the main breaker power, disconnect the 60A...
  33. Qbenjamin

    Where to wire Charger in Garage

    Interesting, but the last electrician that did an install for me in 2019 absolutely did not use a GFCI breaker (OH).
  34. Qbenjamin

    Where to wire Charger in Garage

    I could sit here and go back and forth with you, but luckily I can easily retrieve my receipts. I had to take the original breaker back since my panel was a different style and it cost me $13 more than the original breaker that was a whopping $10.87. The installs are up to code. I had an...
  35. Qbenjamin

    Need help determining if I can get home charging with this panel

    Yeah, if you're going to do it, might as well upgrade to a 200 amp panel. This is definitely an all day job as well.
  36. Qbenjamin

    Where to wire Charger in Garage

    Hmm, maybe the costs in CA are ridiculously high, but I spent all of $57 for the NEMA 14-50 outlet, breaker and 6/3 NOMEX.
  37. Qbenjamin

    Need help determining if I can get home charging with this panel

    Based off of those pics, if there is no other electrical panel, you'll need to upgrade the entire breaker box. On a more common home, there would be a main panel with the ability to add more breakers to it. Your current panel has no available slots and piggy-backing off of the 50A circuit could...
  38. Qbenjamin

    Model 3 White/White Reservation - $1000 Less than current - EDD (February-March) - CA

    Picture 1 shows build as LR. Original post indicates delivery at Fremont factory.
  39. Qbenjamin

    For Sale - 2022 Model Y Long Range Reservation Transfer - EDD 02/2022 - Houston, TX - White/White - 7 Seater

    You can technically "transfer" a reservation as long as the original purchaser hasn't entered in their details beyond the initial order screen. Once identification info such as a DL is entered, it can no longer be updated to show anyone else' details for registration at the time of delivery...
  40. Qbenjamin

    Is 5 months for body repair normal?

  41. Qbenjamin

    Brand New 2022 Tesla Model Y For Sale

    No indication of Range, or FSD status...
  42. Qbenjamin

    Employee-owned MX P90DL Debating Selling

    The high miles are a bit off-putting for a majority of people I'd imagine, but I think you could easily get $55-$60K. As a reference, I sold my vehicle back in June, half the miles, full warranty until '23, with 22" wheels, to a dealer for $60K. I probably could've gotten about $5K more now, but...
  43. Qbenjamin

    Employee-owned MX P90DL Debating Selling

    Are you asking for pricing advice..?
  44. Qbenjamin

    Naples, FL 2021 Model Y Performance Red/White

    Asking price may entice buyers..
  45. Qbenjamin

    2022 Model Y LR - BRAND NEW - Salt Lake City

    What source are you using that conveys a message that congress is planning to reinstate the EV benefits for a manufacturer that has exceeded the 200K vehicle threshold?
  46. Qbenjamin

    SIGNATURE X P90DL, 39K miles 4 sale

    Double check on the range, its probably be set to ideal...No way a 2016, P90 has 285 miles of max range.
  47. Qbenjamin

    2021 Tesla Model Y Long Range FSD

    Not that I disagree with you, but I've been on both sides of this debacle. As an example, I received a certified check for my 2014 Model S, which I sold to an out of state buyer. Chase, would not release the lien until 10 business days after the check was deposited. I gave the buyer the car...
  48. Qbenjamin

    2021 Tesla Model Y Long Range FSD

    Unfortunately this is a common practice by most banks, some will do it even if its a wire transfer. As an example, Chase has a ten day wait post funds received, but is reduced to 2 days if the funds are coming from an internal Chase account.

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