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  1. MY1stEV

    Larger throttle/regen bar..

    It got thicker in release 2022.16.x
  2. MY1stEV


    Not every release is for every car, but to try and give you some form of an answer... I got my car 16 months ago and have received 26 software updates over that time period. The longest I've gone between a version for my car being released and receiving it is 15 days. The shortest has been...
  3. MY1stEV

    Model Y Perfomance rear-ended - is it fixable?

    My guess is around $20k to repair and 3 months. This minor damage was $8,600 and 104 days to repair...
  4. MY1stEV

    Should battery packs be removed from Salvage Teslas

    Salvage yards are going to have to come up with a practical approach to dealing with this potential problem (and I'm not sure removing batteries is it). Fast forward 20 years from now and 50%+ of the cars in a salvage yard could be BEV's.
  5. MY1stEV

    $6K EAP to FSD pricing, options, resale, and prognostications?

    Interesting, this is the first I've heard of the subscription price being prorated if you have EAP. Good to know, thanks!
  6. MY1stEV

    max charge unavailable cant charge this bad boy

    Uber vouchers: Long-term road test Top 10 things to do at home while I wait 10 weeks to get a new battery message from tesla (emotional) Tesla CCS adapter destroyed my battery!?!?
  7. MY1stEV

    Software Updates Issue

    I'd also suggest rebooting your wifi router.
  8. MY1stEV

    Used MYLR prices

    You can go to a site like cargurus.com and see prices for cars like yours currently for sale in your area. I agree with the above, you would have no trouble getting $65k.
  9. MY1stEV

    $6K EAP to FSD pricing, options, resale, and prognostications?

    #1 - no EAP subscription currently offered, as with all things Tesla, a tweet could change this. #2 - If you purchase EAP and choose to upgrade to FSD, you just pay the difference, which is currently $6,000. #3 - (do you mean subscribe for $199, because Tesla isnt going to pro-rate the...
  10. MY1stEV

    Questions for those that did trade-ins with Tesla

    When I traded my car in to Tesla (back in April '21), the car was treated as part of your payment at delivery time. You bring the car, keys, and title on delivery day and give them to the delivery advisor. They confirm the car matches the condition you disclosed at the time Tesla appraised the...
  11. MY1stEV

    Charge Speed

    You'd be surprised how many so-called "friends and relatives" aren't willing to move their dryer or oven so you can plug in. 😁
  12. MY1stEV

    Seriously. What is your max amount you'd pay for EAP?

    This isn't so much an overpriced version of the traditional EAP offering as it is a half priced version of the current FSD... minus the promise to receive city streets in the future. (I'm still not paying $6k for it tho)
  13. MY1stEV

    Software update date is not aligned with current date

    The date has started updating reliably now for me. Perhaps it was a server-side issue and not a car software issue.
  14. MY1stEV

    Dash Cam Not Working Check USB

    @Kelr316 My software has updated twice in the last week, yet the date still shows "up to date" as of 3 weeks ago. This bug remains as of 2022.16.1.2.
  15. MY1stEV

    When is ultra Long Range battery coming?

    Below is a map of all the currently open superchargers in the US. The blue circle represents a radius of 125 miles from the supercharger. Anywhere you find a spot with no overlapping circles indicates a location that would be more than 250 miles between superchargers. (hint: there aren't...
  16. MY1stEV

    Enhanced autopilot released for Australia and New Zealand

    If EAP in that screenshot by Sawyer Merritt is $5700 NZD, that would convert to $3595 USD. Tesla seems to favor round numbers, so they will either round down to $3500 or up to $4000 USD. What would be really cool is if they would also do EAP for $69/mo :cool: along with FSD at $199/mo.
  17. MY1stEV

    Where does this go?

    🎯 Optimistically, the black clip popped off into the black abyss of the Tesla interior and rather than hunt for it the service tech just put a new one in its place. (Pessimistically, the black clip popped off into the black abyss of the Tesla interior and rather than hunt for it the service...
  18. MY1stEV

    Software update date is not aligned with current date

    If you hold your finger on the car icon (bottom left) for a couple seconds, I'm told it submits a screenshot to Tesla as a bug report. (A message will pop up thanking you for your report.). Problem is, there is no way to indicate why you sent this screenshot, and I don't know how Tesla would...
  19. MY1stEV

    GPS in Heads Up Mode

    If you have the navigation expanded so you see the turn-by-turn list down the left side of the map (which Tesla calls "overview"), then the map orientation is always shown as north. If you want the map to be oriented in the direction you are heading, the list is collapsed and you only see the...
  20. MY1stEV

    Ohio model y range

  21. MY1stEV

    Bad AC Smell

    Just for future reference, you might consider nexzett Klima Cleaner. It's the same type product as Kool-It, but comes in a 12.6 oz can. The price fluctuates on Amazon, but when demand is low (winter months), you can get it for $15-$16.
  22. MY1stEV

    Retro-fitting HEPA filter in Model Y

    I believe it started appearing in July 2021
  23. MY1stEV

    Bad AC Smell

    I got my car at the end of April '21 and by September my AC system stunk like a bag of dirty gym socks. Tesla replaced my filters and cleaned the evaporator coils for free (goodwill). I was told not to expect similar treatment should the problem recur.
  24. MY1stEV

    Software update date is not aligned with current date

    Under 2022.12.3.2, the only reliable method I've found to get that date to update is to go into Wifi Settings, forget my home network, add it back, and then check for a software update. This then becomes the new date I'm stuck at unless I repeat this process again.
  25. MY1stEV

    Tesla bringing back RADAR?

