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  1. dc5itr888

    Nail in tire. Should I request roadside assistance or take it to a tire shop myself

    Damn that sucked. My original thread was a screw, that didnt go all the way thru and they were just able to unscrew it out of the tire.
  2. dc5itr888

    Tire Patchable?

    Wow... that is no joke there. UPDATE. I went to the Service center and picked up my wheel. Going to find a tire shop to repair my tire to see what they say before I ask them anything. Hopefully they can just patch it but to me I dont think it was bad but again I have only dealt with a few...
  3. dc5itr888

    Tire Patchable?

    You're right I am using it interchangeable. The alloy wheel has no issues. The tire is the issue. They just called me back and said that it is not recommended to repair but Tesla is not in the repair business. They told me I can pick up the wheel and have their spare gemini wheel for 48...
  4. dc5itr888

    Tire Patchable?

    Another question. Has anyone dealt with Tesla Road Side/ Service center and said no to the quote of a tire repair? What did you end up doing? Would they allow you to take your tire/wheel that has a hole in it with you so you can go find another tire repair shop while you had their spare wheel...
  5. dc5itr888

    Tire Patchable?

    I might have to end up doing that. I have a plug kit but I imagine it would be weird for me to ask them for my wheel back so I can roll it to my trunk and patch myself and then tell them to change out the wheel back to my own. I have a feeling due to liability they would say no. Discount Tire...
  6. dc5itr888

    Tire Patchable?

    Thanks for the tip. I didnt review the entire PDF message they sent me but I tried calling them a few times since I had questions but Service Center didnt return my voicemails yet. I contacted Discount Tire/ America Tires out here in LA and they have to order the wheel. Wish I had a spare...
  7. dc5itr888

    Tire Patchable?

    Just got a email/ alert in the Tesla app, looks like they want $ 508.95 to replace the tire. Has anyone dealt with a punctured tire and declined their tire replacement cost? I'd imagine that they wont patch it due to liability/ safety reason hence them recommending a brand new tire Since I...
  8. dc5itr888

    Tire Patchable?

    Anyone know if this is patchable? Hoping that I does as Tesla Roadside just swapped out a spare 20 in gemini wheel onto my Model Y Performance just so I'm not entirely stranded. Its awfully close to the sidewall / end of tire and only have 11k on the factory Pirelli's
  9. dc5itr888

    Tesmanian dog seat cover for Tesla Model Y

    Sorry to hijack, a few people DM'd me for the link for the one I got so I figure I would post here but from what other people also mentioned about containment or a short lead to hold the pup during those bumpy rides I agree as we dont want them being tossed around all over the place...
  10. dc5itr888

    OEM Spoiler coming off on Model Y Performance

    Must be the adhesive glue they use in general. Coincidentally I washed my car today and looked at the the replacement spoiler Tesla Service swapped out and still seems to be holding up pretty well. However I heard a few guys had their OEM's replaced over and over and still the issue.
  11. dc5itr888

    Tesmanian dog seat cover for Tesla Model Y

    I thought about getting the Tesmanian Dog cover a few months ago when it was new but didnt hear or saw anyone reviewing it. I ended up getting another off brand Amazon dog cover/seat/ basket which contained my pup to only one side of the back seat so my passengers didnt have to sit on a dog...
  12. dc5itr888

    Nail in tire. Should I request roadside assistance or take it to a tire shop myself

    UPDATE. Went to Americas Tire a few mins away from my place and they looked at it and said it was patchable. They did not charge me a time and said it was free. He said its free for everyone. I drove the car in their bay as instructed by them and the guy pulled the nail/screw out. It was...
  13. dc5itr888

    Nail in tire. Should I request roadside assistance or take it to a tire shop myself

    Yeah I contemplated about Roadside assistance but after reading several post here, it sounds like Roadside will try to get me to buy a tire instead of patching. My car is only 3 months old with less than 5k miles. Hopefully the nearest Americas Tire shop a few mins away can patch if not Ill...
  14. dc5itr888

    Nail in tire. Should I request roadside assistance or take it to a tire shop myself

    I guess Ill go to a Tire Shop vs requesting Tesla Roadside to come to me since it sounds like likely hood of them patching is low.
  15. dc5itr888

    Nail in tire. Should I request roadside assistance or take it to a tire shop myself

    Does anyone know how much Tesla Roadside would charge to patch a nail in a tire? The car is drive-able but the nail is awfully close to the side wall? Or does anyone just recommend going to nearest shop?
  16. dc5itr888

    Why does Tesla suspension suck so bad?

