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  1. Hugh Mannity

    Wiki Consolidated eMMC Thread (MCU repair) (Black Center Screen)

    i'm on the list for replacement; they told me don't book an appointment until it starts acting up. Hopefully "acting up" doesn't mean a full on hard stop some day.
  2. Hugh Mannity

    2021.24.28 Rolling out to MCU1/FSD MS/X

    add my name to the list of the browser actually works now and putting a destination in the NAV is now MUCH faster when it does the routing. Obviously i hope this behaviour sticks around.
  3. Hugh Mannity

    Wiki Consolidated eMMC Thread (MCU repair) (Black Center Screen)

    yeah my '16 MS still has the original eMMC and the app says it's still healthy. I guess that's plausible as I'm not suffering any issues with reboots or anything.
  4. Hugh Mannity

    Windshield washer pump fix 2012-2016

    Greg! Thank you so very much, i just did this exact thing and i got my pump to come back to life. I hit with a few shots of 12V and i just heard a slight click; i then took the 26V battery from my e bike and hit the pump with that both polarities and the impeller starting spinning again, assume...
  5. Hugh Mannity

    Need advice from experienced owners

    right on! Yeah I posted too soon before I read page 2! Ha ha. My plan is to get a Y too, going to trade in the S for it. I think you will get the car VERY soon. People are getting them in a few weeks not months.
  6. Hugh Mannity

    Need advice from experienced owners

    Why not go for the Y? It’s Model 3 size and handling ish with more ground clearance. Sounds like the no brainer solution for you. oh never mind, re read your responses on that. They Y is available now and quickly.
  7. Hugh Mannity

    Supercharger - Perth ON

    I’m so glad they are lighting up the #7 route too! The 401 is quick but so boring compared to #7. Plus I enjoy driving through Tweed, went to school there 100 years ago.
  8. Hugh Mannity

    Model Y in Canada

    that is my plan too! Trade the S for a Y. Roadster wise that is also my plan as long as my numbers come up on LottoMax.
  9. Hugh Mannity

    Between a Model Y and a Subaru Outback

    and it burns gas, that’s a show stopper for many of us.
  10. Hugh Mannity

    Model Y in Canada

    good to hear! You will need the brake pedal in the winter. The regen will be way down most of the time due to a much colder pack.
  11. Hugh Mannity

    Model Y for Canada!

    that wasn’t an issue when I bought my Model S. I lived in BC and did all the paperwork. We flew into Toronto and picked up our car at the store; threw on the BC plates, signed some papers and were off.
  12. Hugh Mannity

    NEMA 14-50 Adapter

    have used a few times; 120V connections at hotels and twice the 240V at RV parks.
  13. Hugh Mannity

    any idea when we can start test driving Model Y in Canada?

    oh really? The rep in Calgary said potentially end of April. She wasn’t confident about that statement though. I guess with Fremont mostly in idle the timeline is now anyone’s guess.
  14. Hugh Mannity

    I traded my Tesla for a Lexus

    Admittedly a very nice car but go back to an ICE? Not for me, never in a million years. We need change and now. Will be interesting to see if Toyota survives the “EV revolution” coming in the next decade.
  15. Hugh Mannity

    Have there been studies on possible health effects of ev's?

    well the batteries hold DC power so there aren’t any “waves” flying around from that. Also the car doesn’t have a wifi hotspot, so again nothing there. The only thing the body could potentially feel is inductance from the AC motors but I suspect that is VERY minimal. An electric shaver is...
  16. Hugh Mannity

    Model S Window Fogging

    yeah I’m in Alberta. Very low humidity here too.
  17. Hugh Mannity

    Model S Window Fogging

    My car does this every time the temp is below freezing. About 15 min into the drive the windshield fogs up and then clears again. Weird. if it’s bad enough you can click the windshield defrost button and it un fogs within seconds.
  18. Hugh Mannity

