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    To spoiler or not?

    spoiler will add both the aesthetic & science-definitely go for it!
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    One year ownership update.

    bought Tesla M3 early version 2018 & MY early version 2020 but never bought all crazy accessories or add ups-simply loaded with T$LA-no complain just Chill!
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    Buying used 2020 Model Y

    I have 2020 MY-of course both the price & features have gone up/improved. But also the used MY price is insane -my friend has been looking for MY and he said if one gets 2020 used below $65 it's a scam!
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    When the ACTUAL cybertruck pricing is released…,

    I'm gonna wait for smaller CT like Rivian size. Elon said midgate can be opened-so, camping is realistic and moreover, garage parking is feasible.
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    Quarter mile comparison, MYP to Bolt... surprised me!

    Speed thrills but kills! I don't care less about all details about the speed b/c while back my 2013 Nissan Leaf is good enough to beat all ICE once the light turns green. EVs the future.
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    Can I walk-in service center if my model Y AC stopped working in hottest summer days?

    first, you can always walk in and secondly do not panic or in 'the Sky is falling' mood-billions of human beings do not have basic necessities like food, clothing & shelter. Drive with windows open-human beings have survived in worst situation than this b/c only humans can adapt to all kind of...
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    No camping in your car.

    either they're backward/ignorant or jealous.
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    Horrible 2022 Model Y Tesla Experience

    you said," We love Tesla and everything that it stands for" but I don't think you understand Tesla yet. Tesla's EOQ push has been like this while your expectation is over the roof. If you support a company -you won't complain every minuscule things.
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    No camping in your car.

    just show them the Tesla Camp Mode-they don't know yet-be patience/polite and talk to them -who knows you would manage to convince them future is here!
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    Cyber truck

    you or no one ordered-we all just reserve a spot.
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    Portable refrigerators for Model Y

    what's the brand & size of the cooler?
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    Vendor What next to add to Model Y under $100 budget?

    my 2018 M3 RWD-sold to buy MY but one thing I didn't do is load up with all kinds of accessories-but one thing I'd is buy more & more T$LA.
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    Portable refrigerators for Model Y

    mine 2020 MY lead acid 12v battery-are you saying it won't be good to plug the cooler? What size & brand is the cooler? I was a tent camper-no more and I do have exped mat duo.
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    Enhanced Autopilot $6k

    with that money I'd rather buy T$LA
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    MY2019 vs MY2022

    I have 2020 MY-all newer ones have double pan glass, hepa filter, 12v lithium ion battery, heated steering wheel and faster chips.
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    Tesla Wall connector with 14-50 NEMA plug

    just buy a 14-50 adapter and use the regular connector.
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    Pathetic mileage

    it's a Land of Obesity-we need to put that into account, too.
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    Portable refrigerators for Model Y

    I've been watching this one-hope they'll be good deal on July 4th.
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    New to the forum! Here to learn, new to the Tesla world.

    I waited 2 yrs, 2 months & 6 days for my 2018 M3-though it was a barebone compared to any Tesla now-back then I was blown away and all I'd was bought T$LA but very few accessories. I can buy any Tesla now-so, waiting for Texas MY to officially open order on the web.
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    Model Y New Tires

    my first RWD M3 was tough in winter but I don't like switching tires per season and went with Cross Climate -which is all weather than Winter tires-it was spectacular experience. is there Cross climate for MY 20"?
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    Any other owners second guess if their next car should be another Tesla?

    own 2020 MY and Bolt EV-finally Bolt's battery got replaced. EVs come down to 3 factors: battery, software & charging stations-Tesla nails all. Planning to sell Bolt once T$LA stock split, let it move up a bit & sell amount of shares to cover the rest & wait for Texas MY.
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    Trash Can for Model Y in Armrest storage?

    does it slide back/forth?
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    Trash Can for Model Y in Armrest storage?

    it's Green car-less trash, better world.
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    1 click away from ordering model Y

    each day delaying kicks you a week away-future is EV-EV means 3 things: battery, software & charging stations-hence, Tesla rules.
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    Model 3 Trade In

    in California try: driveo.com
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    Ordering today? Expect around 7 months for new MY LR vs 2 months for MYP

    my neighbor's wife went to test drive MY 8 days ago, loved it but decided to bring her husband and found it's pushed 2 months further.
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    Move from Audi Q7 to Model Y or alternative?

