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    Poll - Are you waiting for the infrastructure bill before ordering?

    Prices haven't changed for LR as far as I can see (yet). The wheel choices have always been there. I'm seeing the same price for a black LR with aeros that I've been seeing for months ...
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    2022 Model 3 rumours and opinions - should I collect my M3 in November or wait a couple of months?

    IIRC, the LFP batteries have a lower energy density (i.e. they are heavier than the prior batteries at similar energy capacity) which is why they are only being used in SR vehicles. Not sure the LFP batteries will make it to LR cars before the larger cells do (at least a year away). Could be...
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    just got this alert, not sure what it means

    I just had mobile service out for a different issue, and I asked the tech about this. He looked into it and said it was very likely a firmware problem, and that the error code being thrown isn't even a code that is supposed to be in use anymore. He expected a future firmware push to remove the...
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    Quality difference between a 2018 and 2021 Model 3

    I agree that the OG chrome was a bit overboard, but when I blacked mine out I actually kept the door handles chrome because I thought they played off my silver 19" wheels nicely. I would miss that if I upgrade to a new model :( That little pop of chrome on my car adds a lot of character I think.
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    just got this alert, not sure what it means

    Same here, I've had this error for a few days and I did just take a software update last week (running 2021.32.10 on a 2018 Model 3). When I pulled the drive out to check it on my laptop, I saw a bunch of recent clips from over the weekend, so I'm not sure what the error was complaining about...
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    Kenriko Chrome Delete Kit: Show off your tips and pictures here

    Personally I worked on the passenger side and made all my mistakes there, then switched to the driver side which went much smoother (and I don't see my mistakes every day :-P). My logic was that I had a good stopping point halfway through if I needed, as no one would be able to tell the delete...
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    Kenriko Chrome Delete Kit: Show off your tips and pictures here

    I was in the same boat! :-) If you mess up a piece of vinyl during application and fill out a form on his website, Kenriko is kind enough to send you a spare. Some spares are already included in the kit, but ironically not for the pieces I messed up.
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    Kenriko Chrome Delete Kit: Show off your tips and pictures here

    Finally got around to doing this project! I got the satin black kit. I opted to leave the door handles uncovered because I didn't love the idea of touching the wraps every day, and I actually like the pop of chrome on the doors. I also picked up red T logos for the cameras from Etsy. It probably...
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    Kenriko Chrome Delete Kit: Show off your tips and pictures here

    Just got the chrome delete kit in the mail and opened it with my kid KID: Is that the kit for your Tesla? ME: Yep! KID: What does it do? Me: It covers up all the silver bits and makes them look black KID: ... KID: No seriously, what does it do? ME: That's what it does! KID: But ... your...
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    Kenriko Chrome Delete Kit: Show off your tips and pictures here

    If you did a version of the camera housings with the logos cut out that would be amazing!
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    Supercharger - Webster, TX

    Over/under on this SC being operational by Monday? We will be coming back from Galveston and it would be nice to have this as an option.
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    Kenriko Chrome Delete Kit: Show off your tips and pictures here

    Yeah, the heat in Texas right now is the main reason I haven't ordered yet. I'm hoping it cools down by late Sept so I can give this a go. Will probably order the next batch. I have black with the silver 19s and will probably go satin. Am seriously considering leaving the door handles unwrapped...
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    Supercharger - Austin, TX - Stonelake Blvd./Gateway

    Some progress (hard to say how much)
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    Supercharger - Austin, TX - Stonelake Blvd./Gateway

    No clue what their hours are, but there is a Panera and a Whole Foods (with dining area) fairly close. There's also a Taco Cabana if you walk a little further.
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    Auto wiper suggestions

    I know the wipers keep getting better, but they still aren't there yet and I would love some more manual controls to keep me sane (and safe) until they get this neural network stuff figured out. I've heard voice controls are supposedly coming, but they take way too long (especially when your car...
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    Model 3 with 3 kids

    Some Model S cars have the jumpseats in the back cargo area, which could come in handy as your kids get older.
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    Recommended USB drive for dashcam

    Some thing like this with wireless connectivity could be interesting, since you could offload the video without ever removing the drive from the car. https://smile.amazon.com/SanDisk-Wireless-Smartphones-Tablets-SDWS2-016G-E57/dp/B00DBX37H6?sa-no-redirect=1
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    How long is the cord?