    Rumor Mill: Upcoming 500-Mile Range For Tesla Model S, 400 For Model X

    Yep, that will be me tomorrow enroute to the local ski hill with the fam and the large Thule box on the roof. I’d gladly trade in the 75D for a 120D! Even if you don’t need all that range all the time a 120 kWh pack will require fewer charge cycles and in theory will last longer.
  19. Hugh Mannity

    I like the new standard wheel design! Goodbye Slipstreams

    I agree. Those Tempest ones look terrible, at least in pix anyway.
  20. Hugh Mannity

    Regen beaking feels "varied"?

    yep 100% normal
  21. Hugh Mannity

    Tesla Owners in Alberta

    We look forward to your views in a few weeks after getting the car. I would bet it’ll be like most of us. “OMG, I can’t believe I didn’t get one of these sooner.”
  22. Hugh Mannity

    PSA: Don't use third-party apps and services, period.

    this all sounds like nonsense ^^. If you don’t mind could you tell us what you’ve experienced from Tesla?
  23. Hugh Mannity

    ICE to electric conversion article in NYTimes

    agree this is so cool. Pricey but what isn’t these days .......
  24. Hugh Mannity

    P85D to 100D

    Depends what you want the car for. If you want to go to the strip every weekend obviously you’d want the P to blow away the hell cats. For most of us those though. Nobody “needs” a P car, it’s how much you want one.
  25. Hugh Mannity

    Would Tesla owners be interested in Classic Car Tesla conversions?

    You bet! Plan is to electrify my classic Studebaker so always up for ideas. I’m not thinking of going all out on a P100D conversion. Just a RWD Model S would work with a smaller pack say from a Leaf or something.
  26. Hugh Mannity

    ICE to electric conversion article in NYTimes

    Sounds good and thanks for the article. My plan is to electrify my ‘51 Studebaker so am doing lots of research.
  27. Hugh Mannity

    Newbie questions!

    Excellent to hear another one dumping their ICE. great first write up and welcome! charging wise, I too have a home with only a 60 amp service. I have a “Y” connector to an existing dryer outlet so I didn’t need to upgrade anything to legally charge. I charge at 240V, 24 Amp which is more...
  28. Hugh Mannity


    2000 miles! Wow that is so cool. Assume it’s absolutely mint. Did the previous owner leave the car plugged in all the time? Was it driven once a week or something? Amazing find
  29. Hugh Mannity

    Tesla vs Others' "Autopilot"

    have driven several rental cars with their autopilot systems; I found I really missed the car graphic that Tesla has; for some reason you feel a lot more trusting when you can see what the car sees vs the assumption the system is working on the other vehicles due to their non existant or mickey...
  30. Hugh Mannity

    Wiper blade replacement in Canada

    same; installed them in minutes was a piece of cake and they are a one for one replacement, (on the Model S anyway).
  31. Hugh Mannity

    Model S - Coming out of Warranty - Canada

    Hmm; also debating what to do; My car is 2016 with 73K on the clock; it looks like another 4 year warranty extension is north of 6 grand - holy crap .... but .... will 6 grand worth of stuff fail in the next 4 years ? Probably not .... it will give piece of mind though .... something else to...
  32. Hugh Mannity

    Supercharging to 100% is unbearable...

    awesome stuff in here; @Ande would you recommend cranking down the amperage for a nice long charge/balance cycle ? My home charging is 240V @ 32 Amp. Assume that is mostly fine for balancing the pack; else would you think bringing the current down to 10A or something would be a good idea ? Have...
  33. Hugh Mannity

    Model S - Why do the fans come on when heating the battery for + mode

    That is strange. I wonder if it works like some type of heat exchanger? It can pull “heat” from the air?
  34. Hugh Mannity

    Canadian Tire to install SCs and other EV chargers

    Fantastic! Hopefully an SC goes in around the Cranbrook area. Fort Macleod to Castlegar ain’t going to work unless you have a 100D and drive 60 km/h! Hah Good to see a FLO going in at Fernie though.
  35. Hugh Mannity

