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  1. Mr. Wonderful

    2 Model Y or Ioniq 5?

    Obviously dealers charging over msrp are among the group that follow that saying: Make hay while the sun shines. They just don't care about repeat business apparently. Besides, if all of the dealers are doing this, where else would you buy your next one, assuming you again want a Hyundai?
  2. Mr. Wonderful

    2 Model Y or Ioniq 5?

    Yeah, I'm with you on that. HOWEVER, these cars are very hard to find. All dealers, at least here in south FL have dealer markups. I specifically wanted the Lucid Blue with light color interior in the SEL (middle) trim. They are not producing many in this color, so unless you are willing to...
  3. Mr. Wonderful

    2 Model Y or Ioniq 5?

    I've had my Ioniq 5 since Mar. 30 after transferring my Model Y reservation to another member. Having owned many Hyundai's and a Kia Stinger, I felt confident that when I went to pick up my car I wouldn't have to spend a lot of time looking for the same problems Tesla owners encounter. Car was...
  4. Mr. Wonderful

    Sold TESLA OEM Model Y front license plate frame-NEW

    Sorry - another member beat you to the punch. He actually contacted me before I changed ad to allow shipping. If it doesn't work out I'll contact you.
  5. Mr. Wonderful

    Sold TESLA OEM Model Y front license plate frame-NEW

    Changing ad - willing to ship at your expense.
  6. Mr. Wonderful

    Tesla rolling carry-on luggage - New in box

    If anyone interested would send me a shipping label, I would ship to them.
  7. Mr. Wonderful

    Who thinks Carvana is unique (original) ? Look back to 1933

    Nash Tower of Value, Chicago Century of Progress World's Fair, 1933-34 Postcard
  8. Mr. Wonderful

    September 2021 Order Delivery Dates

    This is what "drove" me to buy a Hyundai Ioniq 5. I kept watching my local dealer's website and finally found the color combo I wanted and website said "in transit", expected April 5. I know from the past that most of the cars in transit are sold well before arriving at the dealership. So I...
  9. Mr. Wonderful

    Tesla Model Y Standard Range AWD to be priced at $59,990 USD

    Here in FL, off peak is only 9 cents per kwh. I believe they will be raising rates this year however, but will still be pretty low.
  10. Mr. Wonderful

    Sold TESLA OEM Model Y front license plate frame-NEW

    Unused factory front license plate frame for Tesla Model Y (may also fit Model 3 - not sure). In unopened plastic bag. Pickup only - no shipping Price: $25
  11. Mr. Wonderful

    Tesla rolling carry-on luggage - New in box

    Official TESLA carry-on luggage. View video from someone on Youtube: Brand new in box - never used - sold my Tesla. Will fit in frunk of your car. Comes with 3 nylon inner bags for various items like toiletries or meds. Size: 22"x17"x10" Not pics of my actual luggage, but same as shown. I...
  12. Mr. Wonderful

    My Y LR is due to arrive May 21 - July 2 and I'm not taking delivery - $4k less than todays price

    budygadi is trying to do the transfer, so asking this thread be locked.
  13. Mr. Wonderful

    My Y LR is due to arrive May 21 - July 2 and I'm not taking delivery - $4k less than todays price

    I don't know how a transfer can be done, but my online info is already filed, and delivery center is Fort Lauderdale. Car is Silver metallic/white interior - no other options. Ordered when price was $59,990 (today is $63,990). I can transfer my account to you if that would work, as I don't...
  14. Mr. Wonderful

    Wall connector charger for sale UNOPENED

    O/P joined Mar. 7 - last seen: Mar. 8
  15. Mr. Wonderful

    2 Model Y or Ioniq 5?

    I watched many videos before plunking my money down on the Ioniq 5. I looked at Volvo C40 Recharge and Polestar, but both seemed to offer less interior space and lower driving range. I have owned a few Hyundai's and also 2 Genesis G80's and their quality speaks for itself. No, not a luxury brand...
  16. Mr. Wonderful

    I test drove Hyundai Ioniq 5 SEL RWD (short review)

    I just bought an Ioniq 5 a few days ago, and the dealer added a 220v charger for no extra charge (a cheapie), but it only charges at 16 amps, but better than nothing. I'll see how long it takes to charge, and if it's too long, I'll upgrade.
  17. Mr. Wonderful

    I test drove Hyundai Ioniq 5 SEL RWD (short review)

    It doesn't have to be reset every time you turn off the car. It defaults to level 3 upon start up.
  18. Mr. Wonderful

    2 Model Y or Ioniq 5?

    I've got all my info listed so I don't think I can do that without taking delivery and paying taxes and reg. I'm working on trying to sell it to the Hyundai dealer so we'll see if I get lucky.
  19. Mr. Wonderful

    2 Model Y or Ioniq 5?

    Well, I did it - instead of waiting until god knows when for my Model Y to arrive, I bought an Ioniq 5 SEL RWD on Mar. 30. Dealer website showed car I wanted was "in transit" and expected April 5, so I called the dealer for info. I immediately drove over to the dealership, placed my $1k...
  20. Mr. Wonderful

    December 2021 order estimated delivery dates

    That's a major problem - finding one within a reasonable distance from you. They just are not making many of them which is why they are hard to find, and if you can find one, most dealers are adding as much as 15% to window sticker. My advice to you is to keep checking your local dealers...
  21. Mr. Wonderful

