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    Undercarriage damage from road debris

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    KWh charge equivalents

    The grid load argument is also bunk. 1, your home charging is a few kW for the simple mobile charger, up to 10kW or so for a dedicated walk charger (mine is 7). a hair dryer or water kettle draws up to 2kW. it aint gonna bring down the grid. 2, people are likely charging in the evening...
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    KWh charge equivalents

    All numbers are ~ballpark. M3LR battery capacity 80kWh (which equates to 80,000 W * 1hr). 40% of that is 32kWh... but charging is not efficient so let's say 40kWh is pulled from the wall and 32kWh makes it into the car. Device / Power draw / time-equivalent to 40kWh A big screen TV / 200w /...
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    Model 3 owner claims Car froze while driving, stuck at 83MPH

    My beater car in college died on the road all the time, including on the highway. I never got to be on the news :(
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    Should I Correct This Tire Rotation Pattern?

    You dont have uneven lateral wear. So theres no point in swapping left vs right now. Rears wear faster than fronts for your car. Now the rears are marginally fresher, and will be even with the front shortly. So also no worries.
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    Road trip a Brand New M3P?

    Funny enough, on my first long trip with the month-old car, it shut down on me. On the highway. At midnight. In winter. In a foreign country. Like failure-message and powertrain-loss shut down, not just computer reboot. The emergency button in the car routed to the local responders...
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    Car turned off while supercharging

    it's a computer. sometimes it resets itself.
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    Going to order a new Model 3 performance. Should I consider the long range AWD?

    I bought the performance to scratch the what-if itch. I don't regret it. I also wouldn't recommend it for myself, but instead the LR with 19" Sport wheels: 1. 20" wheels - not uncomfortable for myself, but when driving my sleeping newborn would prefer sidewall of 19s. 2. 20" PS4S tires -...
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    Leave my 3 stock or be a little different?

    looks tacky. but looks are subjective.
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    MP3 or Model S refresh?

    The Y also has room for carrying stuff and long trips. I would get a Model 3 LR + Miata.
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    New M3 with Matrix headlights a life saver last night

    I've seen videos of the Christmas light show demo, so it seems like they have the ability to form custom patterns... it's just that it's not implemented for shaping around other cars?
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    New M3 with Matrix headlights a life saver last night

    I don't know what is Tesla's implementation of "matrix lights". If we mean the technology where the front lamps are staying on high beam, but carves out other cars in its path, then it is the best improvement to lighting since forever... bigger than going from halogen to high intensity. Every...
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    Semi Summer tires

    It's fascinating to observe your stubbornness battle your obsessiveness for your most prominent trait
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    Semi Summer tires

    When you stick your hand in the freezer to grab the ice cream, does your hand instantly turn into an ice cube? Do you need Frigidaire to explain that to you with an exposure chart and in text or can you work it out on your own? Does the Pilot Sport have an abrupt chemical reaction triggered...
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    Semi Summer tires

    This requires neither a a science or a law degree to understand. It only need you to be less angry and pedantic: A cold tire is brittle. Flexing it by driving on it, inflating it, deflating it, jumping on it, hitting it with a mallet can cause it to crack. Where you're willfully blinding...
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    Semi Summer tires

    "Compound cracking is not a warrantable condition", not driving at 20 degrees.. which does not guarantee it, but merely "can result" in it. If you were playing the pedant game, you should stick by one playbook.
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    Semi Summer tires

    Tesla also says it is unsafe to open the glovebox while the car is moving or sit in a seat while it's reclined more than 30*. But people should be able to intuit the difference between practicality and safespeak.
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    What model 3 , Is the battery, car or both

    this is the worst haiku i've ever read
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    An honest review of the yoke

    It is not possible to send a software update to magically place a physical variable-gearing-ratio assembly into a car.
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    Semi Summer tires

    The interpretation of this is that a summer tire already at 20*F is not advised to drive on. It does not equate to avoid flash exposure to 20*F, and an exposure to 20*F ambient of a tire rolling under a 4000# car will not lower its temp to 20*F. If I drive my car out of my climate controlled...
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    How low are you comfortable going on range estimator on a trip?

    i dont plan to arrive at charging point lower than 10% as estimated by the computer, but occasionally ill allow it to dip below there
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    Best Conditioner for Vegan Leather

    The volume and economics do not support a 'purpose bred high end' leather cattle. Imagine these special lucky cows -- even humans in Texas aren't free from mosquito bites!!! Whether for an expensive car or haute couture products, the leather gets treated/corrected such that the imperfections...
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    Best Conditioner for Vegan Leather

    There is no cow in the world that is bred and used for its hide where its flesh is discarded. It's an absurd notion against all senses that are common. Leather demand lags Meat demand. It's a byproduct. As long as people eat beef, there will be cowhide tanned into leather, and whether or not...
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    Tesla 2022 Model 3 Tires

    read the manual: https://www.tesla.com/ownersmanual/model3/en_us/GUID-877ACE2D-B62F-4596-A6AD-A74F7905741C.html https://www.tesla.com/ownersmanual/model3/en_us/GUID-FDDB10EF-FFA9-46EB-B8CC-03614AE92B6B.html
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    Bubbling on the door trim?

    I'm thinking that if I carried someone in RR seat in those instances, likely I would have RF passenger as well, in addition to myself as the driver... only the RR door has those spots 😑
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    Bubbling on the door trim?