    Sudden Unintended Acceleration

    I'm curious about this; it looks like you have the same vintage car I do a 2016 S. I have been driving in extreme cold this past week and I'm finding there is regen below 5 degrees. It's obviously quite a bit less then is available in the warm summer months but once the pack is warmed up the...
  36. Hugh Mannity

    When you have a service, do you get a courtesy car?

    i've had one every time so far - 3 appointments worth
  37. Hugh Mannity

    Tesla moments

    Agree! This is the first real winter I’ve experienced with the S. Moved here from Vancouver last summer. The car is a champ in this extreme cold! Everyone else is scraping windows and warming their vehicles. I leave work and just jump in and go, I love it: I pre heat about 15 min before I leave.
  38. Hugh Mannity

    How cold is cold ?

    For some reason we across the pond have our homes wired with 120 and 240 volts. No idea why. Most of our stuff runs on 120. 240 is used for ovens and clothes dryers. Our cars come with a 120V and a 240V connector. Charging at 120V and 12amp is painfully slow but it’ll get you there.
  39. Hugh Mannity

    Battery warming icon?

    ha ha yes they are! It shows you live in Colorado so assumed you used the antiquated system of measure based on the King’s body too!
  40. Hugh Mannity

    How cold is cold ?

    two things: 1. best scenario is do it when plugged in, the pack heats via shore power 2. It’s still a good idea to warm the pack if it’s not plugged in, then you get regen and better performance. No regen is strange! Too much friction brake
  41. Hugh Mannity

    The cost to fill my Tesla each day

    true but I’m referencing the fees that are based on use. My delivery and consumption fees are pegged to the amount of kWh I use.
  42. Hugh Mannity

    Tesla moments

    I’m driving in stop and go traffic today. It’s cold, really cold; -30C. I was looking around and noticed that EVERYONE is checking out my car. EVs are rare where I live and I assume they all think what everyone at work was asking me this week. “How is it possible that drives in these temps?”...
  43. Hugh Mannity

    How cold is cold ?

    In my Model S the snowflake doesn’t come on till it’s below -20C, I don’t know what that is in Fahrenheit, 5 to 10? Something like that.
  44. Hugh Mannity

    Climate/App confusion

    My understanding is that icon shows your front defrost going. The button on the bottom is for selecting HI defrost and cabin heat. I also believe the rear glass wire heater runs automatically when you are pre heating the car.
  45. Hugh Mannity

    Battery warming icon?

    The bottom icon puts the car into high defrost mode. I think the rear window wire heater comes on automatically when you pre heat the cabin. My question is: why does the battery icon shown above only show when the car is in motion? If the car is pre heating or is not moving that icon doesn’t...
  46. Hugh Mannity

    Does anyone charge to 100%?

    yeah that ^^. I charge to 89% at home 99% of the time and change to 100% once in awhile if I figure I need the extra. Supposedly charging to 100% is fine as long as you don’t let the pack sit at 100% for several hours/days....
  47. Hugh Mannity

    Tesla moments

    One of my friends is a hardline right winger. Day by day he’s becoming more radicalised. I live in Alberta, land of oil and he works in oil and gas. At beer on Friday night he finally called me out, “you should be ashamed driving that POS in this province” you are putting us out of work”. I...
  48. Hugh Mannity

    Supercharger - Winnipeg, MB

    Supposedly Tesla receives the data when supercharge sessions don’t work. It would be nice to know what an ETR would be though?
  49. Hugh Mannity

    Model X and Model Y Width compared

    Isn’t it on the same platform as the 3? I would expect it to be the exact same width and length as the 3, it’s just obviously taller.
  50. Hugh Mannity

    will the Drako GTE finally give Tesla performance a run for its money?

    Awesome car. Crazy expensive though. I wonder if the plaid roadster will beat it? We shall see!

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