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  1. SDM44

    Anybody got a front lip installed?

    https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B097DF6L1C Looks like the lip is currently unavailable, but it was on sale last week for $109 shipped. I thought about ordering a spare just to have, but decided not to.
  2. SDM44

    Bring back EAP (to USA)

    Yup, they brought it back at 8pm PST tonight. A buddy of mine who works at Tesla was saying they were going to announce something tonight, and from the podcasts & chat in the FB groups from earlier this week, it was likely going to be EAP. IMO, definitely not worth it for $6k, especially since...
  3. SDM44

    Sold my MYSR and ordered a MYP

    Just ran my car's info. Carvana offered me $55k for my 2021 Performance with 8k miles, no FSD. Price when I bought it was $61k, so it definitely lost quite a bit of value.
  4. SDM44

    Aliexpress Gemini Wheel Covers (Uberturbine Style)

    For the price, the Rimetrix Laminars look better.
  5. SDM44

    Performance "Plus" Option?

    If they offer it for $2k, then sure I'll pay for it because why not. Anything more than that, not worth it as the MYP is already quick as is.
  6. SDM44

    Interior wrap

    Did the dash & console on both my Model 3 and Model Y in carbon fiber. Pretty easy to DIY for just a few bucks of vinyl from Amazon. Didn't want to do the steering wheel or window switches, but I did put matte black vinyl over the emblem on the steering wheel so it's not bright & shiny looking...
  7. SDM44

    Bugs on bumper recommendation

    I have Xpel PPF and Xpel Fusion ceramic coating, and even sprayed a booster on my bumper before a road trip last month. The bumper & hood were super slippery feeling, but that still didn't stop a ton of bugs from smashing into the front bumper and making a big mess. And that was after just a 2...
  8. SDM44

    DIY Dashboard Wrap

    1' x 5' roll of vinyl is more than enough material for the Model 3/Y dash, with excess to cut off. Looks great. I've done the same a few times on my Model 3 and Y, and on a few of my friends' cars. The only thing I would recommend is using some adhesive promotor on the corners of the wood...
  9. SDM44

    NEW MODEL Y 18 inch at Tsportline?!!!!!

    The TS5 wheels do have some concavity to them, so the spokes on the 18" wheels should also curve outward to give more clearance for the calipers. Plus, with a +35mm offset you should be fine clearing Model Y brakes. Not sure how the clearance will be with Model Y Performance brakes, but I'm...
  10. SDM44

    NEW MODEL Y 18 inch at Tsportline?!!!!!

    21" TS5 wheels look really good on a Model Y, as it fills out the larger body well. I'm tempted on picking up a set of these 18" wheels to try out and see how they compare to my 21" TS5 wheels (acceleration, braking, comfort, aesthetics, etc).
  11. SDM44

    Anybody got a front lip installed?

    Installing the lip is pretty easy. They're flexible to a point, so if you jack up the front end a little bit to have more clearance underneath to use a drill & screwdriver bit under the car, then you can easily install the lip by yourself . It helps to have another person with you to hold the...
  12. SDM44

    Need help for 5mm spacers that fit Model Y LR with 20” Uberturbine wheels.

    Honda Accord or Acura TL spacers work. Same bolt pattern and same center bore size. You can find them on Amazon for $9
  13. SDM44

    RPMTesla door handle extensions

    Nice review. Can you post some pics of the car from a 3/4 view and down the side from slightly further away, so we can get a better idea of how it looks on the car? There's a few vendors that sell these same door handles. You can get them on Amazon for $38 shipped, or a few bucks cheaper on...
  14. SDM44

    Are Mudflaps Needed if PPF will be Present?

    IMO, both are needed to help mitigate rocks getting thrown up to the door. I have both mud flaps and PPF on the entire lower section of my rear door. I can see where rocks have hit the PPF (which will heal itself in the sun), but also see where dirt & road grime gets thrown up on the car. The...
  15. SDM44

    Rimetrix Laminars are here

    Surprisingly, I'm now starting to see the Laminar caps popping up everywhere around the LA/OC areas, especially in the past couple of months now. I've probably seen at least 15-20 different Model Y's with them on, most of them parked but some out on the street. IMO, from a distance or when...
  16. SDM44

    Anybody got a front lip installed?

    I bought this lip from Amazon since they had a $20 off coupon, so it was $119. Decided to leave it gloss black and the install took less than 10 minutes. Pretty easy to install the lip by yourself as you can do screw in one side at a time and just let the lip hang down (don't jack up the car...
  17. SDM44

    Pic of your Model Y.......RIGHT NOW!