    20ft doesn't go far as you'd think it does. I know it seems like it would just be measurements and math, but I was not at all comfortable charging that way in my garage. The weight of the cable pulled on the connectors at both ends too much for my liking. That said, there's no harm in waiting...
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    Gen 1 UMC works with Model 3?

    I've been successfully using a Gen 1 UMC in my TM3 for months, so it definitely works :-) @eprosenx I was told the gauge was insufficient ...
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    is it necessary to plug in during the day?

    If your car is still charging when you walk up to it, the charge port is still awake, so clicking the button on the charger will unlock it as long as it senses your phone nearby. If your car is done charging, the port falls asleep, and needs to be awakened by the computer (by opening something)...
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    turning radius rwd v awd/p

    The not-bad-not-great turning radius is pretty much the only thing I don't like about the handling of my Model 3.
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    Cruise Not Available

    This happened to me in late May on the return leg of a family trip. Pulled over and called Roadside and they talked me through a computer reset, which didn't solve the issue. They said they would have a tech look at it remotely, and functionality was restored the next day. But for the whole 3...
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    Waking Up time

    @gambit48 Sounds like you need to get your car checked out at the SC. What you're describing is not the typical experience. My car recognizes my iPhone and wakes up pretty much instantly in 99% of cases.
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    AC performance heavily reduced in AZ heat

    I had an issue a while back where every so often, my AC compressor would cycle off and on and off an on for about a minute, before settling back on on. I knew this because I could feel the slight shudder of the compressor toggling on and off at a stoplight, and also when I brought up the...
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    Waking Up time

    I thought things like unlocking or opening the trunk worked over bluetooth if you were close enough, even if the cellular link wasn't live?
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    Supercharging costs discrepancies (Display vs Bill from Tesla)

    At least the billing is right (the 2 times I used it :-P )
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    Supercharging costs discrepancies (Display vs Bill from Tesla)

    People theorizing WHY the displayed charge may be a few kWh off are missing the point. The vehicle should sync with Tesla the moment the driver disconnects the supercharger and display the correct amount on the screen. If ChargePoint etc can do this, so can Tesla. If they can't prioritize...
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    Blind spot warning while changing lanes

    I like Audi's implementation - big silent flashing light on the mirror when a car is near your blind spot. Very visible to the driver, doesn't scare the crap out of the rest of the occupants in the car. Makes me sad my new TM3 will never have this capability ... the center screen is nowhere...
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    Leaving your Tesla behind when traveling

    Many long term lots have charging options now - I would look for one of those when leaving your car for long periods. You will experience some range loss during extreme heat (cabin overheat protection) and cold (battery warming). Do you have a supercharging option for the trip back in case the...
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    Electricity is $5/gallon

    It's funny how seriously some of you are taking this comment. I'm a happy owner of a Model 3 and do not need to be convinced about the benefits of Tesla electric over ICE :) I'm not an ICE lover. I'm poking fun at them.
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    Electricity is $5/gallon

    Well, that got dark pretty quickly.
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    What are the justifiable reasons for enabling cabin overheat protection?

    I have a black TM3, so black on black gets hot pretty quick here in TX. I keep the feature on mostly to protect the electronics, as others have said, though it's nice that I don't have to come back to a blisteringly hot car if I don't feel like dicking around with the SLOOOW Tesla app. I also...
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    Electricity is $5/gallon

    I can fill my ICE with 2 gallons of gas in about 10 seconds. YOUR MOVE TESLA!! :-P
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    Is it better to charge few miles everyday or all in one shot?