    December 2021 order estimated delivery dates

    Reading your post (ekb88) I placed my order Dec.19, I am happy to say I no longer have to be annoyed by this B.S. I purchased a Hyundai Ioniq 5 SEL today which is in transit and due at the dealer on or before April 5. I'm too old (75) for these games, with Tesla probably hoping more people like...
  22. Mr. Wonderful

    Forced home delivery experience

    As a matter of fact, they will just drop it in your driveway even if you're not home.
  23. Mr. Wonderful

    500 Miles model S plaid 2022

    Oh goody.... yet another auction
  24. Mr. Wonderful

    Tesla Canceled my Order

    In the "good old days" a company that pulled this type of shenanigans would not have stayed in business very long. I find it sad the way they walk all over us, and us having to accept their behavior in order to maintain our place in line to receive our order. Believe me, if there was a better...
  25. Mr. Wonderful

    WTB: 20" Induction wheels/tires/tpms for Model Y - South Florida

    I am looking for like-new take-offs from someone in my area. Must be in perfect condition. Reasonable price to be paid. Please include asking price in your reply. My MYLR has EDD of May-June and I may be willing to trade my Gemini's for your Inductions, or just buy yours outright.
  26. Mr. Wonderful

    2022 Model Y Reservation White on black

    You had to know we were going to goof on you when you made this thread into an auction.
  27. Mr. Wonderful

    New 21” Uberturbine Tesla Model Y Performance wheels, Michelin AS, TPMS = $2,000

    Not mine - thought they are a good deal for someone near them. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/306650364696087/?ref=search&referral_code=marketplace_search&referral_story_type=post&tracking=browse_serp%3A3761eb16-2ff5-4d0a-bd5d-a915e9fe5018
  28. Mr. Wonderful

    EDD change today.... O/D 12/19

    EDD has moved up a few weeks. First change I've had in about a month. Hopefully this is a good sign.
  29. Mr. Wonderful

    Retractable Sunshade Review

    It is sad that Tesla doesn't include a sunshade of some type. If you look at the new Hyundai Ioniq 5 Limited, it has a great sunshade that opens and closes from each end and meets in the middle - great design. I was (and still am) considering buying an Ioniq 5 due to its many additional...
  30. Mr. Wonderful

    Tesla Model Y Reservation $2k to transfer account

    This has become quite a side hustle. So many (it seems) have reserved a car just to pocket some $$ selling their res. I for one do not approve of this type of gaining the system.
  31. Mr. Wonderful

    Resale values plummeted

    I also got $62 for MYLR on Jan. 8th
  32. Mr. Wonderful

    Inflationary Price Increase coming?

    This $3k increase comes on top of $1k increase just last week. This is getting crazy. Good for those that already have their orders in.
  33. Mr. Wonderful

    Sold Model Y Gemini 19" wheels, tires, Bluetooth TPMS - never installed

    Will consider trade for 20" induction wheels/tires/tpms in similar condition. My setup pictured below.
  34. Mr. Wonderful

    Sold Model Y Gemini 19" wheels, tires, Bluetooth TPMS - never installed

    Complete set ready to bolt on Factory original 19x9.5 wheels 5x114.3 bolt pattern +45mm offset Bluetooth TPMS No wheel covers Never installed on car - my plans have changed. Local pickup only - no shipping $1,700
  35. Mr. Wonderful

    Air conditioned seats

    What you are referring to is ventilated seats. In order to have ventilated seats they would need to be perforated, and Tesla at this time does not have that design.
  36. Mr. Wonderful

    Got Xpel Prime XR 20% front and 70% rear with white interior

    I also did 50% on windshield. 70% is basically clear but still provides heat and sun reflection.
  37. Mr. Wonderful

    Tinting, but not the roof or windshield?

    A lot of places are unable to tint the roof due to size of film. Some shops just don't carry it as they don't use it often enough. I had all my windows tinted including windshield and roof for a touch over $1k about a year ago. Make sure to take your car to a shop that has done a Tesla roof...
  38. Mr. Wonderful

    New Tesla model Y for sale/ready for delivery

    Location looks like.... The official US Postal Service name for 55129 is SAINT PAUL, Minnesota.
  39. Mr. Wonderful

    PPF & Tint in South Florida

    Welcome to the forum. I had my Y tinted at Tint World (franchise) on Sunrise Blvd. in Sunrise. They did all windows including windshield and roof. I was very pleased with their work. A bit pricey - cost me a bit over $1k for everything. That was for the best ceramic tint.
  40. Mr. Wonderful

    2 Model Y or Ioniq 5?

    I test drove the Ioniq 5 about a month ago. Things I liked that are missing from Model Y: No ventilated seats available in Y. You can only get glass roof on Hyundai if you get the Limited package. That also applies to the ventilated seats and HUD. Ioniq has HUD and imo a much nicer looking...
  41. Mr. Wonderful

    Model y 2022 blue for sale

    Let me start the bidding at $50,000
  42. Mr. Wonderful

    Model Y Gemini 19" wheels, tires, Bluetooth TPMS - never installed - Buy one for a spare tire

    Willing to sell complete set if you want all 4. Price reduction: $400 ea. Complete set: $1,600
  43. Mr. Wonderful

    Discord app and Tesla Inventory Tracker on twitter

    I see people writing about the app used to find their new car before their EDD. I know nothing about the app, how it works, and how to use it. Do you download it to your computer or phone? Thanks for any assistance.
  44. Mr. Wonderful

    Looking to buy/take over your Model Y Reservation

    Can someone explain the Discord app to me and how it works, as I wouldn't mind getting my Y early.

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