    Where does it occur for you? The fact that mine is only on one door, maybe the roll of material cut for that door is defective? Outside of vacation, my car is pretty much always parked in a temp-controlled garage, so it's unlikely to be exposure damage.
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    Bubbling on the door trim?

    I've had some bubbling on the rubber/pleather door trim on just 1 of my door, for a long time. At first I thought it was from my dog pawing it, or some chemical reaction from drooling on it, but it cannot be -- closeup does not show abrasion, and she tends to rest herself on the middle of the...
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    18inch Tsportline wheels on model 3

    The And the ligher and smaller oem 18" wheels are also shod on more economic tires optimized to range, as opposed to the sportier 19/20" options
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    Model 3 Performance Vs Giulia Quadrifoglio?

    It has a V6 motor
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    I want to import a 2021 Tesla Model 3 purchased in France to the United States

    what does the science of economics say about vehicular homologation?
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    Model 3 performance ride quality

    M3P with 20" wheels rides about the same as my previous sporty cars riding on 19s and 18s. Actually slightly better than the 18s which was on a really aggressive chassis and suspension.
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    Thinking about model 3 coming from a 392 hemi

    How long do you spend going to the bathroom at a gas station exactly?
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    Thinking about model 3 coming from a 392 hemi

    you need to calibrate how you think about the range, or think about how people talk about it. the theoretical max range quoted assumes running battery from 100% battery to 0%. the practical on-road range is more like 90%-10%, or 80-20%, because this is dictated by charging speed and...
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    Monthly Electricity Cost

    1500mi = 2400km @ 200wh/km = 480,000 wh = 480kwh consumed, but lets add 20% for charging overhead = 580kwh electricity. multiply that by how much your electricity costs.
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    Tires seem to require very frequent air addition?

    Literally never had to re-pressurize my tires, and im pretty fastidious about monitoring the pressure. Where I live the car is also exposed to way larger temperature swings than in Northern California. Maybe you have an ultra-slow leak. Possibly remounting the tires after cleaning the tire...
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    Close to buying M3 LR - Cold Weather Questions

    Parking outside in sub-freezing condition, I wouldn't just think about the battery-drain (meh, whatever), but not having plugged in power for other function: battery preheating; cabin preheating; helping thaw of the windows and doors. Really annoying when door handle freezes and the windows...
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    EQ Settings After Update

    This is like asking someone to salt and pepper your food. The end result is up to your own tastes and preferences.
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    Scary near crash with a big truck today. Disappointed that teslacam did not record the event 😕

    That might be what you did. But that's not what you said: "[2-3 seconds after the near-miss] I ask my daughter to download the teslacam footage". 98/100 people interpret that as extracting something from the card, not SAVING the footage from memory TO the card. That's why another person had...
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    Scary near crash with a big truck today. Disappointed that teslacam did not record the event 😕

    How did you think it's supposed to work, versus how it actually worked? You didn't answer the guy on how you initiated the save clip, or provide other information such as the capacity and free space on the card, etc etc. We don't have a lot of information to go on except "it didn't work"
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    1 week review (M3LR).

    The 'unrest in Europe' has a n'th order effect on US fuel prices. It mostly impacts heating/electricity costs local to Europe due to the regional natural gas trade. US fuel prices had trended up way before this, as a more direct effect of US fiscal/monetary policy (=driving inflation) and...
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    Picked up my Tesla in early December, worst car I've ever owned.

    and noone has , so what does that tell you?
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    Picked up my Tesla in early December, worst car I've ever owned.

    Yup. If not driving habit, something is off with OP's car. 300-380wh/mi is the bulk of the distribution. 400-500 is wayyy anomalous. I'm at lifetime 330 or thereabouts. On LONG multi-day highway travel at 80mph, fully loaded car, 20" wheels, im doing 315 in the summer and 360 in the...
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    Shot forward when parked [unintended acceleration - resolved by OP]

    Maybe the most likely explanation. Belt was never buckled, e.g. just shuffling car around in the driveway. Car on hold mode so driver thinks car was Parked (when it was merely stopped). Driver opens door. Driver forgot to park and fumbled with the stalk , accidentally triggering AP/CC...
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    Buying a model 3 in 2022. Is it worth it?

    you cant change the past do you think the prices will be lowered in the future? no? then buy now
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    Suspension fell apart

    That's a Control Arm and it's no joke. Pretty wild that its not quadruple checked for utmost security
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    Drove My Model 3 LR 150 Miles in a Blizzard: It Did GREAT

    Batteries are also temperature-constrained. That's why there's limited regen when cold. There might be limited discharge capacity i.e. power output, too (never paid attention cuz im obviously not WOT in the snow).
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    2021 Model 3 Heater blowing cold air

    Mine has issue where in most temp ranges, it blows cold / ambient air. Then at a few of the most extreme ticks, it would blow extreme hot air. Problem was some sort of sensor. It was swapped and now hunky dory.
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    Selling, Upgrading, Questions

    1. maybe the frunk is different? not sure. everything else should be the same. 6. anyone can view your VIN through your windshield when parked in public. nothing really mischievous can be done with that information. 7. that should not have existed in the recent cars
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    Should I test drive before delivery?

    I think because we are scrupulous buyers. All the cars I bought previously, I had already psychologically committed to --- the test drives were merely for positive confirmation/validation. Most folks aren't and truly test drive to kick the tires

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