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  1. Ampster

    Using Tray Cable for Wall Connector Installation -- Too Good to Be True?

    I have not heard that term before. Does it have a UL or NEC designation?
  2. Ampster

    Austin Energy and Powerwalls

    And my followup question is, unless there was a rebate involved why not treat the Powerwall as behind the meter and only pay for net consumption? in my jurisdiction in California, only a building permit is required for a hybrid battery system.
  3. Ampster

    Massive PTO Delay

    NEM 3.0 still hasn't even been approved yet. The earlier draft had a delayed start date so I am not sure "everyone" is going to get pushed into 3.0. I do think if anyone in California is considering a solar system, now is the time before benefits are further eroded.
  4. Ampster

    Planning a trip to San Miqueo

    I see chargers on the Plugshare App from Nuevo Laredo to San Miguel. These may be J1772 but they could give you some energy.
  5. Ampster

    Best plug type for EV charger?

    On the other hand, how many EVs have onboard chargers that go higher than 32 Amps?
  6. Ampster

    Newbie questions on wall connector installation

    Yes. Specify 50 Amp circuit near where the rear drivers side of the car will be.
  7. Ampster

    Glove Box Gap???

    You are correct. I did not notice that until I was on my back under the dash when changing the air filter. Forgot about that until you mentioned it.
  8. Ampster

    Glove Box Gap???

    Never noticed from my perspective in the driver's seat or passengers seat. I will have to check it out next time I get into the passenger side of the car.
  9. Ampster

    Max rebate from SCE at true-up?

    The rate they reimburse you is the wholesale rate which is about $0.03 to 0.05 per kWh.
  10. Ampster

    Lawn mowers and gardening equipment pollution: Why are ICE engines still legal in California?

    I have pulled owner builder permits for two self installs in two separate jurisdictions in California. The last one came in around $2 per Watt. Unfortunately NEC 2020 now requires UL approved battery storage systems few of which can be self installed.
  11. Ampster

    Hello from Boston! Looking to ice the ICE and jump to EV

    I forgot that the biggest issue on my MX has been the front axle vibration on rapid acceleration. It is most pronounced when the suspension is elevated. They replaced one set of axles and after that just recomended setting suspension on a lower setting. The reason I forgot is I barely notice it...
  12. Ampster

    Hello from Boston! Looking to ice the ICE and jump to EV

    I am trading in my 2016 Model X for a Model Y. Loved the X but did have an issue with the Falcon Wing Door weatherstripping, which was covered by warranty. The air suspension and other features will be missed. Bigger battery is more important than Performance to me.
  13. Ampster

    Tesla Model Y Standard Range AWD to be priced at $59,990 USD

    I have an EV rate with PG&E at $0.21 per kWh. It is from 11PM until 2PM. I agree it is going up. I remember off peak rates of $0.13 per kWh.
  14. Ampster

    Neurio Power Monitor

    I have a Neurio which I bought online and it worked after Generac purchased Neurio. I don't know how the Tesla ones are configured. You should be able to see it on your wireless network. The issue maybe that the Tesla version may be reporting to a different cloud.
  15. Ampster

    Did you request utility permission before installing L2 charger?

    Yes that is true and has been for at lease ten years. There have been charges added such as Non Bypassable Charges so someone like me pays a small sum for using the grid as a battery. That kind of Net Energy Metering agreement exists in a number of states and has worked to encourage the growth...
  16. Ampster

    Did you request utility permission before installing L2 charger?

    Permits are important but I have never heard of anyone being required to get permission from a utility in order to consume more power. Unless one is going to install 24kW electric kiln I think, as pointed out above anything like a 30 Amp dryer or a L2 charging station is a reasonable load. The...
  17. Ampster

    Solar Inverter Undersize

    @tfan2018 It should be on your paperwork .
  18. Ampster

    Solar Inverter Undersize

    @GRV0928 I am not a lawyer and this is only practical advice. It seems Tesla made a very conservative estimate of production for what ever reason. It does not appear that they put in writing anything specific except the system size in kW, the price and the estimated production. Is that correct...
  19. Ampster

    Solar Inverter Undersize

    Your order does not detail how many inverters are in the order. If they estimated that you will generate 17 megaWhrs and you get over 20 or more megaWatt hours, what is the issue?
  20. Ampster

    Solar Inverter Undersize

    That is a good point, I had assumed that the Tesla estimate was on the configuration with less inverter capacity. Perhaps @GRV0928 can confirm? If the solar panel configuration is not due south that could effect the calculation of losses due to clipping. If there are east and west facing panels...
  21. Ampster

    Solar Inverter Undersize

    Perhaps you have a contractual basis for compensation or another inverter, if that is what the final documents said. Have you had a conversation with Tesla installer about this? To verify your assumptions I found in Northern California a South facing system should produce 1200kWhs for every...
  22. Ampster

    Solar Inverter Undersize

    Thanks for the data. Yes, a DC to AC ratio of 1.5 to 1 seems aggressive for that latitude and weather. That could be enough to pay for another inverter out of the savings from the first year based on your data. I had a similar ratio but in Northern California the differences were not that great...
  23. Ampster

    Solar Inverter Undersize

    The other unknown is if there were any constraints as far as the ability of the main service panel to handle the extra capacity of another inverter. The cost of upgrading the service panel and another inverter has to be compared to the lost revenue from clipping.
  24. Ampster

    Solar Inverter Undersize

    You are correct, many systems are designed with DC to AC ratios exceeding one to one. The most useful way to evaluate how much that will cost is to use kWhs. Did you get an estimate of production for a year? You could compare that to a forecast using PV Watts to see if the difference over a year...
  25. Ampster

    Best way to connect 17kW of solar PV to one Powerwall?