    Trying this out for a bit to see how I like the gloss black look.
  18. SDM44

    Supercharger - Oakhurst, CA (LIVE Feb 2022, 8 V3 stalls)

    I was initially getting 180 kW at 42% SOC this afternoon in Tejon at their 250 kW superchargers (before it throttled down about 5 min later), so I would've expected something much higher in Oakhurst than 60 kW with the same SOC.
  19. SDM44

    California DMV - Plates & HOV Stickers

    For those who don't want to spend that extra money on a legacy plate, you can always wrap it if you like your current number sequence. Search for 5150WRAPS_LA on Instagram. I have no affiliation with this place, but saw it awhile back and may use them for another one of my cars. I originally...
  20. SDM44

    Pic of your Model Y.......RIGHT NOW!

    I have more pics posted in different posts on TMC, but here's a close up after parking in a muddy lot at Yosemite Village the other day.
  21. SDM44

    Supercharger - Oakhurst, CA (LIVE Feb 2022, 8 V3 stalls)

    Been charging here for the past few days while visiting Yosemite. All of the stalls have cables on them, and the security camera trailer is still there. Only issue I’ve been running into is that you can’t pull more than 60 kW from any of the stalls. I’ve tried all 8 stalls just to see (since...
  22. SDM44

    Pic of your Model Y.......RIGHT NOW!

  23. SDM44

    Why so many 21" Ubertines for sale?

    Yes, there's a lot of people selling Uberturbines right now. It's been like that for the past 6 months. What's funny is people still think they're worth a lot more than what people are willing to pay for them. I sold my Uberturbines with only 23 miles on them for $2000 because I wanted to...
  24. SDM44

    Anyone coming from a Pilot?

    We have a 2014 Honda Pilot Touring (FWD), a 2020 4Runner TRD Off Road 4x4, and our 2021 Model Y Performance. We've always used the Pilot on road trips for the past 6-7 years now, and recently the 4Runner during the past couple of winter seasons (depending on where we're going). We've only...
  25. SDM44

    Rear Seat Liner Recommendations for the Y

    I have the 3D MAXspider rear seat covers, and the gaps are very minimal since the mats touch each other when on the seat. Would be pretty hard for stuff to fall in between, but the texture & material would make vacuuming up pet hair a chore. I've seen people with this type of rear cargo mat...
  26. SDM44

    Uberturbine Touch Up Paint

    I've posted this up in the past, as these touch up paints match both the Uberturbine and Induction wheels perfectly. I have them both and have used them on other Model Y cars around the area when they needed a quick touch up, and the color match is perfect.
  27. SDM44

    Pro Series LED black tail lights

    I wouldn't mind putting that style of tail lights on, but I just hate how most of the aftermarket tail lights out there has some type of 'dancing light show' every time you turn your lights on. I'd want something bright & simple and that does the job like factory tail lights do, but a unique...
  28. SDM44

    California DMV - Plates & HOV Stickers

    You're fine and will get the new yellow sticker. I submitted my paperwork on 12/10 and my check was cashed on 12/23. I thought I would have to get the blue stickers but sure enough they post-dated my HOV certificate to Jan 1, and I received the yellow stickers on 1/5. My bro-in-law submitted...
  29. SDM44

    California DMV - Plates & HOV Stickers

    My brother in-law submitted his paperwork back in mid-October and his check was cashed around mid-November (he's very anti-automotive and didn't think or ask me about when to submit the paperwork, and just went ahead and did it as soon as he got his plates). He never received the sticker as...
  30. SDM44

    Long Line for Charging

    I've often seen the Supercharger in Quartzsite, AZ filled up with a line of cars waiting, but usually I'm in a ICE vehicle when I see this. That's really the only fast & big Supercharger between Phoenix and the Palm Springs area, as there are a couple of smaller, older/slower Superchargers...
  31. SDM44

    FS: Blox Spacers 15mm & 20mm

    They will on a Performance Model Y, but not on a Performance Model 3. All Model Y's have a 66.1mm CB like the Model 3 SR+ and LR. The Model 3 Perf has a 70.1mm CB.
  32. SDM44

    California DMV - Plates & HOV Stickers

    Pretty much this. On a white Model Y, the yellow sticker doesn't stand out as much as it would on a darker color car. I posted a pic of my car on the previous page of how it looks in the lower rear bumper corner (just 1 of the smaller stickers only), and I think it kind of flows with the...
  33. SDM44