    no matter what -Tesla is selling every car they can produce and customers are waiting, waiting & waiting while gas price is climbing-and still people keep debating should I or shouldn't I-just wasting your time, energy & money.
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    Tesla Bad Publicity Because Of User Error.

    funny or pathetic part is yesterday on Bolt Reddit 2 Tesla cars turned into 5 Tesla on fire-moreover, comments were all negatives on Tesla. I don't know why some people take the opportunity to slam a company that ushered all the autos into EVs.
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    Road trip in the MYP

    third party charging stations are like going back to VHS time-VHS player, put the tape in, hook to the TV, have another remote controller etc etc.
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    Tesla tire cannot be repaired?

    mine is done while back by a friend who's electrician but a friend of mine 2 years ago was charged $650 while someone else I warned/heads up to say to plug Nissan Leaf-much cheaper.
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    Tesla tire cannot be repaired?

    when you own Tesla they want to rip you off-even electrician when you want to install NEMA 14-50-what a world!
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    NEW MODEL Y 18 inch at Tsportline?!!!!!

    proportion matters-you don't want your MY to look like HumtyDumpty-MY with 20" is the most suitable-marriage Made In Heaven.
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    Anyone come from an X3M?

    achieved Tesla's sustainable mission-defeating, humiliating the ICEs and no more noise & air pollution.
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    Shopping for a new Electric car. Former Eniro / Model 3 owner.

    fit & finish issue is a relative thing-do you think any other cars have none? Expectations & over blown comments on social medias make us more uncomfortable. But the reality is that waiting rooms for Tesla is full.
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    Model Y vs Solterra

    EVs come down to 3 important factors: battery, software & charging stations-OEMs are far, far behind.
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    Tesla uses 1/6 the energy compared to gasoline

    I don't care what people think-I switched to EV since 2016 with 2013 Nissan Leaf to M3 and loaded T$LA. Deniers are losers/failures.
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    Tesla Insurance

    will Tesla let you add non Tesla car in the family? else one loses multi cars discount.
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    MYP Rattle

    a month ago I hear rattle around the back seat and after 2 days found it's the seat belt. Sometime could be a simple fix.
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    People asking me about my car (2018 all over again)

    I too got 2018 RWD -sold & replaced for 2020 MY and now planning to sell my 2017 Bolt once battery replaced to get Austin MY-when T$LA get split.
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    No Door Handles??

    it's not Tesla or Elon-it's you who needs to change. Did you switch from flip phone to smart phone? There will be setting on the screen not to lock @ this location in CT just like M3, MY, MS & MX. The car won't lock in the garage. Just be open minded & things gonna be alright.
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    No Complaints

    I bought the very early RWD M3 in 2018 and replaced it with 2020 MY. I was never a Car Person or interested in stock but Tesla blew me away-bought T$LA back then-that's the magic of Tesla!
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    MYLR vs Subaru Outback: Outback better AP and reliability?

    switched to EVs since 2016-never been to the gas stations, dealers(stealers), auto parts, mechanics, emission test etc. You decide to live in the future free of hassle or stuck in the dinosaur age.
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    Polestar 2?

    all other EVs have yet to proven reliability-they might look attractive but EVs come down to 3 factors: charging stations, battery & software. Now the ball is in your hands.
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    Getting alert to use >32gb drive with Tesla 128gb drive

    how do one get combo offer?
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    Sold ‘21 MY LR, upgraded to a ‘22 MYP

    MY production has been going on for a while now -Giga Texas will fix the bugs & kinks faster besides the single casting only comes from Texas.
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    Two Model Y Family

    all others have yet to proven reliability and yet to be tested. EVs come down to 3 factors: battery, charging station & software-and nobody else is close to that yet. I made a mistake thinking that I need 2 different EVs-my 2017 Bolt battery recall or fix is taking way too long-still not dome...
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    Sold ‘21 MY LR, upgraded to a ‘22 MYP

    I am planning to sell my 2020 MY but not in a hurry-gonna wait for the 4680-patience always pays.
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    2 Model Y or Ioniq 5?

    don't make a mistake like I did-thought of owning 2 different EVs. Sold my 2018 M3 to buy MY and sold Leaf & bought Bolt. Bolt has been pain in the ass for delayed, delayed battery replacement. Most of the EV manufacturers have not proven how their battery would function and Tesla has been...

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