    Im on 21 inch Performance wheels and its a softer ride than my previous C63 P31 for sure.
  17. dc5itr888

    AutoPilot on city streets

    It can if you pay 10k additional for Tesla to turn it on
  18. dc5itr888

    How long to receive registration paperwork from Tesla?

    So you didnt receive DMV / Registration paperwork from the time you picked up/ home delivery of the car? I did home delivery and there was a large Fedex envelope with paperwork for me to sign and send back. I sent mine back the day after and waited a month before my plates were mailed to me...
  19. dc5itr888

    How low was your odometer when you took delivery …

    50 miles but mine was home delivery. Nearest delivery center is about 15 miles away so minus that , it was most likely 35 miles at start before they drove it over to me. I now have 3k for a 3 month old car.
  20. dc5itr888

    Cancelled delivery appointment, and VIN

    I ordered 2 weeks before Q2 end of quarter expecting car to come sometime in q3 or even q4 since I ordered late. Ended up getting matched to VIN in 3 days and delivery notice in 5 days. My friend back home in the midwest ordered before me, given that it was not identical specs to mine had...
  21. dc5itr888

    Returning/selling MYLR?

    I have a friend that just sold his 2020 and made a profit. Used those profits to order a new one which was cheaper than he sold. I think due to the shortage and demand you should be ok if you sell privately.
  22. dc5itr888

    New driver - Best cheap insurance?

    Progressive and Triple A were about the worst for the west coast. My rates were somewhere in the 319 per month to 800 a month with those two. Triple A flat out didnt really want to insure EV's and did it just to show me a quote. No accidents or speeding citations. Mid 30s. Geico was more...
  23. dc5itr888

    Help with accessories for 2021 Model Y..

    I have the spiegen matte one. It's a little blurry but you wont notice it too much especially if you're driving. If you're in the car at a stop you'll notice it minimally.
  24. dc5itr888

    Both windshield and roof cracked in 3 months

    Check your insurance to see if you have anything underwritten with windshield glass. I 've never had a rock chip crack my windshield in all of my previous cars except for my Model Y which happen also fairly recent. My car is only a month old and got my first rock chip in the middle of my front...
  25. dc5itr888

    MYP - Time for new tires

    I think a lot of us are thinking about switching over. I'm most likely going to get some lighter 20's or 19s and move away from the 21 inch Uberturbines. The initially investment will be worth it especially if you have changing weather conditions. I only have 2k miles on my car and have...
  26. dc5itr888

    Autosteer temporarily unavailable

    I posted about mine recently last week. Had similar/ same scenario as you. It sorta of went back to normal but every now and then my car would say that or all of sudden in Autopilot already, it would kick itself out of autopilot WITHOUT nag. Usually I would keep it in check within nag. I have...
  27. dc5itr888

    Paint Damage

    Just the design flaw with these cars. I got my mud flaps for the car prior to even having the car and slap it on the day I got it. Will eventually add PPF on the rear panel to double up on protection.
  28. dc5itr888

    My Tesla Experience

    Sorry for the poor experience you had. From the stories that I hear from diff buyers, it seems like a hit or miss. Its either great communication/ customer service or non existant at all. I had a similar experience with yours in regards to trying to get last min questions answered from my SA to...
  29. dc5itr888

    OEM Spoiler coming off on Model Y Performance

    So far so good but again its only been a few days. Sounds like Ill have to eventually submit another claim in the future for this one coming up. Does anyone have the Teslarati large / beefier spoiler? I dont know if Ill get fed up later and just buy a diff brand vs sticking with OEM
  30. dc5itr888

    Tire compressor/ 12 Volt Jump Starter

    I was afraid of that. I guess vs getting a tire compressor/ jump starter combo, I might re think just getting only a tire compressor/ patch kit
  31. dc5itr888

    Tire compressor/ 12 Volt Jump Starter

    Anyone carry a portable air compressor/ jump starter in the scenario where their 12v battery dies in the car?
  32. dc5itr888

    2021 Model Y Performance wheels/tires value estimate

    I guess I'm not the only one looking to potentially move away from the 21's to something more economic and a squared setup
  33. dc5itr888