    I saw a post on Twitter by greentheonly speculating this might be the technology behind this new radar... Arbe Robotics
  26. MY1stEV

    Today's trivia: 9 ways to open the charge port door

    Washing the car while forgetting to turn on carwash mode.
  27. MY1stEV

    Broken screw in trunk

    Looks like the panel gap adjustment screw off a robotic assembly arm. 😜
  28. MY1stEV


    $650 sounds reasonable.
  29. MY1stEV

    Software update date is not aligned with current date

    When I go to the Upgrades tab in the car, it spins, I get a retry button, and pressing the retry button spins again and then says there are no upgrades currently available in the car, check the app.
  30. MY1stEV


    I paid $380 to do just the side windows. Hatchback and front windshield would have probably been an additional $250-ish.
  31. MY1stEV

    Wheel Locks

    If you have 30 seconds, this guy shows you how you can remove the most common type wheel lock.
  32. MY1stEV

    Wheel Locks

    Wah-ow They are (and it doesn't require much sophistication), but most thieves are interested in a quick score, so anything that might delay them they'll bypass (unless there is a very specific reason they want what you have). Fun story, years ago I had some rather rare wheels on a car...
  33. MY1stEV

    Software update date is not aligned with current date

    For me, flipping between menu pages, rebooting, and powering down the car all had no effect. Date of last check remains at May 25th
  34. MY1stEV

    Software update date is not aligned with current date

    My car last updated on May 4th at 6:54pm (to 2022.12.3.2), my screen says "your software is up to date as of May 25th at 7:04pm," yet today is May 30th at 8:25pm. I think it's just another bug with this last release.
  35. MY1stEV

    TeslaFi and Battery Degradation Help

    For me, it gradually recalibrated up over the span of approx 1,000 miles.
  36. MY1stEV

    Glare from side repeaters in blind spot camera?

    Here is a link to a post where the owner had Tesla do the replacement for them. $260 in parts and $175 in labor.
  37. MY1stEV

    Glare from side repeaters in blind spot camera?

    Yes, -D appears to be the latest revision of that part. Someone posted elsewhere here on the forum they are $130 each if you intent to install them yourself.
  38. MY1stEV

    Glare from side repeaters in blind spot camera?

    The "-D" revision of that part is reported to have corrected the issue (not just patched it)
  39. MY1stEV

    Dash Cam Not Working Check USB

  40. MY1stEV

    Dashcam doesn’t alert when it isn’t working

    Elon just addressed this on Twitter about 1 hour ago...
  41. MY1stEV

    TeslaFi and Battery Degradation Help

    Basically it's telling you your charging pattern is too repetitive and the battery management system is not getting a chance to evaluate your pack's condition at different states of charge. I followed the advice in this article and added more variability in my charging behavior and my estimated...
  42. MY1stEV

    Dashcam doesn’t alert when it isn’t working

    I believe edit is only available for 1 hour after your post
  43. MY1stEV

    Rear ended with less than 100miles. Help?

    I want to know how they came up with $88,705.19 USD as the Estimated Retail Value of a MYLR.
  44. MY1stEV

    Dashcam doesn’t alert when it isn’t working

    I've also noticed "walk-away auto door locking" is unreliable in 2022.12.3.x.
  45. MY1stEV

    Dashcam doesn’t alert when it isn’t working

    I started having that problem too with 2022.12.3.x.
  46. MY1stEV

    Model Y 2022 - Back right passenger side damage from hitting side of garage — has anyone had body work of this kind done in Austin? Cost? Experience?

    I have 2 teenagers who have both banked a car off the house pulling into the garage.:rolleyes: I've had good results with WD-40 to remove the paint transfer and ScratchX to reduce the visibility of the scuff. You can order the black plastic fender garnish from Tesla and replace it yourself.
  47. MY1stEV

    Tesla CCS Combo 1 Adapter - Comparison of Just a Few Possible Storage Options

    My go-to storage solution for irregularly shaped items...
  48. MY1stEV

    Gen 1 charger- plugged in vs direct wired

    Yes, you can use a 50A power cord to adapt the wall connector to use the 14-50 outlet.
  49. MY1stEV

    Corded (NEMA 14-50) UMC Status

    It's weird. You'd think if it was a dead product they would remove it from their website. But not only have have they not removed it, they recently reduced the price! My wiring situation is such that that the max I can do is 40A. It doesn't make sense for me to put in a Tesla Wall Connector™...
  50. MY1stEV

    Corded (NEMA 14-50) UMC Status

    Does anybody recall the last time the Corded Mobile Connector was in stock?

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