    Any insight into how your installed worked around the limitation of 5kW of solar connected to your Powerwall. Have you experienced an off grid situation yet?
  26. Ampster

    How do I charge my Model Y using only excess solar power?

    You are going to find more choices in a 48 volt battery/inverter environment. Also those inverters will have more functionality that you might find useful in trying to charge an EV. The most efficient process would be to charge from solar and let the inverter balance the available solar with a...
  27. Ampster

    Best way to connect 17kW of solar PV to one Powerwall?

    The biggest issue @Doug83 might face is the capacity of his main panel when adding that much solar to the main panel. His workaround would work to avoid the solar max of the Powerwall. Presumably he understands that extra solar would not function when the grid is down.
  28. Ampster

    200kwh battery? [in the new hummer]

    Yes a Powerwall and a Hummer have different components and therefore different cost structures. For example, the cost per kWh for Lithium batteries is reportedly $100 per kWh. Using that number, a battery in a Powerwall is $1,300 and the battery in a Hummer might be $20,000. The rest is other...
  29. Ampster

    200kwh battery? [in the new hummer]

    Comparing the installed price of a Powerwall to the battery in a Hummer is like comparing apples to pomegranates. A Powerwall is not just a battery. It includes an inverter, a gateway and field wiring that is slightly different in every install.
  30. Ampster

    Unable to make it to Kettleman on Performance Model Y (from Fremont to LA)

    There are stops at Patterson and Fiebaugh. We did that in a standard M3 and skipped Kettleman and Harris Ranch. Charged at Buttonwillow to avoid Tejon. Lots of new ways to route through Superchargers from Northern Cal to LA.
  31. Ampster

    110, 115, 120, 125, 220, 240, what the heck is with all these numbers?

    Some commercial installations which are three phase have voltages of 120/208 or 277/480 Volts
  32. Ampster

    Tesla says I can use the system before PTO?

    Is it a UL approval issue or a building code issue?
  33. Ampster

    SDG&E or SDCP?

    I am with Sonoma Clean Power in PG&E territory and long term they offer more incentives. I agree with @DrChaos it is sending a message to my Investor Owned Utility. The CCAs like these are non profits run by the cities and counties in which they operate. The boards are elected officials from...
  34. Ampster

    Tesla says I can use the system before PTO?

    In those cases DIYers are installing battery powered hybrid inverters behind the meter and that is probably the easiest workaround since it can be argued that no permission from the utility is required . I understand your disappointment but Tesla has made a decision to serve the market in their...
  35. Ampster

    Tesla says I can use the system before PTO?

    Yes it does and there are other inverters that can be configured with CTs but The Tesla GT inverter has not been configured that way. As mentioned earlier, there is no incentive for Tesla to configure the GT inverter to have the functionality to be configured for zero export.
  36. Ampster

    Tesla says I can use the system before PTO?

    A cable will not provide that functionalility. I don't know of any GT inverters that have that functionality. I think youvare correct, there is little incentive for them to do that. There are workarounds to operate before the PTO is issued.
  37. Ampster

    Need recommendation on 200A panel

    Thanks, I had forgotten about that connection. Now it makes sense why retailers are stocking more Square D breakers and fewer Eaton BR breakers.
  38. Ampster

    Need recommendation on 200A panel

    Based on the availability of breakers I would also recommend the Square D. I upgraded to an Eaton panel six months ago and now cannot find breakers to do some upgrades.
  39. Ampster

    Tesla says I can use the system before PTO?

    I am not sure there is any need for communication in a grid tie situation since the GT inverter can output its full capability and never be curtailed since in can sell any excess to the grid. The Powerall CTs can tell the Powerwall to grab as much as it can to charge the batteries when needed. I...
  40. Ampster

    Tesla changed my config from 13 to 7 kW

    I presume that Tesla has filled out the paperwork to submit to your utility. I would start with them. I had to sign my app, so I knew what it said. Have you seen yours? Who is your utility?
  41. Ampster

    HOA Rules and Solar

    I don't know the law in Pennsylvania but in California the Solar Rights Act limits the control an HOA can exert over solar installs.
  42. Ampster

    Tesla solar installed today. Can I turn on

    It is definitely a rule and a contractual agreement in most Net Energy Metering agreements. That being said, apparently my breaker was turned on for months between install date and PTO. No one said anything to me either. I did try to charge my Tesla as much as possible when the sun was shining.
  43. Ampster

    Tesla Supercharger network

    I have observed that if I want better range on the open road, I just use Adaptive Cruise Control. It seems to have a a smooth enough process from observing the graph of energy consumed.
  44. Ampster

    Getting tesla solar installed today 395w Panel

    A 1.66 DC to ratio is high, but he may be getting two inverters, which would make it more reasonable depending on the inverters used.
  45. Ampster

    New Tesla Solar; wattage calculation.

    What does the meter say when you are generating and add loads? I could not download the PDF but maybe it offers a clue. What does the PDF say about the meter?
  46. Ampster

    Tesla Supercharger network

    I live near Santa Rosa and recently drove I5 to LA and have not seen any lines at home or on I5. There are several new Superchargers along I5.
  47. Ampster

    Can I add more solar with PG&E?

    If they tell you the limitation is the transformer and that upgrade is expensive, you can always just do a non export system with just a building permit. You may need to notify PG&E per the NEM agreement but if configured behind the meter with no export PG&E permission may not bexpensive, The...
  48. Ampster

    Best Practices for Vehicle Charging with Solar + Powerwall

    I don't think there is any advantage to cycling your powerwalls more unless you need to cover consumption during peak periods. To me it is an economic decision.
  49. Ampster

    Changing to electric hot water?

    My. solution to the hot water recovery time is to raise the tank temperature and use a tempering valve. That increases the effective number of gallons at the shower head.

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