    How long did it take to get your plates for my Southern California Owners

    I'm not 100% sure but I wanted those vintage black and yellow plates ( Referred to as 1960s Legacy Plates by the DMV) as well but I think you need to go to the DMV to get them and pay the extra $50 or so fees. My regular California plates ended up taking 4-5 weeks as some previous people stated...
  34. dc5itr888

    If You Reject Delivery

    If you change your mind, its just the 100$ deposit
  35. dc5itr888

    OEM Spoiler coming off on Model Y Performance

    Yeah I def agree. I just got prompted its going to be a mobile service. On the app, it wanted me to go in and approve the estimates for 0 dollars. Considering the amount of people here that had to do this a few times, my chances are that Ill eventually have to go thru the same. For the...
  36. dc5itr888

    Autopilot changes

    Mine seemed to return back to normal after a reboot. It started with the blue nag vs straight to the grab the wheel in red now.
  37. dc5itr888

    Autopilot changes

    Mine had that until the latest update. It would blink blue to remind me but now it seems to be gone and went straight to the grab the steering wheel because we disabled your autopilot in red
  38. dc5itr888

    Autopilot changes

    I want to preface, I only use Autopilot during rush hour traffic since traffic seemed to return back to normal in Los Angeles. Has anyone noticed their autopilot being different ? Perhaps from the last update that went out a few weeks ago. I noticed previously, the autopilot nag would come on...
  39. dc5itr888

    The worst part about the Model Y? The paint.

    I had the very same conversation with a friend of mine. He said his was super harsh but he came from a Porsche SUV. I came from a C63 AMG P31 and felt the MYP was like driving a Jeep on freshly paved road. That seems to be the consensus with whatever you were predisposed with prior to MYP
  40. dc5itr888

    OEM Spoiler coming off on Model Y Performance

    The weird thing is for me, the car is only a month old and I havent even had the chance to wash it yet.
  41. dc5itr888

    OEM Spoiler coming off on Model Y Performance

    Damn, I think I read here a while back that its happened to a few of us. Did the service center try to charge you for it when you took it in? I set an appointment up for June. The last thing I want is the spoiler falling off on the highway and hitting someone
  42. dc5itr888

    OEM Spoiler coming off on Model Y Performance

    Anyones Model Y Performance OEM spoiler slowly having play and have gaps between the spoiler and the trunk? I just noticed both side coming up when I was grabbing groceries from the trunk when I looked up to push the trunk close button only to see my garage lights shine down on both left side...
  43. dc5itr888

    SoCal South Bay windshield repair?

    Where did you end up taking it? It happened to me today on 10-West right by the 110 Merger. Sounded like someone threw a rock at my car.
  44. dc5itr888

    Recent MYP Delivery Estimates

    I just tried it and it works. Only thing is there are no Model Y's at all where as a few weeks ago I saw more and more pop up but prior to that it was after Q1 and into Q2 where it was none as well.
  45. dc5itr888

    MYP Tesla Replaced my CF spoiler 3 times already!

    For the people whose got it done a few times by Tesla Service, on the next try, would they allow you to do it yourself and perhaps we can use our own 3M/ diff tape
  46. dc5itr888

    Model Y tint pictures

    Yea thats the plan but with 35% and 70% on front windshield
  47. dc5itr888

    Model Y tint pictures

    I was looking for 3M Crystalline but the shop I went to only had Xpel which was no big deal since they are competitors of each other. I did 20% Xpel XR Plus in the front and still feel they re too light. I left my stock rears alone and I know if I did 20% on the rears on top of the stock tints...
  48. dc5itr888

    How to Delay/ hold order?

    I dont think there is anyone but a SA or someone at their Delivery Center that can do it. I know at first my SA answered my calls/ email pretty fast (A day or two after sending) When my VIN was assigned/ prompted to pick up, my SA was no where to be found and responded very late after. You...
  49. dc5itr888

    MYP Tesla Replaced my CF spoiler 3 times already!

    My passenger side has some give when I push on it, the driver side doesnt move yet. I guess Ill pay more attention to it a few months down the road since mine is less than a month old
  50. dc5itr888

    Recent MYP Delivery Estimates

    If you frequent the ev-cpo.com website, you will eventually find one close if not same to your order. You will just have to roll the dice by calling your SA/ delivery center to see if they can quickly assign that VIN to you. In a way you are the one manually looking for a VIN to be assigned to...

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