    Vendor Suma Blind Spot Side Mirrors

    Tint your side windows! 😁 But really, if you do tint your side window with anything 35% or darker, you really don't want to use the auto dimming on the factory mirrors or it'll be way too dark.... much darker on Tesla cars than other cars I've owned with 35% side window tint and auto dimming...
  34. SDM44

    Vendor Suma Blind Spot Side Mirrors

    Bought these for my Model 3 back in 2020 (order #2085). Worked great on my Model 3, so figured I would get some again for my Model Y. Order #9821 placed.
  35. SDM44

    FS: Model 3 / Model Y factory fog lights w/ Xpel PPF

    These have been sold.
  36. SDM44

    Having second thoughts about MYP after VIN assigned, open to ideas

    I'm running Toyo Proxies A/S tires on my 21" wheels (35-series tires) and it's a decent ride on my MYP and smooth enough for my tastes. My car felt about the same, if not smoother feeling, compared to my friend's MYLR with 20" Gemini wheels & factory tires on it. And that's coming from a...
  37. SDM44

    Your MY front lip spoiler now...

  38. SDM44

    MYP Insurance

    Insurance rates is going to vary on a lot of different things, like driving history, age, location, where the car will be stored (inside or in a garage), additional discounts given by your insurance company (multi-car discount, other insurance coverages, education history, vehicle safety specs)...
  39. SDM44

    Post best iPad suction mount on glass for kids in back seat.

    Not to sway you in a different direction, but just showing another option available for Model 3 / Y seatbacks: Amazon.com I've used these a couple times already with my kids' iPads on some road trips and they worked out great. The main reasons why I went with these instead of a roof-mounted...
  40. SDM44

    California DMV - Plates & HOV Stickers

    It's the CAV Decal Certificate that I posted a few posts back. It always comes with your stickers and has the sticker number listed on it, along with your license plate number and VIN. It's just a piece of paper, but I usually laminate my certificates since it sits in the glove box for the...
  41. SDM44

    New red CA HOV Decal last until January 1, 2022?

    Just a FYI, the new yellow decals face the opposite direction from all the other CA HOV decals in the past, so most of the pre-cut PPF pieces for the decals will not work and new patterns will need to be cut.
  42. SDM44

    California HOV decals (2 vehicles?)

    HOV decals are linked to the car and it's license plate & VIN, so it doesn't matter if you have another car with a HOV decal already. Each car would need to apply for its own decal..... at least in CA.
  43. SDM44

    I’m going square on my MYP

    Do it. Lots of people already doing this with 20" wheels and 275/40-20 tires. I've been running a square 21" setup for months now with 265/35-21 tires, and my MYP drives & handles great with this setup.
  44. SDM44

    FS: Model 3 / Model Y factory fog lights w/ Xpel PPF

    Price drop $160 picked up in the LA area, or $200 shipped insured w/ tracking.
  45. SDM44

    FS: Model 3 / Model Y factory fog lights w/ Xpel PPF

    Selling a pair of 2021 Model Y factory fog lights that has Xpel Ultimate+ PPF over them. They're in perfect working condition with no nicks or scratches on the lens. Does not leak and all lights work. Will fit a Model 3, and if you have a SR+ you can use these also (there's a how-to wire up...
  46. SDM44

    CA Waiting Room

    My friend is just that, a good friend, so I'm not looking to make a buck off of him. The only thing I told him to do was give me $100 to cover my order fee. TBH, not sure if he wants it since he really wanted a different color Model Y and wanted the 20" wheels (even though I'd help him sell...
  47. SDM44

    CA Waiting Room

    Just for reference, my Aug build MYP is a 252 VIN. When I first put my June order on hold in Sept (a month after I picked up my MYP), they assigned me a VIN of 273 for the MYLR. They're they're up to 357 approx 4 months later. Should give you an idea of how quickly they're pumping the Model Y...
  48. SDM44

    CA Waiting Room

    I ordered this in June, but ordered my MYP in July. My MYP was delivered 4 weeks later in August, and then my MYLR order was ready in mid-Sept. I told them to put it on hold and Tesla said I would need to either continue with my order on Jan 1 or it would be cancelled and I would lose my $100...
  49. SDM44

    CA Waiting Room

    Woke up this morning to a VIN with 357 for a 'basic spec' MY LR (white paint, black interior, 5-seater, Gemini wheels, no FSD) but with the tow package. Ordered it back in June when the price was $49,990. I have no use for this car so I'm going to work with my friend on having him fill out his...

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