    Yeah. Tesla designed their batteries so the owner can just relax and enjoy the car. Don't feel like you have to fill it up completely unless you're about to go on a road trip. Try not to let it run down below about 20-30% too much if you can avoid it. Plug it in whenever and wherever it's...
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    Is it better to charge few miles everyday or all in one shot?

    I have a pretty short commute, so I set the limit to 80% and charge twice a week (Sun night and Fri night). It rarely goes below 40% on this schedule. I know the battery doesn't care if it's topped off all the time, but it saves me time most days and I figure my charging cable and socket might...
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    Feature request for walk away lock - configurable horn tweet

    I too would like this. I can't always see the mirrors and would rather not have to actuate those motors every time I get into or out of the car if I can avoid it. As someone said previously, the car won't autolock if your phone proximity didn't work and you had to use the keycard to get in.
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    Is the Favorites radio station working well for anyone?

    So ... I'm the only one having issues? Should I call service?
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    Is the Favorites radio station working well for anyone?

    Curious to hear how the Favorites streaming radio station is working for others. My understanding was that the station works by looking at all the songs you have thumbed up, and building out a playlist that contains those songs as well as others it thinks are related. Within a week or two of...
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    Rating on 6-50 UMC Gen 2 Adapter is only 30a rated - why?

    Mine charged at 32A. The plug says it's rated 30A.
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    Does anyone charge from a regular wall outlet?

    The Model 3 charges faster from 110 than any other Tesla, so it's certainly MORE doable than other Tesla owners have experienced in the past. But if it's feasible (both technically and financially), I'd consider installing a dedicated circuit just for the added freedom and peace of mind of...
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    40 Amp Circuit for UMC Gen 2

    For what it's worth - I have a 6-50 outlet connected to a 40A circuit that was originally intended for an electric cooktop. The house is 20 years old and only had 3 wires going to the kitchen instead of 4, hence the use of the 6-50. The outlet was wired and installed by a licensed electrician...
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    Rating on 6-50 UMC Gen 2 Adapter is only 30a rated - why?

    I have a 6-50 plug attached to a 40A circuit, and currently use a Gen 1 UMC to charge my car at 32A. I have a 6-50 for the Gen 2 UMC on order and it just shipped - so if this question is still unanswered in a week or so, I can test with my car and let you know if it charges at 30A or 32A.
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    Austin Energy EV charging station rebate

    Yeah that one bothers me too ... anyone know if they can even do that with our cars?
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    Gen 1 UMC works with Model 3?

    He changed out the breaker Tuesday and so far it's been fine. Time will tell! @miimura thanks for the heads up on the charging rate - will keep an eye on it esp after software updates. The Gen 2 cord is a bit longer, so we like to keep that one in the trunk for travel purposes (also, Tesla is...
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    PSA: Be careful with sunblock!

    I thought you were joking before I watched the video. Wow.
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    Gen 1 UMC works with Model 3?

    Thanks - the electrician should be stopping by later today to take a look, and I wanted to be able to confirm for him that the configuration is supported :-)
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    Gen 1 UMC works with Model 3?

    Sorry to resurrect, have a question. I am using the Gen 1 UMC with a 40A circuit and a 6-50 adapter in my Model 3, so I had to limit the current in the settings to 32A, otherwise it would try to pull the full 40A. This should work, right? My 40A breaker keeps tripping for some reason.
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    EAP didn't function during long drive home, fixed now

    My autopilot picked the worst possible time to go completely out - was really looking forward to using it during the 3+ hour drive home yesterday, but within a couple minutes after departing it became clear that EAP was completely nonfunctional. The first sign of trouble was a big black...
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    Front seat comfort

    This thread got dark pretty quick ... :-P She seemed better on the drive back. Some combination of messing with lumbar, taking off her shoes, and scooting the seat back. I hope she figures out the magic formula soon! The soft seat belt pad is a no go. She runs hot as it is, I doubt she...

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